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  1. And here! You have the same birthday as my son. Which reminds me, I haven't sent him any wishes yet, how bad is that. Bill
  2. Bill


    Sounds just like my son's place Sid. He'd talked several times about how his outbuilding would make a good home office but like most of his big ideas, he just never gets around to doing anything about them. So, a couple of years back, while he was away on holiday, the wife and myself spent a whole week clearing the place out. The father in law was an industrial plumber down at the docks in Liverpool so the local scrap metal bloke struck lucky and took five transit van loads of scrap copper, lead and enough prehistoric heavy industrial tools to fill a museum. I think when your having a big clear out, you need to close your eyes and just do it. As soon as you start to think that may come in handy or that's too good to chuck away, your never going to get clear. One of the worst things is thinking you could put half the stuff on Ebay and make a fortune (someone somewhere must want a box of 5/17th British rarefide screws with a left handed threads) but the trouble is you never actually get round to doing this and so the problem remains. Anyway after numerous runs to the tip and a huge bonfire, we had it completely empty in just under a week. That was just about two years ago so his new proposed office is now a shed full of junk again. As I say, you can't win. Even when you throw a six, you end up going down a bloody snake! Bill
  3. Bill


    It's not only women! My son and myself are complete opposites when it comes to throwing stuff away. He lives in a big Victorian house with plenty of space so when something breaks he buys a replacement but doesn't throw the old one away because it's "only a bit broken and could be fixed" . I on the other hand live in a Hobit hole of a bungalow and tend to chuck anything away that I have no immediate need for because I hate clutter and in any case I don't have much room to store things. The thing is, if you have lots of space I think your more likely to become a hoarder. My son apart from his huge house, has a stable/store room at the back, so full of junk that he can't find anything in there. He often argues it's easier and quicker to buy online and get someone to bring it to the door than start looking in the shed. I can't really argue with that because I end up having to do the same having thrown stuff away that I now need. Either way, you just can't win. Bill
  4. I spent an interesting couple of hours yesterday with the police cyber crime department based in Preston who were investigating a denial of service attack on one of the companies that uses my companies equipment. This type of trouble doesn't really affect individuals like us but for companies that rely on internet access for their business, it can effectively close them down. It's not a virus as such but rather a flood of so much junk data being sent to a company's router that their systems can't receive anything else and just freeze. The hacker was good and able cancel out all our attempts to stop this happening but things got more serious when a member of staff received an anonymous email from the hacker threatening to do the same at every company using our equipment if we continued with our attempts to stop him. To prove he had the capability, he included a list list of all our access codes so it looked like he'd been into our system as well but sending the anonymous email was his big mistake. Anyway can't say too much as the investigation is well underway but a warrant has been issued and he'll probably be receiving a very early wake up very soon. Having got back from this meeting, I was amazed to see on telly that both Greater Manchester Police and Cheshire Police had both been affected by exactly the same sort of attack. Manchester was affected for several hours while Cheshire Police were completely off line for two days. The attacker was traced and sentenced to 18 months. Bill
  5. Bill

    Papas Chip Shop

    Well we all have to look on the bright side and there is a positive from all this if only there's less fish and chip wrappers being discarded by drunks on there way home from a night out I used to live mid way between the Rope and Anchor pub and the chippy on Parksway so it wasn't uncommon for people to get their chips, eat them as they walked and then get just about fed up with them as they passed by our house. I lived there for 25 years and the wife and myself were the unpaid litter collectors for the area, until one day the wife said "That's it I've picked enough chip wrappers up, I want to move". Not quite so Happy days! Bill
  6. Well I'm off to the States again in a couple of weeks and have just had to renew my holiday insurance ouch! I knew it'd start getting more expensive as we got older and the wife's high blood pressure (caused by having to live with me) seems to be pushing premiums almost towards the cost of the flight. But what I don't quite get is that if you use a comparison web site, the range of prices vary from simply expensive to your having a bloody laugh. My question is, does anyone actually buy the policies down at the bottom of the list or are most like me and just choose the cheapest option. Bill car insurance was almost spot on btw!
  7. Bill

    Papas Chip Shop

    It's probably a generational thing and I wouldn't be surprised to see even more such establishments going to the wall. We were brought up in an age where the only takeaway food was fish and chips so maybe at some point in the future, our kids will be bemoaning the lack of the good old kebab house or curry shop as food trends change. Then of course there's the ever increasing use of online food delivery, where the only sit down is in front of the telly. Who'd have ever have thought we'd end up getting our food this way and God only knows where it'll end up. BTW, Does Soylent Green come with fries? I suppose I came from a relatively poor family where bought fish and chips were the exception. As a kid I remember my mum would often cook up some fish and chip and even put them in newspaper and tell me to pretend it was from a real chippy. Happy days!! Bill
  8. Bill

    Papas Chip Shop

    I went there a couple of months back, on Fathers day actually and the lights were on inside but the sign on the door said closed. Quite like the idea of a sit down fish and chip meal and yes it was a tad more expensive but much better than a take out that ends up being all a bit too soggy. Bill
  9. My policies have hardly changed over the past 5 years so I've tended to stay with the same company rather than do the shopping around business. This years fully comp premium on my 2.2 Alfa Brera (Italian with bloody expensive parts) was only £331 with LV 💚 which I think is pretty amazing. Last year I splashed out and got a 4.7 V8 Maserati GranTurisimo as a retirement treat. LV wouldn't cover it so anyone care to hazard a guess the premium on that one? Bill
  10. Bill


    Don't want to appear too pedantic but I always thought a bacon buttie can't be called a bacon buttie if it's cut diagonally otherwise that would make it a bacon sandwich which is a bit posh for us northerners. 😁 Bill
  11. Shouldn't really matter where they put them after all they mostly all just feed into the grid. As for it wasting a field well I think I heard someone say that from an environmentalist point of view, a UK solar farm is good because it can't be over cultivated and so creates a sheltered habitat for wildlife. We'll just have to hope now that no major technological breakthroughs occur in the next twenty or so years that might bring energy cost down otherwise it might never pay for itself. Bill
  12. Put these in the cows feed. Problem sorted! Message to self.... read the post properly Bill Just a thought though, why a 20% reduction? Is that some kind of magical calculation designed to save the planet or a guesstimate based on a guesstimate? Bill
  13. I think they do but maybe they go into reverse during the night. I used to have a large pond with a lot of algae in it and the dissolved oxygen content would increase during the day and decrease overnight but whether or not there was any net gain I'm not sure. I seem to remember seeing something on telly that suggested that wetland areas are more efficient at taking in CO2 than trees although again how the heck does anyone make any comparisons? Bill
  14. Not that bad an idea actually and if the police think it may save the life of someone who's partner has violent tendencies, then maybe it's a good thing. When you think of it, there's no need for them to have a sharp point, after all their main role is to cutting rather than stabbing. If knives with points capable of stabbing someone were classed as daggers it'd make it much easier for the police to get a prosecution. Bill
  15. This is getting a bit far removed from motorways but there has to a limit to how much use can be made of unreliable sources like wind and solar. When the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine, we still need power so for the immediate future we have to keep a certain amount of the dirty stuff until a solutions found. Bill
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