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  1. best time to visit West Australia is Spring and Autumn the Summer is so hot at times. We live in the centre of Fremantle and I love it. I enjoy visiting the UK and am there in June spending a month in Spain prior to arriving in Warrington. So get a bit of dry weather some stunning walks round Warrington but not in the rain
  2. Thanks Observer, Will just get a chinese Takeaway then.My Mum has been on holiday In Perth has become unwell and needs an escort home. Fremantle is about 20 minutes drive to Canningvale.Have you visited? its going to be very hot when we head of so glad to get some cool weather.
  3. I am shortly returning to Warrington and will be there for the Chinese new year. Here in Sunny Perth I celebrate this event at our local chinese they have lion dancers etc. Do any restaurants do this in the warrington vicinity.. Thanks in anticipation Debbie
  4. well of to work then the beach for me...now where did I put the sunscreen
  5. does fiddlers still have a club, when first Married and living in Penketh went to Fiddlers quite often would love to go again when overin UK this summer. Debs
  6. dawson

    Why no flags?

    Yes sounds like a very poor show. Well I had a flutter on England to make it to the world cup final I got odds of 25/1. I had 2 pounds each way I have made my money and more, and if they win well.. I wear my England Tee shirt with pride. But then again I love Union so enough said. Debs
  7. I enjoy a walk down to the pub but only now and then. I also think land prices have a lot to do with it. the village pub is worth more now for real estate. one of my Favourite pubs in UK is the Dog Inn at lower peover... The Sunday lunch is lovely freshly made lots of nice veggies.. Can't wait to get over next year... Debs
  8. I dont know about that I just know last night I had a brilliant night. A pub in Fremantle about 10 of us going for both sides screaming and laughing. and may I say the best team won. But bit of a suprise France beating NZ. I love watching Union but League nah just dont like it.... Debs
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