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  1. Failed City of Culture bid

    I've communicated directly with Dan. And I was at an RSA conference in London that day otherwise I would have attended. But thanks for your usual input. Don't worry. It will all soon be over. People will just give up eventually.
  2. All I can say is well done. You've derailed yet another discussion and abused some people along the way. Big slow handclap.
  3. Why would I waste my time? It's bad enough feeding a troll on here.
  4. Like I said, deflection and abuse. It's all you ever do. Can see it coming a mile off. You need a new schtick. What's important to me is that people should be allowed to express an opinion on a forum set up for that without having to endure an endless, boring stream of abuse from you.
  5. Nah. I knew you wouldn't get into the facts. Always knew you'd revert to type. Deflection and abuse is all you're good for. I always wonder whether people like you behave like this in real life. My guess is no, otherwise a kicking would never be more than a few minutes away.
  6. You're obviously right, as always. I think the admin should allow this board to be one long fun packed session of personal abuse.
  7. Have an upvote for doing exactly what I said you'd do. Twice.
  8. Yeah. That's what I thought. To be honest, I think you're right to choose Option B. Option A would have involved you admitting you're wrong and we all know that will never happen.
  9. Would you like to do the arithmetic on that statement or would you prefer to change the subject and hurl about some personal abuse?
  10. It's a fundamentalist religious mindset. You could see it with Adrian. There's a dogma at play and if you don't believe it, you're a heretic. There's no need to deal in facts, or address different opinions. Just stick a label on the infidel, even when it's not true. And like most cults, it makes more noise than its numbers justify and is willing to threaten people to get its way.
  11. The government has already backtracked. My views aren't antiquated because they're based in biological fact. THat doesn't change just because somebody steeped in post-modernism says so. The problem with what is being proposed is that it's regressive, in that it removes many rights and gains that women have had to fight hard for. That is why so many feminists are against them, and rightly so. As I've said, I don't have a problem with transgender people. Good luck to them and I hope they're happy and find acceptance. But they don't get that at the expense of the majority. Here's the feminist Sarah Dumit agreeing with me in the New Statesman, which should put paid to your 'Daily Mail' argument but probably won't. https://www.newstatesman.com/2016/11/whats-missing-transgender-debate-any-discussion-male-violence It's a shame that you're not engaging any more. I'd have loved to watch you refute the idea that there is such a thing as biological sex and make a case to administer hormonal treatments to block puberty in children. Finally, this is what transgender feminist Camille Paglia has to say on the subject and I agree entirely with her. "In a democracy, everyone, no matter how nonconformist or eccentric, should be free from harassment and abuse. But at the same time, no one deserves special rights, protections, or privileges on the basis of their eccentricity. The categories ‘trans-man’ and ‘trans-woman’ are highly accurate and deserving of respect. But like Germaine Greer and Sheila Jeffreys, I reject state-sponsored coercion to call someone a ’woman’ or a ‘man’ simply on the basis of his or her subjective feeling about it. We may well take the path of good will and defer to courtesy on such occasions, but it is our choice alone."
  12. There's no nuance. If transgender people have to deal with some difficulties as they transition, then tough luck. There are bigger issues affecting more people than how they feel. It's a real problem for these individuals but the amount of rubbish that has grown up around it needs to be challenged, not least the idea that gender is entirely independent of biological sex - it isn't - or even worse that there's no such thing as biological sex at all. There is. We know how the GRA proposals will change things which is why the government is backtracking. You did drop the 'Daily Mail' thing. It's just a lazy way to apply labels to people and create a straw man argument. Ironic, really. Then there's your other straw man about inspecting to check if somebody is a man or a woman. In most cases, it's pretty obvious, whether in the case of a convicted paedophile and rapist with male genitals who wants to move to a female prison. Or a transgender male playing in the woman's AFL. Then there's the whole issue of people identifying transgenderism in prepubescent children based on what they see as their failure to comply with gender stereotypes and then seeking to administer puberty blockers to them. That is just child abuse and we need to call it that.
  13. You can do your own googling. There are plenty of examples. From what I can tell, few if any involve transgender people but there are plenty of examples of men exploiting the law to enter female spaces while posing as women. And who's to say they're not women if there are no checks and it's all down to them? I note you've dropped your lazy 'Daily Mail' claim when presented with the fact that the most vocal opponents of this are feminists. There's plenty for you to see here. https://fairplayforwomen.com/thank-india-w-showing-us-women-perceive-transwomen-still-male/ I also think Camille Paglila is very good on the subject and she IS transgender
  14. The problem of men gaining access to women's spaces won't primarily be with people suffering from gender dysphoria. They have their own set of issues. As for there being no problems, there's a very good reason why it's opposed by so many people including (those notorious Daily Mail readers) feminists. Have you seen the response of the transgender lobby to people like Germaine Greer, Linda Bellos and Mary Beard? All notorious Daily Mail readers obviously. Are you aware of what is happening with Hannah Mouncey in the AFL? How about the transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox beating the crap out of a succession of women in fights? Have you seen the footage of transgender men assaulting a feminist OAP in London? How about the rapist David Ayrton who now claims he is a woman but retains male genitalia and has asked to be transferred to a woman's prison? There are numerous examples of men posing as women gaining access to toilets and changing rooms. They are from what I can tell not largely transgender, if ever. I have sympathy with people struggling with this issue and wish them well with their lives, but the idea that they are no different to biological women when they say so is dangerous BS.
  15. Failed City of Culture bid

    I've now seen Gary's tweets with the slides from the presentation. Full of typos and poor grammar, which kind of sums up the whole approach. I don't know if Dan is dyslexic or whatever but surely somebody could have checked it before it went public. As for the content, almost entirely froth and blather and wishful thinking. The point that intrigued me was about plans 'much are which were in delivery' (sic). Unless it's referring to plans for roads, a multiplex and housing estates, I have no idea what these might be.