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  1. stable door and horse maybe...🤔 Given that it has already spread to other countries.
  2. very inscrutable those Chinese.....🤫
  3. "BLOCKADE THE PORTS!!!!".....🤣
  4. Can't help but wonder what happened to that little boat that went in front at about the 37 second mark. Came in from the left and shot in front then disappeared. At that speed he would have had no chance. 🤣
  5. Wonder how they stand on cannibalism then?.....🤭
  6. baking soda powered "atomic" submarine. remember it well. Never did get it to work properly. Maybe i used the wrong type of baking soda. Surprised that the "i know best" brigade have not gone all out to go back to the "standard" cornflakes rather than the chocolate/sugar/ icing sugar coated brands we have today.(those ones that were made out of recycled cardboard boxes or so it seemed to me as a kid.) The thing is kids pester. It is a well known fact. it does not matter what is on a box if the kid wants it they will pester and throw an atomic tantrum until they get it one way or another. Either what they want or the much needed clip round the ear, which will result in the obligatory reporting of parent to the authorities for child abuse etc.
  7. nah it was definitely never mind the quality feel the width. Cohen and Kelly bespoke tailoring...
  8. Never mind the quality feel the width..🤪🤭
  9. yes, the shops close on new years day, well most do or some do, ok so one or two do. But there is online shopping which is a 24/7 365 days of the year thing.(or 336 for the leap years) so i am not even sure of anything regards shopping days these days. In fact it is getting to be "ground-hog day" with me at present or past or however it works for that sort of thing. (Stephen Hawking might have known how to explain it better) As for me lack of sleep and caffeine are taking their toll. lets just leave it at shop early for Christmas......🤪
  10. Just to remind people. THERE ARE ONLY 363 SHOPPING DAYS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS after Boxing day.........🤔🤭
  11. A happy Christmas to all and a healthy and prosperous new year.
  12. But if they get independence they can join the EU and apply for their funding. At least that is what the mindset seems to be. They only want independence from the English, which will be a great saving for us straight away. 47 MP's gone at a stroke with associated secretaries, office staff assigned to them, expenses and second home and travel allowances. Fewer expensive legal challenges through the high courts. As an added bonus no more haggis in the shops..🤣
  13. I believe he is off to Blackpool for a spot In the end of pier christmas panto Robin Hood. He has a part as one of the trees in sherwood forest.
  14. Are we allowed to say female and man these day. Thought it was all "gender neutral" or pending or whatever the latest terms are.🤔
  15. new EU timings. They have increased the hours in a day to twenty seven and reduced the actual number of minutes in those hours to 53. this means that for a forty hour working week you work less but of course you do get shorter lunch breaks..🤫
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