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  1. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    The reason for that is that when you look at the models used, they are just emulating out of town parks because that's what they think works. You can guarantee that the restaurants they are trying to attract to the Time Square development are Pizza Hut, Frankie and Bennys, Nando's and so on. It's basically The Halton Centre but in the middle of Warrington. God forbid they should create a model based on local businesses and independent shops, bars, cafes and restaurants.
  2. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Fair play Gary but each one of those points you raise comes with some caveat or other. Of course all town centres face the same challenges and some are coping better than others. I sense there may be improvements in some aspects of Warrington and it's certainly doing better than some other places, but the town really needs to get to grips with the development and preservation of its culture and heritage. Bowling alleys and multiplexes won't cut it and it's evident that the Time Square development also represents some missed opportunities, not least the chance to create a proper theatre. I'd imagine the biggest concern will be that the potential increase in the town's population by a fifth and the ongoing destruction of green belt, parkland and any site of any historic interest whatsoever will simply choke the town. There seem to be signs that some people are keen to push back against this but they're up against some pretty powerful vested interests and elements at the council that would cheerfully see the whole place concreted over.
  3. We've got 20 years to find out how well this all works out, although it could go spectacularly belly up in the interim.
  4. Latest on this from The Times. Warrington is the second biggest borrower in the country. Councils put £4bn on property to save towns Tom Knowles , Property Correspondent April 12 2018, 12:01am, Local councils have spent £3.8 billion buying up office blocks, shopping centres, leisure centres and warehouses over the past five years in an attempt to protect struggling town centres. A sharp decline in the number of private investors looking for returns by placing their money in the renovation of town centres has led local authorities to step in. At the same time an ever-greater pressure to deliver services while keeping council taxes low has led local authorities to look for other sources of income. However, experts have warned that many local authorities are buying up property without a broader masterplan or vision for regeneration, meaning that they are sitting on a “ticking time bomb” if the property bubble bursts. If that happened and a local council then struggled to pay back its loans, it could be forced to cut local services or increase taxes. Figures compiled by the property consultancy Carter Jonas and Revo, which represents Britain’s £360 billion retail property industry, show that councils invested £3.8 billion in commercial property assets between 2013 and 2017. About £1.7 billion of that was spent on office space; retail accounted for nearly £1.2 billion; £600 million was spent on shopping centres and £400 million on retail parks. The remainder went into warehouses, leisure centres and mixed-use schemes. Steve Norris, head of regeneration at Carter Jonas, said: “Since the recession the private sector has pulled away from struggling town centres and is a lot more risk-averse. That means local authorities are having to take on a lot more of the risk, by assembling sites or funding regeneration themselves.” The research said that Spelthorne borough council in Surrey, which contains the towns of Ashford, Shepperton, Staines and Sunbury, was the biggest local authority spender, buying up £477 million of assets in its area. This is more than double its nearest rival, Warrington borough council, which spent £219.5 million; largely because Spelthorne bought BP’s International Centre for Business & Technology in Sunbury for £360 million. The largest purchase of a retail centre was The Glass Works in Barnsley by Barnsley metropolitan borough council for £120 million, followed by The Mall in Camberley bought by Surrey Heath borough council for £86 million. Dr Norris said that councils needed a long-term plan for the properties they bought and a vision for how they could deliver long-term benefits. “In a lot of cases, property comes on the market and there is a knee-jerk reaction by councils to buy it, but they need to think really carefully about why they are doing that,” he said. “This could be a ticking time bomb. The property market is cyclical, so inevitably there will be a downturn, there is also Brexit looming and we’re not sure what the impact of that will be on the property sector. And the whole retail sector is changing and struggling as retailers pull out of shopping centres rather than look to expand.”
  5. The wonders of officialdom...

    Because it's often true. But only because the poor dog has been brutalised by the idiot on the other end of the lead.
  6. And say hello to potholes
  7. Question. When did the council stop referring to its investment in Redwood Bank in its financial and strategic announcements?
  8. Rail Nationalisation

    To be fair, this is true. Then again, homelessness and asset stripping would have come as a blessed relied to the tens of millions deliberately starved and murdered under communism.
  9. Failed City of Culture bid

    I've communicated directly with Dan. And I was at an RSA conference in London that day otherwise I would have attended. But thanks for your usual input. Don't worry. It will all soon be over. People will just give up eventually.
  10. All I can say is well done. You've derailed yet another discussion and abused some people along the way. Big slow handclap.
  11. Why would I waste my time? It's bad enough feeding a troll on here.
  12. Like I said, deflection and abuse. It's all you ever do. Can see it coming a mile off. You need a new schtick. What's important to me is that people should be allowed to express an opinion on a forum set up for that without having to endure an endless, boring stream of abuse from you.
  13. Nah. I knew you wouldn't get into the facts. Always knew you'd revert to type. Deflection and abuse is all you're good for. I always wonder whether people like you behave like this in real life. My guess is no, otherwise a kicking would never be more than a few minutes away.
  14. You're obviously right, as always. I think the admin should allow this board to be one long fun packed session of personal abuse.
  15. Have an upvote for doing exactly what I said you'd do. Twice.