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  1. This can't be true can it ?

    there is this link to have a look at the proposal. https://www.warrington.gov.uk/info/201251/other_projects/2341/waste_transfer_station there is also a link on the page to a pdf.
  2. Post Box Collections

    Gone are the days of two and three collections per day. Used to get a 9am collection a 1pm collection and a 6pm collection. this changed to 9 am and 5pm and then to just the one collection of 9am. It may be down to the fact that emails, texts and social media posts are now more prevalent than letters thus doing away with the need to empty the post boxes as often as they were. where people used to spend an hour or so writing a letter they will now send a text or an email. bills, that at one time would land on the door step and require a reply via a return envelope and cheque are now paid either on line, over the phone or by direct debit. so no point in sending a man with a van out three times a day to pick up half a dozen envelopes from a post box. once a day and get that days offering. makes sense financially as well a as there is a saving in fuel and means that the person who could spend most of their working day sitting in traffic between post boxes could be used for other work in the depot If it weren't for the begging letters/charity donation requests, adverts for credit cards and loans and other junk mail then i would probably never see my local post person for months on end.
  3. Plastic problem ?

    It would probably encourage industry to put prices up to deal with the tax.
  4. the smartphone zombie apocalypse draws ever nearer. it is so bad that some places have smartphone lanes on the pavement and one place has installed crossing lights on the floor so that you don't have to look up from your phone to cross the road safely. The ferry tavern runs a quiz night that is for smartphone users.
  5. Presumed consent ?

    Thought it was tuppence per person trip, per trip or per part of per trip.
  6. Hot or Cold ?

    oh the cold for me every-time. i work on the principle that if you are cold you can always find a way of getting warmer but if you are hot it is not that easy to get cooler.(also less poisonous snakes and spiders in canada)
  7. Presumed consent ?

    But cheap at tuppence.
  8. New 'Market' Car Park

    no sprinklers in the car park, which could have slowed the fire and maybe stopped it spreading as it did. Car parks are designed to get the maximum no of cars in so there is little room between cars. (usually just enough to open a standard car door without causing too much damage to the car next to it). Cars also tend to have a lot of combustible parts, especially at the front and rear where plastic is used where there were once steel bumpers. would not be at all surprised if a lot of new cars had "plastic" petrol tanks as well. I know mine has a plastic petrol tank. (mind you mine is all plastic apart from the necessary engine and chassis which is mostly aluminium or an alloy of aluminium.)
  9. Happy New Year

    A happy new year to each and every one. May you find happiness in all you do. Even if you have to work hard at it you can find happiness in just about everything.
  10. Mini Ice Age -

    Ahh the year 2030, silly me. slight temperature drop and a bit of snow and the airports are closed roads are in chaos and cars in ditches. Never ever happens on ice road truckers. (unless the temperature rises above -30)
  11. Mini Ice Age -

    I thought it had got a bit cooler about half eight last night.
  12. A get out clause for any Council worth their salt and a way with words. A retail area could be bought and the argument made that it does benefit the residents. If it is owned by the council the argument could be that they can keep it running and thus the residents will have somewhere to shop. if they don't buy it then it could close and then the residents would have to go elsewhere to shop and the space could be left derelict and be a hazard to the residents due to rats, anti-social behavior and the like. and..............................
  13. Christmas

    may your good times be many. may your bad times be few merry Christmas to all here and happy new year to you.
  14. 2nd marriage

    Can't help you there still working at getting my first marriage right. (only been forty years but early days yet.) still one thought occurs and that is a slight flaw with the logic of doing the exact opposite. If in your first marriage you were faithful an dutiful and it failed then being unfaithful etc would be the wrong way to go in the second surely.( but not always, seems some people go for the baddies in life, just like the soaps i suppose) What makes a successful marriage is also a mystery to me. what works for me is that Mrs Sid does what she wants and so do i. (it's either that or get nagged until i do what she wants.) In essence it is down to the individuals involved and what they expect from each other and how much they are willing to compromise.
  15. New 'Market' Car Park

    I am sure that council will get the contractor to address the issues of adequate signage both to the entrance and inside. (especially if there are a few bumps due to the layout as people will blame that and the council could have some hefty insurance claims sent to them) the entrance ones especially as they could lose potential parking revenue if you can't get in the car park. Dizz a glass fronted lift with no lift is just a window.. Chain's on a lift sounds odd though i was under the impression that lifts used substantial steel rope for support as they are more flexible when it comes to being wound round a drum. I have been stuck in lifts a few times once for over three hours, certainly teaches you patience. but have only really had problems with two lifts. the first was the paternoster lifts at the old UKAEA buildings. Basically a set of open boxes that moved continuously one side going up the other going down. you had to time your step on and off those to match the speed. the other was a contractors lift i had to use when they were building the tower at daresbury. that was basically a wire cage with a motor bolted to one corner with a big cog on. going up was not to bad but coming down was free fall for the first six foot whilst the motor caught up.
  16. Post visit

    Nice to meet all of you, however briefly, not often i get chance of just doing something i want to do these days. (had more time to do things when i was working for a living). Don't fret about getting lost in warrington i get lost here all the time what with the new estates and road layouts. Parking being what it is in warrington is one of the main reasons that i try and go there on the bike. easier to park but hard to carry much shopping and items bigger than a rucksack are a definite no. Local anaesthetic for a hip joint. how times have changed. Bet he wasn't in more than three days all told either. they like to get you up and about and out of the place for the next patient as soon as possible. being cold is something you get used to i suppose, although i have noticed it more as i have got older. (must be an age thing, the older you get the more you want to keep warmer than you did, personally i blame central heating. or would if i had it). so all the best for the present and the future and don't tell too many tall tales about your visit to your friends, might put them off visiting.
  17. Overseas Aid ?

    ah well obs i am sure that some worthy charity will help in that respect. The door knockers always ask me if i would like to suspend whatever donations i am making to worthy causes and support theirs for a short while. I had to think for a while to work out how many i am contributing to at present, think it is three charitable ones and two that i am not quite sure of. So at £2.00 a time that's currently a tenner a month. did note that the contributions asked for have gone up from £2.00 to £3.00 or £5.00 depending on what you donate to. on a sceptical note, i do sometimes wonder given the length of time the water aid one has been running how many village are there left without clean water. Once the well has been drilled and the appropriate pump installed then apart from routine maintenance that village is sorted isn't it?
  18. Presumed consent ?

    I have always said that i will donate my body to medical science (if you can still do that) If they want to take any useful bits to use for others then fine by me. Although what bits will be of any use, other than as a warning, i would not like to speculate on.
  19. Visit

    Well it is getting near christmas and i was behaving like i promised to do. (also i think i may be coming down with a touch of something)
  20. Pensions & moving goalposts.....

    try this link. https://www.gov.uk/check-state-pension or google uk state pension and look on the gov website.which is as clear as mersey water but has loads of links to confuse you with.; and you have to register to access certain bits which then generates more confusion.
  21. Visit

    the depeche mode printer joke topic dizz that jogger didn't get. If Gary is going to sit on my knee i will wear my red jumper and you can say santa turned up specially for him. there are enough pictures of me at various poster get together's, although no two look the same.(mainly due to the hair migrating from the top of my head to my chin) I always behave myself, for a given value of behave.
  22. Border controls ?

    The operative word in that is SHOULD not WOULD.
  23. Visit

    dizz i will do my best to be there.but such is things at present that planning what i have for lunch is usually a last minute decision. every time i have planned to do something on a certain day or at a certain time, something has always come up to scupper said plans. that said i still need to know what time to turn up. I will not need a bite to eat but will need a coffee. i need to get my eyes tested so maybe i can combine the trip with a visit to the opticians.(they keep sending me reminders that i am long overdue for an eye test). Oh and check your post in reams topic as you said that the meeting was on Monday which is the 4th.
  24. Street Lighting

    Put a complaint in to the deity of your choice, although i would be careful with tyhe wording as zeus seems a handy god with the lightning if annoyed.
  25. Traffic Increase

    could be just a coincidence, traffic usually does get a bit busier in these darker nights as the school run gets a bit more traffic so that the little darlings don't have to walk home in the dark. also it is the run up to Christmas which usually adds a bit more traffic to the roads especially at the times mentioned.