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  1. nullus anxietas stallard ,but do you remember who done it. was it the butler or the parlour maid?....🧐
  2. There is no "cure" any vaccination given is to help the body to lessen the effects of the viral infection and reduce the risk of more serious complications that can be caused by it through partial immunity as i understand it. Of course i am not a medical expert having only done basic first aid forty odd years ago as a boy scout. Great if you want somebody who can fashion a sling out of two lengths of string and a plastic bag but not much use for anything really serious.....⚰️
  3. I must admit the scoreline does do the game justice. Wakefiled put up a really good fight throughout considering their injury and other problems. They pushed warrington defence a few times close to the line but were held out to warringtons credit. If they ever get past their injury problems and manage to field a fit team then they will be very difficult to beat.
  4. Think i read it a while back, still trying to figure out who done it though....👀 These days most of my "friends" are internet based, more so since the pandemic became popular and at my age influencing people consists of telling cold callers i am not in the least interested in what hey have to say multiple times until they either hang up or i go into meltdown mode and really tell them what i think of somebody who calls me up at odd hours to ask my opinion on household questions. I could probably give Victor Meldrew some lessons in grumpy......🤭
  5. A clear case of can't do right for doing wrong. Complaints that the economy is going down the pan if we don't ease lockdown. Complaints about a rise in the infection rate if we do ease lockdown. Experts saying one thing and other experts saying the opposite. If you look at say France who have eased their lockdown and are now seeing a record rise in infections, so much so that they are now putting measures in place to lockdown again. Scotland who have seen 124 new cases in 24 hours. Just two examples out of many probably. There will always be those who either
  6. If you think st helens as the nearest branch for yorkshire building society is bad then the co-op bank is worse. If you have an account with the co-op bank then your nearest branch is liverpool. We are getting even closer to being cashless society, more so since the pandemic enforced contactless payment for just about everything. Seems money is just a number agreed upon by the various institutions with a £ sign stuck in front.
  7. I am not sure that a nuclear strike capability is the deterrent that it used to be. Difficult to nuke terrorists who tend to strike in small numbers and are widespread and as a rule very secretive. Two goldfish in a tank and one says to the other "Do you know how to drive one of these"....
  8. Perhaps a cap on legal aid for non uk citizens would help. Say £10.00 per case and see how many lawyers take that on. Cost more than that for a lawyer to take the top off his/her pen.
  9. a very small percentage of people will contract measles despite having the vaccination, about 3%. Usually though if you had the two vaccinations then you won't get them again. Depending on what experts you listen to though, as usual, on whether or not you can or can't get measles after vaccination.
  10. Over here we are panicking at 60-70mph winds. Seems like a summer breeze compared to what you are facing. Hope the whisky holds out and on the bright side with all the trees down there will be plenty of firewood about.
  11. I have often wondered about food cooking advice. "Make sure the food is thoroughly cooked through" is the one that always confuses me when i see chefs on tv cut into a steak so "rare" that a decent vet could get it back up on its feet and trotting around the field.
  12. Wonder if we will still be allowed to sing Hymns if we ever get back into the churches/synagogues/chapels/mosques/tabernacles and other places of various religious worship. Surprised they have not yet banned drag queens for being men portraying women, but then again that probably comes under the protection of the LBGTXYZ (+/- a few letters) umbrella.
  13. If you consider the amount of handling that any shop product goes through before it arrives ON the shelf, let alone afterwards by the customers, then it is surprising that the infection rate is so low. One item could be handled by up to five people before being shipped to a warehouse. There it could again be handled by four or five people before being shipped to the retailer. two or three staff members at the retailer could then handle that item before it appears on the shelf. after which a dozen customers could have handled it before if it sold to you, after being handled by another memb
  14. first time i saw this it reminded me of some of the early music videos that were on late on mtv...
  15. From what i was reading it will be an insurance nightmare. If you are driving hands off the wheel using this technology and have an accident then according to some technically the car is under the control of the manufacturers software an so they are the driver and at fault. Which then brings into question whether the car is actually insured if they are not named as a driver. There was something on the news about it and no doubt on news websites. Ah well that is where the "human " factor comes in. "The car has this hands free driving system so i can drive hands free" will be the t
  16. Seems the government is looking into making it possible to legally break the law , Well technically. I was looking at the news report that they are looking to introduce "hands free" driving on british motorways in 2021/2022. Now as i understand the law at present if you do not have at least one hand on the wheel whilst driving then you are breaking the law by not being in control of your vehicle.(i may be wrong about that as i have not yet found anything to define what is deemed as not in control as regards hands specifically) The "new" technology will allow a driver to lift th
  17. It has already happened. Alexa, Siri, hive, sat nav. All examples of robotic control of our lives Self driving cars, cars with intelligent parking and automatic collision avoidance and braking. There are probably a lot more examples as well. It does not disprove the date of a battle or the ending of a war and i agree it should be known by all no matter what side you are on. Few people today are interested in what happened 20 years ago let alone 60 or more years ago. as anybody under twenty who won xfactor in 2015 and they will reel off the answer by rote. Ask them who Ni
  18. Commentators biased against warrington, NEVER. In all my years as an air traffic controller flying pig farm have i heard such rot. BMM might get a 3 match ban but personally i could not see what he could have done differently. He was committed to the tackle and the other guy was dipping down. hard to make the adjustment at the speed they were going. As for Austin, It could not have been more blatant trip. He even looked over his shoulder to make sure he got the man. Best bit of over acting i have ever seen though protesting his "innocence" all in all a very hard match especially
  19. But all documentaries are biased against the losers. As for youtube anybody can create a channel and put just about anything on it. If it contains a cat it has a million viewers. facts are boring ask any teenager.
  20. The politically correct sort where nobody does anything bad and treats everybody fairly........🤭 Well we don't want to traumatise the little ..."darlings" ...do we......🤪
  21. You knew you'd arrived when you had magnolia painted wood-chip on the ceiling. what!....🧐
  22. Perhaps we should start "classifying" by wavelength of light in the visible spectrum. Might save a lot of confusion when ordering paint for example. Exactly what colour is mustard or sahara sunset yellow. and as for avocado.it can be either dark green or deep purple or anything in between depending on how ripe the avocado is. When i were a lad paint was either black, white or magnolia.(but magnolia was only for the posh people).
  23. the only contact i have had with the council was on friday when the binmen came round...🤣
  24. Has Warrington got more infections per head or are the London council massaging the figures a bit in order to get people back into the city.....🤔 (just keeping the conspiracy theorists happy)......🤫.......🤭
  25. THE TRUTH. What is the truth though. Is it what scientists tell you? Is it what the government tell you? Is it what the news media tell you? Is it what social media tells you? Is it what some bloke down the pub who heard it from a mate of his second cousin tells you? They used to say seeing is believing but with CGI and photo shop even that is not true any more. I have no idea if it would kill me or just put me on my back feeling grotty for a few days like the last bout of FLU that went around the world. Personally i would not like to take the chance either way. and final
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