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  1. Thanks for the comments and no, I won;t be entering this into longshot this year, I think its too long anyway, but I am not sure. I have a few other things up my sleeve for that, aslong as I pull my finger out and get them completed on time
  2. Hey everyone I posted about this a while ago when we had trailers and interviews online, but now we have the full episode of a new sitcom pilot that we shot at the end of last year online It was shot in the Crosby area of Liverpool at the beautiful Plaza cinema, however it has a strong Warrington connection with most of the cast and crew from Warrington, and me and the producer James met studying a media course at Warrington collegiate anyway please take the time to watch the episode and like our facebook page PLEASE BE AWARE THE COMEDY IS QUITE ADULT THEMED AND SO PROBABLY NOT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED many thanks Andy
  3. it was brilliant fun to film, very hard work, but definitely fun we are launching the website very soon and we will have interviews with the cast and some outtakes (of which there were plenty) the cast is amazing aswell, mostly college and university students, but all did a fantastic job!!
  4. Hey Dizzy thanks for having a look I guess we all have a little geek inside us haha
  5. hey everyone I have been working on an online sitcom for a few months now, been shooting in liverpool ( at the Plaza cinema in Croby, it was the best authentic old cinema around) A lot of the cast and crew are from Warrington and i thought it may be of interest to people on here anyway check out the trailer which i posted on youtube and let us know what you think? THE SITCOM IS ADULT THEME AND HAS SOME STRONG LANGUAGE although the trailer isnt too bad plus join our facebook group and invite all your friends, its really taking off http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=100224433362707&ref=ts Andy
  6. Hey everyone I posted about this a few months ago but quite a few changes have been made since so thought i'd update everyone I host the movie show on radio warrington, its every thursday 6-8, we play loads of music from films, review the latest dvds and cinema releases and have loads of features this week we are featuring the soundtrack to Amy Heckerlings classic 90s film clueless, aswell as looking at my top 5 scorsese films get involved, you can listen online by following the radio warrington links on this website and anyone on facebook join our facebook group where you can let us know your thoughts and request your favourite songs from films just search facebook for radio warrington movie show or copy the link http://www.facebook.com/?sk=messages&tid=1101263469941#!/group.php?gid=132906199041&ref=mf thanks Andy
  7. I think Liverpool are well behind Chelsea United and Arsenal, Spurs were amazing against wigan, but they wont do that every week City are drawing too much but at least they arent losing, just depends whether they can get themselves a bit more consistency,if they do Liverpool are gonna struggle to finish top 6 nevermind top 4
  8. So there is still a minute that you have added on for "other causes" which is a bit vague as there didnt seem to be any other causes. and people can say minimum all they want, but compared to a lot of premier league games there wasnt any stoppages in the second half also if, as you say, the officials add on 30 seconds for a goal, why did they decide to add a minute on for bellamys, the celebration wasnt any longer than the other goals I think 4 minutes plus an extra one was generous enough, once 5 minutes were up the ref had a couple of opportunities to blow the whistle which seemed fair, so when he kept playing it just made it seem like we were playing til united scored
  9. not sure about the united should of won 8-1 rubbish a friend of mine text me after the game (united fan) saying united gave us three goals. my response was well we gave you four, nothing to be proud of really. All the goals were bad defensively, and Ballamys first was the best goal by far As for the stoppage time, the four minutes was generous to begin with, Bellamys goal celebration took about 45 seconds and the substitution 30 (if you add these on, which doesnt always happen) this makes 5 minutes 15 sconds, the ref had three opportunities to blow before the goal, which he should of take city against arsenal last week, second half 5 goals, three substitutions, 3 minutes added time at the end??????? they make it up as they go along This doesnt take away from the fact that our defending was awful, but im sure we will bounce back and i now officially hate Owen!!!!
  10. Just a reminder for everyone to have a listen tonight www.radiowarrington.co.uk the movie show 8-10 cheers Andy
  11. Thanks, im trying!!! Thanks. really appreciate that, this weeks will be much better though and thanks everyone for the comments, i agree about lack of publicity, but i know most users of this forum know about the radio station which is good, just needs pushing because loads of people are working really hard to provide it Andy
  12. Just a quick one to let you all know about my new show on radio warrington I will be hosting the movie show thursdays 8-10, so anyone who is interested in movies, should check it out, its got loads of great music from films, reviews of cinema and dvd releases plus loads of features you can join the group on facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?gid=132906199041&ref=mf and check out the blog where you can leave your own opinions and comments http://radiowarringtonmovies.blogspot.com/ please please get involved as the more people involved and interested the more exciting the show will be thanks Andy
  13. wah wah wah City have done nothing wrong, if they have the required money and they want to make a bid for a player they are entitled to do so, Everton did exactly the same when they bought him from Wolves. They didnt want to let him go At the end of the day footballers will go where the money is, we have had to accept that fact for tears, just makes a nice change that some decent players are finally come in out direction instead of vice versa I guess we all have to get used to all the jealousy surrounding Citys spending However I can only see positive points from the Abu Dhabi takeover. They have ploughed more money into the premierleague, kept ticket prices low, helf lots of events for the fans, up to now they have been the model example of how a foreign takeover should be handled I just hope we can have a decent season and shut up a lot of people in the media, that would be nice
  14. Im voting for man city... it'll never happen, but we can dream
  15. Thanks for the pictures looks like the green room at the Jeremy Kyle show!!!!
  16. Hey everyone not to be outdone by the likes of Liverpool and Manchester, Warrington is holding its very own fashion week this summer I am doing a series of short films to help launch Warrington fashion week which will be shown on big screens at golden square basically I am looking for anyone interested in fashion, or anyone that has any views on fashion, in Warrington in particular A few of the films are already in progression however if anyone has any great ideas, or anything they really want to say about fashion in Warrington this would be a great opportunity If you are interested in being involved in any capacity you can send me a message on here or email me at andyk1405@aol.com thanks Andy
  17. I managed to avoid the cold, which was good!! ...and thanks for the comments Mary, much appreciated
  18. something else that I don't believe Robinho wanted Kaka to come which is why I think he wasn't happy when the signing fell through. Im sure it will all get sorted out storm in a teacup
  19. I think Berlusconi has put his political spin on it the truth is probably more like - City made a bid Milan accepted the bid Milan stalled when the realized the fan/media reaction Man City never got to talk to Kaka With no discussion between the player and the club the deal fell through there's always the summer to sign him!!!
  20. I am usually very adept at ignoring things I have no interest in at all its not that hard
  21. yeah well some of us get immense enjoyment living our "sad little lives through, by following their pathetic exploits" so why is it so hard for the people who have no interest to leave us to it
  22. its funny aswell that no one really ever talks about movie stars and how much they earn top actors and actresses can pull in 20 million for a movie, yet when top footballers start earning millions a year people start calling it immoral they are both entertainment and both industries rake in billions of dollars each year
  23. The case in point is all speculation anyway the figure of 100 million is probably correct. i mean the Real Madrid had a similar offer for Cristiano Ronaldo turned down in the summer. Its just because it Manchester City that its got everyone moaning and as for the 500k a week, thats just a number made up by the media and everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. How have they offered that sort of money when they haven't even spoke to the player to discuss personal terms? he is probably on 150k a week at milan, so they will have to match that, no player is going to take a pay cut to move, but that made up figure of 500k is ridiculous
  24. not a football fan then i take it? In football, you learn to support your team unequivocally! that means whoever pulls on that shirt you support them. Most players are bought, if not from abroad from another club. Manchester City actually has a great youth academy, with many of the graduates making the first team, or moving to play professionally elsewhere Every sports fan across the country (football, rugby,cricket) watches players who are PAID to play for them as sad as it may be there hasn't been a top level sportsman yet who has said "keep your money, ill do it because I love the game" nice thought, but never gonna happen
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