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  1. I did read somewhere that illegal immigration accounts for about 0.02% of the UK population. If that helps
  2. I partially agree with asperity, some religious Wars were politically driven, The Crusade's come's to mind. But I would say Religion has a lot to answer for when it comes to persecution and the death of millions over the centuries. And the Christian religion is one of the worst when it comes to this.
  3. I think Eagle has mistaken his Wars, the Axis did not exist in WW1
  4. I would agree with a ban on face coverings in courts, People must be able to see your face when you are giving evidence.
  5. They did not no what he was doing to the Jews and his own people Dave.
  6. No the ANC were fighting oppression Baz, if you were black in South Africa Baz you had no vote
  7. How would you know which ones to lock up, as they are travelling though third Countries to get there.
  8. Having read in the press about the Goverrnment's latest wheeze - that students wishing to take up nursing should spend a year as a nursing assistant, washing and cleaning, it occurs to me that this could be another way to get cheap/unpaid labour for a year, as there will, every year, be a supply of girls wishing to take up nursing. Will these girls be paid or be treated as interns, or will they be paid the same wage as ward assistants are paid now. ? This seems a nice little earner for the hospitals and care homes who could replace existing workers with these trainees who could be treated as interns or as trainees on a lower wage than existing staff.
  9. Scottie

    Afghanistan -

    As a new member I read with interest the whole thread, and I also wastched the tv programme about Afghanistan,and Ihave to say that Britain's role in their history did not fill me with pride. Someone also mentioned thr Tamils. I feel that the present problems in Sri Lanka were caused by the British Empire's 'importation' of Tamils from India to work in their tea plantations in Ceylon as it was called then. I feel that a lot of the present world problems have their roots in the meddling of the old colonial powers
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