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    Water, water -

    Well according to the graph, we've got the same amount of rain now that we had back at the turn of the century but shared by twice as many people. So either we've not created enough reservoirs to keep up with growth or Observer is spending too long in the shower. The easy option is always to do nowt and blame the public or even better, blame the climate because that can't argue back. The problem as I see it is that nobody want's to spend money on something that isn't a problem right now. If we did spend money now on more reservoirs, people wouldn't see any benefit and just moan about their bills going up. Then in fifty years time when the taps do'n't run dry, nobody would say thank you very much for a problem that we haven't got. Don't spend the money and again, people won't see any benefit but at least there'd be no moaning. But in fifty years time when the taps run dry, people will moan but at least they'll be more receptive to money being spent. Either way, people will moan and although the first option seems more logical, it's unlikely to happen. Bill
  2. Bill

    Water, water -

    The Romans managed to move water over great distances centuries ago and they did it without anything like we have at our disposal so where do we go wrong? Bill
  3. Bill

    jeanious ? !

    I remember being taught this back in my youth as part of some lifesaving award thing. As I recall, it didn't seem that effective and you stood a more chance of drowning while trying to get the pants off under water. Tight jeans... certain death! Bill
  4. Bill


    It's been closed for ages. I wondered where they'd moved to. Bill
  5. Bill

    Council tax going up nearly 3 per cent

    We only had a water meter fitted a couple of weeks ago so I was quite surprised when we got a revised bill so quickly but even more surprised to find it was a reduction of over £30 a month. Who would have thought it would be that much, it's about what I spend each month on beer!!! Should have done it years ago. Bill
  6. The thing that worries me about plans like this is that we don't know what the future holds in store for us and when the payback time is something like twenty years it could easily end up not being as profitable as originally planned. So much of rush to get into these lucrative schemes is down to government subsidies but didn't the government withdraw a load of this sort of financial support a few years back due to the sheer numbers wanting to jump on the money for nothing bandwagon? Bill
  7. Bill

    Forward to the past ?

    Looking at the numbers it's only a very very small percentage and I doubt there's much that can be done about it anyway unless of course you can change the way that people live their lives today. I couldn't get my son to play out in the sunshine when he was young and as for his diet, well he would only eat a very small range of foods. My daughter was just the opposite but thankfully now in their middle age, they both seem fit and healthy. My son now has four children of his own, three of which eat a good range of proper home cooked health food while the fourth took after his dad and will only eat plain pizza or pasta. I reckon when kids are young, they can be fussy eaters but forcing them to eat things they don't want to eat isn't always the right way. It took six months in a special long stay children's hospital to sort out my son's dietary issues and although "cured" he was still incredibly fussy. The good news is of course that in time they tend to grow out of it and now he eat's better than I do. Bill
  8. Bill

    Council tax going up nearly 3 per cent

    Seems reasonable to me. Bill
  9. Bill

    One More Down

    I think the proof of the pudding is that traditional pubs including those selling food are still closing every day and they wouldn't be doing that if there was a shortage of pubs. I don't do a lot of pubbing these days but when I do I look for somewhere that sells real ales and is quiet enough to have a conversation with friends which rules out about 90% of the pubs in town. Top of my list at the moment is Wednesday night the Grocers at Cadishead, which is about as big as my kitchen and ram jam if it gets much more than 12 people. It doesn't even have a bar and only sells a couple of varying real ales at £3 a go but the proprietor runs it single handed, so almost no overheads but he's managing to buck the trend and make it work. Bill
  10. Bill

    One More Down

    A century ago the ratio of pubs to people was a lot higher but then again, most homes didn't even have radios let alone phones or TVs and given the woman's place was in the home, a trip out to the boozer for the man was the norm. Given all these things have changed, it stands to reason that any pub that doesn't change with the times is bound to fail and despite most pubs doing family food, there are probably still too many. Bill
  11. Bill

    problems accessing site sunday

    This afternoon, the local topic wouldn't open and just showed an error message but everything else was fine. May be it was related to Sundays problem but anyhow it all seems ok now. Bill
  12. Bill

    A breath of fresh air ?

    Last year we were in Sacramento and there were quite a few horse drawn cartridges for the tourists. A bylaw there stated that all the horses be fitted with some sort of poo catching sack which sort of worked but offered no protection from the constant farting that went on. Bill
  13. Bill

    White Goods Removal

    I think it's mainly the fridge freezers that are the issue because of the refrigerants but at least with these, they're not generally too heavy and can be taken to any tip that accept them. Washer driers on the other hand can be seriously heavy but the local scrap dealers will be more than happy to take them away for their scrap value. Last year we replaced a combined washer drier when I did the new kitchen but because it was only two years old a charity shop took it away for us. Bill
  14. Bill

    Which of you is a heart surgeon ?

    Touch wood I don't seem to have any blood pressure issues, not that I've ever understood the weird number system they use. It used to be quite low when I was younger but now when I've been checked they just say it's fine and that's the sort of medical talk I can understand. Bill
  15. Bill

    White Goods Removal

    You're not wrong Diz, most supply companies offer to do this these days which makes things a lot easier and eliminates fly tipping. Bill
  16. Bill

    A breath of fresh air ?

    A lot more to go wrong? There's no engine and gearbox Diz so I'd have thought that there's a whole lot less to go wrong. Ok the battery wont last forever but if it can last for about ten years before it's replaced, your back to an almost new car. Bill
  17. Bill

    A breath of fresh air ?

    I'd have thought that the significant improvements made by the car manufacturers in terms of pollution control could or would have outweighed the overall increase in traffic volume. I don't have any numbers on this and could be completely wrong but I reckon without these new regulations, things by now would be seriously bad. As Sid rightly says, electric cars will in the longer term solve the problem so people with issues just need to accept it as a fact of modern living and if they can't put up with it then they should consider moving to somewhere where the air is cleaner. Bill
  18. Bill

    White Goods Removal

    Well I suppose you could argue that July was just before Christmas because that's when I last applied to get arm chair and a sofa removed. The council said it would take several weeks before they could collect so I spent a whole day breaking it up and taking it to the tip but it was hard work and I'd rather have paid them to just take it all away. At least the wood and metal got to be recycled rather than it all go to landfill. Bill
  19. Bill

    White Goods Removal

    You must live in a different area Milky because as Sid says they've been charging for the service for a good while. I last used them a year or so ago and there was certainly a charge then. Bill
  20. I was quite shocked the other day when It was announced that nearly 5000 people commit suicide each year and a large and growing proportion of these deaths were young children that were subjected to online abuse. I have my daughter, her husband and their two children living with us at the moment while their house is being refurbished I now I can see first hand how much their life revolves around their mobile phones. I don't know how typical this is but every single day, these two (aged 11 and 13) literally have their faces in their phones from first thing in the morning to last thing at night and are totally oblivious to anything being said to them or happening around them. Now I'm no expert but I feel that anyone who spends the majority of their life online are far more likely to be affected mentally when things start going wrong in their virtual world. Then because they've lost some of the ability to communicate with the people around them, things can build up that might lead to more serious issues like suicide. Bill
  21. Bill

    Beaumont school

    I've just spent a good hour or so trawling through some of the best old photos of Warrington I've seen in a long while. Click on the photo at the start of this thread then use the left and right to scroll though a mass of old photos. Each one can be blown up to show great detail. Bill
  22. Bill

    Time to smile

    Give it a few years and you'll be accused of being a blondist Latchford! Here's a true one, not quite a joke but made me laugh. Just before Christmas, the wife and myself had been into town on a nice sunny day for some last minute shopping. When we got back home I said to her "It's rained here" She looked confused and asked where? Now I'm confused because she doesn't do that kind of humour. Finally the penny dropped when I realised she was looking for a reindeer. Bill
  23. Bill

    How many are left?

    Can't match that but can just about remember the crossing. Later when the bridge was built I remember we would always buy a programme from a seller who regularly stood just past the top and although I don't think I ever read them that much I was quite proud of my collection. BTW hope you have a very Happy Birthday today!!! Bill
  24. Bill


    Well it's very different for me at the moment Stalard and truth be known I'm not really looking forward to full traditional retirement. I think my problem is I still think I'm twenty years younger than I actually am, to the point where I sometimes feel a bit out of place with several of my friends. Sure I have all the aches and pains that match my age but it drives me bonkers when all the conversation hinges round age related health issues rather than things that interest me. A few weeks ago I went with my wife and a couple of friends for a weekend break at a hotel chain specialising in adults only (Warner). Their adds on national TV show people that must have retied very early in life, whereas in reality, the place was more like an upmarket old peoples home full of zimmer frames and wheel chairs. It really wasn't my cup of tea but unbelievably the others thought it was brilliant and wanted to book another. Noooooooo! Bill
  25. Bill


    Well I've been retired now for two and a half years and other than constantly not knowing what day it is because every day is like a Saturday, I've yet to sample the true relaxing benefits of retirement. My Ahhha's have been more Aggghs of pain or Ah-ah's as I finally find the screwdriver I know I had half an hour ago. I reckon that given a couple more months and it'll be time for a real Ahhha time! I've not really worked out what's going to occupy my time after all my jobs are done but it's certainly not going to be carpet slippers and daytime TV for me. Bill