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  1. anybody else been having a problem accessing the site on sunday afternoon. sometimes it will let me in and then all of a sudden i get an error message. was fine this morning and nothing has changed on my pc (as far as i know) but this keeps happening. this afternoon.
  2. Evil Sid

    Insulin ?

    Not in certain parts of america, more a fighting term.🤫 (don't mention the war)
  3. Evil Sid

    problems accessing site sunday

    was a very sporadic thing dizz. i found a way round it by accessing the forums individually. i wonder if it was a glitch with the unread content option. It just seemed odd getting that particular message each time it happened. was beginning to worry that some russian hacker had gotten into my computer for nefarious purposes.🕵️‍♂️
  4. Evil Sid

    Gang of seven -

    look on the bright side that is seven ex-mp's. Less pollution as they will no longer need to commute to London once a fortnight to claim expenses. More money in the pot for us as we no longer need to pay them wages, second house subsidy, moat cleaning expenses etc. Plus seven less to stir up the pot about brexit. apart from having to have an election to see who gets their seats i can see no down side.👍
  5. Evil Sid

    Dialect quiz

    Had a go and it was pretty spot on with the area, unless it just checked where i was accessing the internet from.🕵️‍♂️
  6. Evil Sid

    Which of you is a heart surgeon ?

    After my heart attack I was told to get exercise, not overly strenuous but gentle exercise to get the blood pumping a bit and strengthen the heart. A brisk-ish walk or at least a walk at least once a day. (during summer that is taken care of playing bowls) However i do know somebody who, like me, had a heart attack. the first thing he did was get a disabled buggy and now uses that to go everywhere. the only exercise he gets is getting off the buggy to open gates. how long he will last is anybodies guess.
  7. Evil Sid

    How many are left?

    Thought it was all in black and white in those days.
  8. Evil Sid

    Insulin ?

    Great news that Pj, how long after we leave is it going to happen, by the way, so i can plan my holiday in the Bahamas.
  9. Evil Sid

    Should she be "rescued"

    Some would argue that we have that facility it is called termination. They could be quietly "disappeared" easily enough and the subsequent investigation into the circumstances needn't take up too much time. (not that i would in anyway advocate such a thing).
  10. Evil Sid

    A breath of fresh air ?

    If they really want to help the environment then maybe they should give up their electronic devices. how much pollution is caused by the making and scrapping of these things. Oh and obs they are only allowed to ask questions the teachers know the answers to i would assume. 🤭🤫
  11. Evil Sid

    Which of you is a heart surgeon ?

    The time to worry is when the doc says he needs to consult an expert and then proceeds to look up funeral directors on google.
  12. Evil Sid

    Should she be "rescued"

    It was her choice to go. Given that she shows no remorse or even regret for her time spent there i personally would say no. (what i actually think would not be allowed under board rules.)
  13. Evil Sid

    Which of you is a heart surgeon ?

    Probably due to the change in medication then. I suppose that the body has to take time to adjust to the new dosage and settle down to the lower pressure. "Oh well keep taking the tablets and call me if anything changes" the words of every doctor I have ever seen in my life so far. Good to hear that you are improving, soon be zooming around the aisles in the supermarkets again. I do know from personal experience what that slow wander around the supermarket is like. One of the main reasons that i try to persuade Mrs sid not to go shopping with me. A half hour shop for me turns into a two hour trek with Mrs sid in tow as every aisle has to be visited at least twice and her haphazard shopping drives me thoughts of either suicide or murder. "we need this" some item that is at the far end of the supermarket "oh we need that" something that we passed on the way in to get to the back of the supermarket for the first item. Still a slow three mile walk pushing a trolley can be classed as exercise of a sort.🤪
  14. Evil Sid

    One More Down

    A pub?
  15. Evil Sid

    A breath of fresh air ?

    But in a few years time we will all have electric cars won't we? Trams are making a come back, or at least trying to. I am surprised that nobody has suggested we get back to the good old horse drawn transport. Self replicating, so no need for factories to make them. Not very fuel efficient, but any pollution they produce can be used towards the production of new fuel by way of "fertiliser".
  16. Evil Sid

    White Goods Removal

    As far as i am aware they have been charging for bulky items for a good few years now.Not sure how long back they started charging though. £20 for three items is pretty cheap (£6.66 per item) five items max at a total of £33.34. So that's a cooker, fridge, washing machine, sofa and an armchair gone without the need to drive to the nearest tip with all the associated loading and unloading and queueing in traffic possibly ten times (five items five round trips unless you have a van or trailer). All this info is on the council website. https://www.warrington.gov.uk/
  17. Evil Sid

    Which of you is a heart surgeon ?

    Never know what my blood pressure is. they either say fine or just a bit high or a bit low depending. I did once worry a pharmacist who was doing a review of my medication. She took my blood pressure, which was ok, then said that she was concerned that my pulse was low. it was about 42 and she advised me to see my doctor. I have also been told before that my cholesterol level was too low after a blood test. my reply was that i would have a bacon barm before i had my next blood test. I do wonder at times if doctors come up with these figures to justify being in a job.
  18. Evil Sid

    Which of you is a heart surgeon ?

    I have a yearly medical check up which basically consists of blood test, blood pressure test and answering a few lifestyle questions. Usually concludes with "everything seems ok see you next year and keep taking the tablets" I do sometimes wonder though if when they say "see you next year" if they are adding in their head "if you are still alive" I would query it though if there has been such a drastic change in such a short time,they do not always get it right for the individual involved. What works for somebody who can cycle twenty odd miles a day won't be the same as what works for an over weight couch potato who can just about make it to the mail box and back on a daily basis.
  19. Evil Sid


    We may never know, unless roycec gets in touch again.
  20. Evil Sid

    Leeds Rhinos

    Be interesting to see how they play when they are behind, whether they will have the same stick to the plan attitude or go into must get a try at all cost panic mode and start making mistakes. Did note that the Leeds fans were very quiet for most of the game and do wonder if that had much effect on the Leeds players mindset as well.
  21. That was the one thing i never thought of telling you to try. Probably because it never crossed my mind at the time that you need to use your screen name and not your email address to log in. Great technology, when it works like you want it to. Have a habit now of using an excel spreadsheet to put my passwords in and then printing a hard copy. Checked it yesterday and was surprised at the number of websites i have joined over the years. odd really as i only ever seem to visit the same half dozen on a regular basis.
  22. Evil Sid

    Deal or No Deal ?

    Nowt new there then Obs.🤭
  23. Do you use saved login details in your browser so that you can login without having to type in anything. Just a thought, it may be worth checking your saved logins as it may be trying to use an incorrect saved password. Make sure you have the one that works written down and check your saved logins and delete all the ones for warrington worldwide forum, re enter the forum using the known working details and save them again. (My assumption is that you are logging in from a pc or equivalent desktop/laptop computer.) The only time i had a problem similar was when my pc went pop and i had to reload all my software. Forgot to write down some passwords and had to try and guess what the login details were for several sites. Did not help that some had been set up using one of my alternate email addresses.
  24. Evil Sid

    WW News

    The two logos are set in one box which takes you to the forum only. Previous versions were two separate boxes the world wide logo which took you to the news pages and the discussion logo which took you to the forum pages. My be an oversight on the developers part. As an option you could always open both in separate tabs so you can flick between one and the other if you need to reference any news story whilst writing in a forum topic.
  25. Evil Sid

    Don't eat it all at once

    Were they fried or boiled?🥚🥚