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    Manchester Wine Mistake !

    Fair point there P J, as they say the best publicity is free publicity. £4500 for an international add campaign is loose change compared to what it would cost to have a professional firm do it. They will probably be coining it in as people will go just on the off chance that it will happen again.
  2. Evil Sid

    Things are turning nasty

    As good a place as any.
  3. Evil Sid

    Which side are you on

    For those who may be interested. Aldi are looking for wine tasters to try their range. Out of curiosity are there any pro war works of art? it would interesting to know for comparison between pro and anti war artists. As i see it art can be appreciated by all, regardless of whether it makes a statement or not , is a splatter of paint on a canvas or just shows a bunch of grapes in a bowl on a table.
  4. Evil Sid

    Getting dafter -

    He should have just told her she had two days to live with her symptoms. Given that doctors often make a diagnosis on what the patient tells them initially. Wonder how she manages at the dentist? Last time i saw a doctor he was surprised I was a patient of his. He had to send somebody down to the basement to find my notes.
  5. Evil Sid

    Which side are you on

    I have a signed van dyke painting at home. I tell you Dick van Dyke is a better actor than painter.🤭 Art is what you make of it. Three black dots arranged in a triangle on a white background and labelled as a polar bear in snow. If done by me would be laughed at by everyone..if it was done by say Picasso or one of the other well known painters, it would be lauded as a masterpiece and fought over by people who have more money than several banks could count. I once heard a very humorous description of the difference between art and lewd paintings. if it has urns it is art, if it has cherubs it is art, if it has a potted plant, on a stand it just scrapes through as art, anything else is just lewd pictures. Years ago spray painting on a wall was classed as vandalism, now it sells for thousands of pounds and is classed as art. I understand what stallard is saying. it is not the art as such he is saying is a hoax but the pretension of the people who will go into raptures over a certain wine that to your average person would be just fizzy vinegar in a fancy bottle. Sniffs glass,takes a sip of wine, swills round mouth, stares meaningly at ceiling and then says,"oh it a chateau naff de pope, 1820 (or twenty five past six at the latest), grown from grapes on the sunny side of the hill in the vineyard situated seven foot eight inches from the friary of st Herbert. stomped by a left handed leprechaun with a squint and bottled in hand blown glass from the desserts of africa with a cork specially imported from the sacred cork trees of the outer Himalayas and harvested using ancient techniques known only to three ancient masters of the temple ding dong in the valley of Avonk a ling. Am i right?" "nah mate fifty pence a bottle at bargain booze"
  6. Evil Sid

    Which side are you on

    reminds me of the time i knocked over and broke a ming dynasty vase. The curator dashed over to me and said "oh my god that was a one of a kind, hand decorated by the great Chur nemout" i looked at the pieces and asked "was it expensive" "You cannot put a price on it" he said "oh worthless then" my solemn reply. Art is what you make of it. one man's art is another man's pile of bricks.
  7. Evil Sid

    Manchester Wine Mistake !

    £4,500 for a bottle of wine!!! I paid less than that for the harley and it will last longer and give more enjoyment. (well to me at least) I always laugh when i see these wine experts on tv. Swills glass around,sniffs, takes a sip, "ah yes there is a definite hint of honeysuckle and just a slight after taste of either gnats or cats" Most ordinary wine drinkers are like. "it has alcohol in it yes" glug glug "another pplease hic".
  8. Evil Sid

    The curse of Twitter

    I am offended by the fact that i have not found anything to be offended by today. It always amazes me that people Can find things to be offended by. Usually trivial things like a picture or an off the cuff comment. most of the things that have been put up as "offensive" are to me at the least mildly humorous at the most rather sad and pathetic. I do find some things offensive though. Mp's who get a 29% pay rise whilst preaching austerity for one.adverts by celebrities earning millions to ask me to give money to fund (insert any cause you want) for another.
  9. Evil Sid

    The curse of Twitter

    I have been recently informed that the correct term for a twitter user is tweeter and not as seems to be the case twit.
  10. Evil Sid

    cctv resolution.

    Just seen another police appeal for "have you seen this man." A picture taken from about twenty feet away that looks as though he has just escaped from the original super Mario game. Why is this when NASA came produce a picture from 34 million miles away that lets you count the grains of dust on Mars. Even mobile phones seem to have better resolution than the standard cctv camera. surely they can be made so that at least the person looks human.
  11. Evil Sid

    Digital strip searches ?

    Both will have their numbers registered to them and no doubt both phones will have the others number in them. (just in case one gets mislaid so they can ring it to see if it is anywhere near) I have two numbers as does Mrs sid. mainly because we got orange mobile when it first came out and then a virgin mobile phone as calls from a landline cost nothing if they are both virgin. However where Mrs sid has two phones i have only one but with dual sim capability. This means that i only have to carry one phone around instead of two. In the alleged victims case then surely if they are genuine then there is no problem with handing over the phone. To clone the sim only takes about five minutes copying files from the phone to a hard drive about the same. Once done the phone can be handed back and all the information on the phone examined at leisure.
  12. Evil Sid

    BBC license fee ?

    just worked out that i "watch" about three hours of BBC per day at most and at that only Monday to Friday. Slightly more when there is snooker or indoor bowls on. which works out around 260 hours per year. License fee is £154.00 which works out at 60p a day. In my case. So the more hours you watch the less per day it costs you as regards cost versus viewing time. In reality it is 42p per day per household regardless of whether you watch BBC or not, which is cheaper than a sun life funeral plan with the added bonus that at least with the BBC you get to see what you are paying for. 🤔☠️👻
  13. Evil Sid

    Green energy

    Do they do eco friendly hybrid Chelsea tractors?
  14. Evil Sid

    Social Mobility ?

    So not politicians then..🤭
  15. Evil Sid

    Super glue -

    Like when they have gay pride parades and marathons and such like ?
  16. Evil Sid

    Social Mobility ?

    Well looking through the pdf document they have a need for somebody who can proof read or at least knows how to lay out a document without text flowing onto separate pages halfway through a sentence. Page 5 is a good example, one line , which should be on the bottom of page 4 or maybe at the top of page five (it says iv at the bottom of the fifth page of the pdf) There are several if you take the time to scroll down. I do wonder what a "proper job" is myself. Is a professional sports person employed in a proper job or an actor, how about an astrologist or philosopher.
  17. Evil Sid

    Social Mobility ?

    What criteria was set to measure "getting on" ? What areas of the country were examined using those criteria ? What age range was targeted for examination ? What period of time was used as proof of "getting on" ? The big one what is meant by "social mobility" ? 🤔
  18. Evil Sid

    Super glue -

    Should I stop sending my £2.00 a month to help provide water/food/shelter/rocket parts etc.?🤔🤭
  19. Evil Sid

    That's amore

    Carries stuff in the back ,doesn't run on a track, That's a lorry.🚛
  20. Evil Sid

    The stupidity pandemic -

    Didn't now those three were in a version of Gunfight at the OK corral.🤠
  21. Evil Sid

    The stupidity pandemic -

    The face on him would make a great halloween mask, and keep the kids away from the fireplace.
  22. Evil Sid

    The stupidity pandemic -

    Let Darwin sort it out.
  23. Evil Sid

    IndyRef II

    Think Hadrian had the right idea? 🤔
  24. Evil Sid

    Trumps visit

    Love him or hate him he does do as advertised on the tin. The mainstream press these days seem to be from the Sunday Sport school of journalism, "Elvis seen in B52 bomber on the moon" and such like. Even the rival on-line Warrington news seem to be getting that way as regards headlines at least. Sensationalist headline "fight breaks out in middle of motorway" followed by a three line description, copy and pasted from a police or fire tweet. I have also noticed that stories these days in on-line copies of papers are often followed by requests for people to get in touch if they were even remotely involved. A field day scenario for the Walters of this world.
  25. Evil Sid


    Nah his punishment of choice is to smear the victims feet with tuna fish pate and dangle them over a tub of hungry kittens .😿