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  1. PC out of control ?

    Funny did you not read the quoted piece of your post in reply to a previous post. The possibly libellous part was as follows " In fact you completely fail to attribute any fault to these sleaze balls. Why is that I wonder? " You were kind enough to point out my possible error and advise that it could be misconstrued and lead to legal repercussions and i thought i would return the favour. No need to thank me all part of the service. (Not smarting at all just pointing out something and compared to Einstein i probably am stupid, something that i will readily admit to.)
  2. PC out of control ?

    that suggestion not only borders on the libellous but could be cause for a legal case to be brought against you for defamation of character unless you can provide some proof as to the validity of it. innocence until proven otherwise is the basis of the judicial system, even a murderer, if caught standing over the body with gun in hand and screaming they deserved it, can only be arrested under suspicion and is deemed innocent until convicted in a court of law. hence the term alleged being used all the time. alleged crimes are not proven crimes and "victims" coming forward in the press only prejudice any case against the alleged perpetrator as they would not get a "fair" trial in a court of law.
  3. Advertisements

    so far a search on brexit severance cheques has only turned up one site that "wants" to help you claim money from the EU. for a small fee of just £30/£40 they will let you know that you are not entitled to a bean from the EU for exiting. It is a scam according to most other sources. surprising what does turn up in the adverts, i did a search the other day fro garden gates for a neighbour and when i came on here lo and behold i had adverts for garden gates. been tempted since to look up something in the interesting leather/lingerie line just to see if the ads are targeted on a previous web search. edited bit. did notice just that there is an option to close the add using a little x at t he top right of the add. this brings up a box that says google add closed underneath are two boxes one that says stop seeing this add the other why this add. clicking on the why this add takes you to an explanation page that gives a brief reasonwhy a particular add shows up. end of edited bit.
  4. PC out of control ?

    so how would you sort that out davy. fine saying segregate male employees from female employees. However what about homosexuals and lesbians. you would need a separate area for each possible combination of sexual orientations with checks that communications between those was not of a sexual nature and then a separate entrance/exit so that they could not possibly meet which would include car parking space, eating areas, toilet facilities, relaxation areas the list goes on and on. Of course the really obvious solution would be for all employees to work from home. which would stop any interaction between them and save on air pollution due to people not having to travel for work. Of course could be a bit difficult for shop workers and bus drivers and the like but ideal for call centre people and other office based jobs.
  5. PC out of control ?

    To avoid confusing me more than i already am can you clarify what "tranny" refers to. is it a transvestite, a person who dresses in clothes of the opposite sex,To which the word "tranny" is usually associated . Is it Transsexual a person who has undergone gender alteration from their sexual definition at birth to the opposite sex and who i have never yet come across as being referred to as a "tranny". Is it the car transmission which is usually shortened to "tranny" usually in America but finding more usage over here as American influence of the language occurs due to the proliferation of American TV shows and films. One word many uses and depending on your upbringing lots of confusion, especially if you consider the phrase, "I am going to take out the tranny tonight"
  6. Will we ever know who dun it ?....

    The probability that there will ever be an answer as to who really dun it are so remote that even the hubble telescope would not be able to see it. conspiracy theories are rife and conspiracy theories about the conspiracy theories are even more so. Each one has it's argument and "proof" of who did what and when and from where that the only theory that has not been put forward is suicide (as far as i know). About the only two things that they all seem to agree on was that he was shot, it was probably a gun that was used, after that it is mostly speculation as to who was behind it, or if he was actually killed. One of the more obscure theories are that he staged it himself to get out of the job and is now living it up on a private island next door to Elvis. "Who dun it" The butler seems to be as good an answer as any. Who was behind it all will forever remain unknown.
  7. Green Belt Under Threat - Areal View

    That is what i asked you you seem to know as much about it as i do, maybe more. I do not have a pipeline to the council offices apart from the usual contact centre and i doubt that they will know. perhaps you could find out for us and put our minds at rest.
  8. Green Belt Under Threat - Areal View

    Firstly i did not say that the bank was failing. i may have implied that it will but not that it was. Secondly i did not get an answer to my question from togger about what he thought. He asked me if the bank was failing and i pointed out that the council as involved in it and asked what his thoughts were on the matter. this council has a bad reputation when it comes to projects and schemes. especially in their financing of them. How many of the projects they are involved in have turned up on time and under budget? ok so very few projects ever do but the council ones just lately seem to double or triple in costs from the first projected costs. it is about having a degree of trust in the council and at present people don't seem to have a great deal of that. but that is just my view from reading the local papers ADDITIONAL. Are there legal ramifications. possibly but each case would have to be judged on it's own merit. personal opinion is just that and it is down then to that individual to take responsibility for any statements made and for any consequences of those statements.
  9. Green Belt Under Threat - Areal View

    Warrington council have a stake in it, what do you think?
  10. What on Earth is the Mayor Thinking Of?

    Maybe gary can do an interview with our current mayor. Headline being " LES MISERABLE" Given the number of "high profile" mayors we have had in the past I do wonder if our les is up to the job. From what little i have seen he does not look to be a good fronts person to showcase Warrington. Anybody with half an a ounce of PR savvy would have insisted on opening the big doors at the front to receive the petition. A gracious smile and a big show of thanking the people who handed it in, even if it did go into the bin as soon as the door was shut. having the petition handed in by the back door, not coming out and then berating both the young lad and his mum as well as a person who was obviously filming the event was abouit as stupid a move as you could possibly conceive. it does now make me wonder what else is going on via the back door at the council as it will quite a lot more people. I may joke about brown envelopes but after this i will wonder if it is a joke.
  11. NHS Question ?

    must be a hard question to answer if you are a transsexual (ex)male who still has sex with women. Are they lesbian or heterosexual? also given that these days children as young as five are being dropped into various sexual categories by society, how often during a younger persons life will the answer to that change. A rather pointless question really unless they are going to start segregating hospital wards according to sexual orientation.. now that could be interesting and cause even more work for the bureaucracy, opening up a real can of worms when it comes to mixed wards.
  12. Police priorities ?

    Lawyers are the only winners in all legal cases. Lawyers do not work for free. Oh you may see these adverts, "NO WIN NO FEE" which sounds great but they only take on cases that they know they have an at least 90% chance of winning.
  13. Hurricane Ophelia

    So Monday would be a bad day to take up hang gliding then.
  14. ONS.

    so no more hand jobs for a fiver... er i mean hand car jobs... car wash jobs, i meant hand a car wash jobs.
  15. Police priorities ?

    So maybe we should draw up a list of crimes that are not worth investigating then to save money and resources. Start with burglaries. most burglaries are never solved and the ones that are usually end up with the person who committed the burglary getting a suspended sentence and a fine. So you could argue that was a waste of public money and police resources. you could argue that any crime that does not carry a custodial sentence or a 90% chance of conviction should not be investigated. These things have to be investigated and be seen to be investigated. not just to get justice for the victims but to give people in general confidence in the police force, that they are doing the job they are supposed to do.
  16. Homage to Catalonia -

    Catalonia nord (the French bit) was ceded to France by Spain after one of the Spain v France punch ups over who was responsible for trimming the hedges on the border. The French Catalan region is not involved with the current dispute that the Spanish Catalan region. however if the Spanish Catalan manage to pull off a separation from Spain (and the EU) then who knows what will happen. The French are a very volatile bunch at best of times if they feel they have been wronged, slighted or looked at in a "funny way". (bit like some Scots in that respect, "what you lookinn at jimmy i gi ye a face full a dandruff". on second thought that is the Nac Mac Feegles)
  17. Green Belt Under Threat - Areal View

    the council certainly hope so so they can rake a few bob in to pay for bailing out the bank when that goes belly up. wonder how much the new ones that are going on the old roller rink site will be advertised for.
  18. Green Belt Under Threat - Areal View

    In the process of selling a house. similar houses in the area (eg the one next door) sold for £115k this house started at £100k was reduced to £90 k for a cash sale that the buyer pulled out of after deciding that they could not afford to spend the cash and found that the mortgage repayments were probably some ridiculous interest rate. then put price down to £80k best offer we have had is £78k. this is for a two up two down end terrace house in a cul de sac. separate kitchen, central heating, small bathroom/shower room,enough off street parking for three cars or two sixteen seater buses, half a mile from the local hospital. five minutes walk from the nearest supermarket and about three quarters of a mile from the town centre. it is also NOT built on a flood plain either. prior to our latest offer the estate agent told us that the thing putting people off was the fact it did not have a bath just a shower and that the kitchen would need a bit of work as well. The house was not ready to move in a occupy without about a weeks work at the most on it. Given that one of the first thing people do when moving into a house is rip out and replace the kitchen units i did wonder if the estate agent was joking. i have been round to a mates house that is one of these new build places and was stunned at the small size of it. one main room leading onto a kitchen downstairs. two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. his main room is smaller than the back room in my house. his house was built about thirty odd years ago. the house built today are smaller than that as regards room size.
  19. Police priorities ?

    As far as getting a prosecution goes they are going nowhere as even if the allegations are proved true then you cannot prosecute a dead man. (unless vampires and zombies really exist" as for serving no purpose then they do. they show that the police will look into any allegations which helps the victims to deal with what has happened to them. it also gives victims of similar criminal activity the courage to come forward knowing that at the least they will be listened to and taken seriously even if the allegations are later proved false. They also show that the police are willing to investigate without prejudice, fear or favour, whether the person under investigation be peer or pauper. securing justice against the person when they are dead may be impossible b ut investigating what they are alleged to have done may turn up others who were involved that are still alive and so justice can be sought against them. finally depending on your religious views then everybody has access to the afterlife, it is called dying.
  20. Bribery war ?

    Think it is all down to the usual statement in the end. "how does it affect me". a statement that applies to all people at all times. What will be better fro me? what will be worse for me? what will merely be the same for me?
  21. Robot Tax ?

    dizz have you never heard that joke before. Lad goes to the butchers and says "mum wants a sheep's head and can you leave the eyes in it has to see us through the week" The "mangler" as we called it was stored in a shed next to the lean to and it took two adults to manhandle into the yard to be used. My gran was a "cook" in the old style. anything that was edible she could cook it and being brought up between the wars meant that just about anything was edible. it also meant that most of the food was fresh as well, veg and eggs from the allotment cuts of meat from the local butcher and fish from the market. unless my uncles had been fishing. leftovers prudently used the following day in some form or other, very little got wasted, even the spud peelings were boiled up and fed to the chickens. best before was usually "before it gets cold lad, there's starving people in Africa would be glad of that" as you say happy days but definitely odd
  22. Robot Tax ?

    Have to thank Douglas Adams for a lot of that dizz. It was something he mentioned when giving the reasoning behind the electric monk in Dirk Gently's holistic detective agency. We have not quite got as far as an electric monk yet, who's sole purpose for existing was to believe things so that us humans would not have to. your mum sounds a lot my gran was, one large pan that was used to boil whites, pea and ham soup, cockles, mussels and all varieties of crustaceans, pigs feet and pigs heads and sheeps heads (both with the eye left in so the would see us through the week) and at least two large cabbages. Not all at once though. also remember her mangle that could probably have been used to squeeze the water out of the mattress as well and the sheets it was that big. looked like something out old steam engine exhibit.
  23. Robot Tax ?

    If you think about it dizz, simple robots have been taking over household work for years. we have machine that will automatically wash and dry our clothing for us. so that we don't have to do the hard work apart from loading and unloading we have machines that will do the same for our dishes which again we only have to load and unload. really modern hoover's will hoover the house for you without any help and can be controlled by voice remotely. smart technology allows your heating to be regulated, lights to be turned on and off, even kettles to boil and toast to be cooked with the minimum of input from us humans. smart fridges will not only monitor your food but will automatically order more when it gets below a certain pre-set level. there are machines that will make sure you do not miss important messages by answering your phone for you. there are even machines that will watch tv for you. cars now are being made that will park themselves and make all sorts of adjustments while driving and driverless cars as well slowly being developed and rolled out so that will be something else that us humans will not have to worry and stress about. all these machines and devices to save you time to do the things you didn't have time to do because you were doing the things the machines now do. like read the manuals to all the machines to get them to do the things they are designed to do. one of the points you missed as regards robots in factories is that they do not get paid to do their work. there is an initial purchase and set up cost but once that is done with they earn money fro the company 24 hours a day. once saw a cartoon and the guy in it was saying to his mate. "i have just got a skilled job, i am now the guy who fixes the robots that fixes the robots that fix the robots"
  24. Robot Tax ?

    nah it will be spent on jollies, exes and keeping the oap's well fed (the ones in the house of lords that is not us ordinary everyday plebs)as usual..
  25. Most popular name ?

    not something that i have come across either. I have to watch what i type though as i tend to find that my typing is often half a paragraph behind what i am thinking of typing which then leads to me stopping and having to spend a minute or two trying to sort out where i am up to. i also find that i type so fast that i end up with spaces in the wrong place so have to go back and edit the words to make sense. I have found that faceache has an odd habit of being about half a sentence behind what i am actually typing when i do post on there. can be really annoying, especially when you try to edit to catch up and it puts the cursor in the middle of the sentence. i usually end up deleting the lot and starting again. I remember when PC's were first gaining popularity and they had a 250 character type ahead. anybody who was a touch typist often had to stop and wait for the characters on the screen to catch up. could be quite funny seeing them sat there and words appearing on the screen without them touching the keyboard.