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  1. Hi Gazandmalc, sorry nothing rings a bell! I know the school was outside the camp as I think we went by bus. It was an old fashioned school. Not in the camp but outside somewhere.

    Many thanks for your replies.


  2. also if you go to this site showing camps around Warrington there are maps you can click on of the areas, you may remember something. http://www.robineldridge.co.uk/?page_id=13400
  3. this is Scotia north camp at Lowton near Warrington was it this type of h block building layout
  4. there were transit camps around the Warrington area constructed during WW2 for the RAF but mostly for the Americans. the camps were also used for a while post WW2. dispersed living sites around Warrington at Scotia north, at Lowton bruce hall and Canada hall down Manchester road on the east area of Warrington. RAF croft at lady lane near Warrington. was the living site the H block type of layout?
  5. you can see the WW2 air raid shelter to the right behind the back of the infant's school the building top left of the photo was the caretaker's house. I remember Mrs Baxter teaching us in one of the prefab glass rooms at the far end of the playground. ..
  6. hi, davy Malcolm here what year is the photo? the buildings in the middle of the playground were not there when I and Mick McGrath were there
  7. switch the electricity off supplying the panel usually on an unswitched spur. open the panel and disconnect the battery. the onboard battery in the bell box should be dead after all the years of not being used.
  8. great photo of the barracks, Orford hotel, and Norris street. just fields behind the houses on hallfields road photo taken 1920s?
  9. great photo of the barracks, Orford hotel, and Norris street.
  10. i think it was called some thing similar to moody s paint works in the early 1960 s the head master of orford secondary school . used to complain to them about the paint smell
  11. Hi Everyone, Malcolm has finally found the church. It is the St Peter's church at Heswall on the Wirral near a beautiful pub called 'The Black Horse Hotel'. John England, the USAAF engine mechanic and test flight technician based at Burtonwood often ventured out of the area and this is why these photos were taken. Have a look at the attached photo and you will see the before and after photos taken almost exactly in the same positions. Regards Malc & Gary
  12. hi dizzy copy the photo its been bugging me for days the photo was from a set of photos of usaaf burtonwood in ww2 . so it must have been taken in the warrington area ta malc
  13. hi dave I put a message on a winsford forum to try and find him but had no luck .I will try again to find him do you know where the church is at ta malc
  14. Hi Guys, Anyone know where this church is? The serviceman pictured was stationed at Burtonwood USAAF and therefore the photo could be anywhere in the Cheshire or Lancashire area? Take a look and see if any of you guys recognise the church and get back to us? Regards Gary & Malc
  15. Hi Guys, Does anyone know where this WW2 scrap yard was that has Burtonwood personel on it receiving scrap aircraft components from the USAAF Burtonwood airbase? Regards Gary & Malc www.HistoricAviationMilitary.com
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