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  1. Amazing medical

    Bit behind the times over there Stallard,. We do the same thing here with a mobile phone. Last year I had a key hole job done on my knee and when the bandages came off I could hardly see where they'd been in. Anyway here's hoping your op was as successful as mine. Bill
  2. Breaking News

    Nice one Sid. Something just doesn't seem quite right with the London thing. I think if he was a terrorist then he'd probably have some weapons or at the very least chosen a vehicle capable of doing much more damage than a little Ford Fiesta. Watching the footage he seemed to be tootling along quite slowly and only picked up the pace when the ambulance behind suddenly put the lights and sirens on. Could be that he'd been up to no good and thought the police were on to him but we'll have to wait and see what comes out of this. Bill
  3. Efficient or stupid

    I, or rather my wife had a similar experience where one wrong word caused a visa refusal. I was on a long business trip and my wife and kids thought it would be good to come out and see me for a couple of weeks, When asked about the reason for here visit she said to visit my husband who is working there (rather than on business) and that was enough to put the mockers on things. it took nearly six weeks to clear this on up! They said on telly this morning that the average waiting time for none EU citizens entering the country at was upwards of 2 hours. Bill
  4. BoJo !

    Boris is only saying what the vast majority of people think so for a politician to do this rather than simply tow the party or politically correct line is something that many, including myself would applaud. Bill
  5. Manchester Airport Terminal 3

    I think they weren't exactly children Davy, more young radicalised adults that were planning an attack with knives and guns in some public place. In any case if you're taking a bomb onto a plane you don't need your mates or family with you unless you're really rubbish at making bombs. Bill
  6. Manchester Airport Terminal 3

    They could reduce the queues dramatically if they eased their silly PC rules and allowed a certain degree of profiling. As far as I know, terrorist are typically loners and I can't imagine they would ever consider taking taking their children with them but despite this, oldies like me and the wife or families with kids on their way to places like Benidorm are subjected to the full blown security checks. What I've never understood is if there was something dodgy about someone, it might well flag up when the passport is checked but once passed that point, the focus is lost and the person is just another passenger as far as security is concerned. Surly anyone with any kind of marker on their records should be subjected to a higher degree of checks. Maybe sometime in the future, passengers could be issued with a bio-metric wrist band that could track movement within the terminal and any elevated heart rates/sweat as i reckon that would be pretty hard to disguise if you're about to blow yourself up. Bill

    It was a typo Diz, not that it makes any difference if nobody on the planet knows what it means anyway. Maybe the council are so cash strapped they can't afford the extra letters it would take to make it understandable I saw the closure notice a few weeks ago but I'd quite simply forgotten about it. It'll be interesting to see what they do at Sankey Bridges although I'm not sure if that's also a narrow dead end where it's difficult to reverse or turn around. Bill

    I know that now but it's not much help to those in the queue. Use plain Engish and put the signs before the turn in. Common sense! Bill

    I've just been down to the Woolston tip only to find a totally chaotic situation with cars going down the dead end road only to find the tip gates closed and as more and more cars joined the queue the harder it got for everyone. it's bad enough getting caught up in something like this where you can't turn around but for those with trailers it became a bit of a nightmare. All of this could have easily been avoided if the council had used a little common sense and some plain English. The sign saying CRC CLOSED clearly meant nothing to those that had already turned in and joined the queue. Why in heavens name do these people insist on using their own obscure terminology rather than the name more commonly used by the public? Ask anyone where Woolston Tip is and you'll get an answer but ask where or what the CRC is and all you'll get is a blank look. I've always known a CRC as a method of checking data accuracy but to a copper it's a criminal record check but if you're a councillor its the local tip. Bill
  10. Need Help

    It was a bit more complicated in that the keys were actually posted at an address right down the road from me. The old chap that lived there had done the rounds of all his neighbours and only came to me because he'd seen cats in our garden and thought we may know something. Clearly the people who were on holiday didn't live in the area otherwise the keys wouldn't have been dropped at a wrong address so far away. So giving out the two first names of people that lived somewhere in Warrington but nowhere near me isn't much of a giveaway and I could think of a million easier ways of finding out when someones away on holiday. With that in mind, I do tend to put holiday snaps on Facebook for friends and family while I'm away. The worlds not quite as bad as some make out and I would rather believe that than go through life thinking everyone's out to rip me off. Bill
  11. Need Help

    Davy The only info we had was two first names and an assumption that they lived somewhere in Warrington. We reasoned that the only people that would know these people and where they lived would be their close friends so it seemed fairly safe to do this. Many share their holiday pictures on Facebook anyway but to be sure the post was removed as soon as we got the info we needed. This wasn't just a me thing btw, all the neighbours were concerned and many spent a load of time knocking on doors and making phone calls trying to work out who these people could be. It's hard to believe anyone would drop their keys through a door without knowing it's the right house especially when animals might suffer as a result. Anyhow it's a good outcome and thanks to everyone, especially Dizzy who helped to spread the word so quickly. Bill
  12. Need Help

    If anyone reading this could do me a big favour and share this message on social media in the Warrington area. Does anyone know a couple with the names Andy and Lauren who have just gone on holiday? They've mistakenly posted their door keys through my letterbox on Rushmore Grove Paddington with a note asking that I look after their cats. Nobody on this road has any idea who this couple are or where the cats are and It would be awful for this couple to return from holiday only to find their pets had died. Bill edit How good is social media when something like this happens. Less than an hour and we managed to track down the right person.
  13. WBC You're joking!

    Nobody's asking for the rules to be changed, they're there for a reason but when that reason dosnt exist or can't be complied with then enforcment of the rule is not only unnessesary it shows a complete lack of common sense. Take the hypothetical broken traffic light where common sense say's you need to go through. If you couldn't see the red light, you'd be pretty miffed off if you got a ticket and more so if this happened on a remote uninhabited Scotish island. If it wasn't for the fact that discrecion exists then fines and penalties would be an everyday part of life for the majority of people. It's not the rules that need changing Sid, it's the people in power that put pressure on others to ignore common sense in order to justify their employment or to meet revenue targets. Bill
  14. What's the fascination in a cave ?

    Well they managed to get four out today thank God. I think the autorities there finally realized if they waited much longer the flooding could get worse and then they'd be accused of doing nothing to save the kids. Of course we only have what we see on the news to go on but I wonder if emergency services are less efective when they have to go through no end of risk assesments before they act at a major incident. Bill
  15. What's the fascination in a cave ?

    I can just about see the appeal of climbing a mountain but dark, damp and often smelly caves don't hold much for me as they remind me of our old outside loo. I don't understand what a football team were doing going so deep into a cave system as it's not exactly exercise and fresh air. Any how it finally looks like they've started to get the kids out so let's hope it all goes well. Bill