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  1. flying the flag and the world cup.

    They are if they worked in the coal mining industry which is where the term "Black country" is supposedly derived from.
  2. Loosing it

    PJ i do apologise but it was unclear in your post and i assumed that the old person was on foot and not driving. as for the reckless driving bit it was not an accusation merely a statement of what could be put down on any charge that the police might bring had an accident occurred. It was not meant as a criticism of you or your driving. I could have easily have said driving without due care and attention. again not criticism of your driving just an observation should charges arise. in saying that not too long back i was nearly wiped out by some young guy who saw gap in traffic and went to pull out. both he and i were lucky in that he managed to slam the anchors on and i managed to swerve across his front. good job i was on the bike and not in the car, or maybe not as he seemed to be oblivious to the bike and just saw a gap. had i been in the car he would in all probability not pulled out in front of me.
  3. Plastic problem ?

    somebody mentioned the other day that they are thinking of giving a refund on plastic bottles returned and recycled. Like they used to do years ago with your beer bottles. have also seen an article where a train station or bus station was giving a ticket for recycling plastic bottles. so many bottles per ticket. there is also a company that use recycled ground up plastic to make roads. (McRebur)
  4. World Cup

    leeds v saints game was good one though.
  5. Loosing it

    smart phones. dumb people. I the case of the older generation they could have hearing and sight difficulties as well as being unstable on their feet due to having managed to survive for so long. The young have no such excuse as being old, just the excuse that they needed to know what their mate who is about three yards behind them was doing after school or the like . however had you not managed to avoid adding to the Darwin list or relieving the NHS of some burdensome bed blocker, who would have been at fault? Well you would for not driving with due care and attention. That the person you had hit was oblivious to the fact you were driving recklessly down the road is no excuse. (the fact that you had hit a person automatically gives the assumption the you are driving recklessly in some eyes) it is not only pedestrians that are smart phone zombies, an increasing number of cyclist deem it unthinkable to be able to cycle along without head phones and smartphone, even to the point of using both hands to fiddle about with the playlist or send text or whatever it is they do on them. As a youth it was considered daring to ride a cycle with your hands off the handle bars, these days it it is almost compulsory. on the subject of spell checkers, do you have the US english spell checker installed or the UK english spell checker.(with appropriate dictionaries)?
  6. flying the flag and the world cup.

    Can't see the point in sticking an england flag (made in china) to my car (made in france) or my bike ( made in america) to support a scratch football team (made in hope), especially as i have no real interest in the world cup (or football in general) and the resultant "shouldadone" commentary by the pundits who had the same things said about them when they played for the national side when it got beat by (insert any other national side in the world here). The world cup. the only competition where the pre match commentary and the subsequent post mortem of the result takes longer than the actual match.
  7. Next door neighbour seemed a bit miffed the other day. He told me that the police were telling people to remove the England flag from cars as it might offend. I have also seen a post on face ache along similar lines where police were saying that people were being told they could not wear and england shirt whilst watching the world cup in public houses and the like and that they should not be seen carrying the england flag for fear of causing offence. Ok my problem is that this is only two accounts and being a cynic when it comes to such things was wondering if anyone had seen or heard similar from any official source such as the police or government source or is it just a ploy from hate campaigners to stir up some racial hatred? "can't show support for my national team as it causes offence to (insert ethnic minority of choice) stuff that nobody is going to tell me what i can wear in my own country and if they don't like it they can (suitable swear word not found) back to where they came from" seems to be the mantra that is being touted. All this because the england national football team has manage to qualify to take part in the world cup and might actually manage to get to (lets be generous) the quarter finals. (on a personal note i could not care less about flags or the world cup for that matter) So again has anybody any proof of the allegations of the police activity or not?
  8. Hill Cliffe. Help please?

    still in better nick than the footpaths in our street.
  9. wikipedia states there are 141 listed buildings in the warrington area. actually now 140 as they list the now defunct church.
  10. Castleford at home

    asp i would go on the 4th just to be sure and even then it would probably be fifty fifty that the train would be cancelled. thought it was a pretty good match all told. one lucky try each, hard to defend when the ball hits the cross bar and bounces back into the arms of the opposition and that awkward pass that somehow found found a player and baffled the cas defence to produce a try. given their positions in the league about what was expected. so a bit more practice kicking from the side lines as that seems to be where charnley likes to put the ball down as do most wingers these days.
  11. Because the kids would scream child abuse otherwise or the teachers would. (probably)
  12. losing text

    getting old bill, getting old
  13. losing text

    was trying to upload a screen shot but have run out of room on attachments for this site. now have to try and figure out how to remove attachments so that i can upload the screen shot. is this what you are seeing when you try to post bill? a bit convoluted but had to upload to photobucket, after confirming email with them.
  14. losing text

    are you using edit for every post bill? if you use reply to post then you should not get the red required at the top that only appears using the edit option.
  15. Perhaps the sensible solution would be that until a person has reached the legal age deemed to be "adult" then they should not be allowed to undergo any gender reassignment surgery. If they want to personally dress as a different gender, fine. I mean i am in the wrong body, i should be twenty years old with the physique of the average greek god. instead i am sixty with the body of the average couch potato, unfortunately technology has not yet got to the point of a full body swap.