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  1. Politician: - They type of person who can stab you in the back whilst looking you in the face.🕵️‍♀️
  2. Careful dizz about loosing your marbles, they tend to roll everywhere and you end up losing them.🤔
  3. So if there is a no confidence win then the current government will have to be dissolved or a general election be called. similarly a vote of confidence in the next mob must be passed within 14 days or else there must be a general election. If the no confidence vote is defeated then another opposition member can again call for a vote of no confidence ad nauseum or until they run out of opposition members willing to risk a win. Even if there is a vote of no confidence then there is a precedence to call into question the validity of that vote on the grounds of misleading information supplied to the voters. (as claimed by brexiteers and remoaners) Seems our Mr Corbyn just wants to able to say he has been the prime minister and is prepared to use any tactics to achieve that aim
  4. Evil Sid


    no matter how big a shed you have there is never enough room for all the odd and ends that you keep justy in case in fifty years time you have a use for it. when we cleared dads shed i lost count of the number of half gallon paint tins with about half an inch of paint in, each one had to be opened and checked to see what was in it, just in case you found something useful, like you do.
  5. OOHHH she nearly got away with that one. 🤣 Happy birthday and may fortune smile on you and your family, unlike me who it just glanced at and laughed for about twenty minutes.
  6. Evil Sid


    My dad was a great hoarder, however he had a big shed to put stuff in. We always used to say if you wanted anything no matter how obscure or unusual my dad would have it somewhere. Between the kitchen wall and next doors fence was a space about width of a standard gate. he roofed it over and fitted a door to it to store wood, all sorts of wood, from six foot lengths of 3 x 6 oak to six inch offcuts of quarter beading. if there was a tool that had been invented chances are he had it or could make one just as good. When we finally had to empty everything we found tins and jars full of rusting bolts and nuts with all the old threads like Whitworth and BSW.
  7. More like the old time western gunslinger, always somebody who will come along and be quicker on the draw. When computing was in it's infancy it was more like "i wonder what happens if i do this" sort of endeavour. More curiosity rather than malice. Hacking these days is just electronic blackmail. Today it is a lucrative business and i do sometimes wonder if the ex poachers are not quite so EX as they are made out to be.
  8. Don wernham took over the chippie in grafton street. When he passed away his nieces took it on and its now called uncle dons chippie. Don't think so bill although you may find the odd sausage in it.🤔🤨🤭
  9. A lot really depends on what is defined as poverty these days and who does the defining of course. Also where will come into it. What is the definition of poverty level in say the UAE as opposed to Ethiopia?
  10. Soylent Green anybody? 🤫
  11. Loosing what? and can you get arrested for it?
  12. Global warming/climate change is due to (insert some plausible reason here). It can be proved by (grab a few facts from google that support plausible reason). it can be countered by ( some idea i have come up with that sounds reasonable and will make me money in the long run). And there you have it your very own climate change/global warming bandwagon kit.🤭 By the way has anybody checked to see if the sun has got any warmer, just a thought like.🤔
  13. Think the ref was bit under the weather, he only went to the video ref once instead of every try like he usually does.🤣
  14. politicians breaking promises. who'd have thought it. as they say "you can always tell when a politician is lying, their lips move"🕵️‍♀️
  15. Might look this one up to see if there is an electronic version of the book anywhere. Sort of thing i employ with spam emails. Any that purport to have money going spare because of a dead husband/relative usually get a reply from me offering condolences. One of my better ones was the "i have a case full of money in storage" e,ail that i replied to advising that it was destined for some Columbian drug cartel and infected with a deadly virus and was not to be opened under any circumstances, followed by a detailed plan for safe disposal of the crate and it's contents. another was one that wanted me to spend the money to carry on her late husbands Christian deeds. my reply was that as a practising Satanist it would not really be appropriate. but she had my condolences on her loss.
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