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  1. Wendy Collins

    Sorry the name doesn't ring any bells.
  2. Wendy Collins

    Yes Bumble, I did go to Bolton Council school. I was there from around 1951 till 1958 I think. I lived in Broadbent Avenue until I was about 8 and then moved to Garnet Ave, then Richmond before moving to Orford when I was at high school. Wendy lived in Richmond Ave a few doors down from us and went to Bolton Council as well. I have tried Friends Reunited but no success. What is your name?
  3. Wendy Collins

    Still hoping.
  4. Warrington Girls High School

    Bumping myself up again. Hard to believe nobody has one photo of the place.
  5. jed pidgeon

    Thanks Mal. I am sure he is the person I am looking for. However, I didn't get your email as my address has changed. Can you please send it again to lynn.leggott@bigpond.com I really appreciate your help.
  6. Warrington Girls High School

    Somebody must know something about this place.
  7. woolworths

    Thanks Harry. Only 16 months hey? Was that because he left the force or moved somewhere else? I guess you wouldn't know that though. And Peter, who is Little Fella?
  8. jed pidgeon

    Hi again Harry. I don't know if Jed Pidgeon was married or not later on. He wasn't when I knew him. He lived somewhere near Orford Park with his parents and was in the army at the time. Apart from that I don't really know much. That was in the 60's.
  9. woolworths

    I'm sure you are right. Best to remember it the way it was. I doubt that I will ever come back and see it the was it is anyway. Still, one never knows. I might come into some money one of these days. I assume Harry that you were a policeman in Warrington for 30 years. Do you know Kenny Banner? He was a policman when I left 40 years ago.
  10. woolworths

    Sorry, don't remember the man with the pram but it might come back to me. Still would like to know what the layout is like now. Is it the same as it used to be or just checkouts like everywhere else? It's amazing how many people have great memories of Woolworths. To me it almost epitomises the Warrington of my youth.
  11. jed pidgeon

    None of the J Pidgeons are him. Someone else already checked it out for me. It could of course start with a G. Will check that out too. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Wendy Collins

    I will keep trying. Thanks Steve.
  13. woolworths

    Yeah! I'd forgotten about the milk bar until you reminded me. What is the place like now? I remember it was set out in sort of rectangular stalls with a space in the middle where the shop assistants used to stand and serve people. You used to pick up what you wanted and hand it over to them and pay. I suppose it's all checkouts now?
  14. jed pidgeon

    Still looking for this guy as well. I may have the spelling of the surname wrong.
  15. Wendy Collins

    Thanks for trying to help guys. I've been looking on Friends Reunited for years and have found other old friends but not Wendy. If anyone has any other ideas please feel free to make suggestions. She could of course be dead by now.