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  1. It is amazing how one bad season can turn the fans against a coach. When he first took over form tony smith he was the bees knees and select parts of other animals, better than sliced bread. Now he is the worst thing since typhoid mary. Considering that most of the season has been played during the pandemic with fixtures often changing the night before the match then overall he has not done bad. He has managed too to field a team even if at times it has been made up of the younger players coming through the ranks,unlike other teams. At least he seems passionate about the wa
  2. I don't think i have ever hugged or kissed for five days over my whole life time......😭 A polite handshake or nod of the head and maybe a "merry christmas" muttered under duress with the tones of a "bah humbug" implied and that is about it really. Scrooge is a party animal when it comes to christmas compared to me.....🤣
  3. Or maybe it is the bulk buy discount. The more you can buy the cheaper the price becomes. Buy one pint of whisky and it will cost about £15.00 per pint. Buy a few hundred gallons of the stuff and the price will be about £10.00 per pint. (well maybe not that cheap but cheaper than by the pint.)
  4. Don't really drink these days. for some reason any high alcohol drink gives me immediate violent hiccups. Annoying as i have three bottles of the grouse whisky, normal,dark and black, sitting on a shelf plus a miniature bottle of glenlivet single malt as well. can't enjoy them because of the hiccups.....they are all very moreish as well,especially the dark grouse. mind you it does mean that the last a lot longer as i only tend to have a tot of each around christmas and new year. One thing i do have is some granite "ice" cubes. place in freezer for ten minutes and then add to whi
  5. You could always convert it into an outside drinks cabinet bill. ideal for barbecue night . If you leave enough room at the bottom to fill with ice as a cooler. Add a few shelves for the glassware. Put couple of bluetooth speakers in the lid and some lights and be the envy of your neighbours. Easy to move around as well when you want to move it. (Note to self:- must stop watching money for nothing.)....🤭
  6. Thinking more along the lines of a top up whilst driving or sat in traffic. Might not be much but even a extra two miles per journey may help. They have those plug in chargers that you put on the dash and plug into the auxiliary power point.(cigarette lighter socket for those of us who remember those things.)
  7. Only thing about aldi is that they don't have the catering tins of coffee.like tesco and asda. About all i can fault them on really.
  8. Easy money as there a so "few" people about they can target areas to send their guys to to top up the coffers by spotting little known rules that carry a fine for breaking. Pity they can't do the same for those people who dump old beds, fridges,sofas and the like rather than take them to the local tip or arranging the council to collect. Next thing you know they will be fining campers for loitering within tent....
  9. sounds like our street davy. i am parked mostly outside my neighbour. mainly because the neighbour on the other side has a disabled space that covers my front door and has a people carrier that fits the space. most of the rest of the street also have people carriers, so although i have the smallest car in the street i have difficulty getting in and out if i don't leave enough space at the front , hence parking mostly outside the other neighbours house. there are 27 cars parked in our street, considering there are only twelve houses in the terrace that is a lot of cars. add electric
  10. I always wondered which one was the nought and which one was the cross.....🤔...🤭
  11. I remember the old trade test transmissions that were on the soon to be bbc 2, not long after colour tv's made their appearance. Most telly's then we rented from granada rentals in town. apparently they had better technicians than radio rentals or redifusion according to my gran. I also remember my aunt having a tv that had two slatted sliding doors that covered the screen and a very art deco style look. it was a stand alone unit as well unlike most tv's at the time and with the door's close could easily be mistaken for a cocktail cabinet. limited viewing as well an hour at di
  12. at the time of testing anyhow.....🤔
  13. They have to have somebody to blame and the government is an easy target. Joe public are the one's who buy their services so they will not blame them and of course they are not to blame themselves as they are serving the "public good" by keeping the public informed (or misinformed as the case may be). "The government are to blame" no matter what steps they take or don't take or what decisions they make. My one question to anybody who has a go at the measures taken as wrong is this..."What is your solution"? and it should be the question any time the current measures are criticis
  14. Of which there are a quite a few. The problem arises when others repost the tripe they peddle because they want to believe that it is true or at least don't want to use what brains they have to question the validity of the statements. One that seems to do the rounds is the "i was followed home by (add ethic description) the other night/day/evening" type,which go into great detail and end up with a warning. no mention of reporting it to police, no mention of taking a picture with their smart phone, no ,mention ,if it was a car or van, of noting the number plate down.. I tend to look o
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