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  1. perhaps if they stopped paying the lawyers the legal aid they could use it to house a few more illegals.....五
  2. I would but they would only deny it. I mean scientists what do they know. My mate down the pubs cousins mate told him that his grandad heard it from a bloke in the library that it was all a big plot to force tracking of peoples movement, nothing to do with a virus at all.......五
  3. Only applies to uk residents coming back legally after 4 pm on a saturday......
  4. "what part of I TOLD YOU SO didn't you understand" he says in his best Gordon Ramsey inpression.........不不 It was always going to happen, everybody knew it would, but ignored the advice anyway. So back to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 瞿200......五
  5. funny i mentioned something similar in an earlier post in this topic.
  6. You know as a kid i was always wondering why he was called hamburger gessler. it was only as i got older that i found out the real name was land burger gessler...五 I always felt sorry for the guards in those shows. Every week those poor lads would come rushing into the room waving their swords and such around only to be killed off by the hero, even when it was ten to one in their favour. Make you wonder why anybody would want to be a guard in those days. how to tell a cultured person. They are the ones who can listen the william tell overture without automatically thinking "HI HO
  7. I am happy for you stallard. even brexit is taking a back seat to this virus over here on the news. If you read the news pages on here you will know that we had fifteen new cases in a week in warringon alone. Have lost two friends this last month. One was an old friend of the wife's who was just in her seventies, cause unknown by me at present and one was the secretary of our bowls club who passed away last week who was in his ninerties. again cause unknown by me. both could have been natural causes or may have a tenuous link to the virus. as for anybody else i would not know as
  8. Ah robin hood. "dah da da dada dah da da daaah, sproing whoosh boing," and cue the music. they do show that on talking pictures as well on certain days. They do quite a few of the old series that used to inspire us kids to go out and try and maim each other with home made bows or swords made from pailings nicked out the fence Then there was the likes of ivanhoe and lancelot which was responsible for many a mop or brush to go missing to be used as a lance along with the bin lid as a shield. Some of those games between us kids would make the battle of Hastings seem like a re-enactment
  9. watched miss robin hood the other night. Margaret Rutherford was the main star but a host of,now, familiar faces in supporting and minor roles. James Robertson Justice playing his usual loud villainous roll sid james as a cabbie. reg varney as a copywriter and Dora Brian as a barmaid. a silly comedy but worth the watch if you have nothing better to do.
  10. Managed to speak to my sister who seems to think that donald was either ernies son or his youngest brother. She also seems to think that they were the owners of elwells scaffolding firm in warrington. The only people that she can remember running that off-license was a family called moors whose son was called chris. spoke to my younger brother as well and he has it in his head that the person that ran the offlicense beofre the moors took over was an elwell. how correct that is though is open to question. still working on any photo's but that may take a while There is a
  11. Historical accuracy? when has that ever mattered in a Hollywood film, or even accuracy of any kind. According to hollywood the americans have won every war they have ever fought in against all-comers from across the galaxy and beyond. They have to be "seen" to be doing the "right"thing when it comes to pandering to whatever the latest "politically correct" trend is. last year it was women actors, this year it is black actors, next year it will no doubt be chinese actors. no doubt at some future event it will be black female transgender chinese dwarf cyborgs or something similar.
  12. Not been able to get hold of her yet. been busy with brothers hospital visits but will try today she was supposed to come over but not sure if she is still self isolating or not. Will have a look through my collection of pictures to see if i have anything. Not an easy task as over the last fifty odd years i have amassed quite a collection and i those days cameras were classed as a luxury item. The only Dougie i remember from then was actually Douglas Fairbanks, yes that was his name, his family had a couple of harlequin great deans which he took for a walk. funny really as they were
  13. Or hint the one of them has got the virus to keep them out of mischief for a few weeks....
  14. i dont know Why does the gov announce a change to the new rules from Monday leaving the covidiots to party over the weekend? Oh sorry i thought it was the first line to a joke.....五
  15. Why does that statement remind me of the spanish inquisition sketch from monty python.....
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