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    A. Pozzi

    I spent a couple of hours searching the burial records recently and found a lot of my relatives were buried in the church of England part of Warrington cemetory. (c1850-80) There services were carried out by a A Pozzi. I have search A Pozzi and the only one I can find as a minister in Warrington is Father Bernard Austin Pozzi. (Obituary link below) It looks like he was a Roman Catholic minister serving at St Albans and St Marys in Warrington. Anyone else know another A Pozzi in Warrington who carried out church ceremonies? And can you be buried in a CofE part of a cemetory following a service in a RC church? PS Not the first line of the obituary ".... crowded slums of Liverpool and Warrington, when the dreaded typhus fever had a permanent home in their midst...." . http://www.plantata.org.uk/papers/obits/smith/pozzi_b.htm
  2. Outstanding Algy, Thank you so much. I had looked at old maps, but not the ones from those years, hence I could not find them. Who needs the world wide web, wickipedia, etc when we have Algy and so much knowledge on this site. We are very lucky and I thank you all.
  3. Sorry Algy / Dizzy, I can confuse myself sometimes Yes I did mean Primrose Villas on Liverpool Road, Warrington. I think a bit more reading at the library may be required to see if they have anything. Thanks for looking.
  4. Hi all, I have traced some family to Primrose Villas in Liverpool from the 1871 census and Worrals Directory of Warrington of the same year. I know Liverpool road has changed a lot but even from the old maps I can not find out where these were located. It looks from the census that there were a number of families living in the Villas at the time. Can anyone shed any light on where abouts they were and if they are still standing. Many thanks
  5. Not sure whether the library hold a copy of the book, I would think they do. I had a look on amazon and its still full price on there £17.
  6. Thanks for the tutorial. Keep fingers crossed
  7. I guess not I will have to find out how to upload pictures and come back !
  8. Hope this works ! First time for uploading photo.
  9. Dizzy, I think I have found the photo you refer to. The kids stood infront of the school in their uniform with big white collars and the headmaster (Edward Rose) looking on. I found it in a book A History of Warrington by Alan Crosby. When I can get to the scanner I will up load it
  10. Scotty101

    Street Names

    Thanks Dizzy, I have also just found the route taken for the census (Eventually !)
  11. Scotty101

    Street Names

    Thanks Baz, already found a few on there which has led to a walk round the cemetary. Cleo, Thats why I dont recall the houses being there "Just" before I was born. I have a lead on a Margaret Hargreaves that I am following up, so would be interesting to see if its the same one, born in the early / mid 1940's, she also had a number of sisters.
  12. Scotty101

    Street Names

    Found the streets on Old Maps There was a school on Hamilton street as well. I have also found a Fustion cutting works across the road, my relatives were fustion cutters so may have worked there.
  13. Scotty101

    Street Names

    Only got the census details at the moment ! When was "your time" ? without giving anything away Does any of the following Hargreaves ring a bell, John, Louisa, Thomas, John, Louisa, William, Alfred or George? When was the area flattened then?
  14. Scotty101

    Street Names

    Cleopatra, I would tell my relatives their house is no longer there, when I can find where they are, that is my next task in the family tree! Cemetary search ! The area off Battersby lane was once well built up as I beleive Birchall Street was on there as well. (Another relation from there also) Names of relatives in Hamilton Street 1891 and 1901 Cann family at No 7, and in Stevenson Street 1901 - Hargreaves at 19. (Or did you want a list of the people living in the street at that time?) I will try Slaters and can find them on old maps now I have an idea where they are. Thanks
  15. Scotty101

    Street Names

    Is there a directory or list of old street names of Warrington anywhere. I have relatives living in houes in streets that do not appear to exist anymore. Or is there a way of searching old maps? To give you an idea of streets that either do not exist or have been renamed all in Warrington frm various census. 1881 census - Chester Street 1891 census - Chorley Street (In the A-Z, for Chorley street it has chester Street in brackets) 1891 census - Wood Court, Church Street 1901 census - Stevenson Street 1911 census - Hamilton Street
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