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  1. Most popular name ?

    not something that i have come across either. I have to watch what i type though as i tend to find that my typing is often half a paragraph behind what i am thinking of typing which then leads to me stopping and having to spend a minute or two trying to sort out where i am up to. i also find that i type so fast that i end up with spaces in the wrong place so have to go back and edit the words to make sense. I have found that faceache has an odd habit of being about half a sentence behind what i am actually typing when i do post on there. can be really annoying, especially when you try to edit to catch up and it puts the cursor in the middle of the sentence. i usually end up deleting the lot and starting again. I remember when PC's were first gaining popularity and they had a 250 character type ahead. anybody who was a touch typist often had to stop and wait for the characters on the screen to catch up. could be quite funny seeing them sat there and words appearing on the screen without them touching the keyboard.
  2. Grid lock -

    Might make it a bit easier when somebody threatens to jump off one they can make the other two way so less traffic hold ups.
  3. Will Fat Boy get his nukes ?

    Given Donalds attitude to threats, he may get some from America, express delivery.
  4. Most popular name ?

    Had a look at that article and was trying to figure out what the time period for the collection of those statistics were. Is it between 2015 and 2016. or between 2016 and 2017. or even 2014 and 2015. The article does not make it very clear. One spin you could put on the info as opposed to "Mohamed is becoming more popular" one,Is "Out of the 46,601 people who's names appear on in the top ten names list 42,693 are NOT called Mohamed" Its like saying six out of seven dwarfs were not happy. Maybe the people called Mohamed were named for some famous figure, hailed as one of the greatest in his time and still revered as such to this day. Traditional names seem to be dying out due to celebrity influences and odd fancies of new mothers to be that bit "different". I have three young relatives whose names are Blaide, Rain and Hunter.
  5. For sale

    At 60 euro it's a baaaaargain.
  6. Nutters -

    All this PC business is making life very difficult to get through with out saying something offensive to somebody. any mention of a particular religion is taken as an offensive remark by other religious bodies. Making a comment, however innocent it may be,about somebodies sexual orientation is a definite no no, apart from the "Straight" section of the community who seem to have no redress if they are "offended" by any of a differing sexual preference. "oh you can't say that i am offended as i am a (lesbian/gay/transsexual/ bisexual/transvestite) and i am offended by it and am calling the authorities" in fact it is just ridiculous the amount of offence you can cause just by doing nothing these days. (ask any wife) every day i wonder what will be added to the ever growing list of "offensive" material and where i can get the latest version of the list so as not to be accused of causing offence to anybody by wishing them a good morning.
  7. Visit

    Better tell her to brace herself then stallard they don't come much stranger than the people who post on here. (grabs tin hat and heads for fall out shelter)
  8. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    I am sure that every box has been duly ticked
  9. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    In the region of 9000.out of the proposed 24000 that is said to be required to cover warrington's housing needs up to 2037 need to be built on green belt land were the figures reported in the local press recently. Think the main fear is that the green belt land will be developed ahead of brownfield sites and that traffic issues seem to not really figure in the equation at all. Alll it takes for warrington to get gridlocked is M&S to announce a sale apparently. yesterday saw traffic chaos due to M&S 20% off sale and the roadworks at junction 8. Gemini area a no go area except by foot and that was on a Sunday. Shudder to think what it is like during the school run times. It was bad enough four years ago when it could take twenty minutes to get from the waterways island to the dual carriageway at the peace centre and that was at seven am.
  10. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    Oh goody somebody else who has the same wedding anniversary as me.
  11. Egg on faces ?

    They will fall back to their usual tactics. Blockade the ports.
  12. Specs Average Speed Cameras.

    Depends on how much leeway they are programmed to give, if any. My understanding of them is that they do not note the speed of the individual car but how long it takes to go between the two point that the cameras cover. if the allowance is plus or minus 5mph then a car travelling for half the distance at 60mph and half at 50 could just about get away with it. (if my maths is right only got cse maths not 'o' level) also depends on how good the lawyers are at making the excuses for the drivers, top end cars usually means top end lawyers to exploit every loophole they can find.
  13. Charging for roadworks

    The problem with charging the utility companies is that it is not them who will be paying the fine but the customers as any additional costs will be added to your bills with that cheery little sound bite of "we are investing in the future of the infrastructure". Davy i wish the council would come and resurface the footpaths down our street. they were last done thirty years ago and about two weeks later the gas company came along to lay a new pipeline in the street, result that the nice new tarmac was ripped up and once finished a new section about a foot wide laid back down. we now have a three stripe footpath on our side and we are lucky. The opposite side is a nightmare not so much potholes as cobble like areas. The tarmac has worn away completely to the white stone underneath leaving small areas of tarmac. Two streets away the footpaths are pristine tarmac. mind you our ex councillor live there. (council will only investigate potholes on a footpath if they are of a certain depth. lack of tarmac means nothing to them as they are not potholes)
  14. Some thoughts

    If a word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly how would you know?
  15. Harvey

    Surprised he didn't offer to chip in a few quid of his own money towards the rebuild. On the plus side that should be it until 3017 and you won't need to travel far to get a spot of fishing in either.