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  1. We already have that with this brexit fiasco. Why should the russians bother snp are doing a grand job by themselves.
  2. Well been to town but did not get much chance to see much. Partly due to having to try and explain to a bank why Mrs sid cold not supply the proof of identity they needed and partly due to the low morning sun reflecting off the damp footpaths and road surfaces making it almost impossible to see anything at all.
  3. an answerphone is best. Trouble is mine is depressed as nobody wants to talk to it.🥴
  4. Where about? there is plans afoot to develop that sight into a 20,0000 space housing estate with helipad and three hotels and a high rise affordable housing unit with 250 single occupancy rooms an 10 parking spaces.( well probably something along those lines)..🤭
  5. will give it a look this week. have to go into town to sort out some financial hiccups. Did you know that banks can declare an account dormant after it has not been used for a certain period of time? I didn't. Have a few bob squirreled away against the time that the reaper calls in a high interest account. Never put any more money in as i would lose interest for that month, never take money out as i do not need it. It has just sat there accumulating interest. Now the bank says that it will be declared dormant, which i assume means that it will no longer get interest on the money in it and i will have to jump through hoops to get it reactivated. Wonder if that amounts to robbery on their part.......🤔
  6. Because they have more MP's in the UK parliament than the English do. They might not be representing their particular parties but they are scots and welsh nevertheleass. Has it struck anybody that the scottish SNP leaders all seem to have fishy sounding names. SALMONd, Sturgeon.....🤔
  7. my land line handsets have the number that is calling come up on a screen. if it is in the phone book memory then that persons name comes up. Any that is a number gets through to the answer phone. In fact most of my calls go through to the answer phone on the basis that if it is somebody i know they will leave a message (even if it is just "bloody answer phone again"), if it is anybody else they will either leave a message if it is important of just hang up. Saves me a lot of time explaining to microsoft that i do not have a windows pc, although sometimes i do answer them just out of mischief.
  8. definitely winwick street. Could well have been between tanners lane and foundry street or was it the railway station and foundry street. I do remember having to go sort of round the side to the workshop area to collect a bike one time. As an apprentice i had a motorbike to get back and to to work. My mates and i would often go to bill popes and then jack frodshams to ogle the bikes in the window to see what the japanese latest offerings were.
  9. 60 winwick street was the business address. as you came from central station it was in the left hand side.
  10. Do know that it was a Greenhall pub between the two sides the Tetley brewery. Always made me chuckle that did. Thinking on it i wonder if Greenhall kept it going out of a mischievous streak to have a dig at Tetleys, "a brewery with a rival breweries pub almost in it's grounds" does sound rather like a clever marketing ploy.
  11. Would cost three times original quoted budget and be two years behind original quoted schedule though obs.
  12. 60 winwick street was the address. not sure where that was in relation to the railway line. Bought a few motor bikes from there over the years. trying to remember if it was before the rainbow cafe or after as you walk from town centre.
  13. trees breath out CO2 as well as oxygen. (Respiration) they also release water into the atmosphere. so more trees equals more water which will raise the water levels. Ok maybe not that much water but that is one thing that climate change advocates and extinction rebellioin people never seem to talk about.
  14. Using those figures he will be worn out in two hours.🤣 However that is assuming he is on about planting mature-ish trees and not seeds. Using a seed fiddle you could plant quite a lot of seeds in a short time thus making those figures quite possible. There is a great difference between planting and growing to a somewhat mature state. Apple trees grown from seed take about eight years before bearing fruit. So we will have a fiddling politician. Nowt new there then..🤭
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