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  1. Not only am I getting a season ticket whereas I previously watched a handful of games a season but I am also looking at jumping on the supporters coach and taking in a number of away games across the season. Results aside, what are your best and worst away grounds visited and why?
  2. I'm aware that the supporters club have both a Twitter and Facebook account and that the independent supporters trust have a website but there's no place to voice opinions or have debates and such.
  3. I used to have the occasional nosey on this forum every once in a while back when I used to go to watch the yellows regularly and after some absence I am back as a season ticket holder and I see that this place is empty. Any chance of reviving it?
  4. Thanks for the speedy reply!! Hopefully he will bring some full paying folk with him.
  5. Just wondering if it will be free entry on presentation of a bus pass again this year? I was chatting about the yellows with my cousin and I recall a similar scheme being in place last year and he seemed interested. Ill make sure he at least buys a shirt if he goes a few games on the free.
  6. I wont turn this into a United thread but I simply hate this kit. Some kits grow on me, this one wont. My fave kits are the '77 home, Green and Gold halves shirt and the black away shirt made famous by the Cantona Kung-Fu kick. Some shirts are fondly remembered for the trophies that were won in them, hopefully this will be one.
  7. Can you at least promise it wont be gingham..... I normally take some time to get used to new Man United kits but this is plain awful!!
  8. I know that the season has only just finished but are there any designs for next seasons kit yet? Not that im in a hurry to see the current kit leave (best one in years in my opinion).
  9. http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/warringtontown/news/feeling-alive-with-five-547480.html Five new signings and although we'll all be happy that one of them is a striker, it doesnt mention the positions of Williams or Kinsella. I would look it up but...
  10. Like I said, I hope that he proves me wrong but he does nothing but frustrate me at present. You can't really blame the pitch too much as not everyone has the heavy first touch or the ability to lose the ball like Jackson. He doesn't look confident whenever he receives the ball and to be honest, I cringe when I see his name on the teamsheet. I'm a huge fan of creative midfielders when they get it right, nothing excites me more on the pitch but I can't find any part of his game that impresses me. Again, I hope he proves me wrong.
  11. Ive been critical of Nick Jackson before but im still baffled by his inclusion in the team. Granted, he got a goal but his first touch always seems heavy which normally leads to him losing the ball. Is it a confidence issue? Is he normally better than the games that ive been present at this season? I really hope he proves me wrong one day but I just cant see it.
  12. Pardon my stupidity here but is Radio Warrington easy enough to pick up on an iphone?
  13. Just out of interest, do Radio Warrington give full match commentary or is it just regular updates?
  14. Good performance by the lads on Saturday, unfortunate not to get 3 points. I have only seen 6 games so far this season so I could be missing something here but Nick Jackson, does he deserve his place in the team? Every time I have seen him play, he leaves me shaking my head in disbelief.
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