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    Where have all the Factories Gone

    Add another one to the list, how about Greenings at Bewsey, my wife worked there in 1971, last time we were over there in 1999 it had closed down. Is this a shame on the Western World that we cant produce anymore, or we can but at a much higher price.
  2. toolrunner23

    Where have all the Factories Gone

    Evil Sid, I worked for Tenants (Tennants) from 1971 to 1973 in the Toolroom, we made the Cast Iron Molds that made the clay elements that your mother used to make and pick. I think the manager of the company at that time was Douglas Leadson; it seemed to be a thriving business when I left. Do you or your mother remember what year the plant closed and did it continue to maintain its name Tenants (Tennants) or did it change names at one point. I did look at the Lockers web site and yes they seem to be doing well, with company?s spread out all over the world. It would seem that the Warrington Company has been reduced in size over the years, back in the 60s there would have been over 600 people working for them in Warrington.
  3. toolrunner23

    Where have all the Factories Gone

    I would agree with you that Richmonds were (are) in Latchford and the Locks are in Latchford, but Richmonds always refered to themselves as Grappenhall Works on the letterheads. They were called Richmonds back in the 60s, also Radiation Company, then I think the name was changed to NewWorld, what are they called today if they are still in Warrington. John Stringfellow
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    Where have all the Factories Gone

    Having lived in Canada now for over 40 years I was wondering where are or what has happened to some of the company?s I used to work for in Warrington. Associated Perforators & Weavers also known as Locker?s, they used to be on Church Street. This was the first company I worked for after leaving school. The British Aluminium Company, they used to be right behind Bank Quay Train Station. Richmond?s Gas Stove Company, they used to be at Grappenhall, right where the Lock?s are on the Manchester Ship Canal. Tennants Industries, they used to be just off Longshaw Street at Bewsey, they manufactured clay gas fire elements. Would be interesting to know if they are still around, Changed Names, or like many companies in this day and age, don?t exist anymore. John Stringfellow