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  1. Visit

    Well, after boring y'all to death with my historic event, I'll move onto something more boring. After many years I am finally making my farewell tour (I think ticketmaster will be handling it !!). I will be joining y'all for a short time this December. What I really want to say is that 67 years after watching Jackie Rowley fly down the wing at Old Trafford ( with knees frozen solid on the terraces - me not him) I am finally going back - never miss a game on tv. Booked on the Museum and Tour and they have been great. Internet wouldn't play fair, so the ladies at Man U. have reserved us tickets to be paid for when we arrive. Hope my wife enjoys the Stretford End, although from the "Not again ! " comments every time she walks through the den on a Saturday, I'm not sure.
  2. Hurricane Ophelia

    Hi Diz, Been Doing the PM thing, but no response.
  3. Nostalgia

    Great Algy, but to me, it just seems good when you're drunk ! Little late, but what the hell. la Grange Texas. About an hour and a half from us, go through it on US71 every time we go to Austin. Home of the late Chicken Ranch, famous whorehouse. Basis of the movie, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Sorry, just noticed the Georgia reference, but it's a good story anyway. Y'all are welcome. What was I saying about being drunk?
  4. Nostalgia

    Is 'nostalgia' a lost concept? Old folks always remember 'the old days', but do the youngsters have that same gene? Or is life so superficial and transient now, that the past is not retained? Why do I drunkenly ( not really, I only opened the bar an hour ago) raise this existential subject ( I hate people who use big words, just to appear smart) ? I'll tell you. One of my first ports of call every time I visited Galveston, Texas, was a three story, scruffy store on the historic Strand. It was an old US army surplus store, it was three floors of of crammed aisles of helmets, ammunition boxes , uniforms (US, British and German), canteens, tents, camoflaged items of all kinds. A cornucopia of WW2 memorabilia, packed into a musty, non air conditioned building, all going for a handful of coins. I was there last week and to my horror, the place was boarded up and in the process of demolition. No doubt it will reopen soon as a boutique for mini dresses. Anyone understand?
  5. Brexit

    Good news. Right after the Brexit exit, my minuscule social security pension from the UK dropped almost 20 percent due to the exchange rate. Right now it is almost back to norm, something good must be happening, good news for the UK and for me.
  6. Nostalgia

    Very nice Gary, thank you. I used to have a black Z28. Also spent lots of time watching the B29s landing at Burtonwood at the end of the war. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, didn't know your post was there. Got to go now, wife has to take the stitches out of my legs - skin cancer biopsies, like catching a cold if you live here.
  7. Visit

    Hi Dizz, Maybe I got you a free meal out of Gary!!! Sounds great Dizzy, I said that I wouldn't make any definite arrangements just yet, but things get complicated, so I will make a prediction now. We will be in Warrington on Tuesday 5th December for the whole day. However, I have already committed to meeting an old friend in the morning, we went to Woolston C of E school (the little one-room school on Woolston Green) and haven't seen each other since our final year when we were both 11. We re-met online thro the Forum. Becky also wants to go to Warrington market, she loves to see the 'flounder' with spots (plaice to you), apart from that, we are y'alls from about 1:00 pm to whenever. Do you think you could plan something involving afternoon tea and the town hall visit for us? We would be eternally grateful. I would say that you will enjoy meeting my wife more than me, she is Cajun and has never ever met a stranger.
  8. Visit

    Not been on for a while, been a little busy. Very nice of you Gary and we would be honored to meet y'all and not because of your offer to pay. As I have said in my talks with Dizzy, there is quite away to go, so I won't bog you down in details yet. We arrive on Dec 2nd, so about mid November I will give you our tentative schedule and you can pick a time and place if that's ok.
  9. Harvey

    Well folks, right in the middle of an historic event, hurricane Harvey. We, along with Houston are on the wet side of it and it's unbelievable. Rising water is slowly filling our neighbors houses and moving closer and closer to us. Can hear 80' pine trees hitting the ground like WW2 88's. We have about 12" of safety left, but if it comes back in off the Gulf, as predicted, oh boy. Very proud of Texans response, everyone out with chainsaws and boats from all over the state. Think there is a little piece of Sam Houston in every one in Texas, including the imports !! Have sat through three previous hurricanes, the others were much windier, but this one will cause much more damage. In the mean time think about me - last year I convinced my wife to cancel our flood insurance, maybe it won't be the hurricane that kills me !!
  10. Visit

    Spending a day in the old home town. Been in Texas for almost fifty years now, so sadly only one friend left to visit and he's first on the list. Apart from the forum that is.
  11. Harvey

    All good ideas Obs, but not possible. If Warrington and surrounding areas flooded to 30' up the Parish church tower, what could you possibly do make everyone safe for the next one? It's just physically impossible, not to mention the economics. It's going on for almost two weeks now and we still can only use a couple of roads. Have friends who have just managed to get back into their one year old 3000 sq ft home. It had two and a half feet of water in it and they have started to rip out the entire inside, cabinets, appliances, flooring and Sheetrock down to the studs. You have to do it yourself cos no contractors can get to you, we can't even get there to help. Imagine this for over a 100,000 + homes, it's going to take years. The only thing we can do is prey that something as massive as this never happens again.
  12. Harvey

    My condolences fugt, it must be so depressing to be permanently negative. Liberals lost to a businessman, get used to it. The man made billions of dollars, lost it and came back and did it again. Anyone who can equal that is entitled to unfairly criticize him. He's been in office for seven months, please give me a list of his evil deeds to date. He has reduced illegal immigration, he has backed the police forces, he has removed many of the idiot Obama's job destroying regulations, tried to revise the healthcare but was stalled by 'politicians'. I could go on, but I await your list with interest. By the way, the Unions are right behind his agenda and his agencies have never arrested or deported any illegal who wasn't a violent criminal. Finally, can someone please give an answer, as a normal human being I'm at a loss. Why do left wing liberals always feel that they have to turn human suffering into gotcha politics - the epitome of bad taste. I guess it's because they have no original thoughts and it comoflages their lack of ideas. I apologize folks, been taut as a spring for a couple of weeks, but feeling better right now- just opened the bar. Aaaahh
  13. Harvey

    This is a sub tropical area subject to several hurricanes every year, every possible safety and engineering feature is in place all of the time and have handled every previous storm. Homes within fifty miles of the beach have all been built on stilts since the turn of the century. There is no way to convey the size of this storm, we are a hundred miles from the coast and 30ft above sea level and the water was lapping at our toes for five days. God himself could not have been prepared for this and he probably knew in advance! Finally got to make our first trip into town, 40 miles. Water on our high ground has drained well, but closer to town the water lines on some homes is six feet high. This is 60 miles away from Port Arthur on the coast, imagine what it's like down there. No gasoline at any gas stations but one, there the line of vehicles waiting was a quarter mile long, but no problem. Guys just leaning on their trucks chatting with everyone else and it's close to a100 degrees right now. Walmart had six trucks being unloaded outside and they must have had two hundred workers stocking the shelves as fast as they could. We have been eating my wife's diet program food for a week so the first thing I picked up was T-bone steaks. Power came on at nine pm last nigh, it's three pm in the afternoon and just got a message that it's going off in two hours to complete repairs and will be of for 15 hours. Ah well. what do you mean Obs? Grow gills and webbed feet?
  14. Harvey

    The rebuilding begins. Obs, the only high ground for a couple of hundred miles around Houston is the highway overpasses. This area has been inhabited for hundreds of years and nothing anything like this has happened before. We personally have have sat through three previous hurricanes and suffered huge trees landing on the roof and other tornado damage. They usually last 24 hours and then it's a matter of picking up debris. This one sat for four days and dropped 5 ft of water on the whole area. The experts say that is a thousand year storm so you can't change the lifestyle of a huge population to cater for something that is not supposed to repeat for a thousand years. If you want a cheap car get here, they say that 5,000,000 cars have been completely under water for a week. For the misguided, it is acknowledged, grudgingly by the left, that Trump and his administration have handled this disaster better than anyone has in the past. Texas always has a great State government and they are ecstatic about the cooperation they have received from the Federal Government. President Trump is in Texas today visiting the affected areas so that he will have first hand facts when he argues for disaster money with Congress. - thank you Mr President.
  15. Harvey

    No way to plan for this kind of momentous event. Millions of people live in apartment complexes and have no way of storing boats etc.. Probably 1 in 5 families have a boat and that's where all the rescues came from. This storm moved in so quickly, people had no water in their yard, took a nap and woke up to find water in their living room. The storm dropped 48" of rain on us in three days. My property is 30' above sea level and we stayed dry, but even now all of the roads a mile from my house are under water and are impassable and are likely to stay that way for several days. Power is out everywhere in an 100 mile radius of us and there is not even an estimate of when it will all be back on - the repair crews cannot reach the sources of the problems because of the impassable roads. If this storm would have made landfall in Blackpool, apart from isolated high spots, every where east to the Pennines, north to Carlisle and south to St Albans would be under water.
  16. Harvey

    The sun is shining, oh happy day. I apologize for imposing this on y'all, but you have never seen anything like this. We were blest that we live on very high ground, but we spent five days praying that it would stop as the water moved closer, but for hundreds of thousands of our fellow Texans, it didn't stop soon enough. Having to swim out from your house holding your pet and your two yr old to be rescued is not fun and that happened several hundred times a day for a week and is still going on. An area the size of the U.K. is under water. This was not Latchford flooding or Penketh flooding, it was roof high water for an area the size of a country. Today our city pumps were covered by water and failed, now a city of 120,000 people has no water. The hospitals are trying to get the patients evacuated because they cannot even wash their hands never mind drink. Regular guys, welders and operators from the plants etc, have been out with their bass boats and skiffs non stop for five days rescuing people. The Cajun navry (my wife is Cajun) are the same 'good ol boys' from Louisiana, who drop everything and head into devastated areas with their every day boats to help. Their normal motto is ' Laissez le bon temps roulette', let the good times roll, but in trying times, you can't find a better ally. I am a Cajun by marriage and that is better than being knighted. One fantastic thing coming out of this is the government response. Governor Abbot of Texas is fantastic and, many will be upset by this, President Trump gets it. He is not a politician and he has reacted like a business man - all action. Army amphibious vehicles are working alongside the bass boats rescuing people. For once everyone seems to be on the same page, except the left and biased media, who are complaining that Milania Trump wore high heels when she left the White House to go to Texas. Dont get the wrong idea, I am not comparing the loss of life, or the length, but to me watching all this it wa just like watching the Blitz, not exaggerating, it is bad. For me this is now over, I still can't drive anywhere to buy a bottle of milk, but in a week that will change. It will be years before the area recovers. But I bet it will be done with a smile on the face - cos that's Texas.
  17. Harvey

    Thanks Dizzy. Rain still pouring down, but we are still dry, but surrounded by water. We can only get 50 yds away from our house and it's going to be like that for days. That's the problem, emergency services cannot get to people. There are thousands of helpers waiting in Austin 300 miles from us and that's as close as they can get due to flooded roads. Rain should stop Thursday evening, just hope our remaining 12" of freeboard is enough.
  18. Harvey

    We have been tettering on the edge, with the water at our toes since last Friday and it's going to get worse for us thru Friday we are east of Houston and the revitalized storm is coming on in over us. We cannot drive more than a few hundreds from our house without coming up on 6' of water. To give you some perspective, imagine if all of the roads between Warrington and London (almost) were completely under water - it's a Texas size storm. Not just the motorways, every road as far inland as Sheffield, that's how big Texas is. There is no chance to get food supplies etc.. Forget your political prejudices and watch Fox News. We have low water roads chock full of cattle escaping to high ground, dead horses and cows who didn't make it, floating in the water and an infestation of snakes heading for driveways and patios. Remember Churchill "we can take it", well that applies here, brings tears to your eyes to see the ' good ol boys' who are usually out bass fishing, out with their boats dragging old people, kids and pets off roofs and off to safety, hundreds of small boats not waiting for government help, just doing what has to be done. Although it's much bigger than Katrina, this one is being handled by Texans and you can see the difference - you won't die here. I'm just doing an Edward R Morrow (for those old enough to remember), relaying the details of an epic disaster. Signing off.
  19. Harvey

    We are 90 miles east of Houston. Pounding rain, thunder and lightening have now joined the rain. The hurricane has moved back onto land (tropical storm now) right over us. We had 28" inches of rain over last three days and nights and last night we got another 10" with the same forecast for tonight. We are under a constant tornado warning and this could continue until Friday. Our grid power goes out every ten minutes, but luckily we have a Generac ( automatic natural gas driven, hard wired generator) which kicks in after ten seconds. Not light yet, so I'll have to wait to check where the water level is now. Presently filling the bath tubs with water to use for flushing toilets if our area water pumps go out. Oops, there goes the power again, good job the IPad is on battery.
  20. Debit cards

    I would really appreciate some info from y'all. Which are the easiest (locations) places to draw cash from a debit card in the UK, specifically the north west? My card is not related to any institution in the UK, so I know that I'll have to pay for the service. About how much are the average charges? Hope you can help me, thanks.
  21. Debit cards

    Good to know, thanks guys, I'm pretty sure that I can stumble on one of those locations. Just the info I needed.
  22. Debit cards

    Thanks guys for taking the time to help. I do my spending money business wth a Credit Union, which is a small, local bank usually associated with oil company. Although they don't venture out of the local area, they tell me that my debit card from them is good worldwide, however I do have to let them know to expect foreign charges. The main point of my question concerned the most usual places to look for ATM's etc.. The last time I was there Moses was a boy and there were no such things as ATM's. I don't even use a debit card in the States, but I see the machines in the casinos. I don't think I will have much luck hunting down a casino every time I need a dollar. I do have a PIN number, which I have already forgotten twice and had to revisit the bank. I now have it tattooed on the bottom of my foot !!
  23. Harry Hayes in Hospital.

    Condolences to all of Harry's family. A gentle man who will be missed.
  24. New year

    Happy 2017 to the Forum, especially to Obs, one of the few sane people on the planet.
  25. New year

    Believe it or not, Trump is a moderate, he has never been a fanatical conservative, in fact, in the past he has criticized Republicans as much as he has Democrats. All the negativity at the moment is coming from the liberal politicians, communistic university professors, media and Hollywood elites, who refuse to accept that the 'deplorables' don't love them or Hillary and will not do anything they say. It is all a desperate attempt to find someone to blame other than themselves, cos obviously, it couldn't possibly be their fault. Trump is no fool, he has made two billion dollars twice ! He has surrounded himself with the best people in all aspects of government. The only worried people are the ones who support transgender bathrooms, unlimited welfare with no controls, unfettered immigration and Islamic terrorists, those people will see their world crumble. Just want to give you a heads up, cos I'm guessing that you wont hear it on the BBC. Here endeth the first lesson.