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  1. Evil Sid

    Ho HO oh no

  2. Evil Sid

    Brexit again -

    it does make you wonder then how much worse off the EU will be without the UK given the speed of which this bit of legal hocus pocus was put in place. I suppose there will me a more vigorous campaign from both sides now to support/denounce it. Saw a bit on the news yesterday when they were interviewing people in runcorn. First one they interviewed came out with the statement that they were worried and then admitted that they had not voted in the referendum. That being the case they have no say in the matter. Their excuse was that they were not sure about the issues. second guy interviewed ran a business and had voted, he wasn't worried as he had little to do with the EU as such. Nearly all his business was with American companies and he stated that he was seeing an increase if anything in his trade. in all the press coverage I have seen the focus has been on how bad leaving will be or how bad such a deal will be. Not one on how good things could be, and as always it is speculation. We will not know until it happens is the way to look at it. Then good or bad deal with it.
  3. Evil Sid

    O2 down

    Thought there were few less zombies about, i did wonder if there had been a cull. Must have been really terrifying for the people affected, maybe they can get compensation pay outs to pay for the counselling and emotional trauma. Can see the adds now. "emotionally scarred from the recent O2 failure? call Fleeceum and Scarper and we will fight your case, some of our clients have received up to £7.50 in compensation." From what i have heard it was a software problem, probably one dave from microsoft technical department can put right.🤣
  4. Evil Sid

    Crazy Traffic Lights

    By logic bill i assume you mean the logic in the programs and not the logic in the town road planners.🤭 I find that the crossing of winwick road at Mcdonald to be the most frustrating lights during the daytime running. the lights are set to allow traffic to flow along winwick road. As a result four cars can mange to get across between the lights changing from red to green and back, five if the guys at the front has his foot on the go faster peddle and gets a decent racing start. That is all providing that the inevitable queue down winwick road has not blocked the junction. another puzzler are the lights at the cemetery as you head down manchester road. they are filter lights during the day but not at night. really confusing if you don't know this, you can be sat waiting for the filter to turn green only to see the lights change to red again. Still i am sure our erstwhile traffic planning department has got it all in hand and have a plan in place to completely solve the whole traffic flow problems around warrington making motoring a joy once more on our roads.🤥🤡
  5. Evil Sid

    Motorway woes

    I would not want to control it, but how reliable are the computers that are used. Having a complete power failure even for a second would cause the system to reboot. even the fastest take a minute or two to get the operating system installed. by which time you are down on the ground or slightly be;low it depending on what height you were at at the time. The distance of the emergency pilot should not make a difference, however, the further away they are then the more chance of lag being an issue. (besides which would you want some guy in the middle of the outback taking control of your london flying cab, ok maybe yes if it was an emergency i suppose) autonomous vehicles will only be really effective when they are the only vehicles on the road.
  6. Evil Sid

    Motorway woes

    Several points that would make me think twice about a flying taxi. 1. How do they cope at a hundred feet if the power suddenly goes out? 2. How prone are they to damage by bird strike? 3. how far away would the emergency pilot be? lag in a flying vehicle control situation would be disastrous. vehicle veers to left pilot adjusts but due to lag over compensates as nothing seems to be happening straight away. realises he has now a vehicle that is veering to the right and again overcompensates due to lag. eventual result one flying taxi parked in the side of a building. anybody who has played any sort of multiplayer flying or shooting type game on the web will know what i mean.
  7. Evil Sid

    Brexit again -

    Can anybody explain why when a government minister resigns his post he still has a job in government. Yet were i to resign my post in private employment i would be escorted from the premises by a member of HR and security and have to sign on the dole and look for another one? 🤔
  8. Evil Sid

    Jumping Jack Flash,

    That is as maybe davy but we are not allowed to eat vegetarians.😟 (yet ) A flatulence plant. Could make the answer to the question "and what did you do at work today daddy" quite interesting. 🤧 🤢🤣 I do sometimes wonder how much gas pressure has to build up in the human body before the safety valve operates....🤔
  9. Evil Sid

    Christmas 3

    TV ads for christmas over here usually start around end of january with the park hamper ones, "start saving for your park hamper for christmas (add year) only £x.xx per month" It is quite interesting watching how the adverts start to change slowly as november/ december gets nearer. Scantily clad men and women start to get more prevalent advertising perfumes with no price mentioned. Kids games made from plastic that would not even keep a cat amused for more than five minutes let alone the age range it is targeted at. Singers that you have not heard of since they made that one record that everybodies granny liked twenty odd years ago suddenly produce new albums of old songs that nobody will listen too because they are too corny or christmassy for the rest of the year. Animal charities asking for £2.00 a month for sick dragons, "your two pounds a month will get you a newsletter and a stuffed cuddly dragon" Christmas that one time of the year when we worry more about who we sent a card to than anything. BAH HUMBUG!! 🤣
  10. Evil Sid

    Jumping Jack Flash,

    I blame the farmers. All those cows and sheep pumping methane into the air,. why isn't that captured and used to produce energy instead of being allowed to add to the climate change. Vegetarians have a lot to answer for as well. if more people ate cows and sheep then there would be less of them around to produce methane.🤔🤨🤭.
  11. Evil Sid

    Weather ?

    Statistics are a bit like domestos. Always making you wonder which germs it doesn't kill. On a lighter note. if you poured a bottle of domestos over the local vicar would you get done for bleach of the priest?
  12. Evil Sid

    Time for regular re-tests ?

    lots of young people these days wearing trilby's, think it's some kind of fashion fad. Waistcoats becoming popular again along with pocket watches on albert chains. (well in the trendier parts of the country anyhow). Anyway i have noticed that young females on their own in a car tend to be more aggressive drivers than young males in a car on their own. For some reason they seem to be in much more of a hurry to get where they are going. ( i am not being biased against female drivers merely making statement based on personal observation.)
  13. Evil Sid

    Christmas again

    Very good for the environment as they used renewable energy.👰 Easy to clean them, even if they got clogged with dog hair. two minutes to remove the rollers and slide hair of end and a quick scrub at the bristles with a stiff brush and good to go. Surprising how often you see them come up on those antique programs as well and asking silly money for them.££££!!!!
  14. Evil Sid

    Brexit again -

    If we are going to be so badly off after brexit why are there still boatloads risking lives to get in here?
  15. Evil Sid

    Time for regular re-tests ?

    Think that a medical, including eye test, is needed after a certain age in spain. I can remember the late father in law saying something along those lines. Not sure if it was a yearly thing or every three years though. Always have a chuckle at something the late father in law used to say about drivers. it was "be careful around drivers who are smoking a pipe" ,never quite sure what that meant, can only assume that pipe smokers get more distracted than others whilst driving.