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  1. Taxi drivers must have made a fortune over the weekend going by number of taxis going upa nd down chester road
  2. The editors reason for price increase is lack of people advertising in the paper.Maybe i should go back to specsavers but this paper is full of adverts,the free magazine will probably have tv listings for next week,which are normally given with every weekend paper anyway
  3. I remember every saturday night my dad would send me from our home on knutsford road neaer victoria park, to the newspaper seller outside the packet house for a' 'pink one;'';which contained all the football results and match reports as far as i remember .Does anyone else remember this paper and paperman outside this pub
  4. nabber

    free air

    When is free air not free at a petrol station When you go to morrisons apparantley i was told when i asked for a voucher for the air machine to pump my car tyres up, i was told that i had to spend a minimum of £15.00 to obtain one of these vouchers. Even though i had spent over £30 in store Next time I will go to the chester road one and pay 50pence to pump up tyres
  5. Does anyone know what was happening at bridge foot this morning at 7am by mr smths. Fire engines ,ambulances police cars whizzing everywhere. There was a high cherry picker over the mersey so I can only presume someone had fallen into the water.Such a cold time to do this
  6. My wife said she would not mind going tosee George Michael at MEN arena in december. On checking ticket prices iwas amazed tosee how much they wanted ranging fron £95 -£ 2000. how can you justify those prices for someone in my opinion has passed his sell by date? No doubt all you females wikll beg to differ as my sisters have done
  7. nabber


    Seems that in 60 years nothing has changesd in warrington town centre ,fighting and drunkeness.
  8. nabber

    Acton Grange

    Acton Grange is off Runcorn Road in Moore. Du Pont used to be based there ,but is now a distribution centre.Over the bridge crossingthe ship canal is the wildlife reserve.Also in the 70's the film yanks was filmed round there with one scene of Richard Gere running up the embankment,and a ship passing through the canal
  9. My strawberry plants stopped fruiting early augaust,but have now started to fruit again. As anybody else had this happen to them?
  10. Further to topics a couple of weeks ago regarding calls about type of tvs bein watched.Today I have had 3 calls regarding my internet speed being reported as being slow by my internet provider,Iwas asked to turn my laptop on and they would increase my speed. I thought this call sounded daodgy so did not do as they asked,in the end they put phone down on me. Bit later on I recieved another call about a so called accident I was supposed to have have had when a car ran over my foot,I never had such an accident.They claimed I could get compesation,in the background another person was telling my caller what to say On both occassions the calls wewre from an Indian callcentre, As anyone else had these calls?
  11. I live in Moore have heard no music or throbbimg noises,only as said before green light floating through the air and fairground ride lit up in the distance. My daughter went last night said it was boring
  12. Driving past the empty mr smiths/halo/abc cinema tonight I noticed a poster high on the wall advertising new smiths nightclub opening there in october. Haven't seen any mention on WW website or the other local paper.What happened to rumours about theatre or primark taking over the site,yet again another drinking establishment opening up for how long?
  13. Once again Warrington police have been quick on arresting someone for a crime in the town. Maybe they should take over some of the other unsolved crimes in other areas of Britain ,might get more arrests?
  14. Born 22 january 1953 live on moore

  15. out again this morning sankey valley park area 5:15 am
  16. I live in moore and when creamfields is on I cant hear any music must be way the wind blows Did not hear anything last night mind you I was on nights
  17. Thanks for that Simon,
  18. Does anyone know what is happening at the empty mfi building as I have noticed contractors ooutside there the last couple of days.Caravans parked by the main door
  19. With reference to person being arrested for trying to incite riot in warrington, why no mention of it on other media sources i e I have been watching sky news most of the night no mention of it. If it had been metroppolitan police it would have been talked about every 10 minutes.
  20. I have lived in warrington all my life (58 years),it's amazing how many places you forget about in the town until a photograph clicks some memories in the back of your mind.Had forgotten about horobins until I saw this photo,always went passed was to spooky to go into it
  21. What wiil happen next yar when the olympics are on ,the rest of the world must be fearing coming here.Mind you some countries are used to to this sort of behaviour
  22. nabber

    New lingo?

    " For sure" is another new saying whats that all about?
  23. nabber

    New lingo?

    Being an old lancastrian and brought up in latchford not a southern jessie
  24. nabber


    When I worked at Lockers in the late 70's every thursday I would collect the wages from the church street offices in a wooden case,and then go down the alleyway between the marquis pub and take them to the factory on Farrell street? I would be looking over my shoulder if I did that now
  25. nabber

    New lingo?

    there not lingo but I dont go with lunch and dinner ,I still refer them as dinner and tea time.Maybe i'm old fashioned
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