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  1. well what a turn up sat down sunday drinking a cup of hot tea when I seen this man on TV on ITV after spilling my tea all over me I notes this man (gray haired pensioner) was advertising Warrington market. Saying Come down to Warrington market you had me convinced at frist i thought you where going to dance gary...lol I then thought there was a fire there the way you where going on about it. I near put my coat on to come have a look…………. Lol no Gary well done it’s was good………… god now I get to see you on TV is it pay back time or what not happy puting it on tv its on the frount pag
  2. yes i did before you did .......lol
  3. I thought that would get his hart racing .lol…… . you know me dizzy anything to keep him on is toes
  4. so am i as there`s loads of new things
  5. like the new site gary may even do a post ............lol
  6. Yes I did any one notes that they had to take the knowledge test before they could operate ??.just one of the many parts of the licensing regulations they have to pass before your running a legal car and are licensed did you see on most of the cars where plated ??.and they used in the TV interview that they got in an illegal cab who was going to attract them ???.now where have we heard that before ??..but a well known club in Warrington was running illegal cabs them self?s ??..
  7. what they are doing the same ? wow how about that so they have a gaging order on as well so it cant be reported well baz you know more than others please tell us all what you know then.
  8. Let me tell you a story one day I come up with an idea of having a male only private hire company and I called it lets say big boys . And you can have one of my cars so you will not get raped by other taxi drives at other companies and I open it in lets say Warrington. And I use this to get publicity. I then think wow this could be a franchises all over the country. so I go and get as much press attention as I can and wow it take off. all VIP to come on bored with me they cant wait to be involved. so it starts taking off now other people want to put there life saving into my company a
  9. Back to the Taxi/PH they have two test a year by the department of transport and its the Council Taxi/ PH licensing department who are responsible to do spot checks when ever they like. plus if they go to other towns they are open to there councils stop checks. and as you know the police and customs and the department of transport do there own at any time. if they are found to be unsafe in any way even down to not having the right signage they are taken off the road and they are reprimanded and if it happens again they can lose there licences. But its looks also here as a membe
  10. tara_dad

    Fatty Tax

    dont tell gary what he will have fit tax on food
  11. Yes peter........... I think he?s getting ready to play father Christmas this year well he got the hair for it got and he got the belly for it .lol Well lets look at its he is getting on now and with all the worry he as had on here. so you could say "no wonder his got white hair" but there is one thing you don?t see Paul with white hair and he is the one who work in the office the most . Let look at this there as been nufin in the town worth reporting for a long time so he as not been overwhelmed with work. as we have just seen him playing D-jaying and watching rugby.
  12. dont get in a pink taxi as they are not .......lol
  13. sorry bill did not see you.......................... yes call round anytime you like mate. i could have been working bill has we have had to build ex to all the offices so some nights working till gone mindnight and i work late on firdays and sat night on the abba ranks 12 till 6 in the morin. glad to see you sill here. and to peter.................. yes missed beernight this year as coud not go as i was working the friday onwards was it a good night missed not getting my glass as well. nice to see you ste hope the wife and family are well kids not left home yet only one of mineas
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