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  1. Fearnead Center Grotto

    Ho Ho Ho ! Hello Dizzy. Just checking my naughty list and your name pops up with great frequency ! Although in your favor, My elves say that you have been VERY VERY GOOD this year .. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year . Father Christmas , North Pole.
  2. Fearnead Center Grotto

    It is with great sadness that Blackbrook Community Association have had to cancel this years grotto due to circumstances beyond our control. We have spoken to Father Christmas and although he to is very sad He assures us that it will be " business as usual on Christmas Eve" The Grotto will be back next Christmas Bigger and Better than ever !
  3. Firework Displays

    Thanks Sha . I too agree that the sale of fireworks needs to be seriously looked at. Organized events are monitored by the local authorities with event notification's forms to be submitted. There are limit's on how loud a bang a firework makes. Interesting how a bang free display would be received by the public. Might try it next year.
  4. Hi Asperity. Your comments made me laugh. They do explain why i now have a WW2 sea mine floating in my garden pond !

  5. Firework Displays

    Firstly Obs can you explain what the word " anachronistic " means ? Secondly, I do not consider H/S as " bumff" . In one of your previous live's I assume you took H/S very seriously. What next Obs ? 21 gun salutes to use noiseless shells ? . Thirdly , I am amazed of your levity of the very serious action's taking place right now in Syria where every loud bang more than likely ends in some poor innocent life being lost. Get real Obs, your a big fish in a very small pond !
  6. Firework Displays

    The silence is deafening !
  7. Firework Displays

    In view of recent alleged problem's at a local firework event, I would like to give a little insight into the planning and the carrying out of the organized display's that I and my crew conduct at local event's. We have produced display's for over 20 years. We compile a folder that contains all the information of the planned event, A, Public liability to the amount of £ 20,000,000, through Zurich Insurance. B, A full and comprehensive risk assessment for each individual event. C, A field plan of the event. D, A mission statement. E, Health and Safety . F, A description of the display including the classification of the firewwork's and the capabilities of the actual fire crew. This folder is then presented to the relevant person's who can either say yes or no to the display. That's just for starts. We then carry out a series of site visits prior to the events to ensure that nothing as changed , IE a new building or area of special interest. We ensure that each event has sufficient marshall's as per H&S regulation's. Crowd control, Fall out area's, Safety zones. All relevant bodies are forewarned of the event, IE Police, Fire & rescue, Ambulance service and the notification to Manchester and Liverpool airport's. Flyers are distributed to local homes detailing the event and advising them to care for their pet's. This is just a brief insight into the planning of a safe organized display. Blackbrook Community Association volunteer's are highly trained in the safe and entertaining production of a display. In light of recent event's, Blackbrook Community Association can offer a free consultation to any local group or organization that are thinking of producing their own fire work display.
  8. Free Entry Firework display

    Blackbrook Community Association's Annual Firework Display. Saturday 4th November. 5-30pm to 8-30 pm Display ( weather permitting ) 7-30 pm At the rear of the Hawthorn Center, Orange grove. DJ & Music, Food, Indoor Stall's Mr Entertainer, " BARRINGTON." Free Entry, Please do not bring your own fireworks !!!
  9. Hi grey_man. If your luck is anything like mine , You will probably end up with Ingamar Johansson and not Scarlett !
  10. partnerships

    Hi Bazj. Your right Bazj, it should be in the interest of the council to take a more proactive role in recycling, unfortunately this is not the case. We at BCA are now looking at plans to ensure that the council take a more proactive role in our next " skip day " . We need to bring these departments out of their comfort zones, lose their attitude of " it cant be done " and replace it with the attitude " you have a problem with recycling ? how can we help ?" One thing that did come out of our project was the negative attitude residents have towards WBC when it comes to recycling and rubbish removal's in general
  11. partnerships

    Thanks Dizzy. Just one thing i feel should mention, It is Agamemnon1, and not Armagedon1. Although perhaps your version may be more suitable for me. lol.
  12. partnerships

    The Vulcan/Valiant skip day went off superbly. Volunteers along with residents loaded an incredible 5 skip loads in 2 hours. Much of the waste was recyclable, so perhaps there is a lesson there. Many thanks to all who took part especially BCA volunteers who organized the event. The volunteer litter pick was also a great success with numerous bags of rubbish disposed of. With more input from service providers I am sure we could improve on recycling more waste instead of it going to landfill. Once again many thanks to all who took part in this event, You are all diamonds. PS. I was amazed that certain politicians did not turn up. Maybe it was because there was no photo shoot to hijack !!
  13. partnerships

    Hi Gary. yes the centre is owned by WBC,
  14. partnerships

    On Saturday 8th April Blackbrook Community Association will be holding a skip day on Vulcan and Valiant closes. In a bid to dispose of residents waste, BCA have formed a partnership with other organizations to enable this project to go ahead. There will be skips at two locations on Vulcan and Valiant , There will also be a litter pick conducted by volunteers who care about where they live, All children who take part will receive refreshments and a free Easter Egg. This project is costing in excess of £2,000-00 ( due to the cost of the skips ) raised by BCA, Bearing in mind that this project will benefit not only the residents , But go a long way to help WBC waste collections to save money ! BCA wanted to use Fearnhead Community Centre as a base for a few hours on the day to provide a meeting point and to provide refreshments for the volunteers, Unfortunately, the department responsible for center hire refused point blank to waive the hire fee of £20-00 for 3 hours use. Whilst we agree that WBC need to achieve cuts to its finances. BCA feel that the departments refusal to join in this partnership leaves a lot to be desired. We have had nothing but excellent support from WBC Environmental Dept ( Mr Chadwick in particular) our local Councillors, The Neighborhood team, and many others. The hire fee is not the issue here. It is the inflexibility of the department concerned to join in a partnership with the other groups. If need be i will personally pay the hire fee out of my own pocket. It is the principle of a partnership project that is the crux of the matter. BCA and others will certainly look twice at any other community initiatives we will plan in the future.
  15. Temporary Car Parking.

    I have just had the pleasure of using the temporary car park at the rear of the market. Problem number one i encountered was the pot holes in the temporary surface, Pot holes full of water so that you have no idea of how deep they may be thus the chance of suspension damage was increased. Problem number two, Walking to pay for the privilege of parking, my shoes turned steadily from black to white, fortunately i was able to wash my foot ware in a convenient pot hole full of water. Unfortunately, I did not realize that i had a hole in one shoe. on returning home i found that i had one pink foot and one white foot. Problem number three, I had the option of trekking through the lime stone plane and the miniature lakes only to be confronted by Warringtons answer to Mount Everest, the dreaded stairs into the market. Of course i could have taken the scenic route between the new multi story car park and the rear of the old market. But, that would have involved avoiding every conceivable type of civil engineering machine known to man. Although not quite old enough to remember D Day I assume that the scene at the rear of the market went a long way to resemble the beaches of Normandy. Problem number four, On returning to my car my first thought was that some yobbo had spray painted it in a lime stone camouflage pattern ! On closer inspection i realized that my car had been sprayed by some passing vehicles who had the bottle to go faster than 1 MPH. My rant is now over (almost.) I am now getting used to the lime stone pattern inside my car , especially , the white foot prints on the floor.