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  1. Evil Sid

    Salford at home

    I was watching the two matches shown on sky sports and was surprised at the warrinton/salford score line that came up and wondered if some body had put it in the wrong way round. Obviously not, i just hope that this does not prey on the minds of the players for the next few matches and makes them try too hard to force a win.
  2. Evil Sid


    What a kind and generous person you are.🙌
  3. Evil Sid

    Super glue -

    Just doing their job, keeping the peace and not antagonising people. Result is that there is a rowdy but peaceful demonstration, nobody throwing bricks, nobody swinging lump of wood or iron, nobody setting fire to shops or looting and nobody getting injured. They could have waded in with batons,tear gas and the like and would have been condemned for police brutality by the same people who accuse them of not doing their job.
  4. Evil Sid

    Super glue -

    Personally i would leave them alone if they are glued to a heavy object. Very difficult to get food a drink if both hands glued to something. Also difficult to attend to other bodily needs.🤫 Police only need to keep people away from them for 24/48 hours for their own protection after which they can let their friends try to get them free. The police only need to keep the peace, they are not obliged to remove idiots who superglue themselves to a heavy object by way of protest but they are tasked with keeping them safe from harm, which includes their mates trying to pull them free at a later time.
  5. Evil Sid

    Holy Smoke -

    Sounds familiar does that.🕵️‍♀️
  6. Evil Sid

    Holy Smoke -

    Money obs and the fact that nobody ever thinks that a fire will break out or at least that the chance of such an occurrence are so low that winning the lottery three weeks on te run with the same numbers is a dead cert. Did see that Quasimodo managed to get out and is currently lodging at a nearby public house the ring o'bells, the bells, THE BELLLS!!! 🔔🔔🔔
  7. Evil Sid

    Should she be "rescued"

    I hope she wins her case and is brought back and serves 90 years under the prevention of terrorism. Solitary confinement for her own safety and no access to internet or any other form of communication outside of her cell. The problem is, However, as she has been stripped of her citizenship then she cannot apply for legal aid BUT her family as british citzens can.
  8. Evil Sid

    Murder on our roads ?

    Probably but it will never happen. The courts would be full of people appealing that the test or medical was not carried out properly and that they should have passed. Not to mention the outcry from the insurance companies at the loss of revenue. Anyhow would not stop drug or drink drivers. How many times have you read that a drink driver is up for his fifth or sixth offence despite being banned from driving for more years than he has left to live. Charging nutters who kill with a vehicle would be just as hard as you would first have to prove that they were a nutter in which case they would get a diminished responsibility conviction which would carry a lesser sentence. Can't wait for this no vaping in cars to start to be enforced. On the spot fines will treble overnight and licenses would be a waste of time if as a six point penalty the same as mobile phone use applies, nine points and a £2500 fine in extreme cases.🤔
  9. Evil Sid


    The most important part of any diet is the three letters DIE. Think about the giant panda, all it's life it eats bamboo which is basically a vegetable diet and look at the size of them.
  10. Evil Sid

    Pollution Charge

    Seeing that wherever i am i am here then the answer is yes.🤡 Probably more polluted than now as there was no life and the earth was adjusting itself as it finished coalescing prior to the building b;locks of life forming,depending on your definition of pollution of course.😯
  11. Evil Sid

    Pollution Charge

    Well given that there were more wood burning fires, transport was by horse or ox or foot and there were more wild cattle about then in 10BC it would probably be similar to now just different pollutants. We could always ask Dr Emmet Brown.🤔
  12. Evil Sid

    Brexit dictionary

    You could say the same about the remain voters, or the none voters all are equally to blame given that criteria, but really the only ones you can reasonably blame are the politicians who have prevaricated and procrastinated us into that position.
  13. Evil Sid

    State of the Nation ?

    Or maybe before they become parents would be a better idea. They would know how to house train a dog but cannot seem to grasp how to potty train a child. I would have thought that potty training a child was much easier than house training a dog. Given that most toddlers are handed a phone or tablet as soon as they are able to hold one it is not surprising that they cannot use a pencil, they probably don't now what one is or think it has come out of a museum. Speaking "properly" depends on the main language spoken in the home, if several different languages are spoken regularly by the household then it is not surprising that speaking "properly" has been flagged as one of the things they cannot do. Mind you the various teaching methods used to teach English over the last few decades i am surprised anybody can talk proper like. I blame the BBC for most of this not been the same since they stopped using people who spoke in such rounded precise tones whilst reading the news. Only have to listen to the old broadcast every word perfectly enunciated in a clear and authoritative voice, each diphthong perfectly diphthed.
  14. Evil Sid

    Brexit dictionary

    I do wonder why the EU is so willing to grant us an extension to work out a deal and not just an extra month but up to another year. Could they be worried that Britain leaving without any deal will throw the EU into financial meltdown with most of it's members going bankrupt.
  15. Evil Sid

    Pollution Charge

    Well only partly false, the politician and lying bit is true.🤔🤭