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  1. Most popular name ?

    How did you know that Asp ??? Bill Edit Well that's another post I can't be bothered re typing. Anybody else finding that whole blocks of typing often just disappear when hitting the return key? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  2. Most popular name ?

    At work 50% of my customers are Pakistani and the majority of them are called Mohammed it's just an incredibly common name. When I started work back in the mid sixties I worked in a department with just 11 people and seven of us were all called Bill! Mohammed
  3. Grid lock -

    Padgate Lane / Green Lane junction was a bit of a nightmare at 5pm but still don't know where the accident was. I doubt Stretton or Warburton would have had any impact? Bill
  4. Charging for roadworks

    Ok where did my post go?
  5. Saw on TV last week something about the government charging utility companies for traffic delays caused by road works. Not a bad idea I thought but then it dawned on me that the most annoying road works tend to be on the motorways and they aren't caused by a utility company but the government themselves. I've lost track on how many years the M62 has had speed restrictions for works that don't really seem to be going anywhere. Maybe we could get some rebate on our road tax?? Bill
  6. Visit

    Well just make sure you reserve a bit of time to say hello to your old mates here and maybe catch a pint or two. Bill
  7. Road humps ?

    I had one pretty much the same Asp, a nice comfy car. There's no doubt that constant braking and acceleration increases pollution levels but speed bumps do slow traffic down albeit just a bit for most drivers so overall they work but to my mind there are better ways of doing this without breaking cars. Bill
  8. Airport delays ?

    I think it's all a bit stupid in the way that these checks are being carried out. Earlier this year I was selected at random for an additional security check. It was a flight to the USA so I'd already gone through all the checks including a full body scan and pat down when I was stopped again just before boarding. I understand the need to do stuff like this and it's no big deal for me but out of a line containing hundreds of people, many of who looked like potential terrorists, why did they pick on an old fart like me? I think we all know the answer but it's frustrating when you bear in mind that in this country, the vast majority of these delays are down to young families with their kids being subjected to the same strict searches. When was the last time a typical white British family blew up a plane on they way to Disney Land? Bill
  9. New Market ?

    The old one wasn't that bad and to me it seems a bit wasteful to pull one down and replace it with one that is only marginally bigger but maybe there were good reasons for doing this? My hats off to the designers though for at least making it look attractive rather than the bland concrete format that so many other car parks tend to be like. I've heard a few (including the missus) say it's ugly but you have to bear in mind how bad it could have been. As for the cladding, I wouldn't worry too much as most of it is holes and to my knowledge, they don't burn that easily. Bill
  10. Road humps ?

    I can beat that. In the last two years I've had to have SIX broken springs replaced plus a complete front sub frame and all attributed to speed hump damage. And the crazy thing is that I never go over them at much more than 10 mph! Bill
  11. Temporary Car Parking.

    I park there a couple of times each week and the carpets in the car are now just permanently white. They probably got some gypsys to do it on the cheap with stone that's so soft it just just crushes down into a cement like slurry that gets everywhere. The gypsies have more sense though, they won't park there so they've set up camp this weekend at Sainsbury's. Bill
  12. traffic app

    PMR went out with the arc and virtually all taxis these days use a smartphone app connected on a machine to machine data network. This is similar to how the traffic lights are controlled, gas and electric meters work and even most modern cars have built in data connectivity these days. Bluetooth is extremely limited in terms of communication range and scope for future development and I would guess that the costly infrastructure will be obsolete before this project is even complete. From a cost point of view I doubt many people would begrudge paying a couple of pence worth of data charges if in return they were provided with helpful valid real time local data. Bill
  13. traffic app

    £300,000 that's a lot of dosh for some technology that's a standard background function of virtually every off the shelf taxi package. (Our basic system costs £3,200 btw!) Throw away 90% of the software and just use what's left to track the routes of tens of thousands of vehicles accurately in real time without the need for any local Bluetooth infrastructure. It really is that simple but if there's money to burn then I suppose it doesn't matter. Oh and btw. Both the Bluetooth and GPS functions on modern devices are so low powered these days that the power difference is almost un-measurable. A running app that's permanently connected to the net though will expect use up the battery in about 6/8 hours if the power lead isn't connected. Data usage for vehicle location with an update rate of 15 seconds is about 1.2 megabytes or less per 12 hour day. Bill
  14. 80 mph ?

    80 mph isn't too high providing the conditions permit but consider this. 1 make the speed limit 8 mph and all journeys will take ten times longer to complete so at any given time, there will ten times more cars on the motorway hence even more nose to tail stuff. 2 make the speed limit 800 mph though and journey times will be a tenth of what they are now. So at any point in time, there will only be one tenth the number of cars hence greater spacing. it's a bit of a chicken and egg situation I suppose. Bill
  15. Local Referendums ?

    Don't laugh too soon Sid. We all know how good the council are at manipulating statistics so we can almost guarantee overwhelming support for this! Bill