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  1. Gary

    Question Time

    I stopped watching QT along time ago and I doubt the new presenter has brought much to the table!
  2. Gary

    The curse of Twitter

    I use twitter, facebook, linkedin and Instagram - hence I have little time to come on here! I have kept the forum going in the belief that one day people will tire of all the different social media and come back to this platform in their droves. But the fact Dizzy took up facebook now has me doubting whether it will ever happen 🙄
  3. Gary

    Challenge Cup

    Cant believe only 7,000 turned up for such an important match between two of the biggest rivals in the sport! 2,200 turned out for a non league football promotion play off the day before!
  4. Gary

    BBC Question Time

    Get your seats booked https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2019/04/17/bbc-ones-question-time-returns-to-warrington/
  5. BBC Question Time coming to Warrington again! Opportunity for all our posters to get things off their chests!
  6. Gary

    Time for a change ?

    Well it looks like one of our members is bidding to bring about change! Good luck Geoff! https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2019/04/16/former-mayor-puts-name-forward-to-be-mep-candidate-for-change-uk/
  7. Gary

    London Broncos

    Quite rightly - after being blown away at St Helens! Could be a one horse race already! 😂
  8. Gary

    Western Link gets Government Funding approved

    It was almost hilarious that the recently selected Tory candidate for Warrington South was given the plaudits for making the announcement BEFORE anyone at the town hall knew the money was coming! Political point scoring at its very best or worst depending on how you view it Government give green light for controversial western link funding
  9. Gary

    Gordon Gandy

    A national treasure who was doing columns for us until very recently been currently having a break
  10. Gary

    London Broncos

    Looking like a two horse race already!!!
  11. Gary

    Who would you vote for today?

    Yes - you
  12. Gary

    Last Night

    I am surprised with the amount of money at the club's disposal these days that they traveled out the morning of the match. On a much smaller budget Warrington Town FC did overnight hotel stays on their FA cup run last season.
  13. Gary

    Who would you vote for today?

    Sadly not enough active posters on here to give a true picture these days. But in the real world of twitter and facebook where around 1,000 votes were cast on a similar topic, The Independent Group were picking up around 40 per cent of the vote! So just aybe today is Independence day!
  14. Gary

    Draft Local Plan

    And so the onslaught starts on our Green Belt https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2019/03/04/green-belt-set-to-be-released-for-warringtons-future-development/
  15. https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2019/02/26/raven-inn-looks-set-to-be-saved-from-bulldozers/ It might not be saved as a pub - but looks like developers do listen sometimes!