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  1. so no more hand jobs for a fiver... er i mean hand car jobs... car wash jobs, i meant hand a car wash jobs.
  2. Evil Sid


    Better tell her to brace herself then stallard they don't come much stranger than the people who post on here. (grabs tin hat and heads for fall out shelter)
  3. given the scare tactics of the EU if Britain leaves the EU, then to me the main brexit losers seems to be the EU itself. If leaving was going to be so bad for Britain, then why are the EU trying so hard to keep us in? The French people are only in the EU when it suits them, certainly the French farmers seem that way. Don't like an EU mandate, blockade the ports. They are worried that Britain leaving and then having a boom in it's economy will encourage other EU members to leave.
  4. Pretty much as we are at the moment then obs.
  5. or it could be that the leavers were fed up with having to follow every EU edict to the letter whilst the french just say NON and blockade the ports.
  6. Several years of experience at fiddling and conning the public that they are not. and as for credentials they have the same credentials i have for being proposed as the next pope. they are breathing. Do Parliamentary candidates make promises to get elected? or do they just come out with statements of what they intend to do given a chance and providing it does not go against the grain.
  7. You can use task manager to check how much memory you have. Also to check what is running in the background, such as software update programs. Check what level your anti virus is set at. to high a security level and it could be checking every file opened and monitoring every program used. Look into what your update for windows is set at as well, if it is set to check for updates hourly then that will slow it down. If you are confident that you know what you are looking at then using task manager and looking at what services are running you can usually stop several of them without hav
  8. Don't know 150 cars at £1.00 per hour multiply by say ten hours that's £1500 per day, Times that by 7 days £10,500 per week, 52 weeks to a year which gives £546,000, add say ten parking fines per week at £30 which gives another £300 times 52 which is another £1500 per year giving a grand total of £546,000 + 1500, (carry the one) £547,500 per calender year just for a bit of gravel and the cost of sending a warden every couple of hours. Wonder if there is an opening in the accounts section of the planning department?
  9. Oh well that's another pound in the council coffers then.
  10. Can't say i remember a chip shop in the area but then again i was just a nipper in the sixties and confined to my local area apart from Saturdays when if i was lucky i was allowed out to the cinema for the saturday morning matinee, if i was unlucky it was shopping with gran at the market. Guess who had to carry the bags back, usually full of spuds and other assorted veg for sunday lunch (cooked for a family of about fifteen including aunts, uncles and various aged cousins). Chips cooked in fat and not oil were greasy but somehow more enjoyable a swell as tastier, especially when you got to
  11. Having spent 25 years working for a gov department i can say that it is not a suspicion.
  12. simple example of the workings of the budget department. Required for this year £1000 spent by the end of the month before the end of the financial year £10.00 required to spend as it has not yet been spent £990 required for next year £1100. you need to show that you need that much, so have to have spent last years money and be still a bit short to ask for more next year. If you have not spent what you asked for last year then you will not get what you ask for this year. at least that was how it was explained to me when i asked about spending the gov's money.
  13. Are you referring to the removal of the sodium type ones and replacement with the LED ones. It is a money saving idea as the LED ones will use less electricity and hopefully will not have to be maintained as much as the old ones.
  14. Not sure of the exact address but think it is a business park now.
  15. it's a conspiracy to stop joe public from finding out what is going on and who got the brown envelopes.
  16. not something i have come across either. which browser are you using it may be an issue with that.
  17. so less than one tenth of one percent then.
  18. WONGA !!!!!. they need the business so i've heard. any figures on how many there were and what percentage of "legal courses to scam course" there were/are?
  19. Most consultation times may be 15 - 20 minutes but it usually the wait due to the consultant running late that takes up the time. yesterday dropped mum off at twenty to two for a ten to two appointmemnt. she was seen by the consultant at twenty to three. fifty minutes after her supposed appointment time. she was in there ten minutes so a total of an hour. all told. if it is the eye clinic she has to go to then it can be anything from twenty minutes to threer hours depending on what they have to do. Luckily I live over the road from the hospital but anybody who has to trabel any distanc
  20. Interesting to note that on the website it says you can pay for your parking after you have finished your visit. The parking signs at the hospital say that you will recieve a ticket if you are not displaying a valid pay and display ticket. So if you want to pay for parking after your visit you will get a ticket as you would not have a valid pay and display ticket. sounds like a good money spinner right there.
  21. Providing the cash office is open at the time you get there.
  22. So if you are a dishonest person you could get away without paying. If you can pay for your parking any time before you leave then what is to stop you just leaving without paying? It states that you will be issued with a fixed penalty notice. Is this sent through the post as they can't issue it before you leave as you could claim that you are just going to the machine to pay for your parking. note that they also offer a range of concessions for those who have to attend over an extended period of weeks. might be worth looking into that one adrian may save you some money.
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