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  1. Bill

    Jumping Jack Flash,

    I don't think I'd feel that comfortable knowing I've got 5 litres of hydrogen at 10,000 psi sitting behind me. That's probably about the same amount as the Hindenburg had! I honestly can't see this kind of technology in cars getting much further than it is now as the charging infrastructure for pure battery powered cars is miles ahead. People would think twice about buying any vehicle, however green they might be, i f the refuelling points aren't readily accessible (a bit like LPG). I've thought hard about going green but in the end opted for a 4.7 litre petrol model weighing in at 1880 Kg so not much chance of getting blown off the road in that in either sense 😃. Bill
  2. Bill

    O2 down

    My daughter in law told me that she had an app that monitored her phone activity and it showed that on average she spent three hours a day online and picked up the phone over 70 times! I pick up the phone when it rings, about once a fortnight. Bill
  3. Bill

    Motorway woes

    People who don't currently drive will generally have a partner that drives for them or they're quite happy to use public transport. I suspect the biggest reason for this is that the high cost of running a second car isn't justifiable so given that, I can't see many shelling out the vast amounts that these fully autonomous cars are going to cost. All the leading manufacturers claim that these cars will be available by 2021 and all have video's showing just how good they are but in reality they still have a long way to go. Take a look at this video shot this year that shows the true state of development. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Jf1ZM-ho4o Bill
  4. Bill

    Motorway woes

    I think I'd feel safer in some kind of airborne drone than an automated car on our congested road network. The level of autonomy required for an aerial solution without pedestrians and road clutter would be that simple that I think that even I could program it Airborne "road" layouts could be planned on the back of a beer mat and cost nothing to build. Pot holes could even be fixed with just a can of compressed air! Give up on autonomous cars and smart motorways and follow the lead of the Jetsons. Bill
  5. Bill

    Crazy Traffic Lights

    I'd have thought that these days the control or adjustment of lights would be a simple matter of a few key presses and that any obvious problems could be easily rectified. It probably is that easy but I guess nothing gets changed without a full blown risk assessment and council debate. I get the feeling that the lights might be deliberately backing up the traffic to lessen the queue at the Asda roundabout? There has to be some reason why the logic is so out of wack. Bill
  6. Bill

    Jumping Jack Flash,

    That'd take forever and every single house would need to be done before anyone could benefit so I can't see that ever happening. Bill
  7. Bill

    Crazy Traffic Lights

    Does anyone else think that the timing of some of the traffic lights around the town are a bit bonkers especially those that don't seem traffic related and just vary according to the time or day of the week. My big gripe is the lights at the junction of Church Street and Manchester Road which during the week holds up traffic on Manchester Road for what seems an age despite the fact that there's no traffic coming out of Church St. Then mysteriously at the weekend, Church St gets totally backed up because the lights only go green long enough for about six cars to get through before returning back to red. It's almost like someone got their logic completely back to front. Bill
  8. Bill

    Christmas again

    My wife spends a small fortune on presents for the grand kids (Six in total) but rather than just one present, it's always a Santa sized sack for each of them. The kids rip into unwrapping them as quickly as possible, chuck em all over the place then get on with playing their favorit game on their tablet thing. I had a bit of row with the Mrs Green this year over some of the Lego stuff that she said the kids wanted. £100 to build a Lego model car that the kids can't do and takes me hours to put together and then a couple of days later half of it's missing and oddly at the same time the Hoover's started making odd noises and not sucking! Bill
  9. Bill

    Weather ?

    I don't do fashion or trends and so get good use out of all my cloths. Maybe I take it too far though because I always remember my son when he was quite young saying "Dad, you make Worzel Gummage look like the winner of England's best dressed man contest!" Funny how little things like that tend to stick in your mind. It's hard to believe some of the stuff doing the rounds at the moment. This morning there was a claim on TV that the cloths worn by the average family each year added 10% to the total of CO2 which is more than all the airlines or shipping throughout the world. Put another way, it's the same amount of of CO2 as driving the average car for 6,000 miles. I don't know what to make of all this. If we were to believe all the statistics about what creates CO2, I'm sure it'll all add up to more than 100% Bill
  10. Bill

    Christmas again

    I once bought my wife a Christmas present that was so memorable that to this day she insists in telling everyone about it and there's no many presents you can say that about. I still think though that Bex Bissle made excellent carpet sweepers. Bill
  11. Bill

    Time for regular re-tests ?

    I think there was a similar saying about drivers that wore trilby hats but pipe or hat it's more of an age thing. Bill
  12. Bill

    Time for regular re-tests ?

    Certainly looks that way because stupidity like that can come from an idiot whatever their age. As for re-tests, well I'd be broadly in favour of that especially if it takes some of those off the road that drive like they just passed their test the day before. I know quite a few people who hold a licence but don't drive on a regular basis and as a result they don't have a lot of experience and tend to drive too slowly causing frustration for others. At the moment, it's possible to get a licence at seventeen, never drive for fifty years then just jump in a modern powerful car and create havoc on the roads, how bonkers is that? Maybe instead of age related re-tests there could be a requirement to clock up a certain amount of driving hours each year thereby ensuring driving skills aren't lost. Bill
  13. Bill

    Time for regular re-tests ?

    It's hard to believe that anyone could be that stupid and that would have to include the passengers who stayed in the car. Was this age related or just someone who's mental capacity was somehow impaired? Bill
  14. Bill

    Peoples vote ?

    Do any of the ferries go from mainland Europe directly to Ireland if so the back door's a long way round ? Bill
  15. Bill

    I T systems ?

    I think the problems are not really technical issues as such because storing and retrieving data from anywhere in the world is commonplace these days. Where I think it probably all goes wrong is all the legal clutter limiting who's authorised to look at what. You can just imagine how many committee this would involve and how easy it would be for them to loose sight of the original goals. When my company got involved in writing software we developed it based on the main objectives that the clients expected, so from the outset there was a product that worked and did as it said on the tin. If I had to incorporated every oddball idea that some individual or commitee thought important then it'd probably still be in development now or so full of bugs it'd be worthless. Bill