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  1. Did anyone else spot something in yesterday's Daily Mirror and Mail Online that wasn't err... shall we say 'quite right'? Daily Mail and Daily Mirror It's nice to know that national journalists check their facts!
  2. I still haven't been able to find this book. I don't like buying things on the internet with my credit card (call me old fashioned). And it isn't in any bookshop I've been in. Looks like I'll have to put it on my Christmas wish list!
  3. Well, the Olympics are over, so I guess that means the Lancashire Games are over, too. That's it for another four years. Did I hear a rumour that Chorley won it again?
  4. Sid, that is my kind of history!
  5. They've missed out the black pudding hurling too!
  6. With the eyes of the world firmly centred on London 2012 (congrats to Team GB!) we might be in danger of forgetting more local sporting attractions...
  7. I vaguely remember Billy's Weekly Liar from my holidays in Blackpool. But I had to ask my older brother for the real detail. He remembers it well, and reckons that each year they only ever produced two issues (Week 1 and Week 2) as the audience was primarily holidaymakers who were there for (at most) a fortnight! They would sell them in rotation over the season - a clever idea! It's surprising there isn't much about it on tinternet.
  8. If I went into a bookshop could I get the discount? I just had a look at your website and I don't see anything in Warrington. Is it likely to be stocked here?
  9. Some chemical process must have taken place, as they always seemed to end up welded together!
  10. Can I get it in the shops? The book, I mean, not tripe! I don't do debit cards.
  11. I find tripe divides the nation - they either loathe it or hate it!
  12. Dizzy - you might be right, I think it is my memories playing tricks on me. But I definitely remember getting them in a paper bag and them all getting stuck together! Peter T - I've heard dogs go mad for green tripe, but that it stinks. Not sure I'd have the stomach to prepare it for my mutt!
  13. I remember them when they weren't wrapped, as well. In my memory, they were perfectly round, too, but maybe not. Unless they had to change the shape for health and safety reasons! The meatballs sound like a parallel universe Wigan!
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