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  1. there's good news and bad news. the good news is you will only be in prison until the morning due to a loophole. the bad news this is the loophole
  2. don't worry you have been given a suspended sentence
  3. apart from the people making money out it who really cares who wins.
  4. so does that mean that all those with the name of the car/bike dealer written on them are illegal as well. if that is the case nearly every car has an illegal number plate
  5. there is whitecross community centre not sure if they hire out the room which would be large enough, on the plus side they have a bar, on the minus side you may have problems finding a parking spot due to the residential parking scheme.
  6. found this site and wondered if it would be of interest. http://www.warrington.cwc.net/legendspage1.html has eight of Wally Barnes stories on it
  7. "polwat" ? if such an agency was set up what would be their brief and what powers would they have. fine the politician in question, no point as we pay their wages so they would be fining us in effect. fire the politician involved, who would be left to run the country and make all the important decisions like who to invade next
  8. maybe. if you think about it they could be vying for some of the lucrative money that being able to launch satellites brings and therefore bring much needed capital into their economy.
  9. they might be but spar isn't, except christmas day and new year when it is either treble time or a percentage of the profits for the day whichever is greater (or so i am told)
  10. yes yes yes. make it a bank holiday. more money for me when i have to work it at double bubble i don't think many people actually take much notice of bank holidays these days. most shops etc do most of their business then, it seems to be mainly government organisations that have them off, unlike years ago when nearly all industry closed down for the day in question.
  11. i would need it to find memories of this life.
  12. have heard few in the past week but not got underway proper yet
  13. currently on version 3.0.3 which is the third or fourth update i have had this year and never had any problems either with my saved passwords or bookmarks.
  14. especially if it is a pensioners bar and there are several packets of empty chocolate covered peanut wrappers about
  15. perhaps he should buy a galley would give them more exercise and teach them teamwork and the bonus being they would be too tired to get into trouble after a few hours rowing around the harbour giving sightseeing tours at a fiver a head to pay for the upkeep. by eck that could be an alternative for those on community service
  16. Evil Sid


    my favourite version of events that took place The Battle of Hastings I?ll tell of the battle of Hastings As happened in days long gone by When duke William became King of England And ?Arold got shot in the eye It were this way one day in October The duke who were always a toff Having no battles at moment Had given his lads the day off They?d all taken boats to go fishing When some chap in t?conquerors ear Said ?let?s go and put breeze up the Saxons? Said bill ?by gum that?s an idea? Then turning round to his soldiers He lifted his big Norman voice Shouting ?hand
  17. so if this global warming thing does start proper they will be paying us to use the gas will they
  18. were they in tk max buying those coats with built in knives
  19. so that takes care of the blokes but what about the young "ladies" what causes antisocial behaviour there??? seems like a few more thousand should be spent to find the excuse for their behaviour
  20. so as person who is over fifty (only just over fifty i may add) i would love to have the time to live a fuller life such as hiking, fishing, socialising. however i just find that i have not got the time. having to work to pay the bills and buy little luxuries (like food). having read through the article i see that they are giving painting taster lessons. i don't have time to paint the backgate let alone a picture. creative writing. so some person is going to tell me that i am writing my poetry wrong? oh well it's just a thought maybe they will give me bit of their money to help out but i
  21. Evil Sid


    so what your saying obs is that it was an early equivalent of a car boot sale
  22. finding the right excuses so that they can get re-elected oops they are already doing that aren't they
  23. at least you would be popular in the neighbourhood. well for a short while
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