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  1. Obs, sunny Malta is the safest place on earth and still very warm and sunny at this time of year. Enjoy!!! Bren.
  2. Your friends were very lucky Stallard, I hope they're much better now. Bren.
  3. Don't worry Algy, I can scare myself silly just thinking about having surgery, but at least I'm having the op at Halton not Warrington!!!!! Bren.
  4. Thanks for the good wishes for new year, a happy new year to all of you. NO, Cleo, I wouldn't recommend The Hillcrest to anybody............except if I wanted them to have a rubbish meal with miserable looking waiters/waitresses! Thanks for your sympathy Gary, the pain is agonising isn't it? However I'm going to Halton Hospital next Wednesday for a chat with Mr Tighe about surgery to remove gallbladder/stones......the sooner the better!! Bren.
  5. Well, the Xmas and New Year period is over.............and thank God for that! I normally love Xmas when I can spend it with family and friends, but this last festive period has really beaten my record for grotty times. It started off with Xmas day, when I went to my daughters home for a much anticipated Xmas dinner and within 20 minutes of arrival, was having to be driven home again because of agonising pain from my gallstones and having vomited for England! The following day, Boxing Day, my feller and his family,a party of 10 adults and 2 young children had booked to eat lunch at The Hillc
  6. At a guess Algy, I'd say Sankey Street, opp. Bank Park, where Gateway, CAB, etc are. ????? Probably wrong Bren.
  7. Brendam.


    LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bren.
  8. Peter Hun, Talking about phone numbers a while back, I realise that I've lost my personal phone book with yours and Janes numbers in it. Can you send me them again pretty please along with your landline number?? Thanks Honey, love to Jane xxx P.S. My moby is still waiting for the sim to be registered or something, so can't be used till tomorrow tea time ish! Landline number remains the same though and is usable xxx
  9. P.S. Dizzy, Steve the Original is a lovely guy who lives in Germany....as I'm sure you know! Alana is Alana Ellis currently living in North Carolina, USA, who still posts on here, she answered a post only a couple of days ago, and is a lovely lady. I have had the pleasure of meeting Alana a few times, also STO, and know Alana's parents too.Maybe we'll all have the pleasure of meeting you at the next Posters Meeting? Bren.
  10. Dizzy, Was "that one that you had to speak to on the phone" me by any chance???? I have to admit that as soon as I heard the voice of "Suzy" I thought of you! :rolleyes: Bren.
  11. ................and my face isn't QUITE as 'orrible as the profile photo Gary insists on putting on here LOL!!!! Bren.
  12. No Pete Hun, my moby number is still the same Bren.
  13. WELL!!!!! Yet ANOTHER first for Utilities Warehouse!! My " 3 days for delivery" moby was delivered at 8.15 this morning.........a whole 36 hours after I ordered it, miracles happen as the norm it seems, but only with Utilities Warehouse. :-D For my own reasons I needed this moby urgently, I explained this to Andrew at UW with the reslt that I only had to wait hours - not days or even weeks. Thank you UW, I'm so glad I joined you. :razz: Bren.
  14. WELL, I never expected to be saying this about ANY customer service team for any company large or small, but here goes.............. I got fed up with the usual Scottish Power,British Gas and the like putting my bills up-so much so that recently I answered an advert in WW magazine for Utilities Warehouse, although I'd never heard of them, I was willing to give another company a try at keeping my bills down. I am now in the middle of changing my gas, electric, landline phone, mobile phone and broadband to UW, all without me putting myself out at all.....except for signing for these utiities
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