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  1. My Mazda, nice one ha ha, stays in the garage mainly because these days, there’s not really anywhere I’d want to go. We’ve been out for a couple of weekend runs, but they’ve been a bit miserable with deserted hotels and half the places all closed. Other than that, it's useless for parking or taking stuff to the tip but it gets the occasional run when the weathers good just to keep it in good condition. The cars itself if a 2011 model and its previous owner was Derek Ricahrdson, the owner of the London Wasps rugby team and former dot com multi-millionaire. I guess that he had several cars
  2. It’s the two very different countries problem again so nobody can take issue with what you say. I’d probably think the same if I lived where you are, where a single shopping trip is often as far as what I’d do here in a month. Over here though, electric does make economic sense for our relatively shorter runs but for those needing more miles, it’s still fossil fuel or a hybrid. But it isn’t the case that we’re all eco-warriors over here but more the fact that all the major car manufactures are moving away from fossil fuels and soon, it’ll be electric or nothing. Plus, we have an increasin
  3. As long as the French insist that they have the right to insult the beliefs and traditions of other religions, things like this are going to happen. If you invite the bulls into your field then just don't wave red rags at them you silly Frenches. Bill
  4. I wonder what the salary is of the person who invented these silly positions? Bill
  5. I thought it might have been a lot higher than that but thinking back, there was a top gear program where they pitted a small car against a powerful BMW where the BMW just had to keep up with the smaller one running flat out. Amazingly, the big BMW returned better mpg figures. My Alfa tends to average about 29mpg but the other with twice the engine size still manages 22 (24 on a longer run.) Still rubbish I suppose compared to modern cars. Bill 😊
  6. The back seats of my Alfa are so tight they're really only suitable for small kids. Drop them down though and it's got about as much room as an estate car. So what sort of mpg to you manage from that little engine? Bill
  7. We’re talking a lot here about wearing masks, but in the supermarkets and larger stores that I’ve visited in recent weeks, I’m seeing almost a 100% compliance, so I think places like these are relatively safe. Maybe if I shopped at the weekend when those currently working tend to shop, I might see a different picture. Bill
  8. Finally worked out how to make some more space to allow pictures to be posted. Anyhow here's my other car that dosn't get used much. Sid, had to Google your car because I'd never heard of that make. Surprised to see it looks quite normal, was expecting something a bit weird. I was just thinking a second hand one of those might be a good cheap base for a conversion to all electric given the engine is so small and the back seats would be easy to lose.
  9. Well the solution is simple, just make it the law and that way the idiots would have to think twice before kicking off. At the moment, I suspect there are some who deliberately don't comply. I met one such person while picking up some landscaping materials last week. The the bloke was probably mid thirties and said he'd forgotten his mask. He needed to pay by card but the owner refused to let him in without a mask. The man asked me if I'd take his card in for him, which I may well have done, if he hadn't whispered to me "Masks are a total waste of time because they don't do anything."
  10. Latchford. That's sort of what I'm saying about hand sanitizers. With masks though, there's always been the claim that for medical reasons they cant wear them and I suppose the same could be argued for allergies to sanitizer. But the thing is, I see large stores having staff stand at the entrance but I've never seen anyone being challenged for none compliance. If they're concerned about violence then just let them in, contact the none existent Covid marshals and challenge them on the way out. I think mask compliance is fairly good these days although in B&M the other day, what I
  11. We’re all old grumpies here Obs and we could go on forever saying stuff like that so much so that I think we could probably write a book on it. 😉 But for the sake of debate, I wonder if we could think up anything that might be genuinely beneficial in helping to reduce the virus? I’m sure we all have our own thoughts on how things could be done better so what would anyone like to see??? I’ll start it off with… Anyone deliberately walking past a hand sanitiser should be refused entry. Simple but so many just can’t be bothered. Bill 😊
  12. I’ve heard this argument before Asp and there is some logic behind it however old people are already easily identifiable, their old! So, let’s put that in the silly bin along with the idea of locking them up because that’s just never going to happen. In any case, most of us sensible grumpies do our shopping during the week when there’s not too many other grumpies about so the food shop is a relatively low risk job. I believe if all people were sensible, the majority should be able to carry on with heir lives much as they did before by just sticking to the few simple rules. Unfortunately
  13. I doubt anyone believes that to be the case, not even you Asp. I’d guess that the majority of people needing hospital treatment will be older or those with underlying conditions, i.e. the very people who would have tried their hardest to take measures to avoid ending up in there. Personally, I think much of this is down to family contact as older people somehow think their close family represent a lessor risk than the general public, who are as we all know are all stupid. On two occasions recently, I’ve had to stop my wife offering to look after grandchildren that were off school du
  14. Yes it is interesting, well for us two at least, but cars aren’t everyone’s cup tea and in any case there’s just not enough people on this forum to expand on this. As for my driving, well Mrs Green is normally in the passenger seat so I drive like the old man that I am. The vast majority of time you’ll find me in the slow lane behind a lorry, trying to bet the best mpg numbers but you don’t buy these sorts of cars to do that all the time. I do the occasional track day and a bit of cart racing which is still a lot of fun but these days my fourteen-year-old grandson continually beats
  15. No I don’t believe I’m obsessed, my thoughts and actions are I think pretty normal. A recent UK poll showed only 15% thought the measures were a waste of time while 45% thought they didn’t go far enough, and the balance said measures were about right. So on that basis, I suppose I’m sitting in the middle. As I said before, each individual makes up their own mind about the potential risk to themselves and of spreading the virus onto to others who have no choice in the matter. I believe I’m taking a responsible attitude although certainly not obsessive as I said to my mate in the pub last
  16. Back in the seventies when I lived in DC, I had a big 5 litre Ford that apart from its badge, looked carbon copy of the Mercedes of that time. Very comfortable and quiet but it didn’t have much go in it despite its engine size. Each time I got back to the UK, I always noticed how thin the door of my Corsair was compared to my US car. Both my cars are focused more on the driving experience rather than comfort which is not the best choice on our bumpy roads. In terms of power, the sport button on the Maserati is always off and in fact I often run it in ice mode just to prevent wheel spin a
  17. I’ve had some small rust issues with the Alfa but unlike Texas it’s pretty much unavoidable here. I just get anything that needs replacing changed but because it’s not a mainstream model and given it’s age, parts are expensive and difficult to source. Fortunately, I found a good independent Alfa specialist who knows his stuff and had has never ripped me off. It’s a bit of trek having to drive all the way to Sandbach for service but it’s well worth it. The cars are a bit exotic but I’ve always liked a nice car. A lot say they don’t understand why I’d want a car like this to get from A to B
  18. Hi Stalard. Yes I’m good thanks, a few more aches and pains these days but it’s to be expected. It’s interesting to see how different people have differing takes on the virus with some saying it’s nothing more than a different kind of flu while others as you say class it like the plague. As I see it, nobody’s actually right or wrong because it’s just their opinion of the risk and how it might affect them personally. I have a brother who’s four years older than me. As far as I know he has no serious underlying health issues other than some mobility problems but he’s seriously worried and
  19. My second car was a retirement present to myself, a 4.7 litre Ferrari powered V8 Maserati Grandturisimo. I’ve had this now for two years but it spends most of it’s time just sitting in the garage I built especially for it. It’s not a practical due to it’s size making parking near impossible and that probably accounts for why it’s only averaging 1000 per year. Silly forum wont allow me to post a picture more than a couple of kilobytes what is this the stone age lol Bill
  20. My cars may not be so environmentally friendly but then again, they’re not used that much these days. My daily drive is a 2.2 litre Alfa Romeo Brera that I’ve had from new fourteen years ago. It’s got 160.000 miles on the clock but it still looks good and goes well and despite what people say about Alfas, I’ve never found I needed a good pair of walking shoes. Bill
  21. To be fair Stalard, because of his status, Trump was being tested almost daily and received immediate specialised treatment before the virus could fully take hold. In contrast, the average man on the street only gets tested when the virus has had time to develop to the point where symptoms show. Even then, the average person is just told to stay at home and self-isolate rather than being rushed to a top medical facility. Re cases only increasing because we’re testing more, well that’s true up to a point but the death rate and numbers requiring intensive care are still showing exponential
  22. Well you’re certainly right about old age setting in Sid, I hit the speed limit a couple of weeks back when I reached 70. 😊 Temerity? I had to Google that one 😊 I doubt anyone really objects about others shopping at the same time as themselves but reducing the number of people in one place at any one time makes absolute sense to me. Anyone that’s worried and can’t change their routines, then online shopping might be the best option but it’s certainly not the case for me. There is a positive in all this. So many people and organisations do things in a way that they’ve always done bu
  23. If that’s a problem for you Obs then I recommend steering well clear of Sainsbury’s at the moment as they’re doing a complete layout change around. They’d have been better closing the store for a couple of weeks while they did all the modifications. Even the staff don't know where half of the stuff is located.
  24. Irrespective of what you think or believe, you can’t deny the logic that spending less time in a store reduces the numbers in there at any one time and thus the possibility of virus spread. I did the shopping the other week without Mrs Green and was in and out in half the time it normally takes.
  25. Speaking of lavatory seats, I went to the loo at the pub last Tuesday. Two others were in there at the time and neither bothered to wash their hands when done so what chance do we have? Tempted to say something but didn't want to get involved with two drunken footy supporters. BTW Screening off none essential products in large supermarkets seems a bit ott but at least people should spend less time doing their weekly shop if they’re not casually browsing so maybe not that bad an idea.
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