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  1. Dizzy - as far as I could tell, it was in a reasonably good condition, but wasn't being used any more. Apparently it had closed years before that due to dwindling numbers.
  2. A friend of mine moved into St Peter's Way in about 1979, right opposite the church. We watched it gradually being demolished (it took a very long time) and then the site was used for what is basically sheltered housing. I never saw it when it was in use but the picture above, that Algy has posted, is how I remember it when he first moved there.
  3. Ee.I had forgotten The Limes. Not absolutely sure, but I seem to remember that is what became DB Spares.
  4. RingoDave

    20 mph

    All I can say is that I, and others I know, avoided Long Lane while the 20 mph limit was in force. As I never used it in that time, I don't know whether the traffic flow fell or increased, but suspect the former.
  5. I agree with Peter T. In local elections, I rarely even look at what party candidates are in. I find out whether they are up to making a difference in the area if at all possible and check whatever sources I can for their thoughts on the present conditions. Perhaps I really am naive, but I prefer someone who knows, and preferably lives in, the area. This part also goes for the national elections - unlike a large proportion of Warrington voters, I am prepared to vote for a different party if I think the candidate is better.
  6. That sign on Manchester Road has been there for at least four years to my knowledge, so what does it mean? Which three years have been chosen as "representative" of the accidents? Could they have chosen 1945-48 instead? I'm sure the fugures would have been rather lower then.
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