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    Just had to do a lot of pruning because the system was creaking again! Everything older than 60 days in Local issues, national issues and general chat has now been cleared out.
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    Just to let you know that I have been pruning posts older than 90 days on General Chat and Local issues/National issues - no conspiracy - just making sure the board continues to run smoothly.
  3. Gary

    Did you know?

    Did you know that if you click on the faq link at the top of the page it will tell you everything you need to know!!!
  4. Gary


    If you are new to the WWW forum I'd like to say welcome. A word of warning - some of our regular posters like to wind people up - so be prepared to take it on the chin if you try and rock the boat! This is a public forum and is free to use. WE prefer not to delete any posts (other than the old ones after 90 days) and only do so if they are felt to be offensive, inappropriate or not in the best interests of the board. WWW is totally independent, has been in existence since 1999 and although linked up to many community groups and businesses within the town, is not associated with any newspaper group. The views expressed by me are mine and not those of the publication.
  5. Well I am back from my hols refreshed and relaxed and have made a few New Year's resolutions. Happy Posting everyone!
  6. If you are new to this forum it is for the people of Warrington to use to trace friends and relatives or discuss local issues of interest e.t.c. You can speak freely on any issue. The only time posts will be deleted by the moderator is if foul and abusive language is used or it is felt to be bringing the board into disrepute. Happy Posting!
  7. Any posts considered insulting or using **** will be deleted. If someone winds you up be big enough to ignore it or respond without stooping to their level.
  8. Things are so busy in the run up to Christmas we are not going to be able to respond to many posts. If you want to draw our attention to anything in particular can I suggest you email us directly at orbit@cwcom.net Happy Holidays!!!!
  9. Gary

    Unique forum!

    This is a unique forum for the people of Warrington and those with an interest in the town and what goes on here. It is part of the warrington-worldwide website created by a team of journalists dedicated to the town. From time to time we will comment on local issues as individuals and raise our own issues of concerns. If you don't like what we say you have a unique opportunity to tell us. If you like what we say and write you can also tell us. We want to hear all your views and news from around the town and are always pleased to hear from out of towners and ex-pats. Happy posting! If you are ever offended by one of my posts/comments tell me and I will try my best to resolve the problem. But as a journalist I am all for freedom of speech - for everyone!
  10. Gary

    New Board

    Apparently this is my own private area to make my announcements from - so no one else can post here!
  11. Gary

    New Board

    Well the new board is up and running! I hope our readers are happy. If you have any feedback let me know here. Special thanks to Phil (Yoda) for sorting this out. Can you get up in th emornings yet?
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