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  1. With a little detective work I am sure youy can locate them and give them a poke!
  2. So - after all the "hot air" http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2017/01/13/no-libraries-to-close-in-warrington/
  3. Of course I did - they emailed me complaining!!!
  4. Thanks - we highlighted the issue back end of the year working closely with residents and although a sorry outcome probably the right one on this occasion - although there should be a penalty against the owner who should be banned from having a dog for life!
  5. Recently validated a new member following special request - and still they haven't posted!
  6. Nice to see everyone getting along famously!
  7. Bins collected as usual in Appleton today
  8. Happy New Year Stallard - how are you doing with twitter I lost the plot when I launched this website!
  9. Ben Harrison has started his testimonial and has been a great club servant. But from what I have heard he no longer features in Tony Smith's plans and is currently without a club. Sorry state of affairs IMHO
  10. Sadly I made a pledge to my self not to comment on this subject matter ever again!
  11. We floated charging a subscription a few years back and every single person said they wouldn't pay - so that would make it a lively place to discuss important topics. So who would pay a tenner a year? If we got about 30 it would at least cover the costs!
  12. Baz - we have lots more news on the site other than rugby and football - in fact the last few weeks there has hardly been any football or rugby to read about. Lots of good news stories and some great work by your pal PJ and other contributors - or do they not float your boat?
  13. I have actually been away for a few days! Your comment made me laugh because that is exactly what you said about facebook a couple of years ago when you lived and breathed on here. Then you realised life was more interesting in the facebook asylum. The reason for my post was again to test the water on the viability of keeping the forum going. During these times of austerity we have to watch our pennies - and unfortunately to avoid spammers and hackers it costs a few hundred quid a year to maintain this forum. I don't want to let our loyal die hards down but I also don't want to keep flogging a dead horse.
  14. Just wondering how many members don't use social media i.e Facebook, twitter, instagram e.tc.? I see plenty of you on facebook but rarely on here these days - and yes I am guilty as charged - but as a business I need to engage witht he public so I have an excuse It would be interesting to know how many of you rely on this forum to communicate with the outside world?
  15. Blimey oldsoulie I thought you had desserted us a long time ago! Nice to see you posting and good luck with your search.
  16. So with 2017 fast approaching what are your resolutions for the New Year? Mine is to continue to enjoy being a grandad and to carry on with the great strides in 2016 shedding a few more pounds from the waistline. Happy to say managed to keep the weight off over Christmas - it is quite easy to achieve once you get used to calorie counting and a little more exercise.
  17. Sadly not surprised by anything these days
  18. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all.
  19. Gary

    Bus Lanes?

    What do you think of them in Warrington?
  20. My reporters tells me the number of people who are campaigning to save the libraries who attended tonight's meeting was "about 20." I don't want to see any libraries close. I believe they are an important part of community life. But I also realise we are living in a changing world. It is easy to get thousands of people signing online petitions. It is sadly not easy getting people to use libraries - and even less easy to get them to turn out in huge numbers on a cold night to show the strength of feeling. I used to love reading books - the sad fact of the world we live in now is that less and less people are reading books - and this number will continue to reduce even if we had a library on every street corner with thousands of books to choose from. Having said all that - £300k to retain the status quo is a small drop in the ocean.
  21. Good signing? http://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2016/12/02/kevin-brown-set-to-join-warrington-wolves/
  22. Be interesting to see the council's take on the library situation at full council on Monday
  23. Gary

    Temp Market

    Keep seeing reports saying people think the existing market it closed? Not sure why - been plenty of publicity about Santa's grotto being there and radio warrington broadcasting from it every day - anyone on here under the impression it is closed? Fall in footfall hardly surprising following loss of car park.
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