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  1. Mine too Dizzy, If I wanted to restore the house winging council officials would be all over me insisting it be restored with original materials and threatening fines if I stray from their check lists, yet it is OK to demolish it because someone can a make million pounds from it. The owners should have been fined and made to restore the farm house.
  2. How about listing the tanneries that used to operate in Warrington I know there was the Orford Tannery that burnt down, one in John St, one were the Lidl shop is in town, one in Grange Ave in Latchford - was that the last one to close in Warrington? I do not know any more then that, their names, date of trading, how large they were. Has Tanners Lane got any significance in the tanning industry?
  3. Orford farm is no more, it has been demolished The land is now for sale for a million pounds http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-33375453.html Sad
  4. Even though you could make the short set hours a lot of people can't and a lot of people in hospital don't get visitors. As I said other hospitals manage a lot more reasonable visiting times, I see no reason Warrington hospital can't, even a stooge like you should see that
  5. But many don't!!! Do you work PJ,
  6. I don't disagree with you, but if consultations over run on a regular bases then the time allocation is wrong. Other hospitals don't have proper care?
  7. Oh get of your high horse Bazj! The visiting times are of one hour at 15.00 and one hour at 18.00 is not exactly generous when the Chester hospital can manage to have visiting hours from 11 am until 7.30 so does Ellesmere and Port Royal Liverpool can manage 14;00 - 16:00 and then 18.00 - 20:00, Wythenshaw has a visiting time from 2.30 to 8.00 with an hours break to serve meals if remember correctly, They are not private Yes I do have a busy scheduled, some weeks more so then others and the visiting times are unreasonably short and finish to early. The hospital is a public service not a
  8. You do not need to display your ticket any more! There are cameras at the back. I took a relative to get a 24 heart monitor fitted just before Christmas, stuck the blue badge in the window not knowing parking changed had been brought in. I had no parking fine yet!
  9. But non of us go to hospital for pleasure, and £3 is to high considering that the visiting times (which are stupid times) are just one hour long (to short) and most consultations are 15, 20 minutes maybe. The hospital also charges far to much for the TV service, on the wards. They will tell you they get nothing from the contractor but it is they who agreed the terms.
  10. The new charge seems to be for entering the hospital grounds. I have to take a relative into the hospital for appointments on the 15 and 16 of January to see specialists, anticoagulant clinics every two weeks or so, specialists 6 and 10 of February, gets expensive and we have been told there are no discounts as seeing a specialist is not classed as treatment If the clinics could run to time then that would be ok, but it can take 20 minutes to find a space to park in the hospital In my view there should be lower flat fee of say a £1 and get rid of the admin of providing various disc
  11. There is a new system of enforcing parking charges in Warrington Hospital now, aparently cameras log you coming in and out so it is not possible to share a ticket anymore. Also people with blue badges have to pay now!
  12. thanks! Carringtons Wire took over Rylands, who in turn got taken over by a Russian company in 2006 and closed down two sites in Yorkshire, don't know what happened to the St Helens factory. In 2007 I came to Warrington for an interview and stayed with a friend. Walking past what remand of the factory in Bewsey Lane we noted an ad for new housing on the site, so we decided to climb in through a hole in a wall to see what was inside even though i was wearing heels and a dress. Inside was a room full of records, dating back hundreds of years, plans, share certificates , catalogues .
  13. Monks went Bankrupt in the 90s, got taken over by Trafalgar house who shut down the Warrington site Greenings is still going, not in Warrington the name of the company escapes me Conveyancer was part of Leyland and was shut down to concentrate production in Coventry, it was taken over by Lancing Bagnal (SP?) who went bust and was taken over by a Swedish company (neighbour worked for them) Ryland was still going a few years ago, name of the company I forget but the housing estate where it was is called after it on Battersby Lane. The wire is made in a factory
  14. Interesting, must have been a very small hotel! The house directly next door on Birtles Rd belong to the club. Not sure if it adds anything of value, probably not,
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