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    email scams

    It's interesting to note that while these automated scams continue, all the ones from the Indian call centres have stopped dead. What utter crap. The latest ads are now covering the reply button. I've had enough. Bill
  2. Bill


    I've just about reached the limit of what I'm prepared to put up with. The adverts have now moved and are covering the reply button. I can't reply to anyone without first clicking on an advert that I'm not interested in which in turn will cause even more of the same to be sent. I've been a member of this forum since it was set up but this will be my last post. Bill
  3. I've just been reading on WWW news pages that Rod King is back on his hobby horse again calling for even more speed reductions during this crisis. We have less than half the number of cars on the road at the moment and people are only driving when it's absolutely necessary. People are already struggling to cope with the restrictions placed upon them, so measures like these will not be welcomed, and most likely they'll be ignored. Then there's the question of what do we do when traffic returns to normal; the roads get busier and more dangerous and Mr King will then be asking to increase th
  4. Ey and that's why the British spokesperson said "The Chinese could learn a lot from us" Seventeen times more population than the UK and yet got through the outbreak with only just over three thousand deaths, they really could lean from us! Bill
  5. So Emilly Maitlis is woke liberal offenderatti and a snow flake? You know what Obs, I think you're just trying to get your own back for you not getting the beans on toast joke! Bill
  6. You do talk in riddles at times Obs. For the sake of us thickos and in plain English, what are you trying to say and who is woke liberal offenderatti ? Bill
  7. If you don't you must be a food snob Obs Bill
  8. Here's another picture this time from one of my staff, who lives on his own, showing how he's dealing with self isolation. The picture taken yesterday got him into quite a bit of trouble when he posted it on Facebook. Bill
  9. The 6 foot rule is just a complete guesstimate because others in the scientific community suggest that the figure should be at least 24 ft. The point is that nobody knows for sure what's a safe distance and how far the virus can travel. My thought is that with a chest infection, there's a strong likelihood that the virus could be carried on the breath just from normal breathing so you don't actually need to cough or sneeze to spread it. When they show the slow motion of someone coughing or sneezing, the camera only sees visible particles of snot but the virus itself is so small that it could e
  10. The first day of the lockdown I had to go out on a semi emergency and felt a bit ashamed because I was the only one out at that time but now it’s like half the country is out there. There must be two or three times more people milling about round here now than there was prior to the virus and it’s not like this area is full of flats where people can’t get outside. I’ve never seen so many joggers bike riders and backpackers in my life and I think it’s down to how people choose to interpret the governments instructions. Bill
  11. It’s not just the younger generation Obs. I have a friend who insists that nobody has actually died of Covid 19, it’s all a huge over reaction and what’s more, there’s no way that he’s going to let the government tell him how to live his life. He’s mid 50s. Another friend now goes out every single day for all day country rambles with his wife. When he returns, it’s straight onto Facebook to show where he’s been and explaining how he’s not broken any laws and how he’s perfectly within his rights to do this. Like me, he’s 69 and ironically his wife is a former nurse. As for IQ
  12. Bill

    Funny ads

    Hi Bailey. You've come to the right place if you like advertising, this place is full of them just lately, just not very funny ones. But, trying to stay positive, at least they add a bit of colour. Never used to be this way. Bill
  13. Well this brings a whole new meaning to self isolation. My brother Sam's only contact with the outside world is his landline phone and internet and that's been off now for over 24 hours. I suppose Open Reach are operating a reduced service and Hollins Green is a bit of a low priority backwater for them. I'm assuming the neighbours are helping but I may have to break my own isolation and have a ride out just to make sure he's ok. Just got back and he's OK but B.T. have said that it' could be up to four days for them to come back and correct the fault that they created yesterday while work
  14. Milky. No my business is classed as small, with only a dozen or so staff but we are affected quite badly. No taxi driver can work, so they just hand back their devices to the company, who then have zero income and can't pay us. If our income came solely from tech support charges, we'd be OK, but we buy expensive equipment outright then allow taxi companies to pay for it over one or two years. If they fail, we simply loose this money that we've effectively invested and there's little that can be done. Our biggest concern though is that all the equipment contains special data sims and altho
  15. Milkey I only used the Polish as an example but the fruit pickers are only going to come from countries where the minimum wage differential is significant. Bet we don't have many Germans or French coming over to pick our strawberries for us. Bill
  16. They shouldn't be doing this. Back in the crash of 2008 the government via us the tax payer had to bail out the banks so now the banks need to return the favour and help out the country. These loans though are intended for larger business only and the larger companies would normally have sufficient assets that could be used to secure such a loan. For example, if Richard Branson went in and asked for a few million to cover his bar bill, it wouldn't be that unreasonable for the bank to ask for one of his planes as security even if the government has made overall promises. Bill
  17. Well that was good Sam. I spend half my life trying to get you back reinstated here and two little posts later you break the bloomin internet for the whole of the Hollins Green area. Sam you are the man! BTW I've just checked and it was 2013 you were last seen on here. Bill
  18. My understanding on this is that the government hasn't given the banks any money, but simply told them to not to create obstacles for businesses applying for emergency interest free loans. I thought the government offered some guarantees on this but banks being banks are probably being overly cautious by asking for further guarantees, which is exactly what they were told not to do. I've just started the ball rolling in applying for a small business grant for my business and there was absolutely no red tape. Bill
  19. Finally Sam you've managed to get back on here. Only took about three weeks. Bill
  20. Yes and that’s why any employer that advertises for staff gets flooded with applications from people who know they haven’t got a cat in hells chance of even making it through to an interview and just want to say they’ve applied for something. Even when offered an interview, most make excuses for why they cant attend, I’ve had first had experience of this and it’s sickening when young fit and intelligent people would rather stay at home than work. I know not every one’s a lazy sod and there are many who could work but have resigned themselves to the fact that due to age, ability or family
  21. I once visited a designer outlet in Alexandria Scotland that was built on the former site of a car manufacturer that had long since closed. They had a small museum showing how during the war, the factory was the largest producer of torpedoes in the UK. Being almost on the banks of Loch Lomond it was the natural to use the loch as a testing ground and some of the loch’s freshwater dolphins were trained to chase and recover the test torpedoes. Although there were never any accidents, small plaque in the museum pays tribute to their role in the war. Plenty of shops for the ladies and old cars for
  22. Davy. I think the farmers do have to pay minimum wages irrespective of where the labour comes from but it’s the fact that even at that level, the foreign workers are getting three time more for doing the job. The Poles can earn a small fortune over a few months and make enough to put their feet up for the rest of the year, so having to relocate for a while is worth it. Now contrast that with the British. Would anyone here like to move away from the family and go and live in a caravan or shed, miles from home for three or four months at a time and earn about the same as you’d get for
  23. That would mean that a Polish worker say would be getting three times more here than he would back home, no wonder their queuing up to come over. Bill
  24. I believe if there was an appeal for help in doing this, then there’d be plenty of people willing to get involved. People’s attitudes change during times of national emergency although I’m sure there will always be some miserable sods who would rather sit on heir backsides than lift a finger to help. It always rattled me to think that we import labour from the continent while paying huge amounts to have people out of work because it’s not the kind of job they want. Bill 😊
  25. A lot of the nasty viruses seem to start off there or so it seems. Maybe it could be something they do that makes it easier for a virus to mutate into a new strain that we have no immunity to, who knows? But if that's the case, then the only thing the world can do is to ask or demand that they change their ways and hope they listen. I doubt China is going to do anything to try and compensate the world for the loss of life and financial problems and before anyone suggests it, sending everyone a deep fried bat isn't a great idea. Bill
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