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  1. THE TRUTH. What is the truth though. Is it what scientists tell you? Is it what the government tell you? Is it what the news media tell you? Is it what social media tells you? Is it what some bloke down the pub who heard it from a mate of his second cousin tells you? They used to say seeing is believing but with CGI and photo shop even that is not true any more. I have no idea if it would kill me or just put me on my back feeling grotty for a few days like the last bout of FLU that went around the world. Personally i would not like to take the chance either way. and final
  2. nah just get a few of these guys to put an appearance.
  3. Did you have some tea last night? 🤔
  4. Never bothered me either stallard. Amused me many a time but bothered me no. Not had the one for the Russian dating site with the trout pouting women on it for a while though, May have to put a complaint on to the boss...🤫
  5. Usually ebay stuff. For some reason i was getting ads for chinese/jappanese schoolgirls models that you paint yourself from ebay. I only know this as the particular one shown was wearing a face mask and i thought it was an add for covid protection masks and clicked on the link. Apparently you can get a range of theses models to either paint yourself or ready painted. Why i have no idea. Probably some reason though.
  6. And they will probably be landing back up in UK on friday......🤭
  7. Due to strict guidlines on what they can and cannot put in a sausage these days I am not surprised you can't find them. Some of those sausages used bits of the animal it didn't even know it had....🤫 If i buy sausages these days it is usually bratwurst or frankfurters.
  8. i had to collect blood test form for Mrs sid the other day. i even offered to send them the email address of my printer to save me a journey but no. it is only for her annual review but they will not issue her tablets until she has the test. all she had to was then book a blood test appointment at the hospital. that is for this coming Wednesday. fortunately she has enough tablets to last and even if they are late getting them a few days won't really make that much difference to her condition.
  9. Evil Sid


    As kids we were encouraged to help out with meals, which is where i get my cooking skills from or lack thereof. One of these days i will get around to making those cheese scones i liked as a nipper. As good as my mum was she was not a patch on my gran, My gran was a COOK in a house as a young girl and came from a time when everything got eaten and nothing was wasted. nothing out of a packet apart from a couple of oxo and some gravy browning. A regular sunday dinner for her was to cook for the family, which at times could be fourteen people, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, peas, cab
  10. still got them, keep them in a box under the bed....🤣
  11. according to this link there is. http://www.warringtonmarkettraders.co.uk/traders/
  12. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Treating it as just another flu variant was a natural reaction by the medical profession. It presents as flu like symptoms up until the complications kick in. Until the complications kicked in it was assumed to be just the next annul strain of flu.it was only when it turned out to be so virulent and deadly that people started to take notice, by which time the infection was already widespread. The annual flu season always manages to see off a few every year,despite inoculations and medication. This particular strain is just more efficient at it.
  13. May be that mutated flu virus that killed the Martians off when they invaded the last time......🤔
  14. I am surprised that nobody has yet come up with a rota for opening establishments. hairdressers open all day sundays only. Pubs open monday and friday. schools open saturday , wednesday and half day thursday. It would be the sort of thing some government department would spend time sorting out. scientist are wonderful people who will spend hours on the most obscure research. Things like designing and fitting a camera small enough to be carried around by a beetle. Cannot remember why they did this but they did. they even designed it so they can pan the camera by remote.
  15. always spend time reading the articles with the knowledge that any bias is unintentional. Always factual, never sensationalism for headlines, unlike other local news sites and still no charge again unlike other local news sites. I can even remember a time before you had grey hair...🤫
  16. I find having a tap like sinus a boon in those circumstances. Hanky out, good loudly bubbly blow followed by the inevitable sniff sniff sniff. If that fails a good volcanic bought of coughing helps. Surprising how much room people give you.....🤧
  17. I always watch these things with a tongue in cheek attitude. If you believe what some say the French are deporting them, straight over here, with a French naval escort. Given the number of these reports as well it would seem that there are more boats crossing the channel than on d day....🤭
  18. Must say i have noticed the slant of the adverts towards those who are getting close to the finish line. What annoys me about them is how cheerful they all seem to be about not having their family pay the funeral costs. (Oh and the free gift when you sign up). I have a funeral plan. it is simple die skint and let some bugger else pay to have me disposed of. Looking forward to seeing how the rugby pans out this weekend. a bit disappointed at the first televised fixture but on the plus side wont be that annoyed drone of when the saints etc or the hopeful cries of "FORWARD REF
  19. Or die as the case may be. sitting at home without ever going out has become a way of life for some of our elderly people, who have been doing it for years in some cases.....🤔
  20. Had the xray now have to wait for at least a week for i tot get to doctors and be assessed. Went in gave details waited about five minutes and was out five minutes later. last time i took anybody for an xray e waited over an hour as they were busy. have to say spent longer getting on and off the table than they did taking the xray.....🤣🤫
  21. Had occasion to contact my doctors this week.It started on Monday Went through the online business ,filling in the questionaire only to get the message please call your surgery,111 or go nearest medical drop in (well something along those lines. Called the surgery and after the messages about covid and the press this for whatever or wait, spoke to the receptionist. she arranged for the doctor to call me later in the day. (i called about half nine in the morning) Around two that afternoon the doctor called me and after describing symptoms etc she made an appointment for me to
  22. so it's starting back at work then!!!....🤔
  23. What's this holiday thing people keep going on about?
  24. The Chinese near me does a very tasty mushroom foo yung and fried rice....🥢
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