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  1. The "Waters meet linear park" report is by an outfit called Randall Thorp.There is also an archaeological survey.I almost wept when I realised just how decent Peel are.I hope they receive a crust for their public benevolence.And after infilling the locks and driving sheet piles at the entrance to the first pair of gates they casually state "the navigation could be restored if need be".And my plans for a BS powered space vehicle are going well.
  2. Peels plans are in a document they published.Waters meeting is to be the new name for the harbour twixt the locks and MSC.Expect they will think the name more in keeping with the house prices.
  3. Peel plan called "Waters Meeting" will infill the locks,prettify the place,AND put up a notice to show what they've wrecked.Saying that the navigation will be left for"possible return to nnavigation"is Peelspin.Oh,and build houses.
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