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  1. The KFC panic

    "I have heard a word. Kentucky fried chicken doesn't have single fried bird" Only time i have ever been in a KFC was to get a cup of coffee and use the facilities.
  2. “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” ― Mark Twain
  3. What Happened to - Lap Dancers

    I googled lap dancing in warrington and read the 2013 article in the guardian yesterday. Places like that are too exciting for me now. ( a bowl of cornflakes is probably too exciting for me )
  4. What Happened to - Lap Dancers

    would that be the one in legh street opposites boots entrance to the golden square as reported to be opening in 2013?
  5. Computer passwords

    i tried using fortnight for mine but it said it was two week
  6. could be a tricky one this one. They would need a handle three times wider to fit all the stickers on to make sure that they are not offending anybody and even then there would be some group that would object on some grounds or other. it is getting that way that you can't even make fun of yourself without offending somebody. Now reading through my post to see if i have inadvertently offended some group or other and that there are no sexist words in it. (is sexist allowed or would that cause offense because of the sex part of it) TILT!!!
  7. Elected Mayor for Warrington?

    interesting that the council will accept only a hard copy of signatures when the government will accept e-petitions.
  8. NHS again -

    did he get better togger? My mother didn't she died in hospital but that is neither here nor there. still one less elderly person to block a bed eh. In all the times that she had been taken to hospital their excuse for not releasing her in the morning was that they had to wait for her medication to be delivered. As the pharmacy did not deliver to the wards until six pm this meant that she was taking up a bed all day that could have been freed up for another patient. I asked why they could not let her out and i would collect her medication after six and was told that it would spare me having to make a journey to the hospital to pick her medication up. i am fortunate that i live less that a hundred yards from warrington hospital and so after a brief explanation and in one case pointing out my house from the ward window. i convinced them that it was not a problem for me to come back at half six.
  9. Post Box Collections

    https://www.royalmailgroup.com/sites/default/files/Royal_Mail_Collection_and_Delivery_Times.pdf this might help or not .
  10. Pot holes again -

    many years back i damaged the exhaust of my car due to a large pothole. the following morning around nine i called them and told them what had happened and where.They advised me to get a picture and measurements etc. My car being repaired at the garage i had to get the bus to the place. i arrived at the place about half ten to find that there was no longer a pothole, it had miraculously been filled in. Result no evidence so no claim. So bear that in mind as well if you do sustain damage to your vehicle. don't wait to get evidence.
  11. Pot holes again -

    not holding out any hope of getting the footpaths down our street done any time soon then. They used to have potholes but no longer as all the tarmac has worn off , well most of th etarmac has worn off so now more like cobbles areas than potholes.
  12. Smart M/Ways ?

    obs if you google smart motorways and look on the rac site it gives you a list of the various motorways that are being used and to what extent. there are three types at present. all lane running, controlled and dynamic hard shoulder running.
  13. Birthday

    sounds like you had a good day. I am sure dizz can sot you out on posting pictures. if you think about it things may have progressed as regards technology but it is going backwards in some respects. You mentioned deliveries by the co-op. these were phased out for a while and are now back with the advent of online shopping.
  14. This can't be true can it ?

    there is this link to have a look at the proposal. https://www.warrington.gov.uk/info/201251/other_projects/2341/waste_transfer_station there is also a link on the page to a pdf.