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  1. Sid Don has replied Ed and Doug are his brothers. He will give them my email address.
  2. I have a piece of glass ware (a celery vase) that my mother used frequently. She said that it was from Robinsons Glass works, Is there any way that I can find out if that could be the case?
  3. Eileen: my uncle Harry Jepson served in the RAF and I believe that he was in Singapore during the war period. A long shot but do you know the name or anybody that might?
  4. Sid: So far no reply from Don but not everybody regularly looks at the messages on their computer! New regulations allows us to meet a few people out doors. I had a lovely 1.5 hours yesterday in the park chatting to a friend, simple pleasures. It looks like much stricter lock downs will occur in the UK. Whilst it's very ordinary living with restrictions it does work in reducing infections. Take care
  5. Sid, I meant to say that I remember the (Polish) guy, I also remember when trains ran regularly at the end of Allcard St. One year we had a huge bon fire in the St on Guy Fawkes night
  6. Sid, I sent Don a message via Facebook and hopefully he will reply soon. We ae still in a state of lock down here, so much so that we have not seen our daughter for over 8 months. The State government is to announce some chages to restrictions today so fingers crossed we can see family
  7. Sid Good to hear from you, many thanks for the reply and info'. Thanks also to your sister and brother. My parents Edna and Walter Peck owned the off licence for 30 years and would have been there over WW2 period. Several GI's from Burtonwood air base became friends with my parents and "left" from the house to get married. My parents sold the off licence in the early 1960's and moved to Stockton Heath, dad died around a year after retiring! I married a Liverpool girl in 1972 and we emigrated to Australia. We have two adult children and 4 grand children. I also think that the Elwell
  8. Sid Do you have any photos of your time in the area?
  9. Evil Syd many thanks for your message. It could be 'my dougie' is your Donald. Thanks for asking your sister
  10. Looking for relatives of Ernie and Dougie Elwell who lived in Allcard St, Bewsey in the 1950's. My parents ran the off-licence at the corner of Allcard St and Folly Lane and Ernie, Dougie and I were play mates!
  11. I'm looking for relatives of Emily B Peck and Thomas C Cross who married in Warrington in 1915. They had a daughter Doris W Cross in 1916
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