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  1. The concern is well placed especially when you consider the number of prisoners who abscond from Thorn Cross. It may still be unlikely that anything dreadful happens but there will be an impact on the school and local residents.
  2. WBC You're joking!

    Or he made a harmless mistake.
  3. WBC You're joking!

    The Forge is obviously targeted as an income source. The same rigorous regime is not applied in other council owned car parks nor in the rest of Stockton Heath, for example with the people who think Sainsbury's is a drive-in shop. The common sense of the wardens doesn't come into it. I remember Cllr Mundry saying that The Forge is run the way it is to enhance the experience of motorists or some such BS. Funnily enough he hasn't yet decided to enhance the experience for the car park in his own ward.
  4. Panorama 27/06/18.

    It's not the fraudsters that are the problem at HS2. It's HS2 Ltd https://www.ft.com/content/6fb315ba-73b4-11e8-aa31-31da4279a601
  5. So basically it's the council tearing down its own listed buildings and applying retrospective consent?
  6. It does have a verb if you assume that 'financial expediency rules'.
  7. That list exists. It's perfectly easy to find it online, including a full roster of locally listed buildings. You also have to wonder what use it would be, given that the council does absolutely nothing to protect the buildings anyway.
  8. I don't know if bully is the right word. Setting out to obsessively abuse people for doing something you claim is rubbish is plain weird.
  9. Clear pattern of behaviour. Developers know they can either allow buildings to decay or simply pull them down and the council will just express their regret. It would come as no surprise to discover that developers are given the nod off the record to just do as they like. I know councillors worry when the council is described as 'officer led' but it would be more accurate to describe it as 'developer led' in these cases.
  10. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    Even that straw man is a straw man - because I've just agreed with you. I've got to hand it to you. I guess that's how you manage to rack up thousands and thousands of posts by constantly misrepresenting what people say and then whinging on till they admit you can have the last word. Not big on irony though, are you?
  11. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    You raised the subject of vanity projects. Of course, you've done your usual feeble attempt at creating a straw man argument, because I agree with you that a theatre should be commercially viable. There you go. Something else we agree on.
  12. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    More straw men and personal comments. And you've answered your own question about the Parr Hall. Now that you've raised the subject, there is already a vanity project in the middle of the new development and it is being funded by the people of Warrington. So if you object to that sort of thing, then we agree on something.
  13. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    The Parr Hall isn't a theatre at all (and doesn't claim to be) and the Pyramid is an arts centre that is capable of staging small shows. The space is comparable to those found in some local schools and FE facilities. Local theatre groups, which include my family members and friends, have to go to Runcorn to stage anything significant. Local cultural groups and people within the council have been raising this issue for years so why you're claiming that there have been two theatres in the town all along is baffling. You're making it far too easy. Which is why you end up resorting to straw man arguments and personal comments. The only people running the town down are those with low expectations for it.
  14. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    I have. I don't just sit around whinging thousands of times on here like some people. I always go to source. They won't say. So, they've gone from publicising the costs in support of a business case, to increasing them (still in support of a weaker but viable business case) to pretending they don't exist. Occam's Razor leads to one conclusion. The business case has gone. As for all the other stuff in your post - it's just your usual straw man stuff full of things I never said, so I'll ignore that bit. BTW, somebody should have told the city of culture bid team that the town already has two 'municipal theatres'. It would have helped the bid no end and I can't believe they overlooked the facts you've just made up supplied.
  15. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    I have seen the plans. And my opinion is that it's an unambitious identikit development focused on chains. I'm also sticking to my opinion that the area around the council's offices will be dead space in the evenings, apart from the sorts of people you don't want to share that space with. I also wonder whether the council now regrets not including a theatre in the development, given that it's going to be an ongoing issue with its cultural 'ambitions'. Here's a question for you though and I can predict your response. Why did the council suddenly stop publishing the cost of the development?