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  1. A poll is only valid if it's based on a truly representative sample and with the greatest respect to all posters, that's something you won't find here. The "Boaty Mc Boatface" episode clearly demonstrated the futility of using the wrong medium to obtain a valid outcome. Bill
  2. Why on earth would such an important device have an off button? I'd have thought that such devices would be integrated into the aircraft in such a way as to make it virtually impossible to access or disable. Also if these are almost throw away items, why not put a whole load of them on each aircraft and make them so that if it ends up in the sea it will float? Bill
  3. So if we can use satellites to track the movement of turtle anywhere in the world why do we still loose bloody big aircraft ???? 🥺 Bill
  4. I can't work out why the powers that be couldn't have just given them the two hundred million as now it will cost them six hundred million just to get the people back home. If they'd have done that and said there will be no more, then people would loose confidence and eventually stop booking with Thomas Cook. So there'd be no one to bring home, thus saving £400,000,000 or have I completley missed the point? Bill
  5. Bill

    Shock! Horror!

    Yes it was a real shame it didn't quite work out. Had it have been pleasant there and a shorter follow on journey we could have made it happen but I had to consider the others. Had a good long chat though. Any how, lts our last full day here in Huston before flying back tomorrow. Bill
  6. Bill

    Shock! Horror!

    We've had our fair share of weather extremes on previous visits but I guess we were lucky this time. Just arrived New Orleans 16.30 beer time.
  7. Bill

    Shock! Horror!

    Left San Antonio and had three days in Fredicksburg. Just arrived now in Fort Worth and looking forward to seeing a rodeo tonight. Lost my phone in a cab so cancelled my sim only to find it got brought back to the hotel just 2 mins later. I can still ring you but it won't be from my number. Bill
  8. Don't know as I only heard the police had executed the warrant just before my holiday. Bill
  9. Bill

    Shock! Horror!

    Yep got the pm info so will do our best to catch up with you. Just in San Antonio at the moment and it's a bit on the warm side. 100 degrees at 8.30 at night, wasn't expecting that! Bill
  10. Bill

    Shock! Horror!

    Nah Sid, you want WD40 because it's basically an oil and I've read it repels water. That's it for me for a while. Off for a coffee with our Mr Stallard. Bill
  11. Just a little update. The bloke I was on about did get arrested earlier this week and his phone and computer equipment were taken away for forensic investigation. Let's hope he get more than a good talking to. Bill
  12. Ah but according to the report, it's CEBT electricity so you don't need any cables. 🤓 Bill
  13. And here! You have the same birthday as my son. Which reminds me, I haven't sent him any wishes yet, how bad is that. Bill
  14. Bill


    Sounds just like my son's place Sid. He'd talked several times about how his outbuilding would make a good home office but like most of his big ideas, he just never gets around to doing anything about them. So, a couple of years back, while he was away on holiday, the wife and myself spent a whole week clearing the place out. The father in law was an industrial plumber down at the docks in Liverpool so the local scrap metal bloke struck lucky and took five transit van loads of scrap copper, lead and enough prehistoric heavy industrial tools to fill a museum. I think when your having a big clear out, you need to close your eyes and just do it. As soon as you start to think that may come in handy or that's too good to chuck away, your never going to get clear. One of the worst things is thinking you could put half the stuff on Ebay and make a fortune (someone somewhere must want a box of 5/17th British rarefide screws with a left handed threads) but the trouble is you never actually get round to doing this and so the problem remains. Anyway after numerous runs to the tip and a huge bonfire, we had it completely empty in just under a week. That was just about two years ago so his new proposed office is now a shed full of junk again. As I say, you can't win. Even when you throw a six, you end up going down a bloody snake! Bill
  15. Bill


    It's not only women! My son and myself are complete opposites when it comes to throwing stuff away. He lives in a big Victorian house with plenty of space so when something breaks he buys a replacement but doesn't throw the old one away because it's "only a bit broken and could be fixed" . I on the other hand live in a Hobit hole of a bungalow and tend to chuck anything away that I have no immediate need for because I hate clutter and in any case I don't have much room to store things. The thing is, if you have lots of space I think your more likely to become a hoarder. My son apart from his huge house, has a stable/store room at the back, so full of junk that he can't find anything in there. He often argues it's easier and quicker to buy online and get someone to bring it to the door than start looking in the shed. I can't really argue with that because I end up having to do the same having thrown stuff away that I now need. Either way, you just can't win. Bill
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