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  1. In trying to register had a bit of a saga, Gary finally sorted it out but not before many attempts, basically the software for the forum didn't like the look of my email address, it was from the cloud so ended in @me.com, it banned me, Gary signed me up manually but I still could not get into the forums, after a lengthy correspondence the last thing to be tried was removal of all ip ban filters for the day I joined, this worked and now no problem signing in (obviously) Mentioning this because I can see it happening again if anybody registers with their I pad
  2. Also went to riverside retail park and got a parking ticket for £90 I too left the site for short time to look for a cash machine then returned to shop for £2000 pounds worth of furniture. On return to my car found a parking ticket issued for leaving the site I did tell the furniture shop manager and also informed him I would not now be buying anything from this site I like to think I have more class to whinge just because I got a ticket but I know that there is cause and effect, if the people who are managing this car park are fining people for the smallest infringement then this will get generally known and people will be loathe to come to this site. Incidentally I feel really sorry for the people who have just popped into the job centre across the road and come back to the car park and got a ticket that they in all probability can I'll afford to pay.I think if anybody was to park up to nip to the job centre then they would park at the end of the car park nearest town, from that position the attendant could see where they were going, so it seems there is plenty of cynicism and little decency in the attendants make up, I hope they are satisfied on a job well done and I hope that they receive the same consideration in their lives as they give to others
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