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  1. Space reserved ?

  2. Colourful collision

    75 shopping days left until christmas.( bit early for the cracker jokes though.)
  3. Space reserved ?

    Have seen those signs bill, one is as you come over the bridge near the old B&Q site. although being that far away from a carpark it probably read 0 spaces by the time you get to one of them.
  4. Climate Change ?

    so we stop eating meat and increase the methane levels instead.
  5. Clapping Ban ?

    The only british sign language that seems appropriate is the Churchill one or have i got that the wrong way round?
  6. Clapping Ban ?

    so it's the zen type of applause then from now on, the sound of one hand clapping. can just imagine the scene at the concert, "ladies and gentle a big hand for (add celebrity of choice)".......... sound of crickets and the occasional tumble weed..........compère peering out across the darkness and asking " is there anybody there? knock once for yes twice for no"
  7. Oktoberfest 22

    Unfortunately thursday is a bad night for me these days. trying to live up to my old man persona and have not only kept the bowls going but have also signed up for the domino team, (as in the game and not the pizza place), as a result thursday nights are taken up rapping knuckles on the table. (beer these days has a strange effect on me in any quantity over two pints, must be out of practice or perhaps i AM getting old)
  8. Semi-Final v St Helens

    Nice to see the the Steve so passionate about the game unlike his predecessor. Sort of gave you the feeling he was out there making every play himself. And so to tonight's game. Castlford or Wigan, hard to call so should be another nail biter for the fans.
  9. Motorway woes

    Milky i was once told that accidents do not happen they are caused. There are two causes of accidents. 1. somebody doing something they should not. 2. somebody not doing something they should. Some logic minded person also once pointed out that 100% of accidents were caused by people. (can't say i agree with the figure but they were trying to make a joke of sorts.) His argument ran that if you can take people out of the equation there would be no accidents...Totally impossible of course as people would have to get involved in any process at some point even it it was only at the idea stage.
  10. Motorway woes

    Have been passed on the motorway by several vans that have signs saying "this vehicle limited to 60mph". (Was doing 70 plus at the time, according to my speedo.) Given that all newer cars have electronic engine management systems, why can't a limit algorithm be set by a simple signal to limit it's top speed to whatever the speed limit is on that particular road. If nobody can go any faster then there is not a lot of need for over taking. (or even possibility if all vehicles are travelling at their max speed) Could even be of aid to prevent prolonged police chases, quick signal to the fleeing car and the engine cuts out end of road chase beginning of foot chase. Bad driving is something else entirely and will never be stamped out, no matter how hard the police or others try.
  11. Have a butchers at this

    OH deer OH deer.
  12. swans in a picture

    They seem almost tame and will let you go up to them without any hissing or honking in the case of the goose. the day i took the pictures i was standing at a bench talking to a mate when i felt a tap on my back pocket. turned round to find one of the swans trying to see if i had anything it could eat in it. looked at me expectantly for a few minutes and then when it realised i hadn't got owt it gave a sort of shrug and wandered off again. Considering this is within a mile of town centre it is surprising the amount of wildlife you can see on a good day. best day was when i saw both a mink and a cormorant along with the swans,geese, ducks, moor hens, water hens,crows and rooks, enough magpies to make a new version of hitchcock's classic birds, a family of buzzards and a kingfisher, although that was just a fleeting glance as it zoomed past. No need to watch spring watch when all that is within two minutes walk of where i live.( three minutes if i stop to look for the pike in the pond nearby).
  13. swans in a picture

    Counting the five young swans on the canal how many swans are in this picture? good eyesight might surprise you. answer on friday if nobody has got it right.
  14. swans in a picture

    well done that man. If i hadn't told you how many young there was it would have been almost impossible to get it. Even with the picture full screen and zoomed it i nearly got it wrong. that was just the ones i got a picture off there were at least half a dozen more floating about the place. Don't know what the deal is with the goose though. Either it thinks it's a swan or the swans do. Been with them all season.
  15. swans in a picture

    Nope count again.
  16. Trinity v Wire

    Should be an interesting game next week. just got to watch the penalty count. The refs seem to be keen on clamping down on them at the moment. Watched the toronto match and there were something like ten penalties awarded in the first eleven minutes. Mostly play of the ball infringements.( with the usual arm waving pleas of "what me ref")
  17. Chester Rd Traffic

    Won't be down to lack of maintenance that is for certain.
  18. Liebour - flip flops.

    ......gold, jewellery, laptops, phones and any other small items they can sell on quickly. a thought has struck as amusing in that the title to this topic sounds like a new brand of designer beach wear.

    They would need at least a week to prepare a risk assessment meeting and a further four weeks of planning to get the wording right before putting it out to tender plus several site meetings with the guys in the high viz and clipboards to make sure it was correctly worded and positioned and in accordance with legal requirements.
  20. Chester Rd Traffic

    Is that bridge app thingy still up and running that is supposed to tell you when the bridges are off and for how long? nothing on the news page about it yet. Nothing on the grundian webpage either they will probably have it by next friday with a main headline of "major traffic chaos in warrington". never noticed the lack of a news page link until you mentioned it. not used that link since the forum update. should be easy to re-establish a hyperlink to the news page from the banner at the top like it used to do.
  21. Monkey Pox -

    on the plus side the market for bananas is looking quite good.

    they will probably be done for putting up flyers if the council find out who they are.
  23. Crowd funding ?

    I noted that when reading some of the "stories" in the rival, most look as if they are pulled from web searches or press releases from police and politicians. (mind you i suppose trolling trawling the web is investigative in a way) even the bbc are at it. read any of their stories and at the end you will find a bit that asks "were you there, can we have your comments on it. how were you affected etc." As a pensioner on limited income and is poor health would it be a bit of a cheek to try and get crowd funding for a trip Vegas?
  24. Liebour - flip flops.

    And now were almost at the death - remain cries foul with every breath.
  25. fangling?

    I was wondering if anybody knew when something new fangled turned into something old fangled. This led to a thought that in the transition between new fangled and old fangled it must at some point be just fangled musn't it.?