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  1. Hopefully to give them a commendation and a thank you for saving them a bit of time.🀨
  2. Deal or no deal was much easier to understand when Noel Edmonds was the host. (funnier too).🀭
  3. well i look at it this way. I am currently 62, i will be well dead and buried before any party agree on a deal. if the EU promised free holidays for every person in the UK for life and a half million each a month this bunch of ( due to not finding any acceptable word,even in the thesaurus, that will not contravene forum regulations the description will remain up to the reader to fill in)...........would not agree to it.
  4. As we are a member could we not veto it ourselves?...............πŸ€”
  5. maybe this is the best solution. Yabadado.
  6. Scientist predict the world will end by:- 1.sun exploding 2. acid rain killing off all the trees. 3.Global thermonuclear war. 4.Mutated flu virus or other plague. 5.Strike by a giant meteor causing an eternal winter. 6.Gradual heating of the atmosphere. 7.plague of zombies? 8.Climate change (this has potential)
  7. Yes, was the road that led to the underground station that ran east to west. Used to go with my uncles to deliver the racing pigeons for transport to that station when they were sent to France for the race from Nantes if i remember rightly. You had to be careful though using it as crosfields vehicles were regularly crossing it inside the compound.
  8. Another vote that was ignored.🀭
  9. The operative word there is could. Given that the scotish contingent are going all out for a peoples vote provided that they can have another referendum on freedom from the uk, even if there was a cop out clause then they will challenge it in every court they can think of. The lib dems are stateing out and out that they will revoke the results of the brexit referendum and labour will back anybody who can get their leader into number ten by any means. Be lucky if they have sorted out brexit by the time i draw my pension (if i live that long the way they keep moving the goalposts on when you are eligible.)πŸ‘»
  10. If why i looked up holiday it is because i never seemed to find the time to have one. any time away from work usually involved me painting and decorating or some other job that needed doing around the house. If it why i don't count the honey moon it is because i never got one. not even a wet weekend in Wales. Married on a Saturday and back at work on the Monday. (Sunday spent recovering from the Saturday night bash) Your far more likely to involved in a car accident then find yourself in harms way of a terrorist attack in Turkey, Tunisia, Kenya, London isn't exactly the safest place in the world. I should be fine in any of those places then only ever been in one car crash in my whole life.( and of course "i'm British those sort of things don't affect me" ) Only ever been through London three or four times on my way to courses with work, each time it was shut.
  11. I had to look up the word HOLIDAY in the dictionary as i have only ever been on one holiday since i got married in 1978. And that was a wet weekend in Wales. ( i don't count the honeymoon.)🀫 It always amazes me that people do go and holiday in places where there is conflict or civil unrest. It is the English way i suppose and arrogance "oh nothing bad will happen to us were British it doesn't concern us".
  12. To paraphrase Sir Topham Hat the fat controller they are good at causing confusion and delay.πŸš‚
  13. When i get a spare five minutes i will have a look through my pictures to see if i have anything. Do remember the dog and dart but have only ever been i it once, many many years ago. Also been round both greenhalls and tetley breweries, was after going round greenhalls that i stopped drinking their beer. Not that it wasn't a decent pint but after touring the brewery and seeing the conditions it never did taste as good. Oh and welcome to the forum.
  14. You can get some good holidays deals to Turkey at the moment according to the TV adverts. just don't book it with Thomas Cook.🀭🀭
  15. Is their any part of that law that says how long an extension he has to ask for? For example could he ask for a one day extension, which would comply with the law but only change the leave date to nov 1st the day after it is currently set for.(or he could ask for it to fall on November 5th )🧨 If the EU grant it it will change nothing and if they don't grant it it will change nothing apart from Boris being able to say he complied with the law. If we do have a second referendum then we can surely challenge the results of that result using the same arguments that have been used to challenge the 2016 referendum result. Could be the best soap opera since Brookside was cancelled. If there is an election any politician knocking on my door had better be prepared for an in depth conversation on his/her future actions in parliament, with a specific slant on how they are going to reduce their pay and expenses. To my mind this current lot are not only unfit for purpose but are being paid handsomely to be that way.
  16. Well that will put a crimp in the buffet car profits, but could save you a few bob on your air fare as they you not have to pay for an in flight meal.May help with the carbon footprint of air flights as well. they will only need to provide drinks, so less weight for the plane to carry which means less fuel used. (will also mean a quicker turn around as they will not have to unload and load food containers on board flights.) Wonder how coach tours will manage will that mean extra stops for a butty break?
  17. Hope you didn't get the cape dirty.πŸ€“..πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ..🀫 It'll be fine Gary, what's the worse that can aaarggh crackle buzz fizz bang, oops.🀣
  18. The only country i know of that has metric money and imperial for everything else...πŸ€”
  19. Will be at least Monday next week before i can get around to eve thinking about a flu jab. At the end of a head cold thanks to a certain relative of mine who decided to pay us a visit whilst suffering from one themselves. Got appointments for mrs sid at two places on Thursday. Taking Car in to mechanics on Friday for some mi nor work and MOT whilst it is there. (he has moved to edge hill so half a day spent there if everything goes ok). Saturday have shopping in the morning and a closing bowling main in afternoon, and all of that on top of the usual business of staying alive, washing cleaning cooking meals and such. Had more free time when i was working.🀣
  20. I cheated and used a magnifying glass, that way you can make out at least four letters. He always used to remind me of aurther askey, sounded a bit like him as well.
  21. he's up around latchford area. well causeway at least. This reminds me that i must get round to sorting this years flu jab out. been so busy lately that it had slipped my mind, (not difficult these days must be that old age thing people keep going on about.)🀫
  22. They will be dragging up that he was prone to fits of temper and anger, often screaming and shouting abuse. Two year olds tend to be like that..🀣 It looks to me like the politicians are worried that he might actually do what he said he would set out to do and get Britain out of the EU by the end of the month no matter what that entails as regards deals or lack thereof and are doing their best to dredge up some reason to oust him from power so that they do not lose out on the EU perks funding for their little schemes Given that there are adverts on TV advising us to gear up for leaving at the end of the month, it seems that they might be right in thinking that. The main annoyance is the length of time that this has dragged on. More than enough time to sort things out and yet it is down to the last minute due to personal vendettas against the leaders who have been lumbered with getting it done. I do often wonder how much those who are pushing remain stand to personally lose when it is sorted out. PS i will also look forward to seeing how much of a pay rise our devoted MP's vote for this time round as well.
  23. Or in the case of the French blockade the ports....🀣 On the plus side there will be less disruption when the annual French air traffic control strike is on....πŸ€”
  24. If they are on jobseekers allowance then they will soon lose it. If they are at a protest they cannot be looking for a job so are not entitled to claim jobseekers allowance. I do have to wonder how they get to and from these protest locations. Won't be by cycle or shanks pony i bet. Police should just pen them in one location for 48 hours or so under the elements, no food or water, no toilet facilities. after which they should be given the option of cleaning up or a Β£500 fine for littering.
  25. Well the scots have been dealt a blow by the courts, the latest attempt to block a no deal brexit by making it unlawful for boris to have a no deal brexit. has been turned down by the judges. Think the scots are worried that they may have to pay for their prescriptions again.
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