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  1. On 3/1/2020 at 7:32 PM, asperity said:

    How is pollution in China the world's problem? Just asking for guidance oh wise one 😉.

    The pollution problem belongs to the whole world (as in we all need to do our bit) but china is one of the biggest causes of it. Is that helpful enough for you old wise one ;)

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  2. Spoke volumes that two of the best players on the park were released by Warrington - and Leeds are now being coached by a guy who took all the stick in the past!

    Warrington have brought in super star marquee players and released home grown players to other clubs.

    Something doesn't add up?

  3. First case reported in Bury - I suspect only a matter of time before it arrives in Warrington if not already here!

    While it is frightening it is having a big impactyon tackling the world's pollution problem in china apparently, with reports that the pollution has completely gone within a matter of a few weeks.

    Makes one wonder!

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  4. On 1/18/2020 at 10:06 PM, TF and the wire said:

    It's nice to see an old established shop like H&W still going. But just before Christmas my wife was dragging me round the shops and saw a cardy in there for my old mum, priced £12. I was all for buying it, but my wife dragged me over the market where the exact same Cardy was £9 on a stall there.

    I suspect H&W have slightly higher over heads than a market stallholder. I have seen items in JTF warehouse at a fraction of the prices of High Legh and Bents Garden Centres - but the shopping experiences are totally different.

  5. 8 hours ago, Milky said:

    I too know nothing about food banks and feel sorry for the people who are in a situation that require them to use one. Whenever there is a collection at the supermarket I contribute.

    Last couple of times they have been featured on the news have left me not so sympathetic. Last time ( I think it was the BBC news) featured a young woman who could not feed her children driving a nearly new Renault Kadjar to the food bank. Previous to that it was a story about children going to school hungry and a school opening early to feed the children, interviewed were two heavily tattooed ladies with I phones on the table in front of them who were saying how valuable this service was to them and their children.

    Now I know the system isn't perfect or generous but the majority of people seem to cope on it, some people even manage to have things like Sky TV which again I do not have, others need food banks on a regular bases, apparently.

    Never judge a book by its cover - the tattoos could have been done years ago and the car could have been borrowed or purchased on a leasing agreement prior to falling on hard times.

    It is often quoted that many of us are just two pay cheques away from needing a food bank.

    But I do understand that some people will be getting their priorities wrong when it comes to feeding their kids and buying booze and fags with their benefits.

    May be a percentage of benefits should be paid in vouchers which can only be used on life's essentials to ensure cash is not misused?

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  6. On 11/26/2019 at 5:03 PM, Milky said:

    As our hospital is quite old I am guessing Warrington will be one of the 40 places that the conservatives will build a new hospital

    AS it probably takes 10 years to build a hospital I expect work wil start right after the election

    So where will it be?

    Holding my breath!

    I don't think it will be any time soon - but may be more chance now one of our MPs has a direct line to the decision maker!

  7. Not ther kind of story I like writing at any time but especially in the run up to Christmas when many people will be over indulging.

    Hard to believe in our modern society that childrten in our home town are going three days without food!

    All politicians need to work toegther to come up with a solution. We are almost going back in time to Dickensian times!


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  8. 23 hours ago, Confused52 said:

    It is refreshing to see that Ben has struck up a relationship that gets him access to the people that drive the towns investments other than the council. That will help him to gauge what will and will not work with greater reality. Seeing that he combined authority may be back on the cards it is possible to see how greater levels of subsidy may be found by levying a prccept via an Integrated Transport Authority to boost the money available to fund buses. The Cheshire LEP is studying whether the bus services hereabouts have been too focused on the traditional core hours. If that is so there will be a case for that greater subsidy. The amount paid by WBC is now nothing like enough to meet the social needs as I feel sure that Ben is only too aware.

    If the possible combined authority were to decide to use the powers in the Bus Act to contract services the Ben would be under considerable cost pressure from other operators and the ability to hand non-profitable routes to the combined authority would only be possible if the rest of the routes were competitive. It is a difficult balancing act.

    There remains a need to listen to criticism however and I look forward to Ben and others asking for suggestions. They may not all be reduce the fares type of criticism. For example a major source of delays imported into some routes is caused by interworking with random services which cross all of the towns delay hotspots. This leads to events like the bridge problem this week causing delays to services that go nowhere neat the Ship Canal because of the way running boards are planned for buses to criss-cross the borough. Buses become late to arrive for meal-break/shift handovers and start so late that a journey is eventually cancelled on a completely unrelated route. It is that kind of problem that makes people see the service in a worse light than it needs to be. The problem is that a more resilient network would cost more but would it be better at keeping and attracting custom. Ben has yet to try that one out other than in the usual bus hotspots.

    It is good that Ben is working with you Gary but we would like more dialogue.

    Rest assured dialogue is ongoing on a near weekly basis

  9. 16 hours ago, Stallard12 said:

    Just joshin' you Gary.   I should have mentioned in my post that I had heard that it had closed.  My point was that, considering the condescension and disdain we received, I thought it was no wonder.  I also knew that it used to be Algy's local, I wondered what he thought.  However, from what you say, there may be other factors.

    Hard to know on a forum when someone is just Joshin' ;)

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