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  1. I don't remember the pub but there was a little shop (newsagents I think) opposite what is now Tesco, and it had a plaque above it saying it was the site of the Shannon and Chesapeake
  2. DG21

    Lost Pubs of Warrington

    I don't think that the Patten Tavern was a separate pub, I think it was the public bar of the Pattern Arms hotel
  3. DG21

    Lost Pubs of Warrington

    Does anyone remember a pub on Horsemarket street between the Bluebell and the Hop Pole, I think it was called the Central and was painted a sort of dark red colour. Walking home at closing time I used to see regularly one or two of it customers lying drunk outside. Strangely I never went in.
  4. DG21

    Lost Pubs of Warrington

    I remember Mr Varley, I paid him his sickness benefit, presumably so he could get drunk and fight policemen. Well everybody's got to have a hobby ! Do you remember another local character , Henry Marshall, the nicest man when sober but a handful when drunk
  5. DG21

    Lost Pubs of Warrington

    I seem to remember that there were two pubs virtually side by side in Dallam Lane , one was the Vulcan and the other the Farmers Arms and virtually opposite the Three Pigeons but down a side street was the Greyhound.
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