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  1. Baz J Just for reference the tyres you are promoting are considered as worn out in Switzerland. Do not under any circumstances enter Switzerland on Summer or part used Winter tyres between 30th October and 1st of April. You will be booked and may spend time in a quite relaxed prison environment wondering what did I do wrong? It will definitely put a crimp in your day, it will make you late for your next appointment, it will ruin your plans and generally mess up your week.
  2. Oooops, Bit of a new boy error last weekend. I posted various comments over the last weekend and then walked into work on Monday and things kind of took off in different directions so I didn't have the opportunity to respond to you folk. Sorry folk, however the bast laid plans of mice and men etc. didn't stand a chance. Anyway, apologies to everyone who might have expected a response. I did however, enjoy a spectacularly splendiforous weekend. My eldest lad is a Professor of physics at a nearby University and was on a one day strike last week to protect his pension rights. This fact meant I had the deep joy of looking after my three year old Granddaughter for an extended period of time. Thursday and Friday we went shopping to buy Christmas presents for her Mum and Dad. Saturday was very special and we decorated the Christmas Tree. Apologies to the traditionalists but I have an artificial pre-lit tree. I retrieved it from my loft, chacked the lights were okay and let my Granddaughter loose with the decorations. She had an absolute blast and enjoyed herself to the maximum. You have no idea how pleasing it is to see a half dressed tree in your lounge, (actually, it's really well dressed up to the height of a three year old child.) As far as I'm concerned it can stay as it is. After all it is a bit special that my little granddaughter prepared it.
  3. Rex Mac


    I'm not a great fan of laptops but I need to have something portable when I'm away. I could probably manage with my Blackberry for short replies to emails and such but it is a pain to use on anything else. I have an Acer laptop and it really seems to be quite alright. Like all laptops it is totally useless for running AutoCAD but at least it has a separate number pad and it is relatively quick in performance terms. On balance I would say - If you really have to buy a laptop then Acer is rather good, however, if you don't need to have the mobility then stay with a good desk top instead.
  4. I managed to get a few moments on the European News tonight, (I always find it interesting to hear what other countries are reporting about the UK.) One commentator talked about the probability of British exports into EU countries being viewed less favourably after today. I guess I will know by the end of next week, I have five contracts due for signing off in the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. In each instance I have never lost a previous contract with any of these clients and we are listed as number one supplier with each company so I fully expect to get the business. I have called each client today and I have been fobbed off with lame excuses and delaying tactics. Watch this space, at the end of next week I will be doing one of two things. If all goes well I will be looking to appoint a new Engineer or I will be laying off two production cells, hopefully I'll be saying Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year to everyone rather than handing out P45's.
  5. I'm planning to be there. It should be a reet good night.
  6. I'm confused as well. Algy, your knowledge astounds me. I'm a simple chap so can you help me out? I know the former Cantilver Garden Centre site was one of the stations but wher exactly would I need to stand today to be on the other station?
  7. This might prove interesting to some folk. I looked at the Taylor Bennett website and they have a "meet the team" section. The company breakdown looks like this: - Total employeees = 20 Directors = 7 Consultants = 6 Resaerchers = 6 Financial controller = 1 Growth during 2010 = not stated Export sales = not stated By comparison the company I work for has the following breakdown: - Total employees = 107 Directors = 2 Managers = 3 Production operatives = 102 Growth during 2010 = 31% Export sales = 85% Seems to me as though one of the above companies has too many chiefs and not enough indians.
  8. Rex Mac


    I remember driving back from Essex a good few years back and seeing a similar event, (although slightly less spectacular.) I just had to pull into a layby and watch, it brought a few minutes of joy and lifted my spirits for the remainder of the drive home.
  9. A very good point. The gutter press have behaved in such a way that the real invetigative journalists will be choked to death and die in the last chance saloon.
  10. The young lass next door has just reterned from hospital with her newborn offspring. I went round to offer congratulations and give the obligatory well wishes card. After I had enjoyed a lovely cup of tea while she fed her newborn she asked if I would like to wind the baby. I thought that was a bit harsh so I just gave the little might a dead leg instead.
  11. Sorry folks, seems as though I was taken in by this. I did a bit of searching following on from the earlier posts and the general belief is that it is indeed an elaborate hoax using a remote control model. However, one comment from a US pilots forum did amuse me, "Consider the angle of the rudder prior to landing, this angle would slam the aircraft into the ground." Surely, the same laws of physics would apply to an RC model? Hopefully the guy who posted this comment only has a PPL and doesn't fly C.A.
  12. I'm currently sitting in A & E at Warrington General. Apparently the Dyson Ball cleaner isn't quite what I thought it was.
  13. Just remembered another - How about Glen Campbell singing - I'm a Nine Stone Cowboy.
  14. Interesting comments Nick, I think you would enjoy working with one of my colleagues. On the run up to William & Kate's nuptials he pointed out that there was no way he would be taking a day off just because the eldest offspring from a bunch of inbred German tourists have decided to get married. Just for the record there were only three people (out of 107) in our company who took the day off.
  15. Rex Mac


    We were burgled on 16th December 1997, (funny how the date has stayed fixed in my memory.) We were all asleep in bed and some toe rag decided to come and pay us a nocturnal visit without an invitation. I honestly don't think I could have accepted any form of apology, not then and not now. I could, however think of a many ways to makes his life a little more interesting, varied and challenging.
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