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  1. If "foreigners" are no good for the UK why was all the backlog of baggage at Heathrow sent to Italy to be sorted? Are the British incapable of sorting out their own mess? Seems like you do need some foreigners here after all! Why couldn't some of the indigenous people have been given a temp contract to work towards sorting out the baggage issue? Someone needs to total up what the "immigrants" are doing - ie: 25% of the NHS is made up of foreign doctors and nurses. If we packed everyone off out of the country tomorrow - do you really think you would be able to sustain the economy and country alone? Anyone know how "immigrant" was defined in that report? Makes it easier to see their calculations.....
  2. It's all very well talking about EU Directives - but can you actually name the EU Directive in question? Me and a few lawyer friends looked this up and we can't find any such directive.....sounds like someone has been taking the mickey here..... Generally it is not the EU Directives that are at fault but the way that they are interpreted. For example some public sector organisations have got into their head that every post must be competitive (thus getting rid of the concept of promotion and succession planning) and increasing recruitment costs and staff turnover. This has been blamed on an EU Directive - however the Directive in question doesn't say anything of the sort. And hey if we weren't part of the EU what would the ignorant Brits blame things on then?
  3. Nice one Kate! No child is responsible for their parent's actions - they don't have a choice in what class they are born into. To write off an innocent child because of poverty or the parents actions are is a complete abdication of our morals and responsibilities. It says far more about our society when we are willing to write off a child because of the class they are born into - if that kind of behaviour is what you call decency then I'd rather be seen as indecent. Perhaps some people here need a reality check and should spend some time shadowing or working with people from poor backgrounds - it's very easy to write off a set of people when you're sat in your expensive houses with your top education. It's attitudes like the ones displayed by Lucy that make it difficult for people to work their way up. Interestingly - Shannon's mother did not neglect her daughter so she could go out and have some selfish fun like a certain middle class McCann family did - so tell me who is the better parent? [ 19.03.2008, 17:14: Message edited by: harmless loony ]
  4. I used to make my own way to school at the age of 8? Perhaps that's what stopped me from becoming a lardy child? :confused: Secondly, this case has been interesting in comparison to the Madeline one. There was clear cut evidence from the parents' admission in the Maddy case that they had neglected their child (leaving a 4 yr old on her own with her wee twin siblings so they could go out and have dinner) and yet their twin were not taken into care. The media seems to be baying for the blood of Shannon's mother.....working class vs middle class prejudice?
  5. Not sure if that was a sarcastic comment or not from Agamemnon but I tried to make my post simple at Adrian's request for someone to explain the calculation in "layman's terms". So I wasn't talking down to anyone. :confused: And yes the last time I checked I was definitely female.... Not sure what your problem is though.....
  6. The reason why they appear to take it so seriously this time is because the south is going to be affected. I doubt they would care so much if it just hit the north.....look at the difference in news coverage last year re: the floods......the ones up north were far worse and yet it was the southern ones getting all the attention....
  7. I'm going to try and explain this as simply as possible....bear with me..... In answer to your original question the government uses The CPI and the RPI to calculate the rate of inflation. The easiest way to think about both the consumer prices index (CPI) and retail prices index (RPI) is to imagine a ?shopping basket? containing the goods and services which people typically spend their money. As the prices of the various items in the basket change over time, so does the total cost of the basket. Movements in the CPI and RPI indices represent the changing cost of this representative shopping basket. The difficulty arises when the government decide to exclude certain items from the basket.....and this can lead to skewed figures..... The government's target is to keep inflation at 2% so naturally (not that I'm cynical or anything!) they will try to engineer the calculation so it is near enough (but as you can see at 2.5 the government has already over shot its own target!) The full list of goods included in the 2007 target are listed below. If any of you are bored enough you might want to produce a spreadsheet noting costs this March and compare them to next March and see how much you think inflation has risen by. But note: that the calculation isn't as simple as I have described as each item has it's own "expenditure weighting" depending on how often something is bought....eg: you will buy more bread than washing machines over the year so the calculation has to be adjusted to reflect this. Bread Large white loaves - sliced and unsliced Large wholemeal loaf Bread rolls Pitta bread Cereal Flour Rice Pasta Breakfast cereals Corn based snacks Biscuits and Cakes Plain biscuits Sponge cakes Doughnuts Pack of individually wrapped cakes Fruit pies Crackers Beef Rump steak Braising steak Mince Topside Frozen beefburgers Home-Killed Lamb Loin chops Shoulder Imported Lamb Loin chops Leg Pork Loin chops Shoulder Bacon Gammon Back Poultry Fresh / chilled chicken Fresh chicken breasts Frozen chicken breasts Fresh turkey steaks Pork sausages Cooked meats ? eg ham Meat pies Canned meats Frozen chicken nuggets Chicken kievs Fresh Fish White fish fillets Salmon fillets Frozen prawns Processed Fish Canned tuna Fish fingers Butter Home-produced and imported butter Oils and Fats Margarine / low fat spread Cooking oil Cheese Cheddar - home-produced and imported Other regional cheeses Selected speciality cheeses Cheese spread Eggs Various sized eggs Milk Full-fat, semi-skimmed and skimmed milk - shop-bought and delivered Milk Products Fresh cream Pro-biotic drink Yoghurt Fromage frais Chilled pot dessert Tea Tea bags Soft Drinks Various pure fruit juices Squashes Lemonade Cola Mineral water Various fizzy drinks ? cans and bottles Energy drinks Sugar and Preserves Sugar Various jams Sweets and Chocolates Various selected popular brands of sweets, chocolates, gum and mints Unprocessed Potatoes White loose and pre-packed potatoes ? old and new varieties Processed Potatoes Crisps - single and multi-packs Other potato-based snacks Frozen chips Fresh Vegetables Fresh tomatoes Cabbages Cauliflowers Carrots Mushrooms Onions Lettuce Cucumbers Courgettes Organic vegetable Broccoli Processed Vegetables Canned tomatoes Canned baked beans Canned sweet corn Frozen peas Fresh Fruit Cooking apples Dessert apples Pears Bananas Strawberries Grapes Oranges Grapefruit Avocado pears Peaches Kiwi fruit Organic fruit Processed Fruit Various canned fruits Salted peanuts Other Foods Soup Various sauces ? eg tomato sauce, mayonnaise, pickle Ready cooked meals Other convenience foods ? eg frozen pizza, dehydrated noodles / pasta Ice cream Baby food Coffee and Hot Drinks Ground coffee Instant coffee Catering Restaurant Meals Restaurant main course Restaurant sweet course Restaurant cup of coffee Pub hot meal Pub cold snack Burgers in bun In store cafeteria meal Fizzy drinks Fruit juice Bottled mineral water Canteen Meals Staff restaurant main course Staff restaurant dessert/pudding Staff restaurant hot snack Staff restaurant sandwich Staff restaurant soft drink Prices for school meals Take-away and Snacks Fish and chips Pasties /Savoury pies Burgers in bun Kebabs Sandwiches Coffee Tea Caffe latte Ethnic take-away Pizza delivery / takeaway Soft drinks Crisps Cinema popcorn Vending machine drink Alcoholic Drink Beer ?On? Sales Draught bitter Draught Lager Draught stout Draught cider Bottled lager Bottled cider Beer ?Off? Sales Canned lager Canned draught flow bitter Bottled cider Bottled lager Wines and Spirits ?On? Sales Whisky Vodka Wine Champagne Liqueurs Spirit based drink Mixer Wines and Spirits ?Off? Sales Whisky Vodka Brandy Bottled white wine Bottled red wine Champagne Wine purchases in boxes Fortified wine Spirit based drink Tobacco Cigarettes Selected brands Vending machine cigarettes Mentholated Other Tobacco Cigars Hand rolling tobacco Housing Rent Private furnished rent Private unfurnished rent Local authority rent Registered Social Landlord (RSL) rent Mortgage Interest Average interest payments on a typical repayment mortgage (estimated/modelled) Depreciation Depreciation costs proxy (price index for houses purchased with a mortgage) Council Tax Average council tax bills for households in Great Britain Average rates bills in Northern Ireland Water and Other Charges Average water charges Average sewerage and environmental charges Repair and Maintenance Charges Fees charged by plumbers, electricians, carpenters and decorators Gas service charges DIY Materials Ready mixed filler Wallpaper Wallpaper paste Paint Varnish Paint brush Various tools - eg hammer drill, screwdriver Aluminium ladder Door handle Taps Power point Shower head Pieces of timber Ceramic tiles Hire of domestic steam wallpaper stripper Woodscrews Dwelling Insurance and Ground Rent Dwelling insurance premiums of selected companies Ground rent proxy (price index for houses purchased with a mortgage) Fuel and Light Coal and Solid Fuels Coal Smokeless fuel Electricity Average of the electricity companies? tariffs Gas Average of the gas companies? tariffs Oil and Other Fuels Butane gas Kerosene Household Goods Furniture Dining room furniture ? eg table, chairs Bedroom furniture ? eg wardrobe, beds, wall hanging mirror Living room furniture ? eg armchair, sofa bed, leather settee, bookcase, table lamp Kitchen furniture ? various kitchen units Office furniture ? Home office desk Outdoor furniture ? eg wooden patio set Furnishings Selected carpets Other floor coverings Rug Curtains Fabric roller blind Duvet Duvet cover Bed sheet Towels Electrical Appliances Cooker ? electric Washing machine Fridge / freezer Microwave oven Dishwasher Vacuum cleaner Cordless telephone Mobile phone handsets Selected small appliances ? eg iron, kettle, fan heater, fan Personal appliances ? eg hair dryer, electric razor Other Household Equipment Cooker - gas Gas fire Kitchen equipment - eg ovenware, pans, scissors, plastic food container Tableware - eg crockery set, cutlery set Glassware - eg tumbler Household Consumables Washing powder Washing-up liquid Dishwasher tablets Light bulbs Aluminium foil Toilet rolls Kitchen roll Fabric conditioner Bin liners Household cream cleaner Bleach Ball point pen Wrapping paper Envelopes Greeting card Printer paper Inkjet cartridge Clear sticky tape Batteries Pet Care Cat and dog food ? moist and dry Small pet ? eg hamster Animal cage Vets? fees Annual booster injection Dog kennel boarding fees Household Services Postal Charges Charges for letters, parcels, postal orders Telephone Charges Fixed line telephone charges ? eg line/instrument rentals, call and operator charges Mobile phone charges ? PAYG and contract Mobile downloads Subscription to the Internet Cost of directory enquiries Domestic Services Domestic help fees In home care assistant fees Childminder fees Nanny fees Playgroup fees After school club charges Gardeners? fees Window cleaning Dry cleaning charges Driving lesson fee Home delivery charges Charge for home removals Self-storage fees Charge various electrical equipment repairs - eg washing machine, TV, PC Electrical service charges Cost of catering for a function Charge for watch repairs Fees and Subscriptions Trade unions and professional organisations subscriptions Estate agents? fees House conveyancing fees Surveyors? fee for house valuation Charge for home buyers? survey Home contents? insurance premiums Fee for birth and death certificates Marriage licences Passport fee Various bank fees ? eg overdraft charges Money transfer fees Foreign exchange commission Driving test fees Private school fees Evening classes Solicitors? fees ? including will drafting UK University tuition fees Cost of basic funeral / cremation Pet insurance Charges for advertisements in newspapers - local, national Clothing Mens? Outerwear Suit Casual Coat Trousers - formal, casual Casual jacket Fleece Jeans Jumper Various shirts Tracksuit bottoms T-shirts Shorts Replica football team shirt Branded sports sweatshirt Womens? Outwear Blouses Skirts Dresses Trousers Jeans T-shirt Tops Shorts Cardigan Jackets Casual Coat Jumper Rainwear Swimwear Childrens? Outerwear Schoolwear ? trousers, skirts Tops ? sports and fashion Jeans Jumpers/sweatshirts Jackets Babygro/sleepsuit Trousers Other Clothing Underwear ? eg pants and bra Socks Tights Nightwear ? eg nightdress/pyjamas Tie Scarf Knitting wool Footwear Shoes ? formal, school, casual and fashion Boots ? formal, fashion and outdoor/adventure Training shoes ? sportswear and casual Sandals Personal Goods and Services Personal Articles Umbrella Handbag Watch Spectacle frames Prescription lenses Contact lenses Luggage ? trolley case Flower vase Picture / photo frame Wall hanging mirror Various items of personal jewellery Chemists? Goods NHS prescription charges Multi-vitamins tablets Condoms Tampons Disposable nappies Tissues Selected medicines and surgical goods - eg indigestion tablets, pain killer tablets, packets of cold/flu drink powder, plasters Toiletries - eg toilet soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, shower gel, shampoo, hair gel, permanent hair colourant, razor cartridge blades, sunscreen cream / lotion Various cosmetics - eg lipstick, face cream, perfume, mascara, liquid foundation Personal Services Hairdressing charges Full leg wax Basic manicure Dental charges Eye tests charges Dental insurance Subscriptions to private medical plans Private surgery fees Non NHS medical services ? eg physiotherapy, chiropractic medicine Residential and nursing home fees Slimming club fees Delivered flowers Motoring Expenditure Purchase of Motor Vehicles Second-hand cars Proxy for new cars New motorcycles Second-hand motorcycles Caravans Maintenance of Motor Vehicles Car service MOT test fee Roadside recovery services Car steering lock Automatic car wash Exhaust / brake fitting at fast fit auto centre Hourly labour charge for car mechanical repairs Selected spare parts and accessories - eg wiper blade, battery, tyres Petrol and Oil Ultra low sulphur petrol Ultra low sulphur diesel Motor oil Vehicle Tax and Insurance Vehicle excise duty Selection of premiums charged by a sample of motor insurance companies Fares and Other Travel Costs Rail Fares UK rail fares London Transport fares EuroTunnel fares Bus and Coach Fares Fares charged by principal bus and coach operators Other Travel Costs Taxi fares Minicab fares Self-drive car and van hire charges Various ferry and sea fares Air fares Road tolls Other means of transport - eg bicycles, boats Car park charges Leisure Goods Audio-visual Equipment Colour televisions - including flat panel large and small sizes DVD player Digital radio DVD recorder Personal MP3 player PCs ? desktop and laptop Audio systems PC peripherals Satellite navigation system CDs and Tapes Pre-recorded DVDs, including DVDs purchased over the Internet CDs, including CDs purchased over the Internet Recordable CD Selected CD-ROMs Recordable DVD Music downloads Toys, Photographic and Sports Goods Various toys, including some toys purchased over the Internet ? eg soft toys, construction toys, activity toys, dolls Board games Computer games consoles Computer games Digital camera Digital camcorder Disposable cameras Camera film Film and digital processing Acoustic guitar Child?s swing Child?s tricycle Sleeping bag Barbecue (gas) Sports equipment ? eg golf balls, squash racquet, football, fishing rod, football boots Water sports equipment ? eg windsurfing equipment Books and Newspapers Adult and childrens? fiction and non-fiction paperback and hardback books ? including some books purchased over the Internet National daily newspapers Sunday newspapers Provincial newspapers Adults' periodicals Childrens? periodicals Gardening Products Compost Selected varieties of plants, bushes, cut flowers, seeds Garden sundries - eg garden spade, gloves Lawnmowers Leisure Services TV Licences and rental Television licence fees Rentals for various types of TV DVD and video cassette recorder rental Rentals for DVD films Digital television monthly subscription fees Cable TV subscriptions Entertainment and Recreation Squash court hire Fees for leisure evening classes Charges for exercise classes Private health club / gym membership Ten-pin bowling session Horse racing admissions Golf green fees Admission to cinemas, theatres, dancing, live music, football matches, historic monuments, museums, leisure parks and other attractions, swimming pools, leisure centres Foreign Holidays Package holidays covering a range of foreign destinations, accommodation and holiday types, including late-booked holidays Holiday insurance UK Holidays Package holidays covering a range of UK destinations, accommodation and holiday types
  8. It would be true Baz if the Israelis had actually withdrawn back to the borders as specified by the UN but that is not the case....they still occupy some areas illegally hence why the fighting continues. Aid has also been cut to the Palestinians, the kids can't go to schools, the hospitals have no medicines, oh and Israelies successfully killed over 140 people last week including 20 children (with one aged 2 days)....clearly that 2 day old was a terrorist...... Let's not be so blinkered.....if you see your home stolen, cannot work, your family is starving, your neighbours murdered by aerial bombs....you're going to want to fight back. It's human instinct. I don't agree with what either side is doing.....murder is wrong full stop - I don't care what sodding religion anyone is - there is just no excuse for it....however, I think a balanced look at the civilian death toll (140 vs 12 last week) may be in order....as well as looking at the reality (withdrawl hasn't taken place and areas are still illegally occupied). Tell me....if someone turned up in Britain tomorrow and said they had a right to your home and town because of some scripture written 5000 years ago - would you just give it up like that? Or would you fight for what is yours? I wish that everyone would just sit down and talk properly.....and stop bombing the crap out of each other..... I went to an academic lecture given by a Jewish person on the history of Israel and one of the things he pointed out was that before WW2 and the Western agreement to create Israel, the Jews, Muslims and Christians were living peacefully side by side in the region and it was an example to all as to how people of different backgrounds could live together.......trust Britain to screw it up........ [ 15.03.2008, 21:33: Message edited by: harmless loony ]
  9. He did the crime - served his time....why is he getting so much attention when the GB team contains another athlete (field) who has also returned to the team after being banned for taking drugs.....all this focus on Chambers is turning rather vindictive. Where are all the people out in condemnation of this other athlete? If the UK athletics committee don't like the rules then they need to have them changed....you cannot go and apply new rules retrospectively. Common sense dictates that he should be used to teach new athletes about the dangers of drug taking and show them that cheating will affect your career. Instead of demonising him let's use him to some good? Jeez....even murderous heroin addicts don't get the abuse that Chambers is getting!
  10. Hmmm interesting maybe the announcement was only made in one area. I just remember the announcer saying that "this is a community stadium please refrain from using bad or abusive language." Or something along those lines.....of course it had little effect as the man a few rows behind me just yelled **** off when he heard the announcement. There were a lot of Liverpool fans where I was sat - however the standing area had a lot of vocal Man Utd fans from what we could see from our end. Pedro - nice to see someone actually listened to your polite request instead of giving you abuse...shame though that we get suprised when something like that happens rather than seeing it as the norm! Good match though....was thoroughly frozen by the end though!
  11. The player who committed the foul isn't a dirty player and in fact that's the first time he's ever been sent off. The tackle was clearly mistimed rather than vengeful or malicious. Even Wenger has gone on to say as such.
  12. If I remember rightly there were several loudspeaker warnings about language and from where I was we could see the stewards ejecting some fans from the South Stand - so presumably something was being dealt with over there.
  13. More or less the norm in Pakistan? Oh please....it tends to occur mainly in the pockets of rural regions....cousin marriage is not normal practice so please don't stereotype a whole country with a sweeping generalisation....thanks. Surely the UK is going to face an even worse problem in the future with brothers and sisters potentially mating thanks to anonymous sperm donation. If you have no idea who your biological father is then how do you know you're not "getting it on" with your sibling? Likewise for adopted children - if their biological parents have had more children and not declared it there's every chance that siblings can end up in couples like the twins who married each other. How come no one appears to comment on that?
  14. Ha Ha Spent this afternoon helping a friend to pick a V. Day card for her fiance......it really was nauseating....
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