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  1. Hill testimonial at the club next season and new contracts being handed out - Big Ben gone, half back pairing not firing on all cylinders and a veteran coming out of retirement to help land the holy grail! https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2020/11/23/new-deals-for-wolves-trio/
  2. Your right Latchy - I also refused to pay any more TV subscriptions on top of my licence fee, Sky full package and BT sport. Then the premier league add another £14.95 for selective games on top of your subscription. We certainly live in Rip off Britain when it comes to tv!
  3. The Market is open for food items and you can even get a takeaway coffee and flap jacks
  4. I can't believe in this modern world of technology the total chaos of the USA elections. It is a complete farce and to think this is meant to be a world leader! Whatever the result- if there ever is one, it will lack any credibility!
  5. Gary


    The adverts which show are meant to relate with what you are interested in or been searching for!
  6. Took a while to get going but we missed Blake Austin! The Leeds team had a lot more experience than our kids team at Salford.
  7. Gary


    Don't just put up with them engage with them
  8. Don't worry I have endured far worse "criticism" - I am doing the best I can to paint a clear and factual position as possible without getting involved in politics - from a lay person's point of view from what I have reported on since day one - we are actually now going into a worse position than we were with the first proper lockdown - I hope I am wrong but my gut feeling is we are going to see things get a lot worse before things get better - we need enforcement and we need to be brutal in the way we deal with this disease or it will linger on and on!
  9. Gary


    Much appreciated Evil - I always knew you were one of life's good guys and one of few original remaining members.
  10. Gary


    Without the adverts we will be nothing!
  11. I am not sure why it posted four times - obviously a bug in the system. On my news pages i just report the facts as best I can with limited resources, with some very useful assistance from one of our forum members which is much appreciated. Sadly on my travels I see plenty of people behaving without a care in the world for others around them - I am sorry if you feel these selfish people are labelled as #COVIDIDIOTS by myself and others (I didn't invent the word) on social media and that I harp on a little about the conspiracy theory brigade. But if you had been on the receiving end of tor
  12. Deaths sadly mounting, infection rates breaking new records and still plenty of COVIDIDIOTS walking our streets and spouting conspiracy theories. Until there is proper enforcement of the laws and restrictions this is just going to rumble on and and on and on ... untll none of us are left with a viable businesses other than under takers and drugs companies!
  13. Too many people ignoring the advice and the facts! https://www.warrington-worldwide.co.uk/2020/09/23/covid-19-infection-rates-reach-new-high-in-warrington/
  14. Just performed another upgrade to the forum - third one is as many week s- does anyone actually notice anything change? This latest one is meant to include a whole new look - but looks just the same to me?
  15. Having been out and about around Warrington and on holiday in North Wales I can say Test and Trace is almost none existent. I have also received reports suggesting some businesses where someone has tested positive are keeping quiet about it as they don't want to be shut down. My big concern is that all these new cases which are being reported develop into more serious health conditions as we hit flu season. Add tot his the college student population return home in October and boom! Not enough people are taking the situation seriously enough. I am doing my best to keep people up
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