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  1. Of course when David Cameron was a student, he didn't go round trashing things whilst protesting about student fees - the Bullingdon Club was far more likely to be trashing restaurants instead!
  2. If the bus services had operated until eight pm on Sundays and bank holidays - or if there had been a reduced frequency after six pm 'til the end of the day - then I suspect most people would accept that as necessary cost saving and there wouldn't have been half the complaints there have been. However, to have the last bus service at just after 5pm really reflects badly on the council. People who claim that all the journeys withdrawn were running around empty, with respect, I would suggest probably didn't use them very regularly. And although I haven't worked out the exact figure as yet, I
  3. Her administration ought to have done more to prevent the Argentinians from invading in the first place, on the diplomatic as well as the military front. See Operation Journeyman in 1977.
  4. Reason I ask is that last year I saw this scheme in New Mills: http://www.torrshydro.co.uk/
  5. Gary, if you've got the time and interest, perhaps a piece on other renewable energy schemes in the area would be of interest. For example, the Mersey has two wiers (Howley and Martinscroft) which could potentially be harnessed to generate some electricty. Am I right when I say that I think the MSCC tried and failed to install a mini hydro scheme on the sluices at Latchford Locks?
  6. It isn't a tax, it's a fine: simply follow the rules, don't break the law, and it won't affect you one iota.
  7. Ok, but let's not reopen the old arguement about its perceived benefits and downsides else we'll be here all night. It's gone now, so would it be possible for car drivers to accept their victory with a little more grace and stop using it as a club to beat the council round the head with? Peter - the fact is though that I don't believe anything has been altered with regards to traffic lights in Stockton Heath for the past few years, so this isn't a new problem - why is it raising its head again now? As someone who used to live in the village (and subsequently someone who worked there too),
  8. If it's now defunct then it no longer affects the traffic - so you can't claim it as a cause for current congestion. And as for the complaints about Stockton Heath of late - as far as I can see there have not been any changes in the number of traffic lights for the past four or five years at least. So if that's the case, then what has suddenly caused the current outrage? Has road congestion gotten worse of late? If so, it must be down to some other factor specifically, be it more cars on the road, or the sheer size of vehicles on the road (less roadspace efficent), or simply worse driving
  9. I thought WW had reported on this story? Or at least it has been mentioned in a seperate thread. The answer given by the council (as I recall) was that they were intended to be part-time, because the number of vehicles heading east on the A57 in the morning peak was causing tailbacks along the A49 Brick Street northbound, so the lights were intended to allow this traffic to exit more freely.
  10. It's a coach so there's an underfloor compartment. But if it was a bus, it could certainly have extra luggage racks, just like the multitude of other airport bus services in the UK
  11. Probably not: there will be some airport workers, but don't forget the passengers. That's ?50 for a return trip, which might be reasonable if you're a group of four but is a bit extortionate if you're travelling solo. The coach currently offers a ?10 return ticket for a single adult or a ?23.80 "family" (2+2) return ticket. Sounds like a fair deal to me. The train by comparison (changing at Manchester and taking a bit longer than the coach, more frequent during the daytime but no overnight services) is ?13.90 per person for an Anytime Return ticket.
  12. I thought I was going to be flying out of Liverpool on an early morning in September - turns out I was actually booked out of East Midlands (long story). Considered catching the airport coach but was a bit put off. I'd have needed to get from my parents house in Bruche to the Interchange in the first place. Plus, even if I lived on Knutsford Road and the coach went past my house, I'd still not be able to board at the local bus stop because it only stopped at the Interchange. If another bus company tries to run an airport service in the future, I think it would be more successful if it stop
  13. JimmyMac

    Bus Lane

    Couple of points. * Most of the bus lanes in Warrington, with the possible exception of Knutsford Road, haven't really claimed any roadspace from car users. There are the same number of lanes available to cars, they are just narrower than they used to be. Winwick Road was a prime example of this, originally one very wide lane in each direction (because back in the day the trams used to run in the middle of the carriageway). * Peak time congestion tends to be caused by commuters. Commuters can save a fair bit of money on bus fares (depending on their journey and how often they travel) b
  14. No, for two reasons: 1) You weren't actually told to park there. 2) The mayor's car wasn't parked in an ambulance only bay.
  15. It doesn't affect me living in Manchester - equally it *still* wouldn't affect me if I still lived in Warrington, such as it ranks on the scale of things So the mayor parks his car in the car park instead, legitimately claims the money back on business expenses - which would be a fraction of a penny on everyone's council tax. Alternatively the hospital has given him permission to park there, as they might offer an alternative parking place if a film crew was on the premises, or some other dignitary was on an official visit. If he really was flouting the rules, then surely the hosp
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