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  1. Hey all, I entered a short film I made into the Long Shot Film Festival and it's in the final seven being shown at the festival. It's a not-for-profit event and will be held at Winmarleigh House (aka Masonic Lodge) tickets and other info available here: http://longshotfilmfestival.org.uk/Long_Shot_Film_Festival/Event_details.html I have nothing to do with the organisation of this, I just want people to turn up and see my 12-minute mockumentary "Behind The Wire" (and the other entrants of course). Anybody on this board anything to do with this festival?
  2. hey all, not really posted on this forum for a while. Anybody play Monopoly City Streets? It is a free game that just went *back* online today (it was running the other week, but that was pretty much a beta run). You can buy and sell streets in Warrington, build houses and accumilate rent and all that. It's actually more entertaining than I thought it would be, this morning I bought that long Liverpool Road going through Penketh and within half an hour an opposing player had 'sabotaged' my road with a prison (you can do that maliciously to other players.) So yeah, the link is: http://www.monopolycitystreets.com
  3. Cheers DS, I did use this part of the forum to discuss Wally Barnes, but that was quite a few years ago now. If anybody has contact details of the great man then please let me know I have tried finding his books before, but the only copies I found were in a section of the library in town where you couldn't take out the book itself (when I asked the lady she said the Wally Barnes books pretty much always get stolen).
  4. I have to make a documentary about Warrington ghosts for college and I'm struggling to find information on the ghost of Buttermilk Bess, so far I've only got info about her selling cheese to the people working on the bridges, and her ghost been seen numerous times on Sankey Way. She died in 1790, but that's about it really. Any info about tales you've heard or whatever please let me know. Anybody got any experiences with any particular Warrington ghosts? Specifically; headless airmen of Burtonwood, Buttermilk Bess, Lady Isabella of Bewsey Hall or the supposed 'face in the water' of Gypsy Flora Romano near the Fiddlers Ferry Tavern? If you consider yourself an expert on Warrington ghosts I'd love to hear from you (bigsteuk@gmail.com), and may need to interview somewhere in town centre on Thursday. Thanks in advance
  5. Anybody else have this yet? It's currently the world's biggest selling entertainment product, so there's a good chance a few of you might have it. Immense, is just one of the words I'd use to describe the game. The addition of multiplayer to the franchise is an awesome move, it's highly addictive (I'd know, having spent the weekend being blown up in deathmatches) if anybody's on xbox live and want to play multiplayer with my good self: cubefarmzero
  6. Doesn't the blurb that comes with the list say something about verbal abuse towards others? Those bloody councillors, always hanging round on street corners, drinking cider, getting girls pregnant. It makes me want to write a list dictating how councillors should behave.......
  7. points two and six are pretty much the same point, just different wording. the same with points one and three, it's just the same old rubbish! In fact everything in it has been said before, and not acted seriously on. Is this list supposed to make us feel safe? Some silly make-believe christmas-wish-list of things that won't happen in Warrington? I suppose Ian Marks has to make it look like he's doing something productive, with all the bad press Warrington's been getting lately - but it might have been something new and relevant, or at the very least achieveable. I can pretty much guarantee Ian Marks has never partied in his life.
  8. is it a liquid, a solid, or a gas. I just witnessed an argument where the possibility of it being all three was mentioned... So, er, anybody got any answers? :scared:
  9. I went to the Library today to locate a particular Wally Barnes book, the one with the story about the guy who killed himself; and someone has stolen Book 2 and Book 3 of Wally's series on Warrington ghosts. The 2 they had in weren't the ones I was thinking of. This country, eh.
  10. was there another platform at Central Station that got bricked over? I remember something from a Wally Barnes book years ago about a guy who killed himself at a part of Central Station that has since been blocked off. Is there any truth in this? Anybody got any old pictures? Any links? Any information will be greatly appreciated.
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  12. the beauty products ones are stupid, stuff about extract of pearl, or crushed pearls or something. Such an easy way to make the product look like there's something good about it. What next? Gold shavings in your cups of tea? Cavaiar as a substitute for petrol? It's ridiculous. Cillit Bang is another, with that annoying Barry Scott dude, here's a remix of said advert; http://www.luckykazoo.com/media/2005/03/cillit-bang-remix.html oh, and here's another by the same guy, a remix of that ESure advert; http://www.luckykazoo.com/media/2005/03/e-sure-remix.html
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