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  1. Plastic problem ?

    Just been doing a bit of reading up on the developments within the plastics industry and it seems that a fair bit of what we now see as ordinary plastic may actually be biodegradable rather than recyclable. Fantastic I thought but it seems because both compostable and recyclable look identical, they end up in the same recycling bin. This mixing often means that they can't be recycled and all end up going into landfill which sort of defeats the object of creating a compostable plastic. Food for thought. Bill
  2. Pavement Parking (Again)

    I could be wrong Davy but I think at the moment it's only illegal in the greater London area unless there are signs speciffically saying it's permitted. Elswhere in the country you won't get fined for just having a wheel on the pavement but you could get done if you park in such a way as Confused points out where it causes an obstuction or dangerouse situation. We're not talking about dangerouse parking here though but being fined for trying to park with consideration for others. This has to rate pretty low on the list of police priorities and I can't imagine they'll ever do much to enforce it. It could as you say end up as a source of income for councils where it'll just be photo showing your registration and a wheel on a kirb. Easy money but I dont think it's right. Bill
  3. Pavement Parking (Again)

    I understand all that, but what concerns me is that currentley most people do their best to make a judgemet call and in the main it works. Ok there are those who don't but making it illegal to use common sense seems a step in the wrong direction to me and as you say could be more hazardous for everyone. I reckon that this will probably end up being a council matter and they prefer hard and fast / black and white rules applied to everyone rather than prosecuting just the offender. If someone parks baldly, it's easy enough to report and maybe get something done unlike speed issues where the vehicle has long gone. I'd hate to think that this will lead to yet another waste of time and money signage campaign telling us where we can and can't cock a wheel up. Bill
  4. I see that pavement parking is back in the news today with Scotland about to follow London in making it illegal to put a wheel on the pavement. I know we've done this to death before but it's now looking more likely that we're heading towards a system fines for everyone rather than just those who show no considderation for anyone but themselves. Bill
  5. flying the flag and the world cup.

    How silly. I'm no great footy fan and I can't remember why I ever bought a flag and pole but after reading that I'm half tempted to go dig it out. I wonder if this applies to the Union flag or just England. Bill
  6. Plastic problem ?

    Looking slightly more on the bright side, I'm sure there will be an answer to this problem but it'll probably get a whole lot worse before any serious efforts get made to solve it. The problem seems to be that we've become totally reliant on plastic packaging but there dosn't seem to be any altenative material (as yet) that will do the same job. The current stuff is cheap as chips to produce and widley accepted by the public so the suppliers wont want to change this winning formula. Keep up the media barage though and the public will start demanding change, then the first producers of an enviromentally friendly plastic alternative could clean up. In the shorter term, I'd like to see some form of pressure put onto suppliers of products where the plastic packaging is totally unnecessary or purely for decorative purposes. I think we've all seen the can opener that comes in an impossible to open plastic cover where you need a pair of scissors to get in there. Wait, the scissors are packed the same way. Stuff like this ought to be banned, taxed or whatever. Enough ranting for now Bill
  7. Hill Cliffe. Help please?

    Millie There was a large hotel called the Hill Cliffe Hydro that may have previously been a large mansion house. I only vaguely remember the place but I think it closed down sometime around the mid eighties and I think has now been demolished. Maybe a bit of Googling on the Hydro will bring something up. I did find an image on Facebook but it wont display here. Good luck. Bill
  8. Plastic problem ?

    I can't see any easy solution to this one other than to keep pushing the subject in the media in the hope that changing people's attitued might bring about change from the suppliers. I'd hate to think that some form of taxation might be used if only because it's the poorer folk that would be most affected. As for the unseen micro-plastics, well I see companies removing them from products such as toothpaste and body scrubs but in the longer term, the huge amount of general plastic rubbish that's already out there will eventually break down into micro bits and that may be an even bigger problem if it kills off all the algae. We're all doooooomed! Bill
  9. Smart Meters

    I think we all know the answer to who pays for the new meters and unfortuntly there arnt any discounts for anyone who dosn't want one. As for the fake news, well fake was perhaps a bit strong but I think reading about a houses burning down or million pound bills might have happened but there's about as much chance of this as being struck by lightening. On the electric night storage heater thing, I recon given that given the number of people that actually use this, it would have made more sense to simply say you can't have a smart meter and be done with it. Then again it would appear that using cheaper night time rates to charge electric cars then for them to feed back into the system at peak times may be a solution to the unreliability of green energy sources. So on that basis, maybe they're right to build in controls for this. One thing I've learnt though from yeas of working in technology is that you can't stand still because the tech has to constantly change to meet the ever changing needs of society and whatever gets developed will soon be yesterdays technology. I think the original idea of doing this was an attempt to reduce energy consumption and climate change by making people more aware. I somehow doubt that this will have much affect but it may make some think more about their energy use. So for now I'll take it for the convenience if offers and just hope my mobile phone battery doesn't kill me before I have time to use the time saved LOL Bill
  10. losing text

    456 Cracked it! Perhaps I should have posted this along with my "loosing it" post LOL Having not been on this forum for so long but using several other forums where the text to edit appears in a new frame I was trying to type in the wrong place. Ah well thanks for all the attempts to help. Bill
  11. losing text

    Testing 123
  12. losing text

    On my laptop now running Chrome and yet again can't edit. Still getting the red "REQUIRED" That's four different PCs with different browsers so I'm starting to wonder if there's something within the forum settings that's blocking me from using edit ?? Bill Edited no problem using firefox, sid. (i see the required in red above the post being edited. you do not get that with a new post)
  13. losing text

    On yet another PC this time using Chrome but exactly the same. Still get the red text saying required and a blank edit box. Bill test
  14. losing text

    Using Microsoft edge here btw I'll try using chrome when I get back tonight. Bill
  15. losing text

    Hi Garry Well I'm baby sitting in Liverpool today using a completely different PC but still cant edit anything. Nobody seems picked up on the word "REQUIRED" that I see shown in red. I'm sure that never used to be there???? Bill