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  1. Council buy Eddie Stobart HQ

    Well. Firstly, from a purely financial point of view, they need to be getting all of this right. If anybody isn't concerned, they should be. It has the potential to become a massive problem. Secondly, the council's growing role as a developer is in direct conflict with its role as a planning authority. Councillors should be raising some serious questions about what this means for local democracy.
  2. Now here's a thing. UK banks have made zero money from investing in commercial property in the long run. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-10-04/banks-beware-decades-of-commercial-real-estate-made-you-nothing
  3. Motorway woes

    I think you're right in many ways, but there are dozens of cities already piloting autonomous vehicles and drawing up the necessary legislation. That will be where it begins, sometime within the next ten years. Cars driven by people will be restricted in major city centres. Then the creep on to the rest of the network begins.
  4. Motorway woes

    I think you'll see fully autonomous vehicles sooner than you think, first in city centres where other cars will be banned, then with freight and cabs, then more and more on other roads. All of this is the end game for Tesla, Uber, Dyson and Amazon as well as the car makers themselves. There's some interesting research about what happens to motorists' driving behaviour when they know another car is autonomous, because they make different ethical choices and know that the autonomous car will not respond in the same way as a human driver. Basically they behave more like arseholes. I'd like t link to it but can't be bothered to find it
  5. Motorway woes

    The advent of autonomous vehicles will address some of these issues, including the ability for linked vehicles to travel as a train of vehicles. When this will happen I don't know because the major obstacle in the path of all this happening is the number of morons and psychos already on the roads. Mistakes happen and can be accounted for but these people are either oblivious or don't care.
  6. Motorway woes

    Part of the problem with the M6 right now and over the last couple of years is the 50 mph 'smart motorway stretch'. I travel up and down it maybe four times a week. Along the entire stretch you'll see endemic lane hogging with the usual clumping and congestion as well as lorries tailgating and undertaking as a result. Coupled with the usual moronic behaviour - last minute exits across two or three lanes, phone use, the assumption that indicators give you right of way etc, it's a recipe for accidents. Don't see many police cars either.
  7. The concern is well placed especially when you consider the number of prisoners who abscond from Thorn Cross. It may still be unlikely that anything dreadful happens but there will be an impact on the school and local residents.
  8. WBC You're joking!

    Or he made a harmless mistake.
  9. WBC You're joking!

    The Forge is obviously targeted as an income source. The same rigorous regime is not applied in other council owned car parks nor in the rest of Stockton Heath, for example with the people who think Sainsbury's is a drive-in shop. The common sense of the wardens doesn't come into it. I remember Cllr Mundry saying that The Forge is run the way it is to enhance the experience of motorists or some such BS. Funnily enough he hasn't yet decided to enhance the experience for the car park in his own ward.
  10. Panorama 27/06/18.

    It's not the fraudsters that are the problem at HS2. It's HS2 Ltd https://www.ft.com/content/6fb315ba-73b4-11e8-aa31-31da4279a601
  11. So basically it's the council tearing down its own listed buildings and applying retrospective consent?
  12. It does have a verb if you assume that 'financial expediency rules'.
  13. That list exists. It's perfectly easy to find it online, including a full roster of locally listed buildings. You also have to wonder what use it would be, given that the council does absolutely nothing to protect the buildings anyway.
  14. I don't know if bully is the right word. Setting out to obsessively abuse people for doing something you claim is rubbish is plain weird.
  15. Clear pattern of behaviour. Developers know they can either allow buildings to decay or simply pull them down and the council will just express their regret. It would come as no surprise to discover that developers are given the nod off the record to just do as they like. I know councillors worry when the council is described as 'officer led' but it would be more accurate to describe it as 'developer led' in these cases.