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  1. We have to spy on them so that we know if they know that we know what they know we know . everybody knows that...🤨
  2. "no worries comrade, they do not suspect a thing"....🕵️‍♀️ It is getting worse than when the cold war was on. anything that is not what "we" want blame Russian interference.....🤭
  3. If there are aliens out there i wonder if they will decide that the USA is not worth invading first like they usually do.....🤭
  4. The significant part of that statement is "scientific advice". The problem being that that advice changes depending on whose scientist you listen to. The two metre thing for instance. saw some bod on tv talking about it saying that we should stick to the two metre distance where possible. where not possible then one metre would be acceptable. Peoples interpretation "One metre is fine" wear a mask in shops and other enclosed public places. "unless you have breathing or other difficulties" peoples interpretation "we don't need to wear a mask". I have problems wearing a m
  5. like jumping off shed roofs on a dare or climbing the side of the sandstone railway bridge. these days i get vertigo on a thick carpet....🤣 It's funny in a way how things seem to be a great idea as a kid but when you are older you see somebody doing the same and think "what an idiot. he'll kill himself"...🤔
  6. A mate of mine tried that on the side panel of a lambretta scooter. he got it from a scrapyard one evening. The speed he reached by the time he reached the bottom was really impressive. Mind you we did spend the next ten minutes trying to extricate hie from the bushes would have been quicker but we spent five minutes laughing as he dangled upside down by his trousers cursing. Nobody else bothered to try it though and the panel was left to rust in the bushes. side note:- this was the same mate who rode his home made go cart down the steps form the substation at the top of dallam
  7. Did see an article about some british holiday makers who got to the hotel and found that it was closed for the duration. Think that was somewhere in Spain but not sure where or when it was. given that global infections have hit a record daily high i do wonder if easing measures is the right thing to do.
  8. i could tell you but then i would have to eliminate you......🕵️‍♀️ To be honest does it really matter who comes up with a viable vaccine. knowledge on this should be widely shared to possibly speed up the chance of a viable vaccine being produced. it will be distributed globally anyway.
  9. "and then there were none" being a prime example. The Agatha Christie novel. the original title was "ten little (African derogatory term for a person from the Niger valley)" the tile was changed from that to "ten little Indians" in some place and "ten little soldiers" in others. the Americans, being of delicate sensibilities, changed it to the last line of the poem that pervaded the novel "and then there were none" they even changed the name of the island from the original to either Indian or or soldier depending. goodness knows what they will call highest scoring colo
  10. Done all mine by email. They sent me the renewal quote, was happy with it so sent them an email back saying yep. documentation received the following day via email again. Similar with the bike apart from one phone call to make the payment everything done via email. Don't get me started on gadget battery life.phone needs a charge once a week even thought it never gets used, mind you it is on all the time. it is the kindle fire thing that annoys me at present. had 85 % battery charge on Tuesday when i turned it OFF. Had 25% battery life on Wednesday when i turned it on. the t
  11. well you do only generally get one burglar per house.....🤭
  12. According to "certain people" the French navy are actively escorting the rubber boats to "British" shores....🤫 True or Fake news i do not know. however if these "reports" are to be believed then more have come over this year than landed in France on d-day...🤭
  13. if there was an end of the world button in a deep cave surrounded by crocodiles,mine fields and spike traps, with big sign saying "END OF THE WORLD BUTTON. do not press under any circumstances, we really mean it". then somebody would find a way in and press the button just to see if it was working. it is the "it wont happen to me,it only happens to other people" mentality. (or the brits abroad syndrome).
  14. they have stopped sending me scam emails. three email accounts and not one scam email in any of them for three months now. I think i may have upset them somehow. i keep replying asking for them to send the money so that i can set up an account for them to send the money to. In a similar vein i got an odd phone call yesterday. along the lines of "this from from" unintelligible company name "our operatives are all busy but not to worry we will call back at a later date as the call is not important" "however if you wish to be removed from our calling list please call this number"
  15. don't know if you saw the actual post but it was full of the "services" this "person" was offering. mainly fake passports and the like. unbelievable really. Still the reporting system works...🤨
  16. Nah just watched the video and noted that you mentioned you would be back for one when you had finished filming...."elementary my dear Watson" as Sherlock Holmes never said....🤔
  17. But what is the TRUTH. Is it what Nigel post about on his reporting pages. Is it what "patriotic" posters put on faceache. Or is it something that nobody actually knows. Best guesstimates? Or think of a number and double it ,add ten, divide by the average IQ of a politician and then add another zero because of quantum.
  18. No worries. Will do. Did wonder why i had gotten half a dozen posts from 4 or 5 years back. Thought firefox had buggered up the settings again. Then wondered if i had......🤭
  19. see the spam artists are back. good grief apart from being rather illegal in most countries they have the idiocy (possibly) to give out contact details......🤣🤭
  20. hope you enjoyed your bacon barm/bap/butty/sarnie or whatever it is called these days....🤫
  21. since when has truth ever mattered when faced with a good dose of political rhetoric or any other "fadish" cause for that matter.
  22. And shutting again in two weeks......🤫
  23. Well so far we have had cat flu, bird flu, chicken flu Bat flu and now swine flu. All identified in china. I am wondering if they are working their way through the Chinese zodiac...🤔
  24. But that is the locals and does not concern us so it won't affect us brits....🤭
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