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  1. i tend to wear whatever is on the top. Although i have be thinking of wearing something to cover the bits people might find offensive. A full boiler suit,gloves.wellies and a full face helmet with tinted visor might be a bit much to wear everyday though....🤭
  2. Usually you have to direct your complaints to the practice manager. Probably via email or handwritten letter. or possibly via telephone. never really looked at complaints as i have not yet had any reason to complain about any treatment i have received, mind you my visits to the doctors are so few and far between that they often think i am a new patient signing up. I once got asked by a doctor there if i was a patient when i went in to see him. mind you it had been sixteen or more years since my previous visit at the time. (and prior to computer records, all hand written notes in thos
  3. I have a four drawer filing cabinet. top drawer jeans and cargo trousers. second drawer t-shirts and light jumpers. third drawer long sleeved shirts and heavy jumpers. bottom drawer underwear, assorted socks and handkerchiefs/neckerchiefs. sat on top of that is a box with shoes, slippers boots and trainers two pair of each. total space occupied 26" depth.20 " width 60 " height. all other cupboards in my "space" are taken up with bedding, towels and oddments of Mrs sid that she "may wear sometime so don't throw it out just in case"
  4. You may have to reinforce the hanger bar in the wardrobe. I suggest a short length of scaffold pole welded to 3 x 2 steel box section fixed securely through the floor with 12 mm bolts. if you are worried about it coming through the roof then a couple of acro props either side of your chair may help alleviate that. paint them to match the decor and hang a couple of lights on to make a feature and provide illumination for reading. You could even put a couple of hanging baskets on them for artificial flowers and trail some artificial ivy around them to add that touch of the jungle to your ho
  5. Bullies Looters Morons why are these people not treated like in Korea. There the police use water canon with a blue dye added. it takes weeks to get it off the skin. the police then round up any body looking like a smurf and they are charged with incitement to riot. a serious charge there. Here they just get a slap on the wrist at worst, that is if they are even arrested.
  6. I am just amused at the fact quite a lot were wearing masks against the virus whilst shoving and heaving in the middle of the crush. a bit like jumping in the canal to avoid getting wet because it's raining...🤭
  7. Usually get those on a Tuesday. Loft insulation scheme Fridays. Occasionally amazon on a Thursday Free boiler check and install on alternate Mondays and Wednesdays. Switch energy/insurance/life cover/funeral plan on the other alternate Mondays and Wednesdays. I no longer answer the phone unless a named person comes up on the handset or i am expecting a call from a medical person.( they tend to use withheld numbers). I feel really sorry for my answer machine it only ever gets to talk to other automated callers. I am sure it is getting depressed...🥺
  8. Don't bother asp the forecast is for heavy showers for the next few days. Cold rain on a bald head is not fun. Although it IS supposed to make you more attractive to the opposite sex.( although having muscles like a Greek god and an abdomen that looks like you could grate melons on helps as well.).....🏋️‍♂️ Failing that a few milllion in the bank is the next best thing....
  9. i have a mushroom and some darning needles if that helps...🤭
  10. Even worse than i thought. Never could get the hang of these physics calculations. Metre per second to miles per hour or is it metres per second squared. About the only thing i do remember is that acceleration due to gravity on the earth is 9.81 metres per second or per second squared whichever it is. not really something i would use in every day life. just basic adding up and take away with the odd bit of multiplication thrown in and occasional division was what i was taught in school when i were a lad. These days they have Chinese and Indian take aways. No wonder kids are str
  11. If they have to furlough staff such as receptionists then yes they are entitled to assistance. provided the said staff were on furlough on less money than they would get if they were working. I would be surprised if any health care staff were on furlough though.
  12. you have to wonder at the intelligence, or lack thereof, that leaping off a 200ft cliff into the sea not knowing how deep the water is. not that it matter from that height it could 200ft deep but it will still hurt if you get into a belly flop situation. from that height you would be close to 20 miles an hour on contact with the water. or sand depending if the tide was in or out. (i think)..🤔
  13. if it is owt like my surgery you have to go online and get assessed by a triage nurse who will then probably tell you to call the NHS helpline, they will then assess you and tell you to call your GP you then go back online and go through the whole rigmarole again until either you die of whatever you have or you get better. what amazes me is all those people who would come up with any illness as an excuse to get off work are now complaining that they want to go to work again....🤭
  14. i had the flu jab, not that it stops you getting it but it does help when you do...🤧
  15. There is no cure for cynicism. Salt by the pinch is said to help alleviate some of the symptoms but i am a bit sceptical about that. How much is meant by a pinch? if you have small thin fingers then it will not be much. If you have hands like a shovel it could be quite a large amount. i have checked with various scientific sources and standards agencies , but so far none of them have anything on salt pinch measurement. Seems like there is no standard for a pinch of salt as yet.no doubt some bright academical will secure government funding to do research into it and com
  16. Evil Sid

    TV ?

    "thers trouble ath mill" sorry that was the Spanish inquisition sketch that popped into my mind again. Never really got into brass. no idea why maybe it was the cast or maybe the characters.
  17. Evil Sid

    TV ?

    Did they ever Exorcise Martha Longhursts ghost?
  18. On a bit of a slight tangent it is amazing that all the "racist" type post that were aimed at the "leave" voters or the "remain" voters during the brexit years now seem to be aimed at the "gov". I refer to the "x number of migrants land on beach daily" type ones that crop up on faceache on a regular basis. amuses me no end when i see them. quite a few are purporting to be by a certain Mr Farage, who seems to be flouting government advice in travelling to various parts of the coast in time to catch them arriving. I do wonder how he knows.......🤔
  19. Just had a quick look on flight tracker. At the time of posting 0625. there are 7 aircraft in the air from the US. 2 american airlines. 3 untited jets.1 delta airlines and 1 virgin atlantic. all appear to be passenger planes heading for either frankfurt or london, Although one says it is flying between eugene and phoenix. That is just the ones between lands end and Calais up as far as Cambridge on the map. That is flights from the US not looked to see if there are any to the US.
  20. Evil Sid

    TV ?

    Much preferred one man and his dog with Phil Drabble.
  21. it is usually the amazon prime will be continued and some odd sum of money will be taken from your account that i get press 1 to opt out. never bother as i do not have an amazon prime account either free or paid for. Still not heard from "dave" at microsoft technical department yet, might have to make a few enquiries t see if he is still working there...🔎...🕵️‍♀️
  22. How many politicians are over sixty or close to that not to mention the house of lords..🕵️‍♀️
  23. 🤔......😯..........🤫 I have a kindle thingy with alexa built in. Never use it for anything but an ereader. Have the alexa turned off and only connect to the internet with it about once a fortnight to check if there are any updates. To be honest it only gets used for about an hour a night to read before i go to sleep or at least try to go to sleep.
  24. has anybody looked for such a thing?.......🧐
  25. get about three of those a week. i just say hello once and wait for the automated thing to hang up. my thinking is that it must be costing them money to call me even if it is just few pence per call.
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