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  1. Not so smart M/ways -

    Everything is cheap in Texas Bill, land, houses, food etc, especially compared to California. I usually pay between $60 and $80 for a decent hotel room (Holiday Inn or similar). $25.00 for a full steak meal (with wine) in a good restaurant. My buddy and his wife recently paid $700 for a room in San Francisco. I pay an average of $2.10 per gall with my Walmart discount card.
  2. Not so smart M/ways -

    It's only a little car Asp, 8 liter V8 Ford Expedition SUV, with three row seating and a 30 gall tank, does about 15 mpg on the highway, at just over a Pound a gall, the gas cost does add up. However the tank truck that follows me has in-flight refueling !!! A couple of things that I noticed were different between driving in the US (especially in Texas) and the UK. First we have the real estate so the lanes are wider and you can actually relax for long periods, rather than whiteknuckling it 2" from another vehicle. There are monster parking lots everywhere that very rarely get half full, so we don't have the hair raising pavement parking on both sides of a highway. There are very few traffic circles and if there happens to be one, it doesn't become a 'survival of the fittest' competition. In fact the average US driver drives fairly sedately. Most maintenance type construction on busy highways takes place between six pm and six am, with all obstructions removed daily. Finally, we have the greatest traffic rule ever - legal to turn right on red ! (providing the road is clear). Or in your case it would be left on red. Did I get my spelling right Asp?
  3. Not so smart M/ways -

    Welcome to the States Bill, hope you enjoy it. On travel, I can jump onto IH-10 in Beaumont ,Texas and drive several thousand miles to LA without stopping, or I can go the other way to Miami also without a stop (if I had a better bladder).
  4. Not so smart M/ways -

    Game set and match Asp
  5. Brexit

    Good news. Right after the Brexit exit, my minuscule social security pension from the UK dropped almost 20 percent due to the exchange rate. Right now it is almost back to norm, something good must be happening, good news for the UK and for me.
  6. Happy birthday Dizzy

    Happy birthday Dizzy. Til we meet again.
  7. Amazing medical

    Thanks Gary, usual thing, move slowly for two days, then be bored to death for four weeks. Four weeks is probably lawyer based ! I'd be in trouble Bill, only got flip phones , I get one call a day from my wife and she gets one from me, not enough action for anything fancy. I do have an IPad though, maybe I could use that.
  8. Amazing medical

    I had double groin hernia surgery a week last Monday. It's day surgery, but it took four hours. The reason I mention it is because of the method. The surgery was done laparoscopically using a Devinci Robotic Arm. They insert a camera in a small slit in the belly button and medical tools through two other slits on either side of the belly and the surgeon just gives instructions to the robot ! The surgery was at 8:30 am and I was home by 3:00 pm . I ended up with a dab of glue on the three slits and that was it. My wife has pictures, but I'm too squeamish to look at them. Should be back on my bicycle training next week. I thought it was amazing myself.
  9. Efficient or stupid

    A young couple, who are family friends of ours, arrived last week at Gatwick airport for a two week UK vacation. As a thankyou treat, they took along their young daughter's part time nanny. At passport control they were questioned as to why the girl had a different name, so they explained that the girl was their daughter's nanny and they were treating her to a trip. The response was " If she's a nanny she cannot come in without a work permit, she will have to get back on the plane and return to America." It took four hours of explaining with phone calls to the states etc. before she was eventually permitted in. What do y'all think?
  10. Efficient or stupid

    If I stretch my reasoning I can just about see some of the official line, but it's hard for me to do because I personally have been the butt of Gatwick officials on a couple of occasions. They were as dumb as fence posts and exceptionally belligerent and officious. They seem to have watched too many cop movies where they scream and shout and allow no questions. Maybe if they had said they were Muslims, the Mayor of London may have stepped in !! Or am I remembering wrong, is Boris still the mayor?
  11. Breaking News

    Couldn't have said it better myself!
  12. World Cup

    Striker Harry Cane, only one shot on target in the last four games! Don't think that is a formula for success. In fact, does anyone know how many 'shots' he had? I know that he missed a couple of good chances. Just finished watching the runner up game. - same old story, great running around, but no idea where the goal is - maybe the get picked by mileage. English players of the tournament : Maguire, Pickford and Trippier.
  13. Transport cafes

    Not only in hygiene Syd, in just about every aspect of life. Wow, what subject that is, it could be on this forum forever. Will the future generations be willing to wait in line at Harwoods for four hours for the chance to buy one orange, then when close to the end they hear, ''There all gone, try again next week.' I think that the end of the human race will come, not from wars, disease or terrorism, but by liberalism and political correctness. If they banned Health and Safety, or more correctly, the people who seem to gravitate to those sectors, the world, with a few bumps and bruises, would have a better chance of survival.
  14. Transport cafes

    Just as a matter of interest, are there any true, old time transport cafes left? Places where they serve nothing but eggs, bacon, sausage and baked beans. Or have the imitation motorway places totally replaced them. I should imagine that the 'server' in the stained t shirt and cigarette has also passed. Is this a good thing or bad?
  15. World cup

    How times change ! I recently spent an hour and a half cheering for France ( v Uruguay). Now I just got thru rooting for Russia. As a 50's teenager, this is amazing. I still think England can beat Croatia if they play Rashford in place of Sterling.
  16. Transport cafes

    Correct Asp, what can I say, I'm old and I spend most of my time upside down or drunk, or both.
  17. Transport cafes

    Yes, I guess pretty much restricting heavy traffic to the motorways has negated the need for them. I just happened to remember an overnight trip I took in 1958 (on a foggy night). It was with a family friend who drove as ' trunker' ' for the big transport company in Warrington. We went straight up Knutsford Road and kept going north. Through Watford Junction and into London, came back the following night. Used many of those transport cafes and loved them. I guess the greasy food and cigarette smoke was more acceptable at two am.
  18. Pavement Parking (Again)

    I am an experienced, competent driver - retired tour bus driver, but on my last trip to the U.K., I found the explosion of pavement parking to be horrendous. The dangers are unbelievable, the old rule of 'if the obstruction is on your side, you wait', seems to no longer exist, everybody just charges down what's left of the middle of the road and hopes for the best. I must have clipped wing mirrors three or four times on the road through Lymm to the Old No 9. Obs is correct, too many cars, too little real estate.
  19. Give Warrington town centre a chance!

    I agree with Davy re buses. As I was reading I started to think about how waiting at bus stops, changing buses on Bridge St, driving thru the center of town used to bring in life. It was very entertaining to watch two buses passing on Sankey St. Is pedestrianizing (?) a good idea gone wrong? Obviously, in this age there is no place for small, private, retail stores. The only hope for the center is basically sidewalk cafes and art galleries etc. there is a small town outside of Philadelphia called Manyhunk. Their Main Street is just that and on most days the place is full with tourists and cycling clubs, eating breakfast and relaxing. I think that's what they should shoot for, but maybe the weather is against it.
  20. Playing with fire ?

    As a very serious political pundit, who followed every minute of the Primary and Presidential debates, I can tell you straight that Trump's position regarding non-involvement or not, was a very minor, irrelevant part of his campaign. His platform, as I stated, was Isis, illegal immigration, jobs and the economy and the only thing that he has not fulfilled is building a southern wall, that is because the Democrats are blocking the funding. The only reason that he has not yet left Syria, is because of the recent poison gas attacks, which affected the strategy. You are a little uninformed regarding US taxes. Due to deductions like earnings level, child credits, home mortgage deductions, etc, sixty percent of Americans pay no taxes at all. The major changes just effected, have no 'slashing' of any kind. Everybody in every category benefited, rich and poor. ( why do you feel that taxes should be designed to be punitive to any group?). The most important feature of the tax bill, is the lowering of the Corporate Tax rate, which helps the US be more competitive worldwide. This alone has already created jobs due to businesses expanding and has also started a wage raise phase. Hillary Clinton is, in my opinion, one of the most despicable Americans ever, narrowly beaten by Charles Manson. She has been a criminal all of her life, starting when she was a young lawyer and was involved in the Whitewater real estate scam. She has used her position to thumb her nose at the law every day. The evidence appears to show, that the Clinton Foundation actually extorted money from foreign governments when she was Secretary of State. Foreign governments were making $50,000,000 donations to the foundation and the next week, their representative would get an interview with Clinton, followed by some request being approved. The Clintons take eighty percent of the Foundations income for personal expenses. Right now, the Inspector General at the Justice Dept, is investigating her for allowing Top Secret documents to be kept on her unsecurephone and those of her staff. Very serious stuff. Several low level, military guys have gotten prison sentences for similar things. Let's see if she can corrupt this investigation. Of course, if she's found guilty, it will be because she's a woman or its rascist.
  21. Playing with fire ?

    You're not often wrong Obs, but you are this time - from a Trump voter. Trump was elected because he was not a politician, because he promised to defeat Isis, because he would stop illegal immigration and because he would stimulate the economy and create jobs. All of which he has done and is something that the high school principal Obama got wrong for eight years. He is a tremendous admirer of the military and is not afraid to use it against rogue nations.
  22. Playing with fire ?

    The plain fact is that, before Trump, the world was sliding towards a very deep abyss. He has stopped that and if you take a non emotional look, I think that you will find that the world is now a much quieter place. No daily beheadings, no bombers boarding aircraft every day, no throat slitting on the streets of England and as previously mentioned, no North Korean missile tests. Obama never listened to anyone but his syncophants and constantly overruled his military advisers. Trump meets with his experts and discusses possible actions every day and takes their advice. Believe me, the last people to jump into war are Generals (unless they are French!), because they know the cost better than anyone. Trump is a business man used to dealing with regular mortals and that's how he conducts his business, if someone can't hack it he fires them. If someone insults him he fires right back with both barrels just like you and I would. He doesn't watch the polls every day and he's not burdened with the political palava that surrounds most government activities. Got much more, but got to leave for the golf course, tee off at eight am.
  23. Playing with fire ?

    Donald Trump is no fool. To be impeached he has had to have committed a serious crime such as high treason. Due to the desperate fantasies of the Democrats, he has been investigated for over a year and it has not uncovered one shred of evidence. He has destroyed Isis, effectively sealed the southern border, provided a booming economy with higher wages and low unemployment and brought North Korea to the negotiating table. This is the sole reason for the liberals panic, if he continues this success, they will never again be in power, so he has to be stopped ( for the greater good !!). Now they have stooped to prying into his private life before he was President, but they never mention the scandalous life of JFK while he was President. With regard to he Syrian strikes, you have to see the big picture. Under the idiot Obama, the whole world knew that they could get away with anything - bet they don't gamble on Trump not responding. I'll take him over a politician any day.
  24. Rubery Owen

    Yosser is correct. As a young engineer I worked on aircraft undercarriage design and manufacture at Electro Hydraulics - for the Vulcan delta wing bomber. Rubery Owen was squeezed in next door.
  25. Mom

    A tribute to my late mother, a Cockhedge mill girl, on whose knee I first heard these songs. MissFlorrie Ford : She's a lassie from Lancashire....... Oh oh Antonio........ She's only a bird in a golden cage...... And from others : An old man staggered down the aisle....(The volunteer organist). I left off from home just this morning, Bound for nobody knows where, For I had a row with my father, about all the things I had done, He called me a drunk and a gambler, not fit to be called his son. My poor mother broke down crying, my boy oh my boy do not leave, I love you and need and want you to stay right here by my side. I know she'll be there at the window, day after day as I roam, Waiting and watching and wondering, about a boy who will never come home. You gotta love those Victorians. Altogether now......... Come on Algy, I know you know the words. I bet Harry would be the first one up. Ahhh, once again, nostalgia.