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  1. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    not to me they don't, can't stand tea. last cup of tea i had was in 1965 and i didn't drink that. something when i was very young put me off tea, it got so that even the smell would make me feel nauseous. not so bad these days but cannot drink tea even if my life depended on it. seems that trendy coffee houses are the norm these days. cafe's were easier it was tea, coffee,chocolate, horlicks or bovril for your hot drinks. nowdays you have to spend ten minutes reading the varieties and variations to try and find one that you can at least recognise and just might drink. One other thing i miss is proper mugs for drinks. they seem to have three types now. shaving mug ones with those ridiculously small handles that you can't get a finger into and can't grip. Ice cream type ones that you used to get served sundaes in in some places, and those thimble sized ones that have about two drips of coffee in.
  2. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    When was the last time you bought a cup of coffee? and by that i mean a cup of coffee and not a caramel fudge double frappé latte with a a shot of hazelnut. I had to go into town yesterday for my new glasses and spent five minutes staring at one of those costa machines trying to find a white coffee.( i was wearing my glasses at the time so not down to poor eyesight). On-line shopping is getting harder to avoid these days as quite a lot of stores have great goods on offer but you can ONLY purchase them on-line and not in store. It often puzzles me when i have gone into a place and found that the price on-line was actually less than the in store price despite the fact that it has to be delivered as opposed to taken off a shelf. VIRTUAL REALITY, for those who can't cope with actual reality.
  3. Town Hall flag

    Maybe the town hall has been taken over by Palau
  4. Town Hall flag

    are you sure it was a flag and not a rare glimpse of the sun in a blue sky?
  5. Raw Meat -

    Can still get boil in the bag beef and gravy, (bisto do it and quite tasty but not many slices in it). Hotpot hmm (that reminds me must get some ingredients for a casserole for saturday.) there are certain raw stuff that i won't handle, but chicken beef and pork are not amongst the list. Don't really do fish as Mrs sid allergic to white fish and i don't like salmon or tuna. odd thought fish tend to taper at each end yet the tins of salmon and tuna are all the same diameter so how come the tins are full. I always use a knife for the meat, a good sharp knife is just as easy to use as scissors, (another job sharpen the ceramic knives) as for millennials being squeamish about raw meat i blame a soft upbringing and too many pre-packaged foods. (odd though that they will quite gladly eat raw fish)
  6. Playing with fire ?

    But aren't all weapons chemical weapons of some description?
  7. Embarrasing Ambassador

    Could be a shrewd tactical move to lull others into thinking just that. Are they as daft as they are made out to be? And we all know how popular they are to the rich and powerful over the past years. as for Boris, "he may look like and idiot and he may sound like an idiot, but don't let that fool you, he really is an idiot." ( Marx, Groucho not Karl)
  8. Spy games ?

    Or a sausage inna bun from a certain Mr dibbler.
  9. Royal Wedding

    Won't be cheap either, those sort of things go for big money to the "trendies" for their apartments.
  10. Google

    don't on my phone. one more reason for me NOT to have a "smart phone"
  11. Englishman's home ?

    If for any reason they did not follow correct procedure then the person could end up wrongly convicted. By arresting him for a murder charge they can then investigate all aspects properly according to set procedures. Also if they ever catch up with the second scrote who invaded the house they can get a proper conviction on him/her/it without any legal challenges from the defendants lawyers saying that he was frightened for his life and traumatised from seeing his mate killed before his eyes.
  12. Spy games ?

    I think i will wait for the film to come out.
  13. UK Passports ?

    quite possibly and also influenced by brexit. "when we leave the eu then we are the only british firm that does this so have a monopoly and can charge what we want". Must have come as a shock to lose the contract for the blue passports. came across this whilst looking on how passports are made. http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/video/ukhomeoffice/Ha5VPXZ3ILs quite interesting. Seems all the detail for passports is printed at the factory which includes adding your photo and personal details.
  14. Spy games ?

    What have the local flashers society got to do with poisoning Russian ex spies?
  15. The wonders of officialdom...

    Dog wardens are trained and have the equipment to deal with stray/lost dogs wandering around the police aren't. After all you would not get an electrician out to fix a leaky pipe in your house. I would say though that there was nothing stopping the officer that it was reported to from calling the dog wardens out.