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  1. As for working for the BBC i have no idea. Don't really know who she is apart from a name mentioned every so often in the press.
  2. Problem is that you would need six warders to each one so they don't go and see if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence...🤔
  3. found a site that list quite a lot of the warrington pubs. Adelphi vaults. 1905 Leigh arms. 1895 Mersey. 1905 Moulders arms. 1871 Victoria vaults. 1918 All these are listed as mersey street. The date refers to the earliest reference that the page has for that pub. for a list of the rest. http://www.allthingswarrington.net/Pubs/towncentre.php#.XoNJJ2B7nmg Hope that jogs a few memory cells for you.
  4. "Desperate times call for desperate measures" a quote that springs to mind. under normal circumstances it would be done for profit and rigorous testing carried out into all possibilities of failure of the equipment. under the current circumstances immediate profit goes out the window as does the testing. it is a case of "if it works use it". (also good publicity for them when things do get back to something like normal).
  5. The moulders arms possibly? I think that the little street that led into the multi story was moulder street or lane.
  6. Because she is a "charity worker" and so good for selling the old news sheets and stirring up the "we will protest about anything" brigade.
  7. You have to prove you have been actively been looking for work and have been available to start work or at least attend a job interview during the times that you "sign on" at the dwp. I went through it for a couple of years between jobs. They said at one point that because i was keeping an eye on my father in law twice a week that they would stop my money. I chuckled and said "go ahead" quite well aware that i was only signing on to get my pension topped up. The look on the guy's face when he accessed my details was well worth it. I wasn't bothered as i had just got my card for working with vulnerable people and was starting as a passenger escort the following day.
  8. From what i remember it was the engineers on the ships and submarines themselves who somehow managed to figure out a way to get them to work. They got reprimanded by high command for not following the directions laid out in the manual, which was highly top secret and kept in a safe in a vault in some basement and who only those with clearance had access to. After which here was an account of one japanese aircraft carrier that was hit by 40 odd torpedoes. five of which actually detonated the rest just bounced off or went underneath it. This was because the loaders and armourer were following directions given to them. Even after that the designers still insisted that there was nothing wrong with the torpedoes and that it was the fault of the ratings who were in charge of arming and loading them.
  9. Currrently listening to old mike harding clips on you tube. tears rolling down my face with laughter. better than doing a body count on midsomer murders.
  10. Given the Queen's age and thus vulnerability and Charles having tested positive one wonders if we will be having a new monarch by the end of the virus crisis. So after Charley who is next in line to get their bum on the royal seat? (i have to ask as keeping up with who is and who isn't part of the royal succession is not one of my main interests in life). Has anybody checked the house of lords lately, they seem to have gone pretty quite during this outbreak........🤧
  11. There was one on bargain hunt the other day went at auction for about fifteen quid. Of course you would have to find a suitable pond to sail it in but at least you could say you owned a yacht..🧐
  12. I watched a youtube documentary the other day about the problems that the yanks had with their torpedo design. Interesting how the upper management, experts/designers and government all insisted that the torpedo was fine and that any problems were down to the "unskilled" naval personnel that were using them. two big flaws were found. the first was the design and placement of the detonator which meant that when the torpedo hit it's target it failed to detonate and just bounced off with a resounding clang. The second was the testing method for the depth setting. it did not take into account varying sea pressures around the areas of action. this meant that torpedo depths were actually deeper than was set. this meant that torpedoes regularly tootled merrily under the ships they were aimed at and just carried on going til they ran out of propulsive power. think they did solve these problems by the end of the war or at least very shortly after.
  13. Cinemas were among the places that were shut almost at the start. Given that there have been reports of people stealing hand sanitisers from hospitals, (unconfirmed a sit was on face ache), how long do you think sanitisers inside a shop door would last. Local spar/garage was enforcing a strict policy with customers. Only allowing so many in at a time. As one leaves so another is allowed to enter by the member of staff on the door. don't know about any other shops as i have not had to go for a "major" food shop YET.
  14. Watching the number of "dog" walkers this week it reminded me of that advert for Pain relief. "We need to get out and exercise once a day" It is surprising the number of people who, prior to the lockdown, you could not get out of the house even if it was on fire, but who now suddenly seem to want to go walkabout. How many gym memberships will be cancelled when this is all over as people realise that they can get the same exercise at home for free...🤔 And on a more serious note I have not had one single phone call from "Dave" at microsoft technical services for over a week. I do hope he is ok...🤭
  15. Did look at the write up for that but it seemed a bit of an unlikely scenario to happen in the real world....🤔
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