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  1. Space reserved ?

    The car parks are almost empty in the evening. I went to Golden Square last night (free parking) at just gone 5 pm and it was only about 50% full even on the 1st level. When I left at 9 it was almost deserted. but you need to take care to remember that the Market car park gets locked up at 10 pm and midnight for Golden Square. Bill
  2. Climate Change ?

    Cleaner for sure but then again, those pushing for dramatic action would argue it's the stuff you can't see that's doing most of the damage, look at the ozone issue for example. I don't think many of us are in a position to argue with the experts in this field but with such big variations in their predictions a very large pinch of salt need to be used. I've never doubted that the climate does change or the fact that we are part of the problem but just how big a part we play is again just guesswork and I'm not prepared to make radical changes in my lifestyle on a guess. Bill
  3. Climate Change ?

    Yes it's not really an exact science as that article clearly shows but at least some of the proposals being put forward could have long term benefits in making the earth a cleaner place to live. It wasn't that long back when there were people on this forum suggesting we should all give up our cars and stop using energy to save the world. Entertaining as this was, it highlighted the vast differences in opinions as to the cause of climate change and what if anything could be done to change things. Bill
  4. Space reserved ?

    There are signs that supposedly let us know how many spaces are available but finding them is the big problem. It wouldn't be a big or costly job to put sensors above each bay to allow people to see where the spaces are but I cant see the council doing anything that actually makes life easier for the motorist. Simplest solution is don't go into town when it's busy. Golden Square is free and relatively empty after 4 pm on Thursdays and while I'm not sure if the Market car park does this, there always seems to be a lot more spaces. Bill
  5. Oktoberfest 22

    Well I've already tried twice and just can't give up the chance of seeing you get your hand in your pocket Bill
  6. Clapping Ban ?

    With so many people dying from applause I'm surprised it's taken this long. Who dreams this sort of stuff up? I'd bet that this didn't come from anyone affected. If someone genuinely did have an issue with clapping then they should seek professional help rather than expect society to alter it's ways. You could take virtually anything in life and suggest banning it for fear that a minority might be upset or somehow disadvantaged. On the same day that this was shown, there was a man who said it was his mission in life to get every store in the county to install baby changing facilities in male toilets. When it was put to him that the facility already exists in all female and most disabled toilets he replied that it wasn't acceptable as he may have to ask for a key. Maybe this bloke when to the same university and the clapping girl because clearly he has no sense of proportionality. Despite everything, he's adamant that his thinking is correct pointing to the number of likes he gets on his Facebook page. I think his likes probably came from the same people who thought BoatyMcBoatface was an appropriate name for a research ship. Bill
  7. Oktoberfest 22

    Same here Sid. These days I normally only go for a beer once a week and then it's only a couple of pints. Bill
  8. Motorway woes

    Grey Man I'm sure cars will eventually evolve that way but I suspect that behind all the hype and sales talk we're still a very long way off what people would consider as a normal car that can drive itself anywhere at normal speeds. They're still struggling big time with the technology but I reckon it's people that'll be the limiting factor because the private motorist wont want to pay extra money for a car with no steering wheel or pedals that drives like an old biddy and only knows it's way around certain areas. Fine if it's a local delivery vehicle where companies could reduce labour costs but as a private mode of transport I can't see any benefits unless you've got more money than sense and like being scared to death. I believe we will see technology playing an ever increasing role in private motoring and this in turn will hopefully lead to a reduction in accidents but fully autonomous private cars, nahh that's a long way off. Can anyone imagine one of these trying to get across the roundabout near Asda at rush hour. Bill
  9. Oktoberfest 22

    Well nobody picked up on my week too early comment then. Tried again tonight with the same result agggggh......still another week to go! Bill
  10. Motorway woes

    Completely autonomous vehicles may well be the future but they're that far away we won't see any accident reduction from them in most of our lifetimes. What will make a difference though is the enhanced safety features being introduced in many of the modern cars and this is available right now. For example, a car I drove recently had radar controlled braking that matched the speed and distance to the car in front. What people think is a safe distance for a given speed varies enormously, too much and people jump into your space while at the other end we get the tailgaters. By allowing automation to decide this distance, we could dramatically reduce the accident rate. It's not too obtrusive and most of the time you'd hardly notice what it was doing. Any slowdown was very gentle but let the car in front slam on and these things react in milliseconds, applying the brakes in a precisely controlled manner thus avoiding any skidding. Another thing I was impressed by was the lane change warning system. Fail to indicate and there was a jolt on the steering wheel that kept you in lane. Small indicators on the side mirrors showed any car approaching at speed or just sitting in the blind spot and again movement into their lane was prevented. Ok, it's not fully autonomous but these sorts of enhancements a huge step forward and are available now. Bill
  11. Motorway woes

    One of the things that was very noticeable when comparing motorways here with the US was that we seem to have quite a wide range of speeds which gives rise to more overtaking and lane changes which in turn could lead to more accidents. It'd be interesting to think how things might work out if rather than slowing everyone down, we arrange for average speed cameras to be set to 70 mph across the whole motorway network. Then just like in the roadworks, there'd be no reason to overtake if you can't go any faster than the car in front and no reason to follow up someone's backside for the same reason. That just leaves those who use the motorways but insist on driving at 50 mph or less. Bill

    Well it's still there tonight. Maybe it was the council themselves Sid but putting up a home-made sign solved the problem without any loss of face. Bill
  13. Oktoberfest 22

    That'd be good Gary. I normally would do the Friday night but I've got my birthday meal booked with Irene and beer festivals aren't exactly her cup of tea. So what time is early doors? edit Not quite as early as tonight then, no wonder the place looked deserted. Ah well only a week too early will try again next week. Bill

    I went down that way today and someone had taken the trouble to cover over the council sign with a home made one that says "TIP CLOSED" I don't know how long it's been there, maybe just today but It'll be interesting to see how long it remains. Bill
  15. Observer and PJ

    I assume you've worked out how to use the ignore feature rather than the local hitman. Bill