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  1. I see Mr Asperity is back on the trail with all that that entails... Peridot
  2. My Godmother Margaret Hankey nee Ashley and formerly Norcott married into the Hankey family of pig farmers at Stretton in the 1960s. Both are now deceased and I believe the house named Mosswood Hall is now semi - derelict and part of another farm. Hope this helps... Peridot
  3. I've just lost a long post which took me ages to type and will not be re - typing it. I suspect sabotage... Peridot
  4. Asperity - if you really want to sound credible then you should not use Ancient Rome or Cicero as your mantra and I speak as a classics combined graduate. Rome only grew rich on the capture of other states and the subjugation of it's populations and enslavement of them, usually into domestic households or galleys and that is how it's Treasuries grew rich. Does that sound familiar...? Rome was top heavy with Senators and Consuls who took what they could and lived like Gods - again familiar...? Rome did not need to give aid to foreign lands as they ruled most of them and as for hard work this was done by the vast majority of the people in their Empire whilst the well - off lived the life of luxury. Does this ring any bells too...? If not it should as it bears a horrible resemblance to today... Rome's decadence and wanton lifestyle of the ruling class was ultimately it's downfall and not the necessity for a balancing of the books or a restraining of the public purse or curtailment of foreign aid (though I do agree curtailment of foreign aid should be done under the present "austerity" programme). Rome's downfall also has strange parallels with today in that we are ruled apparently by an elite of exclusive public schoolboys who have been members of "The Bullingdon Set", mingle with newspaper phone hackers and none of whom seem to have degrees remotely relevant to their ministerial portfolios. Decadence at it's height before a fall... Thatcher's winning of three elections is nothing other than a statistic. Statistics have been defined as " lies, damn lies and statistics". She is not fit to live in the same room as Attlee, who had only one term in office and achieved far more of constructive benefit to humanity than Thatcher ever would have done . She may have won three elections but that does not prove that her policies were right. People are not described as sheep for nothing and history is now beginning to judge the results of her policies in a less favourable light. Sadly her legacy lives on despite her death and if that could be imagined, in an even worse form under the present government. I have a picture of her with my mother who she had reduced to penury through making her sell her house for Alzheimer's care. Finally you 've probably gathered I don't like your views and I have also seen that you like to insult people who disagree with you both as a class and individually. If you choose to do that to me I will take appropriate action which will include seeking to have you removed from the site. People come on here as a form of relaxation, not to have views rammed down their throat that are now beginning to fly in the face of history's judgement and be called names. Good Day and a Happy New Year. Peridot
  5. Thanks Baz and Diz for the tips which I will follow up. At the moment I haven't located enough photos to make it viable to publish but am following up some leads gained from David Forrest's booklet called "Warrington Places of Worship", first published in 1990 and regularly revised since and probably still on sale in the main Library. It isn't illustrated but does as far as is known contain details of all present and former churches and chapels. I have spent hours looking through it despite it only being about 55 pages long. The detail is amazing. Peridot
  6. peridot1

    World War 1

    Hi All My grandmother always maintained that she had seen the Zeppelin passing over Penketh. presumably on it's way either to or from Bold. The reference to Malton is almost certainly an error as it is a famous racehorse town in Yorkshire. Peridot
  7. Hi again Sorry for the slight delay in acknowledging Hill Cliffe walker's last response but I only have access to a laptop at certain times of the week. Thanks to HCw for the last information and having downloaded the appraisals the information therein is just what I have been looking for. My interest in Warrington's churches has been coupled with an idea of exploring the possibility of producing a booklet containing as many photos as exist of demolished/former churches in the Town but at the moment there seem many gaps for example: Stepney Chapel, Cockhedge Mission, Ellesmere Street Methodist, St George's Mission Brick Street and Zion Primitive Methodist Legh Street. Many of these buildings seem to have survived into modern times but just may never have been photographed I have to presume unless anyone on here can point me in the direction of any extant prints. Ironically I used to pass the Zion Chapel most days when going into the Pru office but of course when it was there tomorrow was always when I would have time to do it...I seem to remember Rattigan's the stationers having it in later years. Any advices would be appreciated. Thanks Peridot
  8. Hi All Thanks greatly for your replies which are most informative. I had no idea that this Church was such a grandiose building and had rather imagined it to be on a scale similar to All Saint's Mission in Hoyle Street which is still standing though no longer in use for religious worship. As an indication as to how church attendances have declined, the surroundings of the length of Bewsey Road contained the following churches over about the last 100 years from Folly Lane to the end of Bewsey Street and Foundry Street junction; All Saint's Mission (Chapel of Ease to St Paul's) - Hoyle Street - Still standing though not in church use. St Pauls C of E Church - demolished. Bewsey Road Methodist Church - demolished. Wycliffe Congregational Church - still in part use with tower and top storeys removed. St Alban's RC Church - still in use.. Buckley Street Methodist Free Church - still in use as far as I know. I would welcome hearing of any omissions but as far as I know and from memory the above list is correct. I agree it is scandalous that a building on the scale of Bewsey Road was demolished and wonder what the scale of building of other lost churches in Warrrington was? As the Methodist Church seem to have been builders of ornate churches in their heyday, does anyone know of photographs existing of for example the Primitive (Zion) Chapel on the corner of Legh Street and Jolley Street which has now disappeared under Midland Way, the Golborne Street (Salem) Baptist Church and the original Bold Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in Palmyra Square? I was married in the Methodist Church though not in Warrington and have an interest in the general design and architecture of Non - Conformist Chapels. Thanks again for info to date. Peridot
  9. Hi Everyone I hope you all had a Merry Christmas but am glad that things have returned to what passes for normality. Some of you may remember I have a former incarnation as a Man from the Pru covering a large portion of the old Town Centre round Lovely Lane and Old Bewsey a lot of which has now disappeared. I am also interested in old Warrington Churches and wondered if anyone knew whether there was an extant photograph of the Methodist Chapel on Bewsey Road which stood where the Co - op Funeral Care place is now and adjacent to the old Nurses Home at the side of Bewsey Terrace? Also does anyone know anything about the former British Typewriting School that was latterly housed in the first tall terraced house on the right of Bewsey Street opposite Kevin Garner's old office? It was run by a Mrs Risley from Bewsey as I recall... Thanks Peridot
  10. Agree with Cleo - Do they still have obituaries? - I'm still waiting to see mine... Peridot
  11. On an entirely tongue in cheek basis if we had not given women the vote then we may not have had T as PM and also possibly heading towards May as PM. I intend no disrespect to Emily Davison who died yards away from my grandfather at Epsom in 1913. Neither PM was/would be an ally of the poor as is now being rolled out in the Welfare Changes beginning on 1/4. It's all about equality and diversity in local authorities and the more they can show they are doing this then the better their results on audit and therefore in compliance with league tables will be... Peridot
  12. Knight Commander. Peridot
  13. Sid - I don't know the exact procedure but you could check with the Masonic Hall in Winmarleigh Street or contact the HQ of Freemasonry whose details you may be able to get by google. I had the same problem with my late father's masonic jewels etc and as I never fancied the Masons just contacted another member of the Lodge which was then extant and was told to return them and later found out they were given to another member of the Lodge as and when he achieved the equivalent rank. Come to think of it I don't recall ever getting a similar certificate... Peridot
  14. I thought hoists too or for pulling the blind up... Peridot
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