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  1. This will make life a lot easier for gray to photo bomb and self’s now ..lol its looking good and well done to the team nice lay out give the WG a run now
  2. tara_dad


    garys quote No your not it was Marco's and went bust owing us money!!! gary you'll have to stop being nice to people and stop giving them credit
  3. dizzy have a look at this you'll find this interesting http://www.everymanremembered.org/
  4. lasts bit on this now you know where the Bus station is yes and you know what it is yes and what its for yes same with all the others so you remember, same with the Police Station local vets and what they are there for why do you keep saying going there!!! are you that lonely you need to talk your quote 'Will people really look at the cenotaph and remember'........................... wherever they put it ? apart from once a year maybe. I say YES and people use it more than ones a year that's it easy as you cant come up with anything new to say ill leave it with you now to have
  5. ok dizzy have I got this right now he had aright to construct the tyre wall as he had the permission of the Environment Agency under a U1 exemption as he had used specific tyre bales. but the council took him to court because they issued legal section 215 notice when they could have issued a Planning Contravention Notices & Contravention Notice Guidance. did the council use or try to use a Planning Contravention Notices & Contravention Notice Guidance. do we know !! if not he as got a right to appeal as he did have a Environment Agency under a U1 exemption. and look
  6. who said anything about going!! it was about remembering I said who goes so people go more than once a year. every one in Warrington knows about it and where it is and what its for
  7. one of your points on there dizzy is that, we all know soon its going to happen . but I am not tempting fate by saying it. you know I have not check if they are filled in or not ? any one know !! so could there be a health and safty issue there then to the public?
  8. nope still nothing new ok latch point taken ill behave now
  9. all way wanted to know why the name wolfie ? is it rock band thing ? not to worry grey man I had to do the same with your but I got there we will just have to take time and we will both get there hay I am willing
  10. didn't for the first time just took my time to read it back. Now that`s a first me reading back what I put to you, but I presume that will have to stop as you will have nothing useful to Participate in but type in turrets you'll come back with the same answer as turrette two ways but come on your letting the side down no new comeback
  11. any way back to topic I notice that the law states until you start building with them old tyres they are designated as waste. And you do need a licence to either transport or to keep as waste, so could be one way of getting out of not having to have one?
  12. don't you just love him for trying on the off chance it will be something new. but he`s a good boy really dizzy would I do that .lol you know he's `lonely` and always comes back with same thing that why love doing it winds him up .. but can I have a red one
  13. gray man ....yes explain to him. don't worry he comes out with lots of bull on here :0 and hardly come out with anything original from him self all way on back of other`s sometime I think its the attention he`s seeking. most of all its like having a turrets friend on line. but we love him ...you will see with the insult he`s going to come back with nothing original "same old same old" I do it because it wind's him up he cant past any of my post with out a wise cark that's why I do it love the batter over to you Wolfie this better for you gray man ....yes explain to him. don't worry
  14. see you still like the sound of your own voice
  15. well there one for wolfie you like the sound of your own voice
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