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  1. "I need access officer because this is the way my sat nav brought me...." :D


    'Well Officer.....No 68 is for sale.......I am just driving past to see if it's still for sale and to have a look at the outside' How do they prove otherwise? especially that No68 is for sale (and it is....I checked this morning !!!

  2. In answer to an earlier question.......fines levied by police fixed penalty tickets and court fines go directly to the Exchequer.......there used to be a system when a proportion of certain speeding fines could be returned to Speed Camera Partnerships to promote speed camera projects ( Government speak for buying more speed cameras !!!) but I believe that has now finished. In short, the police do not get any of the fines cash collected !!!!

    As for the Smith Drive/Withers Ave situation.....if you can 'state' a reason for needing access to these areas, you have every right to use them !!!!

  3. The pink fire engine is part of a limo hire companies fleet and anyone may hire it.

    I hope the dancers were hired in, too many young good looking female dancers to be on the 'other bus'!. and I bet Lizzie' would be made up with her effigy being displayed. :D :grin:

    No its not algy....its owned by Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service, its not painted, its 'wrapped' in pink vinyl sheets (as is all Eddie Stobbart trucks) at no cost to the service...it was sponsored about 3 years ago by Fire Angel, the company who supplies Cheshire's smoke alarms, for the Manchester Gay Pride parade. Its been used many times for breast cancer awareness events. The engine itself is a reserse appliance.

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