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  1. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    He's only paid to represent the people of the town. So if he's fence sitting, he's not representing them. If that turns out to be the case with one of the most important issues facing them, I hope he's voted out at the next opportunity. Good old Andy Farrall, eh? Let's be generous and say he's misrepresenting his own documents. Where are the councillors?
  2. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    Oops. I do
  3. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    One of the interesting - and probably dispiriting things about this - will be to watch what Faisal Rashid does. If he's a representative of the people of his constituency, he's about to go head to head with the council. And if he's a representative of the council, he's about to clash with his constituents.
  4. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    It strikes me following the latest mealy mouthed justification from Andy Farrall that people are now really finding out who their local politicians represent, and it isn't them.
  5. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    There's always that, as evidenced by the amount of spending on things in the South. But this whole local plan is about building of houses and business parks across the whole Borough. The potential is there for Warrington to become an overdeveloped, polluted hellhole. The whole plan looks nothing short of insanity.
  6. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    Maybe part of the answer - maybe the main part - is one that the council doesn't want to disclose: pensions.
  7. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    I have no real idea. They do seem obsessed with the idea and I think it is in some part or large part the reason for this collective insanity. There's something seriously wrong at the council though. We're not hearing a lot about the millions of pounds that Live Wire have vanished either, or the council taking control back from their so-called arms length partner. There's no scrutiny of that, the local plan, the hundreds of millions being spent on property investments, the spiralling costs of the town centre development and so on. People should be very very worried. Is there not a single councillor in the whole of Warrington at least willing to ask in public why the council wants to increase the population by a fifth or more?
  8. Green Belt homes plan is madness

    I always feel a lot of sympathy for Steve and others like Geoff Settle because they always get it in the neck for discussing things in public, unlike the people who are the real problem who'd rather die than be held up to public scrutiny. That is why Terry O'Neill and Steve Broomhead always attach themselves to good news and yet it is a 'council spokesperson' who responds to bad and contentious news. However, the idea of a 'garden village' or a 'garden city' is misguided, at best. I know why the council is calling it this; it's the usual spin to cover up for what will really happen. Ebenezer Howard came up with the idea in the 19th Century and his theory is as relevant to modern life as many from that time. You may as well advise doctors to start treating people based on the four humours theory than talk about 'garden villages'. It was developed before car ownership. Even in the days before mass car ownership, it became apparent that the idea did not accord with human nature. There will be one of two possible outcomes and it is not a 'garden'. You either create a suburb or you create a ghetto. Maybe a combination of one sort or another, like in Chapelford. Then ask yourself this. Do developers want to build houses with lots of space in between them on the land they own? No. They want to maximise their income and the council wants to maximise its income too. So, let's say the council creates a suburb, which is the most likely outcome. You then have 9,000 new homes or whatever, with everybody in cars getting to work and going to the shops, schools, entertainment and social occasions. Can Warrington cope? No. That's before you consider that this is only a fraction of the total, and before you start looking at the development of Peel Hall, which doe not appear to be part of this plan (?) but which may go ahead anyway. Then you add in the fact that this plan will add -what? - 20 percent or more to the population of the town in the space of 20 years. It's complete madness and seems to be about nothing more than the council wanting to become a city council. It's not about what is right for the town. It's about how the council feel s about itself. As for the consultation, is it remotely likely that the council will listen to people? This will go ahead and the future for Warrington is as a city that consists of housing estates, business parks and retail parks, flanked on all sides by motorways. There'll be a few parks and paths, but that's it.
  9. Failed City of Culture bid

    Looks that way. The council has issued a waffling statement saying the flats will respect the surroundings and 'heritage' of the area, but beyond limiting their height and materials, it's hard to see what that means. Just talk, as usual. I believe demolition was seen as inevitable even before this however. I don't know how much of the land and buildings are involved. It's just a shame it's come to this.
  10. Failed City of Culture bid

    I see that the land on which the Cabinet Works stands is now due to be used to build flats. So, all back to normal then for Warrington. Maybe the council could take a picture of some kids in 'cultcha' t shirts in front of them once they're built. I would say the press release from the council that accompanies the announcement is a masterpiece of obfuscation, but it's really just a blatant example of how the council will proceed from now on. It's going to keep on building its flats, 'executive homes', business parks and out of town retail strips, but now they'll claim that they'll be built with regard to the town's heritage. And because the council equates talk with action, they'll genuinely believe it on some level.
  11. Failed City of Culture bid

    How about something about the ways members of the council are helping to 'put Warrington on the map'. Could be the ways being planned by the cultural team? Or the ways chosen by David Keane, who has today put Warrington back into the mainstream national news for the second time in a matter of months?
  12. Failed City of Culture bid

    If I send something, I'll put my name to it. I have no problem with that. You must even know what it is and what I do.
  13. Failed City of Culture bid

    Like I said, a lot of people know who I am. I have no problem with that. And as a journalist myself, I also understand the restrictions. I'm just not sure that it takes much time and effort when the council issues a press release to say that it has increased the budget for its largest investment to ask 'by how much?' Doesn't take hours to ask, nor to type the sentence 'Although the council has revealed the costs in the past, it has now chosen not to'. It's like it doesn't take much work to have a look at Live Wire's accounts and raise your eyebrows at some of the numbers. So, I suspect that the decision not to dig into uncomfortable matters is based on politics and the need to maintain relationships (which I do understand) than it is about resources. I am reminded of the great work the Rothpol blog has always done with its local issues, purely because it is not constrained in the same way as the local media by commercial and political expediency. This is not a criticism. I do it myself in my own sphere, whereas some independent bloggers don't have to. I wouldn't try to argue it's because I don't have the time, however. As for Dan Price, I didn't need to experience him behaving like he did to know he was deluded. That was apparent about him and everybody else who thought for even a moment Warrington would even be shortlisted for City of Culture. All I'll say about the two exchanges we had is that he exhibited classic DARVO behaviour. As I said to him, however, I hope he's right that we're in a new era for the town with regard to culture and heritage. It's long overdue.