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  1. Is this because united fans are more racist than other fans or more numerous?
  2. So does that mean there will get an upsurge in cut throats instead?
  3. For the record:- I have never set fluffy bed bugs on anybody (who didn't deserve it)🦟🐛
  4. Cheap television? More interesting watching the village idiot competition, although the level of debate is generally much more sensible in that. 🤦‍♂️🤪
  5. I am deeply offended by the fact that i have not found anything to offend me today.🤔🤭
  6. Maybe they are trying to get everybody to drive electric cars and are using that as an incentive. Drive an electric car and get money back by selling excess stored electricity from it to the grid. For a small population it could be quite a good thing. if all houses had sufficient solar panels to power the house during the day and charge the car and sufficient storage capacity to provide enough power to power the house during the night. whatever power was excess would then go into the communal pot add a few extra solar panels to the garden shed and you could be quids in. bung in a few wind turbines for those rainy days as well.
  7. Evil Sid


    It may cause a screw up or a visit from the dark car brigade asking what you have to hide. keep an eye open for the Flowers By Irene vans outside the house. 🕵️‍♀️
  8. stallard when you look at the other candidates it is not a surprise. I would not trust any of to be capable of looking after a stray cat let alone a whole country.😿
  9. don't know obs. it depends on how they work out the figures. 50 cars taking half an hour to travel a mile produce X amount of pollution over that mile. How many cars would it take to produce the same amount of pollution if the cars take one minute to travel that same mile stretch.( assuming that the cars produce a set amount of pollution per car which is constant) so would be 30 x 50 which 1500 cars. Not quite that simple does an idling car produce more pollution than a car that is travelling at 60mph in top gear? Well yes if you take into account that and idling car will be in one place for say a minute and a car travelling at 60mph will pass that same point in less than a second. But all cars are not the same when it comes to emissions especially taking into account hybrid cars and those with stop/start engines. Still all that will be by the by when electric cars are the norm, which considering they have been around since the 1870's shouldn't be much longer in coming.
  10. Evil Sid


    Due to registration district changes. woolston came under newton district for registration purposes until 1974 when woolston was transferred from lancashire to cheshire. and newton was lumped in with merseyside. my father in law had an all zone pass for merseyside which allowed free travel on public transport throughout the merseyside area, that included trains and ferries. what this meant was that he could get a train from liverpool to warrington and back but only had to pay for a ticket from newton to warrington and back, which was about £2.00.
  11. I suppose one excuse they have not trotted out is that they were doing the drugs as an experiment so that in future drug law debates they have experience of what effects the drugs have rather than having to rely on "expert" opinion.🤔🤭 I am sure if ever you decide to put your posterior up for election make sure its labour, be a shoe in in warrington. (provided it passed the emissions test)💨💨
  12. Evil Sid


    97 eh, only time it gets that warm here is when Mrs sid has the heating turned up to turbo. I could sit out back on my home-made bench seat with a black grouse in one hand and the brolley in the other,( don't want to water down the drink) and listen to the night-life in the area. the low drone of the planes coming into liverpool, the occasional whine of the ambulance sirens and the dull throb of the police helicopter overhead. darn magpie still chattering away on the roof, neighbours barbie going well, now into the screaming drunks stage, that will need more than a few paracetamol in the morning and must make a mental note to get more slug pellets, considering how slow those buggers are they are really hard to hit with those pellets. oh well pot that for a game of soldiers off inside to thaw out and watch the test card channel.
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