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  1. So when is it all going to be bulldozed - as that is what will happen and then become a bland block of Yuppy apartments
  2. Nine points wiped out but appealing against an appeal. Whole thing is a farce which needs sorting ASAP.
  3. Agar got a lot of stick last season - but clearly can't have been the cause of the poor form - a she is still at the club and they are four games unbeaten
  4. Flogging a dead horse with council - they are broke unless they can get funding from elsewhere - they are at full stretch just to answer the phones these days! Even if there is fiunding they haven't got enough people left to bid for it!!!
  5. Perhaps I should make a comeback and start rattling somes cages
  6. The little bear is not so popular with some of the Mayor's Labour colleagues!! Cant publish where some of them have said they would like to stick it!!!
  7. Still about but not the same old characters around often enough to wind up!
  8. I wonder how much longer Moyes has got?
  9. I can't see Warrington Wolves winning anything this season! A year of transition!
  10. I would say that is the perfect way to win friends and influence people!!!
  11. If the top man can do his job on a four day week put everyone else on a four day week - that should make a big saving!
  12. It ceases to amaze me that players and managers continue to vent their frustrations at officials when decisions are wrong. They are not going to get them to change their minds - wrong decisions happen week in week out in football.
  13. Looks like the curse has struck again!
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