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  1. Taxpayer milked again -

    Because then he would only be worth £53 million.
  2. Amazing medical

    amazing what modern technology can do. getting that way that soon you will not need to go to hospital they will just send a van to your door with a tech and a remote link an do the operation in the comfort of your bedroom..
  3. Breaking News

    just head that police are looking for a man seen to be shooting a starting pistol at a crowd of people. They think it may be race related.
  4. Pest Control ?

    no idea what a cajun squirrel eats.
  5. Pest Control ?

    nippon gel was always my choice for getting shut of ants in the house. Never had squirrels though despite living close to sankey valley park (did once try squirrel flavoured crisps though, not bad but not a patch on cheese and onion)
  6. Pest Control ?

    what have you never had ratatouille ?
  7. Catalan Dragons at home

    Having watched the catalans home games their fans do not seem to be very vocal at the best of times. Round of applause for a try seems to be the norm there with the odd voice singing some rather odd chant. (sounds like the French version of yellow submarine). toulouse team made a good fist of their match with some very innovative passes which made for an exciting game. will always be a struggle for non english clubs to get fans to away matches in numbers particularly when games are so close together like in the super eights and qualifiers. Hopefully warrington will not have been lulled into a false sense of security with their win come the final.
  8. Brexit

    so how much can we charge them to come here. a tenner a head, fifteen if they bring a body with them.
  9. BoJo !

    not if you are in a marathon for charity.
  10. BoJo !

    I often wonder if he has that on top of his to do list. 1)Today i will offend somebody, either by something i say or something do. 2) check to do list.

    Queens Record Company? Quality Research Centre? Quick Reactions Constable? Quentin Raphael Crisp?
  12. Brexit

    Then, if he was to have put something in it that could identify him,he could be done for fly tipping. fly tipping being a criminal offence can have a fine up to a £50,000 or a 12 months free holiday at her majesties finest hotel, all inclusive. unless it is tried in a crown court that is and then there is no upper limit on the fine and the holiday could be extended to five years. Had he simply lobbed it out the van window and been caught he would probably get the fine of £150 for littering. Edmund King, president of motoring organisation the AA, said: "There is no excuse for car litter louts. "Tossing rubbish from vehicles spoils the environment, costs millions and puts road workers' lives at risk when they have to clear up. "The majority of our members support higher fines for littering and we welcome these steps to tackle this unnecessary problem. "It is not difficult for car occupants to bag it and bin it." Would he have been fined it he had put it in an asda carrier bag?
  13. OFSTED !

    Potential terrorists are easy to identify at that age. They are breathing and awake. (any parent will tell you that who has ever had to deny their youngster anything in a shop)
  14. Whatever happened to this forum??

    Not unless people join and post on a regular basis. There are lots of users registered but only about half a dozen at most post on a regular basis.
  15. Manchester Airport Terminal 3

    As long as there is a potential for terrorists to exist alongside "normal" people then everybody will be treated as a potential terrorist until proven otherwise. Unfortunately asp it does not matter if you like it or not it is just something that we now have to live with.
  16. Manchester Airport Terminal 3

    So in a way the terrorist are having an effect, despite there being little threat of them causing an incident at an airport or on a plane. It is hard for these places as they are damned no matter what they do. Too little security and they face being raked over the coals for the possibility of allowing a terrorist onto a plane. Too much and people complain that it is a draconian regime full of self important jobsworths. They are on a no win scenario either way. The parking rip off is just that a rip off. somebody at some point must have realised that it would lead to them making a few extra bob form the public when it was suggested that the drop off be changed. in theory having a on way system for drop off is a good idea, it is having to pay to get out that is the bad idea. especially at busy times when the minimum time will be exceeded just getting to the barrier.
  17. I think it is reaching old age that is causing it for some reason. Still, got my second childhood to look forward to, when i have finished with my first one that is.
  18. The jail was opened in 1985. when the school was opened i have not found out . (yet) Whichever was built/opened first you do have to ask why they were allowed so close to each other in the first place. ON A DEVILS ADVOCATE TYPE NOTE. Not all sex offenders are paedophiles (which seems to me to be the implication in the way it has been portrayed in the social media sites) Not that it is right, but then again how many of the "inmates " are drug user/pushers, how many are in for GBH or similar violence. Nobody kicks off about that, but the mere mention of "sex" in any terms with regards to prison and people go into mob mode, flaming torches and pitchforks at the ready. END OF DEVILS ADVOCATE TYPE NOTE. Probably more convicted paedophiles wandering around under suspended sentences at the moment than would ever be housed at thorn cross.(been at least four in the last month or so). BUT LET ME RE ITERATE i still do not think that it is right to do this I am just trying to get people to think rationally (or at least think.)
  19. Donald's visit -

    nyet comrade
  20. WBC You're joking!

    There is a difference between a law and a rule. Laws tend to be set on a national basis and are enacted in parliament. By laws are set on a local basis and are set by the local authorities. Rules are set by whomever writes them and are usually guidelines and open to interpretation by anybody who wants to challenge them or enforce them. That there is nobody around to enforce the rules at a certain time is irrelevant.(there is no reason why there could not be somebody on duty 24 hours a day enforcing the rules apart from financial ones), When there is somebody around to enforce them they must be seen by public and employers to be enforcing them. My point was that IF the council or whomever was responsible for enforcement were seen not to be enforcing the rules they would be held up to account by the public. If they do enforce the rules to the letter then they get complaints that they are being over zealous and money grabbing if a fine is issued. Bill the people in power have to back up their underlings when it comes to a decision made, unless it is a really obvious glaring idiotic decision. If they did not then said underlings would have no confidence in their superiors which would lead to the underlings basically sitting in a room drinking tea all day as their thinking would be "what is the point if everything i do is overturned by the boss."
  21. WBC You're joking!

    But , if they don't enforce the rules then they will be harangued for not doing so whether they make sense or not. if the rules make no sense then get them changed, but until they are they must be abided by. You cannot pick and choose which ones you will follow and which you won't otherwise you would have a free for all with regards to what constitutes a sensible or nonsensical rule. one such that springs to mind was the distance that you had to park next to a kerb. anything over nineteen inches and you could be fined. but the highway code does not specify a distance.
  22. World Cup

    Could have been worse, England could have won, still there is the next one to look forward too when all the old songs will be out and the pundits dusted off for their views on what the team should have done.
  23. Transport cafes

    i suppose it all depends on which way you are going really. (although with hull at one end and liverpool at the other) transport cafes were very handy and the hygiene or lack thereof one of their many charms.Many professional drivers would rather eat there where they could get double egg,sausage, bacon beans and a fried slice with option of black pudding and a mug of tea or coffee for the price that a motorway cafe charges for a pot of tea. The mobile greasy spoons also have a bad reputation but their hygiene standards that they must adhere to are probably as strict if not stricter than motorway cafes and a bit of ropey cholesterol now and then will not kill you, high levels of cholesterol daily probably will or at least lead to a heart attack. I wonder these days if the world has become too sanitized. peoples resistance to germs and viruses seems to be dwindling. Schools these days shut down if one pupil gets measles or chickenpox, where in the past it was common to send kids to school with just about any symptom, the thinking behind it being that once it had run its course through the school then the kids would be immune from it.
  24. WBC You're joking!

    since it is multiple choice it would have to be C followed by A after a decent period of arguing the point. I got a parking ticket outside my own house. had the resident parking permit on display on the dashboard. warden came round and slapped a ticket over the top of it on the windscreen and then took a picture. Was not best pleased about that. wouldn't have minded if the permit had slipped off but it was on prominent display on a piece of white card the size of a cd case. appealed it and when i got their photo was so annoyed that i had to go for a long walk to calm down before replying. not only had he stuck the ticket over the permit but had taken his evidence picture from a low angle so all you could see was the edge of the card. Their comment was that it was not properly displayed. end result had to pay. now every time i see that particular warden i toot my horn to him and wave.( usually from about two foot away.especially if he is on his rev a rip scooter)
  25. WBC You're joking!

    wheel touching the white line on the parking bay?