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  1. Algy. Many many thanks for your Photos of Old Warrington for all of us to LOOK at. I'm 72 and I am still amazed at the alterations that Warrington has gone through the ages. Please do what you do best ! This site is without doubt the best ! for true Warringtoneons.. Algy well done you make this site what it is fantastic..remember words can not hurt you.! cheers art.
  2. Pedro ......What a good idea..come on algy
  3. So that's where the sun went.. wonderful shots..cheers art.
  4. Ooooops.. sorry it all went wrong.. I will have to do better..I think it may have been a senior moment...excuse excuse nbsp; excuse..nbsp; and so on ! ... cheers art.
  5. arty I've just removed all the recurring "nbsp's" from this post... Dizz
  6. Dizzy . MSC it is Latchford Locks it is well done the building is the gas cooker store Richmonds. Algy your correct she was and is the only cruise ship to enter the MSC she was on a cruise to ports around the British isles. I be leave it cost a fortune to be on that cruise. You wold not think she was once a Car ferry..
  7. Where and which year was I there.. and where was that liner going and for what reason !
  8. Cleopatra..I have been here all the time.seeing your remarks made me smile .I may start a (where am I ) photo comp for a little fun and banter in the next week or two.. just a little busy at this moment in time..I'm watching you! cheers art.
  9. The first pic I think is London Bridge wharf. opposite the Chandler shop Stockton Heath. The buildings that have been demolished were at one time Chester Farmers Egg Packing Station before that British Waterways loading and unloading depot. ....memories .. cheers art.
  10. Algy.. I did a tour of the Moore Lane Swing Bridge 50 years ago and was shown an engine that as I was to understand it was a Gas engine the only one on the canal to swing a bridge ..I wonder if anybody can confirm this.. cheers art.
  11. Algy.. fantastic insight to the men and woman building the MSC..hard work was the order of the day .What amazes me is that most of there work is still as good today as they constructed it..the bridges very little maintenance with very little problems .if only these crews were available today! many thanks ..well done ..cheers art.
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