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  1. Just checking. I posted a fairly long response an hour ago and it's not here now. Hope not, but was I censored?
  2. I'll let you into a secret Obs, in the 1960's I was a leader in the AEU ( Amalgamated Engineering Union) and rubbed shoulders with the elite of the Labor Party, they were so dumb and void of ideas and with more allegiance to Moscow than Westminster, it was pathetic. I walked away from them, started my own business, employed Conservative principles and built a successful life. There is nothing good about Labor, their ideas are restrictive, they don't build they destroy and have no plan other than to spend successful people's money. Believe me, not one of them lives the idiotic spartan life the that they promote for Joe public. Conservatives, despite your accusations, give more to charity and support more safety net regulation than any labor section The Labor party and its policies have been a disaster since the end of the industrial revolution. It is said that anyone that hasn't realized this by the time they are thirty is seriously delusional. Outlaw taxation and a conservative would survive, labor supporters would wither on the vine. Having said all that, how're ya'll doin', great I hope.
  3. During the war my father was the engineering maintenance fitter at Flemings Tanerry, on Battersby Lane I think. He wasn't part of the regular fire crew, but everyone had to do one night a week fire watching on the plant roof. Nothing much ever happened, so dad used to wait until midnight then steal away on his bicycle to home in Woolston. Can't count the number of times he got to the front of the house and the warnings would sound ! He then had to break biking records getting back to Flemings before he was missed! Another interesting fact, many of the employees and their friends would bring any child suffering from asthma and hold them over the tanning pits as a cure. God knows if it worked.
  4. Asp, he's the second in command to the Govenor of Texas, - elected leader of thirty million people. But we should have known that he couldn't possibly be as smart as Obs. Some things never change.
  5. That's below you Obs, these guys are working night and day to find solutions, non of which are palatable. They are not sat at home pontificating from an armchair for fun. There is more heart in Texas than you will ever witness.
  6. The US economy is set to start to crank up again at Easter, everyone back to work as soon as possible, restaurants and bars back in business. Its what I have always believed, this crisis has to be a balance between medical death and economic death. If the economy, including all small businesses crater completely there will start to be deaths from suicide and starvation. A socialist dictator destroyed the economy in Venezuela and they are eating pets and zoo animals. Dictator or virus the result would be the same. There will be new standards of hygiene applied to all businesses, washing hands, maybe wearing masks, distancing wherever possible etc, . The Worlds engine has to crank up before the economic tipping point irregardless of the virus, or as Algy said, whether by design or accident, the Chinese win.
  7. Got to say they are delicious, course I still retain that very British taste for bland, stodgy food. Simple too : boiled 350 grams spuds ( I guess you guys all understand that grams stuff), let them go very cool, mashed 'em, pinch salt and butter and about 1/2 cup of flour - mix flour in until mixture doesn't stick to sides of bowl. Make into 6 to 8 5&3/8" round partties, x 5/16" thk, bake on a sheet at 400F for twenty minutes, flip halfway thru if you feel like it. Smear with butter, hot or cold - the potato cakes not the butter! Two for lunch, three followed by trifle for supper.
  8. Great to hear from you old man.
  9. Having said that ! I'm disgusted ! The Senate Democrats have just blocked the passage of the bill to help small businesses until theRepublicans agree to include money for wind power! On the other hand, just watched the conference headed by VP Mike Pence, there's you're next President. !
  10. OK, first batch just out of the oven. In about thirty minutes I'll be trying them. Probably with salsa, hot sauce, onions, hp sauce, sour cream and straight bourbon, bet they're delicious!
  11. Now is not the time to point fingers - time enough for thinkin' when the dealin's done.
  12. Thanks guys, Itnink that between us we have something I can use. Appreciate the quantities and times Latchie, however I pass on the onions and bake in the oven instead of frying. I guess that would make mine a health food ! Make my trifle from scratch in a big glass bowl, I do use a 1" thick layer of Bird's Custard between the jelly infused cake and the whipped cream.
  13. Asking for help. Mom used to make great potato cakes, mashed potato in 6" rounds baked in the oven, great with butter hot or cold. They were soft at first, but became pleasantly rubbery when cold - kinda like the ones you could buy in packets at the store, but better. All I can find on line are the fancy ones with herbs etc cooked in a skillet. I know they have flour in them, but do they have eggs, how much flour, temp for baking, how long? Is there a good wife or mom out there, or a budding chef who has the recipe. Ahh, potato cakes and trifle for Sunday tea!
  14. Way to go Davy, just what Geoff wants to hear ! Hips are different than knees, hence the much shorter recovery time - I've had all three of my hips done without a problem, other than a few stares !
  15. Seems like it's the only way Obs, it's not primarily about saving lives now, it's the only way to halt the spread quickly. If you don't go with mandatory isolation as close to a hundred percent as possible this virus will be here for years and then the death toll will be enormous. In California nobody is allowed to leave their house, they have a number to call for emergencies and food - it will be left on their porch. Every business across the US is closed to entry traffic, only drive thru lanes are open. All schools and church services and factories are closed by order however, the big multi stores can allow a group of ten people at a time in mainly for food and disinfectant etc. My wife just made a thirty mile drive to our closest pharmacy and she only saw two other cars on the whole trip. Right next door to it is the big Wal Mart with a parking lot as big as ten football fields and there were only three cars parked. I hear that you can now walk down the center of all the New York City streets which are traffic free. Trumps plan is to enforce this for up to a month and stop the spread, then jump on any cases that come after that with mandatory isolation. There will be testing stations at all entry points forever.
  16. Ok Geoff, we've talked before, but you and I have the same problem, I have raced a bike for forty years and my guy tells me that this has contained my problem. However, I wake every day in pain and I never go back to sleep because I don't want to go through the distress of waking up and getting moving again. If I want to do any physical activity Ihave to go to high powered drugs. I take Methotrexate and steroids every day and my rheumatologist tells me that my kidneys are perpetually hovering on shutting down. Just mentioned all of that to show I understand. Now down to details. My wife had knee replacement about five years ago and I was her personal trainer, it took about six weeks of me being an asshole trainer and her being a hero. At six weeks we took a Caribbean cruise and she was fine. The first day after the operation she had no pain, she had a direct pain killer feed into her thigh and she was high as a kite, when they took that away she spent 24 hours munching on as many pain killers as she could get. After that it was just like getting over Coronavirus ! Now, my golfing buddie's wife had hip replacement about three months ago, she's a teacher, she was home the next day, felt good and was taking therapy and shopping at Wal Mart within two weeks. If the girls can do it, us men certainly can. Our disease is immune related, but if I get to travel to Europe in June I'm going. I put my faith in my tremendous lungs and my huge quads (don't look too close!). If you don't think humor is appropriate talk to us who loved Itma in WW11 Lol! Good luck.
  17. Just been corrected by my wife, apparently I've been referring all along to a beer virus not the deadly one! I've drunk Corona for so long it was a natural mistake. Think of all those poor Mexican brewery workers now being maligned !
  18. It's impossible to think that the world will not be a different place when this is behind us. I think that most important it will be an improvement, like a change of attitude in Iran. But the most basic and beneficial advance will be that maybe in the future people will wash their hands after a crap, that should make a tremedous difference in Wal Mart cart handles disease alone! Got to say though, if it wasn't for the Corona Virus, United would have caught Liverpool and won the league, of course I may be a little biased. I am a happy, optimistic person, but I must say that all of this bad news is affecting my golf game - haven't broken 80 this week! So, I'm not going to watch the news again for at least a month and concentrate more on getting the club on a more consistent inside path! Hot off the presses, the golf course grill can now only serve breakfast on a takeaway basis, will this terror never end !
  19. Thankfully this President is a) on the same page as the people and b) has infused a little bit of efficiency into the beaurocracy. Just to give you a reason why I have no time for present day Democrats, trending on social and main media at this time : " Great, the Trump Presidentcy is over ! Thanks Corona Virus you're the greatest !" How sick is that? They obviously haven't looked at the lifelong idiot Joe Biden and the mindless left behind him.
  20. I have always been sceptical of the severity of the virus, but I've always been concerned about the economics. Although the incapacitation may only be two to three weeks per person, it has a big effect on production and service. Then restrictions in travel affect the airlines and shipping down to lowly hotel owners and suddenly everyones' out of work. Tryng to control the movement and activities of 333,000,000 people at the rate it is spreading, was going to take forever, even with social life completely shut down, the economy would die a death of a thousand cuts. So the US has decided to hit the virus head on and stop it in its tracks by closing down this juggernaut of an economy for one month. So every worker, other than essential medical and food workers has to sit home for a month. The cost is unthinkable, but it's a case of pay now or pay later. Are the Chinese inscrutable or just criminally dumb?
  21. I withdraw every comment I have made in the past regarding the virus. Today in America almost every factory is closed down, even the General Motors plants. Unemployment is forecast to rise to 20% and it's going to cost several trillion dollars to survive. The net result is expected to be as severe economically as the Great Depression. The first one hundred billion dollar aid package was passed in Congress today and $1000 checks are being mailed out this week to every family. We can only pray that it doesn't play out this way.
  22. Glad you're finally on board Obs 😀
  23. Good one Asp ! Maybe he can't pull a rabbit out of a hat, but he also can't pull a cure out of his ass. His job is to be positive and keep panic out of the equation. The US has the greatest medical system in the world. Even at this time I have called in, got an appointment with a specialist in three days time and will have arthritis deep back shots scheduled two days later. Got to keep that golf swing sweet. Course, as you know Obs, I'm one of the rich and privileged, screw them damned homeless, they always get in my way to my appointment!
  24. Don't believe what you hear Obs, Trump is and has done fine. This thing came out of the blue and there was a few cross statements at first, but the actions taken have been excellent. You are just hearing the Dems and the media politizing this in the hopes of doing damage - assholes as usual. Anyhow, Trump will win in November without even turning up, Biden is actually senile and everyone knows it - there were 28 people at his rally last month, Trump usually gets 30,000 with people waiting outside. Nice to get back to a normal discussion topic!
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