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  1. I know he has gone and Paul Woolcott has come in, but does anyone know where Conor Roberts went?
  2. An excellent evening's entertainment after a long journey with the temperature at -10 on arrival; but I must point out the warm and friendly crowd of Workington followers - the best I've met all season
  3. Colwyn Bay were nothing special. If we can bring as many supporters to the North Ferriby game there's no reason why we cannot beat them as well. The bigger they come ...
  4. Oh my goodness! He's singing again
  5. I believe any of our frontmen will score given the ball from midfield and not the back row
  6. Please don't get me wrong - I'm not out to see Warrington lose so that I can make a comment - I follow them to every match whether they win or lose. Today they played good football along the ground throughout the first half. The second half saw more long balls and allowed Prescot back into the game but thanks to Big Ben's wonder goal ...
  7. It's more than likely that Ramsbottom will be in the play-offs ____and they have just beaten us Point made?
  8. Second place is the first position of the losers. The play-offs give teams a second chance at promotion but will we beat teams such as Darlington, Lancaster etc. or remain in the 1st Division yet again? If this is the case, then we have failed yet again
  9. From being top of the league for so long we're slipping downward so that we may not even make the play-offs. There are quite a few teams waiting to overtake us and we are making it so easy for them. What is the answer?
  10. I must say I enjoy watching the reserves and the youth teams - they PLAY FOOTBALL. Whoever said you cannot play football on these pitches should pop down to watch them
  11. We have a great team of quality players who can play good football - they should be allowed to do so. Who says you cannot play good football on these pitches? The teams that have beaten us prove otherwise. Also, if you watch the Reserves and the Youth Teams, they play exciting football on the ground. Point 'Busted'.
  12. What's the point of having a good midfield when the balls just fly over them? This week we had extra players in midfield and just Ben up front, and still we were kicking the ball over midfield. I am confused!
  13. I follow Warrington Town and am really pleased that we are finally at the top of the league. We have a team that can play good football and it frustrates me immensely when they miss out the midfield and hoof the ball up to the front players. Generally this has worked well for us this year because most of the teams in this league do not have the ability to adapt to our style. People have been known to state that good football played along the ground is not possible at this level, but the better teams have proven that statement to be wrong; how do we imagine we will survive in the Premier League if we do manage to go up? WireWarrior97 says our current style of play has been giving us results and not to change it even though we cannot beat the better teams playing this way. I disagree!
  14. Just goes to show that the 'hoof it and hope' technique is no match against football. We played the ball on the ground once and scored
  15. What a surprise - we have now got to play Curzon on a Monday evening - good planning on their behalf?
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