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  1. 18 hours ago, Evil Sid said:

    see the spam artists are back. good grief apart from being rather illegal in most countries they have the idiocy (possibly) to give out contact details......🤣🤭

    My fault Evil - allowed them to register as Eagle Eyed Dizzy is very busy these days so I had to authorise a lot of new members so watch out for some other spammers ;)

  2. On 6/28/2020 at 10:49 PM, Lisa Kelly (nee Eccleston) said:


    .wondering if anyone could help me. My dad Jack (John) Eccleston grew up in Orford village in the 1930s. He was the eldest of 3 brothers, him, Ron and Louis Eccleston. They moved from Padgate about 1930 to Broome Lodge in Orford village  and lived with their Dads sister and husband (John Ellis who worked at the Tannery). Apparently the house was qiite large and was situared in the corber of Sandy lane before the tannery. I've never been able to find any pictures. All  I know is they couldnt knock it down to build the estate so had to set fire to it. Such a shame and full of memories from what Ive been told. 

    Hi Lisa - welcome to the forum - if anyone can find any old Pictures our resident photo expert Algy is your man!

  3. Thanks for all the time and effort you have put into this and I wish I could get straight answers and info off Public Health England. There are so many inconsistencies in the daily reporting figures I am actually starting to wonder why I bother. On at least seven occasions in the past month figures for confirmed new cases have decreased from the previous day with no given explanation.

    The authorities keep telling me Warrington's infection rate is lower than other areas, yet your graphs suggest otherwise.

    I am also soon to be provided information showing Warrington has the lowest COVID-19 death rate in the North West. 

  4. On 5/22/2020 at 2:29 AM, Milky said:

    Let me explain as your not sure, without traffic you won't have adverts, Google Adsense are not a charity. 

    I brought up an issue that is a problem to me, being redirected to full page ads, I certainly did not expect a Basil Fawlty type of response. 

    Maybe if you don't want to worry about what people think you should quit and the moaning old geezer just might be in the mirror. 

    I would love to give you a proper Basil Fawlty response but forum rules forbid it. I certainly won't be quitting and the only thing I will be seeing in the mirror is a sour moaning milky who appears to have a very sad isolated life trying to pick fights on forums. Please clear off to the other news site and leave me to run my business, which I am delighted to say is booming since we increased the number of adverts by well over 500 per cent increase in revenue, some of which has been invested back into the community - and if you have the guts to reveal your true identity I may start to take notice of what you say.

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  5. 9 hours ago, asperity said:

    I wasn't seeing any ads until just recently, but they aren't intrusive or worse than on other sites I visit. Carry on Gary!

    Thanks Asperity - Using this on a desk top and i don't know what the problem is  although seeing lots of adverts promoting moaning old geezers :wink:

  6. 16 hours ago, algy said:

    Well said Gary and I for one support you completely on this issue and keep up the good work as long as you are able.

    Thanks Algy - eight weeks of lockdown has taught me one valuable lesson - I spent twenty years being a busy fool worrying what other people think. May be a I should also limit readers to 20 views a month and put up a pay wall as well! :rolleyes:

  7. And just to put another fly in the ointment - we had mass testing in Warrington with a drive-thru facility - but none of these tests are included in the Warrington figures and will be just added to the national figures. Also most people who have had it, got it or going to get it, will not even be tested for some time yet. So the information we are getting is a very rough guide.

  8. 20 hours ago, Milky said:

    Here is me thinking this site is your business and your here to make money.


    It is and with out the adverts it doesn't make any money - so I am not exactly sure what your point is?

  9. 6 hours ago, Evil Sid said:

    I have every confidence in the media to present whatever sells papers or online subscriptions regardless of any bias or however little truth it contains and disregarding the need for expensive research into the facts and figures presented and resorting to quoting whatever experts support the facts and figures presented.

    one of the main reasons i use this website is the factual reporting with little or no sensationalist headlines. just facts presented in an unbiased way.

    With regard to googling health issues i did that once and found out i had died ten years ago...⚰️...🤫...🤣

    praise indeed - thank you Sid - I have to say I cringed a little when I read a headline on another site which shall remain nameless broadcasting that Warrington is a "hotspot" for coronavirus - this on a day when there were over 6,000 confirmed cases across the country - and one in Warrington! I am pleased to say I didn't click on it 😉

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  10. On 5/4/2020 at 8:59 AM, Confused52 said:

    Good news Gary. In my opinion the growth could be because for coronavirus your stories contain more information and are not outdated or repetitive. The essence of reliable news. Well done indeed.

    The actual readership of the coronavirus facts and figures stories has dwindled somewhat since the many thousands read our breaking news story of the first reported case in the town many weeks ago - I'd say a lot of people have almost got complacent to the pandemic going on around us judging by the many day trippers descending on local beauty spots- but that's another story - and I've covered that one as well! But thanks for the comment it is nice to know work is appreciated - people normally only comment when they are having a go!

  11. AS the owner I have been biting my tongue and keeping quite as there are far more important issues going on for me (my family) the town and the rest of the word. The adverts are our only form of revenue. Running this forum, even with adverts costs me personally over £750 a year, add to that the running costs of the main site (before any staffing costs) and you are talking another  £9k a year!.

    Google gave an option to take over the placement of the adverts on this and the main site. Yes they are a bit of an inconvenience but they are not hurting anyone - all the same news content e.t.c is stll there for you for free. I currently have had to furlough all staff, had no govt grants but am still working seven days a week around the clock providing a free news service and a free forum and free daily news. The new advert placements have enabled us to keep going through what were already difficult times. 

    If you want to carry on arguing with me over the placement of the adverts feel free - but if you are an unhappy customer (Can you be a customer if you don't pay?) nobody is forcing you on here and i am not making any demands of you.

    P.S Since our new advert placements our revenues have increased over 500 per cent and our website traffic has doubled in the past month, so not many people are voting with their feet. I guess you could always try the other news channel which i believe now limits how many stories you can see and they binned their forum years ago because its dwellers were more trouble than they were worth!

    I know I have some loyal friends on here who have been great supporters for many years and I thank you all and wish you all well. Take care and lets hope we can all get through these terrible times.


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  12. On 3/1/2020 at 7:32 PM, asperity said:

    How is pollution in China the world's problem? Just asking for guidance oh wise one 😉.

    The pollution problem belongs to the whole world (as in we all need to do our bit) but china is one of the biggest causes of it. Is that helpful enough for you old wise one ;)

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  13. Spoke volumes that two of the best players on the park were released by Warrington - and Leeds are now being coached by a guy who took all the stick in the past!

    Warrington have brought in super star marquee players and released home grown players to other clubs.

    Something doesn't add up?

  14. First case reported in Bury - I suspect only a matter of time before it arrives in Warrington if not already here!

    While it is frightening it is having a big impactyon tackling the world's pollution problem in china apparently, with reports that the pollution has completely gone within a matter of a few weeks.

    Makes one wonder!

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