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  1. at least we won't have to listen to twenty minutes of "when the saints go marching in".....🀣🀣
  2. See those that own the trafford centre have gone into administration.
  3. I am offended by the fact you can't find anything to be offended about. try harder that man.....🀣🀣
  4. My mate lived round the corner so fairly regular in there. Used to call in for a few scoops before the match on sundays. slow stagger down to wilderspool and then off home for the ritual boiled egg sarnies. She actually lived in Daresbury which was great when i was working at the lab as an apprentice. handy to nip over for a quick bite...nudge nudge wink wink say no more.🀫
  5. There will always be people who will be offended by whatever opinion you may hold or whatever words you may utter even a "good morning", especially these days people seem to go out of their way and to extreme lengths to find things to be offended by even if it is the fact that the cannot find anything offensive about a thing. it is called faddism.
  6. I actually met mine in the cemetery. People used to ask me where i had dug her up from. It was the cemetery the pub on manchester road. Oddly enough it was a mate of mine who dated her because he did not like blonds much and as her mate was a blond so i ended up with her mate for a few weeks. My mate then went off to some place or other with his family and the blond girl just seemed to fade out of the picture over a few months. any how come 1978 we married and still are relatively happy.(until the relatives visit)
  7. I have a very good memory..it's just in my computer and not my head....
  8. So just a matter of numbers then. If enough people say it is right then it is right even if it is wrong legally and morally. Press the nuke button and lets start again.....πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ
  9. not to worry something else will make the headlines soon. surprised that nobody picked up on the remoaners having a quiet whinge that brexit should be delayed because of the virus.......🀫
  10. Does not every life matter to someone, even if it is just the person living it.....πŸ€”
  11. They probably discussed it at the bar in Westminster.....🍾🍸
  12. just reading through his list of "accomplishments". number 44 "increasing longevity is a myth" number 47 "warns of the increasing size of out ageing population" ether 44 is wrong or 47 means that our ageing population is getting fatter rather than increasing in numbers.. One seems to contradict the other. This guy actually sounds a lot like my sister, she is a doom and gloom merchant as well. she has at least three funeral directors on speed dial just in case somebody pops their clogs whilst she is about.
  13. These adverts are great fun. current one i am seeing on this post is immigration lawyers offering to help with deportation matters. I can onlyassume that they are not going to help you get deported....πŸ€”
  14. No, in a nutshell. The government don't know. they have census data which is about as useful as a chocolate teapot when it comes to such things.
  15. A very talented singer. it is just a pity that the only song that people think she sang was "whale meat again". I was surprised at her age though, when i first heard the report on the news i thought they said 93 but i was on the phone at the time. when i managed to catch the full report and found out that she was 103 i was amazed. It does seem to me though that a lot of the people born in that era live to a great age. My in laws were both in their nineties when they passed away as was quite a few of my wife's family.
  16. There are also people ,like me, who do not have a smart phone. My phone does not run apps. It does texts and phone calls and that is about it. Basically it is for use in an emergency or in Mr sid's case to find out if i am ready for a coffee, or why i am so long at the shop. She seems under the impression that i am the sole customer wherever i go and that whatever i need to get done can be done in under ten minutes. She is also under the impression that no matter where i am in the country it if i say i am on my way home ten minutes later she will be calling me to find out where
  17. "we are poor little lambs who have lost our way baa baa baa" The internet has a lot to answer for when it comes to idiotic trends , excuses to commit crime or promotion of racial hatred. I get any number of the latter posted on faceache and quite a few of the latest "trendy ways to injure/kill yourself with" ones usually under the heading "try this challenge or be a social outcast" The ones cropping up a lt from one of my "friends" is a certain mr farage's daily posts from the channel about how many boatloads of immigrants the French are escorting to the UK. If i took a no
  18. unless you have a bath, a shower , your water tank in the loft leaks, the roof develops a bad leak or the local river floods your house....🀭
  19. History teachers of the future."nothing bad happened at all at any time in the past, although 2020 was a bit iffy at times".....🀫
  20. i tend to wear whatever is on the top. Although i have be thinking of wearing something to cover the bits people might find offensive. A full boiler suit,gloves.wellies and a full face helmet with tinted visor might be a bit much to wear everyday though....🀭
  21. Usually you have to direct your complaints to the practice manager. Probably via email or handwritten letter. or possibly via telephone. never really looked at complaints as i have not yet had any reason to complain about any treatment i have received, mind you my visits to the doctors are so few and far between that they often think i am a new patient signing up. I once got asked by a doctor there if i was a patient when i went in to see him. mind you it had been sixteen or more years since my previous visit at the time. (and prior to computer records, all hand written notes in thos
  22. I have a four drawer filing cabinet. top drawer jeans and cargo trousers. second drawer t-shirts and light jumpers. third drawer long sleeved shirts and heavy jumpers. bottom drawer underwear, assorted socks and handkerchiefs/neckerchiefs. sat on top of that is a box with shoes, slippers boots and trainers two pair of each. total space occupied 26" depth.20 " width 60 " height. all other cupboards in my "space" are taken up with bedding, towels and oddments of Mrs sid that she "may wear sometime so don't throw it out just in case"
  23. You may have to reinforce the hanger bar in the wardrobe. I suggest a short length of scaffold pole welded to 3 x 2 steel box section fixed securely through the floor with 12 mm bolts. if you are worried about it coming through the roof then a couple of acro props either side of your chair may help alleviate that. paint them to match the decor and hang a couple of lights on to make a feature and provide illumination for reading. You could even put a couple of hanging baskets on them for artificial flowers and trail some artificial ivy around them to add that touch of the jungle to your ho
  24. Bullies Looters Morons why are these people not treated like in Korea. There the police use water canon with a blue dye added. it takes weeks to get it off the skin. the police then round up any body looking like a smurf and they are charged with incitement to riot. a serious charge there. Here they just get a slap on the wrist at worst, that is if they are even arrested.
  25. I am just amused at the fact quite a lot were wearing masks against the virus whilst shoving and heaving in the middle of the crush. a bit like jumping in the canal to avoid getting wet because it's raining...🀭
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