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  1. The pollution problem belongs to the whole world (as in we all need to do our bit) but china is one of the biggest causes of it. Is that helpful enough for you old wise one ;)
  2. Spoke volumes that two of the best players on the park were released by Warrington - and Leeds are now being coached by a guy who took all the stick in the past! Warrington have brought in super star marquee players and released home grown players to other clubs. Something doesn't add up?
  3. Took my dad into town centre for a night out at Botanist and Cineworld - great time! Quite a few in Botanist but cinema was pretty empty!
  4. First case reported in Bury - I suspect only a matter of time before it arrives in Warrington if not already here! While it is frightening it is having a big impactyon tackling the world's pollution problem in china apparently, with reports that the pollution has completely gone within a matter of a few weeks. Makes one wonder!
  5. I am sure this article my be of interest to some of our regular forum dwellers. https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2020/02/06/ex-labour-cllr-accused-of-harassing-former-mp-helen-jones/
  6. The big acid test will be Saints at home - if we can win that we can win anything!
  7. I suspect H&W have slightly higher over heads than a market stallholder. I have seen items in JTF warehouse at a fraction of the prices of High Legh and Bents Garden Centres - but the shopping experiences are totally different.
  8. Good to see our MPs and the Council putting party politics to one side for the benefit of our local hospital. https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2020/01/10/a-refreshing-start-to-the-new-year-long-may-it-continue/
  9. Gary


    He went on to launch a highly successful Wire Wheels taxi business from what I can remember! But any way well deserved ont he rugby front!
  10. Gary

    Merry Christmas

    Oh well - only seven of us showing an Christmas spirit!
  11. Gary


    Never judge a book by its cover - the tattoos could have been done years ago and the car could have been borrowed or purchased on a leasing agreement prior to falling on hard times. It is often quoted that many of us are just two pay cheques away from needing a food bank. But I do understand that some people will be getting their priorities wrong when it comes to feeding their kids and buying booze and fags with their benefits. May be a percentage of benefits should be paid in vouchers which can only be used on life's essentials to ensure cash is not misused?
  12. Merry Christmas to everyone who still posts on the Warrington Worldwide forum.
  13. I don't think it will be any time soon - but may be more chance now one of our MPs has a direct line to the decision maker!
  14. Gary


    Not ther kind of story I like writing at any time but especially in the run up to Christmas when many people will be over indulging. Hard to believe in our modern society that childrten in our home town are going three days without food! All politicians need to work toegther to come up with a solution. We are almost going back in time to Dickensian times! https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2019/12/19/foodbank-reaches-out-as-young-girl-and-two-siblings-go-without-food-for-three-days/
  15. Now wtach them slip up at home to Everton for the first time this century!!!
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