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  1. The most disappointing aspect of this whole sorry saga is that the Mayor, who I have helped on many occasions covering his engagements has not managed to simply pick up the telephone and say sorry. Very disappointing to say the least. An apology written by his press team and a few lines on facebook is not sufficient. The petition handover and the media coverage was about as non confrontational as it could have possibly been - Neither the young child or myself deserved that kind of behaviour. Out of the thousands of stories I have covered - this is one which will live long in the memory for all the wrong reasons.
  2. Latest update on the saga http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2017/10/12/call-in-challenge-for-controversial-homes-plans/
  3. Apparently some big jobs have come up in Auz so that has delayed things - so i suspect whatever happens we will end up with second choice now!
  4. Not a totally happy ship and the new guy is going to have to hit the floor running. Expecting appointment before the weeks out. I have heard the guy they really wanted didn't want to come!
  5. At least four being talked to but I believe Maguire's family are not too keen on the move back to blighty
  6. I am reliably informed it is not a Listed Building and the owners will not be fighting to keep it open - so I think it is pretty much time for everyone to pop along for a fond farewell pint before it is too late.
  7. My fond farewell interview with Tony who opens his heart - and I have to say i pretty much agree with everything he says about the state of the game. http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2017/09/14/tony-smith-bids-a-fond-farewell-to-warrington-wolves/ As a life long fan who didn't miss a game home and away for about a decade in my younger days i have only been to one "live" game this season! Like Tony I have lost my passion and enthusiasm for the game for
  8. Gary


    Here is some Nostalgia for you Stallard http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2017/09/12/raf-burtonwood-festival-of-nostalgia/
  9. Gary


    Well we can certainly arrange an afternoon tea at Shelly's for you and your good lady if you let us know which day you are in town - and any other forum members would be welcome to attend - my shout.
  10. As they say all good things come to an end - is it purely a coincidence it all happens the same week former Wigan Coach Michael Maguire gets the boot in Australia. Have the Wolves moved quickly to ensure they get their new man?
  11. Gary

    New Market ?

    Certainly will need it for the cinema visitors and the office workers.
  12. Gary

    New Market ?

    The old one was a concrete monstrosity which was out dated and not very welcoming - the new one looks fantastic in comparison, is bigger and will be lit up like a welcoming beason once it goes live later this year. Personally I think it is a huge improvement - just like the new temporary market.
  13. What with road humps and pot holes my land rover spring went the other day! The mechanic said they are going all the time due to the state of the roads in Warrington!
  14. Gary


    welcome Kathy - a bit before my time as a cameraman in Warrington so I won't have anything on file - but fingers crossed someone will have some old photos of the Old Infirmary with staff on
  15. I doubt they would close it now and redploy staff if they had plans to return - the way M&S are going they will be squeezed out of the market place like Woolies!
  16. warrington-worldwide was on hand to record the final day of trading - there were a lot of sad people in the store which I am told was still profitable - so seems crazy decision to close in light of the regeneration work taking place around the corner. http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2017/07/29/ms-close-town-centre-doors-for-final-time/
  17. Well he has certainly embraced modern media
  18. Well grey man - there you have it - if you are a journal;ist yourself feel free to submit some investigative articles in your name (which I will protect) and I will happily publish them if I can verify them to be accurate and reliable. While I work with all partners in the town, they ALL understand that if they get something wrong I will report on it in a balanced and fair way -which includes giving both sides of a story. You can email me your news items to garys@warrington-worldwide.co.uk in confience.
  19. Unfortunately Greyman the media, like many other organisations have had to make cutbacks during a lengthy period of austerity which started way back in the 90s. They simply don't have the reources to spend hours digging deep on stories anymore and we rely on eagle eyed members of the public to help. There is absolutely nothing stopping you attending council meetings and submitting probing questions which would then be picked up by the media and reported. But I guess that would take time and effort and revealing who you are to the world.
  20. I have been given a copy of the bid document which is very detailed and put together by the team which won the bid for Hull. I was given it in confidence so I am afraid I can not share it. RE Greyman's comments RE media needing to do more - I am consistently working hard helping promote the cultural offerings of this town and working on backing an initiative as part of our forthcoming 50th anniversary which will hopefully provide a major boost for our town's libraries at a time they need it most.. I also work closely with the town's Civic Society to try and ensure what we have left of our heritage is protected and that we can build on what we have got left. There are plenty of cultural offerings in this town but more needs to be done to promote them and get the various interested parties all pulling in the same direction. If any of you keyboard warriors out there want to get involved drop me a line.and i will get you involved.
  21. Interesting survey http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2017/07/17/small-is-beautiful-when-it-comes-to-retail-vitality/
  22. Was Warrington right to go for the bid? http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2017/07/14/cultural-drive-will-continue-despite-failed-city-of-culture-bid/ Personally I supported it, even though a long shot and it is good that we can now work on continuing to improve the cultural offering. Certainly think as a town/city we are as good as those shotlisted.
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