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  1. Bit off topic, but something that I thought might interest you Asp. At nineteen, with my apprenticeship still not complete and a couple of years to go on my degree, I got the wanderlust. I made an application to Union and Castle for a third engineers position - they did the South African banana run. They thanked me for applying, but advised me to continue with my training and to reapply when my training and college was complete. I got over the lust for the sea by the time that happened or we may have been shipmates !
  2. The enemy to the loony left is always 'old white men'. Have they ever considered what the world would look like without the excellence of those men? Trains, planes, automobiles, steel mills, cities, hospitals, medical miracles etc. etc. They built the modern world, thankfully, without the help of the modern loony left.
  3. There will never be another lockdown Obs. The public will revolt against it - the 'demonstrators' and anarchists have destroyed that option.
  4. Obs, Asp and all others. What would you judge to be the percentage of the U.K. the opposes the farce being perpetrated before every tv soccer game ? I know that it pisses me off, not from a racial point of view, just from common sense. It's based on a fraud, plus I doubt whether most of the participants are intelligent enough to understand what's going on!
  5. The sad fact is that if Mother Teresa had run as a Republican, the left and the media would still have tried to murder her. This madness spiraled into a frenzy when Trump openly exposed them as the bigots that they are. Then when he beat Clinton, who really should have been in jail, they exploded and gave up any pretense of fairness and now they just openly lie before the world. I cannot understand why Trump is criticized for his handling of the pandemic. It is a phenomena that has never been experienced to this degree before. He shut down travel to and from China in January, at the first indication that it was a problem and travel to Europe soon after. Moves which were rabidly denounced by the Democrats. The fact that ppe etc were in short supply surely falls on previous administrations for not maintains stocks, if anyone can be blamed. He mobilized Ford and GM into producing what was needed. He assembled the people recognized as the experts and never once overruled their advice. He provided Federal help to any State that needed it, including the viciously anti Trump States. Today, hydrochloxechorine (?) has been officially credited with saving covid19 lives, yet he got mocked for it. He had to change some decisions as more was learned about the virus, which is natural. Per the Constitution, he is allowing all States automony in when to open. What more could he have done. All the Democrats have done is nit pick without offering one option, viable or otherwise. As I have always said (to Obs chagrain!), the economy must always remain open or the result will be worse than the virus. It also needs to be realized, that while their is a spike in infections, hospitalizations and deaths are down. It's not caused by the economy opening, it's caused by demonstrators (?), rioters and beach parties. It can be solved by rigorously enforcing social distancing and masks at the beaches and shooting the rioters and looters !
  6. That's the one upside to this leftish support of anarchists. I've been subconciously contemplating my mortality for some time - especially when the local mortuary had a 'fire sale' and my wife got me a great deal on my incineration ! The left sure do make dying a much more attractive proposition.
  7. Don't worry about it Davy, just giving you are hard time for fun. But I do get tired of the "Most people say.....", "Everyone thinks differently than that.......," " The American people disagree........". It's the basis of fake news, they don't know what I think or 'everyone' thinks, it's just lazy and incompetent reporting. Trump is the first leader who really does think and speak like the common man in the pub. He has made billions in real estate development, but he still made it out to every job site arguing and discussing with the electricians and plumbers, making sure he iwas getting value for money and that's how he runs the country. That's why he got elected, cos he gets it and doesn't make decisions based on guaranteeing re election. Look what he did when Boing tried to charge him four billion dollars for two new Airforce Ones, we're now getting them for two ! Considering the sophistication, that's a hell of a deal. Obs made a great statement, " They have no choice." I suppose that's true, I suppose we would be better off if we had to choose between Harold Wilson, Tony Blair, Cameron and Teresa May, but we can only wish! No joking, y'all better root for Trumps reelection, because if it doesn't happen, watch out, China and Russia will take over the world, they don't give a rats ass about the rest of mankind and there will be no US strong enough to save y'alls asses. Take a look at the size of those two countries and then realize that the whole of the U.K. military can fit into Old Trafford. Maybe the French will win the day ! ".
  8. Correct Asp. Three million new jobs created in the month of June ! That would be a wet dream to Biden. By the way Davy, how have you managed to know what 'many' Americans think? As I said,I've been here for 41 years and I know about 50 tops, not many out of three hundred million.
  9. I lived in the U.K. for 39 years Davy and the US for 41 years and I can tell you that neither is generally dysfunctional, only Democrats and Labor and neither of those voted for Trump. However, if it takes dysfunctional people to become the richest nation on earth and the leading mega power in the world, maybe you really could help your country right now. By the way, how long did you live in the States, to be able to make your conclusions? In three years, Trump: Defeated Isis Biggest tax cuts ever. Massive roll back of economy choking Obama regulations. Most jobs created ever. Lowest unemployment numbers since wwii Highest GDP ever. Got rid of the terrible Iran deal. Negotiated the best trade deals ever. Forced China to quit manipulating their currency and pay billions in tariffs. In eight years Obama : Nothing, zilch, nader ! Those dysfunctional people look pretty smart to me !
  10. Just got to add to this discussion. I compliment both Asp and Obs on a better than normal understanding of US politics. However, this is an unfortunate example of the difference between following the news and actually living it. One of my golfing buddies of thirty years, a fanatical Democrat reacted recently to a post on Facebook. Someone objected to the virus spikes being the fault of Trump, obviously ignoring the hundreds of ' protesters' on the streets. Someone replied that ' it was hardly Trumps fault'. My friend jumped in and said that, " no, it was the fault of the idiots who elected him !" Like a fool, I answered with, well, I voted for him, am I an Idiot ? The response was, " How dare you contradict me, I thought you were my friend, obviously not ! Don't ever speak to me again !" I don't mourn the loss, he was always kinda obnoxious, but it kinda gives you an indication of the possibilities of negotiation with the left. Strange, cos everyone on here knows my love is boundless, even KiJ. Hail Mary full of grace - forgive me if I lie !
  11. Right as usual Asp. Funny how the Democratic Governor of New York, Cuomo, can sign an order sending covid19 patients back to their retirement homes, where everyone immeadiatley died, doesn't count. The plain fact is that Trump is one of the three greatest Presidents of the US, Obama is in the bottom two and that has caused the Democrats and the media to go into meltdown. If they let this situation prevail, they will never see a power position again. Therebye lies the total analysis of the situation in the US. Signing off from the crap laden, mortar attack, in the colonies, El Stallardo.
  12. This is a halfway rhetorical question, but it's still worth discussing. I'm not talking about the looters and the 'protesters', I'm not talking about the pandering politicians, I'm talking about the people who vote losers into office - who on Gods earth are they? We have Ilya Omah in congress, born in Somalia - there's a great political base of governmental learning, who married her brother to avoid immigration and has one theme, " hate Trump'. We have AOCortez, who proposed the green new deal, ban gasoline engines immeadiatly and no airplane travel within ten years, while China and India get off scott free. Plus she's a leading advocate in banning police forces completely. We have Joe Biden, who has been in Congress for forty three years, never proposed a single bill and has been wrong on every single vote that he has ever made, that's not an exaggeration, it's a recorded fact. We have Obama, who corrupted the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, the Justice Dept. and spied on and used these agencies to try to destroy a Presidency and who's wife's doctorate essay was titled " Why I hate America". He's the second worst President ever, saved only by James Buchanan. Now we have a country in flames and the Democratic supported perpetrators are apparently an inspiration to voters. Of course that's all baloney, Trump supposedly has a problem in the polls, the same polls that had Hilary Clinton measuring the White House for drapes ! When the poll question says " If Joe Biden brings peace and prosperity and Trump delivers destruction, who would you vote for ?" That is an exact question on a so called legitimate poll ! So I say, who are these people who see all this and still reelect. I think that there should be ten general knowledge questions asked at every voting location and you have to get. 8 out of 10 to be qualified to vote. I know this will discriminate against the dumbasses, but do you want an even dumber ass infuenzing the voting than you have in government now. Its nice to post a non contraversial subject now and again.
  13. Since the Democrats have embraced and encouraged mob rule, The Constitution and political process is fast becoming obsolete Obs. The left has thrown the rule book out of the window.
  14. Actually, the statue thing has changed, now it's just a matter of wanton destruction. The majority of people vandalizing the statues are white idiots, possibly liberals, but more likely bog standard yobs taking advantage of the unrest. They realize that the police will not interfere because a) they've lost interest, or b) they will be turned on by the media if they do, so the vandals are in hog heaven. The two worst things on earth are : Terrorists of any kind and Activists for any cause.
  15. 1960 was a long time ago Dave and who changed all of that - the Republican Party, every single Democrat voted against the civil rights legislation !
  16. Congratulations Algy . That was about the time I was dating Edna Savage ! No marriage thoughts on my mind then tho! What would we do without them? At this time I have extensive stitched wounds, some on my back, my wife delicately cleans and replaces the dressings every evening, I can't imagine how I would manage without her help. My son is a confirmed bachelor, in his fifties now, I often wonder how he will fair without the many faceted help that we get from wives.
  17. My lifelong friend and running buddy Jeff Carter, took over as landlord of the Brittania right after Harry Bath.
  18. Ah, met her in my part of town hey. Were you a regular visitor or was it a one off? Mine is like living with Pam Ayres on steroids !
  19. There's a guy in the news this morning who is demanding the removal of all Jesus statues, so that ones gone now, you can't have that Davy !
  20. Isn't it involved in everything Asp ? It's probably the basis of most posts on this forum, or am I being a tad too honest! Congrats on the 26 years. How many in all the other ports !
  21. I spent a year at Texaco, Port Arthur, Tx in 1976 as a recently divorced guy. In a lunch discussion one day, the guys said "You should date Becky, she's a fun girl." Becky was the Plant Managers secretary and was also recently divorced. I didn't know her well, but I did know that she was a good Cajun catholic girl, very efficient and pretty, but didn't look like much fun, how wrong was I. I could go on and on, but I'll just say, we were married after three months and we've now been married for forty four years ! Why did I post this ? Because just now she hauled me out of my recliner and made me bust a gut jitterbugging to a fast French Cajun one step on tape and it brought this to mind. By the way, in 1957 I was the jive champion of the Baths and the Parr Hall and I still got it baby! Just a bit of fun, but all true.
  22. I I wonder why they knocked it down? I wonder where I'll get my maggots now?
  23. As I said Algy, I got married in 1960, - what fun?
  24. Right on Machester Rd almost opposite Hillock Lane, hope that's right, I never could get those Dams and Hillocks right. Went there regularly for fishing maggots. They kept a big pile of them about four feet diameter and four feet high. A guy with a shovel would fill your tin can for a penny. The smell was horrendous and I don't know how the folk in the nice semi's across the road stood it.
  25. There's a difference between intelligence and common sense Asp. They actually believe the garbage they teach. The only debates they ever have, is with the rest of the insular academics in the teachers lounge, all blinded by their own brilliance. They're so deluded, they have no idea how it is in the real world. By the way the BLM mob destroyed the statue of Gandhi ! I wonder what he thinks about that?
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