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  1. I think you are correct Paul, I would hate for you to fall outside of the party whip......however this topic isnt really about the case that is sub judice, rather the policy of WBC to prosecute people who put out too many bags for re-cycling, rather than fly tip by the side of the road.. I notice that at re-cycling areas (the rear of asda at Birchwood for example) there are signs that say that it is a fly tipping to leave re-cycling items beside the bins, even if they are full.... My point is that this offence of fly tipping was originally designed to stop unscrupulous people tipping large amounts of waste in the countryside, rather than showing an intent to have the refuse actually collected.
  2. Surely not an attempt to stifle debate on this matter from a elected representative? Why would it be appropriate not to comment? I don't think that there were any restrictions on the press statements from either side, in fact both sides appear happy to publish detailed statements.
  3. Incredibly arrogant, and I am quite shocked really that you would take that stance Paul. I am not sure that you would have said such a thing while you not aligned to a political party. Bill is correct in his statement about the council tax arrears, from last year not the current tax year. So I stand by my original post. It doesn't take away from the fact that the WBC are intent on criminalising so called environmental offences. As I said the levels of refuse collection in Warrington are generally poor compared to other local councils, and I guess that the risk is that WBC will become somewhat of a laughing stock nationally if this prosecution fails.
  4. It's a shame that elected councillors don't start asking questions why these policies aren't in place in other local councils. Criminalising people for this sort of thing? What purpose can it possibly achieve. As for sensationalist headlines? granted bail would be a truthful headline.
  5. Not sure what that has to do with anything at all, unless you are suggesting that WBC would take that into consideration in a case like this. The point is that the WBC refuse collection service, has low levels of service compared to other local councils. Salford, for example, collected twice over the Christmas period, whereas in Warrington there would be a 2 week gap in service. There don't appear to be any council snoopers going through bins in Salford, and their priority appears to be to remove household refuse, not prosecute for minor digressions of the, quite frankly, stupid rules in place in Warrington. Paul, as a councillor, could be questioning why this sort of thing happens in Warrington, however the policy was put in place by Council officers, who are unelected, not really accountable to anyone, and really make a mockery of any sort of democratically elected body. How could a voter in Warrington get this policy changed? At the ballotbox? No, whichever party is "in power" is really there to rubberstamp the officers who make policy that affects the population of Warrington. As for asking for identification at recycling centres.. What purpose can this achieve? Apart from collecting data on those people willing to use the centres... Big brother gone more mad!
  6. That would be students in the students union building......
  7. It is Fresher week and it is only in the Students Union. To say that it is the "University" is misleading, it is a few students who are posturing during the first weeks of the semester. Nothing to get upset about really. (Move along nothing to see here..)
  8. on both!! there are far more musos on myspace...
  9. The server "could not be found" this morning around 7:30 but it was up later... and that was from manchester..
  10. I am sure the form comes in a multitude of languages..... However hopefully the recipients will just re-cycle them!
  11. Peter only if there is single occupancy of the property. What this form is asking for is a member of the family to take legal responsibility for the refuse, which means that the bin police would either arrest and interview under caution (which is what they want to implement) or prosecute by default whoever's name is submitted. I guess the infractions would include putting the wrong rubbish in the wrong bin, or over filling the bin, or any other of the new bin laws.
  12. Observer It's the part of the form where it asks for the name of the person who is legally responsible for the the refuse.. easy to prosecute then isnt it, who ever is daft enough to fill the form in is volunteering to be prosecuted...
  13. Works fine for me as well. Although Asp's point is very scary indeed, but it is what we are sleep walking into if people don't wake up very soon...
  14. Or read this article as well... http://www.spectator.co.uk/melaniephillips/525231/world-saved-again.thtml
  15. It is in place and being used throughout parts of Warrington. I am using cable (Fibre) for my broadband. It was Cable and Wireless, then NTL and is currently used by Virgin Media for TV. Telephone and (proper) broadband.. not the pretend broadband through copper wire..
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