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  1. My God ! I used to detest this guy and now he's my hero. Hope the Democratic Presedential candidates watch this, there'll be a mass suicide. Here's the reason Trump is a shoe in for 2020.
  2. I wonder who India and China pay? Under the circumstances, could he possibly be wasting his money ?
  3. I'm with you Asp, people laugh when I tell them that I'm 80 yrs old and I've never even smelled marijuana ! If you stood next to me smoking I'd probably think it was dirty socks or something! No kidding Asp, Bec and I are doing our favorite thing right now - watching black and white movies on the classic movie channel . "Action in the North Atlantic" with Raymond Massey and Humphrey Bogart ( Merchant Marine) fighting U Boats on the Murmansk run - I thought I saw you in the last scene. Good movie.
  4. Sorry Dizz, just playin' wit chur. I did post birthday wishes, but for some reason it didn't post. Of ourse, I couldn't admit that it was probably my fault, so I blamed you. Simple really!
  5. Encouraging people to use drugs seems a strange way to combat crime! Alcohol and tobacco are considered problems, why add another? The reason that the cannabis lobby has so much traction is that most of the politicians, police, civil servants etc have all used it and still do, it has nothing to do with improving quality of life, it just means that they will no longer have to use a secret dealer. Several prominent users have admitted that a regular cannabis user can never operate at more than 40'% efficiency due to perpetual lethargy.
  6. What happened? I can't believe you deleted mine Dizzy, power play eh? Have a great day Dizz, even though you dizzied me! 😍😍
  7. Ah, now you're talking about good hoarding. I had a workshop and storage building built with the house, the front half is a workshop and the back half is a tools and lumber storage area. Twenty years ago they were both clear, clean open spaces, now they are packed to the gills with peg boards loaded with tools, mechanics chests, scarred and stained benches. The storage area has my supply of two x fours and every piece of scrap lumber over 12" long, every yard tool imaginable, all covered in a layer of sawdust and cobwebs and I love the lingering smell of gasoline from the riding mower. Amazing how, without trying, in twenty years they look like they have been there since Queen Victoria was a baby and the sides are bulging. Nothing quite as exciting as wandering in there on a cold winters morning, with a sketch, a plan of action and a cup of coffee.
  8. Stallard12


    I have three pairs of shorts, five golf shirts, two pairs of jeans, three pairs of western boots and two hats. Yet, every time I open a closet in any bedroom, I have to fight my way over a zillion shoes and racks bending under the weight of clothes! I don't want my wife to go without, but surely she could get rid of the poodle skirts, midi skirts, bell bottomed slacks and bobbysoxs, but apparently I'm wrong, they are essential !
  9. My wife, me and all of my friends and family have had annual flu shots for the last fifteen years at least and this is the first I have ever heard of a bad reaction. Never had the flu either. Cos I'm no longer a teenager, had the pneumonia shot last week too.
  10. Parking spaces in the US are 10 ft x 20ft, which is still tight for my 7ft x 17ft SUV., but not bad for cars. Good news is, its high enough to where a car door only hits the side of the running board. Had an interesting event the last time I was in the U.K. and parked at the Golden Sq mall lot. There was a badly placed pipe column blocking the exit and there was a guy directing big cars one way around it and small cars the other - unique ! It was very tight and the adjacent wall was covered in every car color made - what do you think Obs, all women ?
  11. Its become a game. I use an agency to handle all of my insurance. Every couple of years the current company skyrockets its rate and the agency shops around and finds another one, so I usually end up with the same rate but a different company. Here's something to think about. According to the Prof in my economics class, insurance rates vary from company to company depending on how successful each company was in the investment market. Apparently they make the majority of their money from investing your premiums and reaping the rewards, if they do good their rates stay the same, but if they take a beating, they increase their rates to cover the shortfall.
  12. Actually Obs, FDR was willing to have America join the war prior to Pearl Harbor, because he felt that Britain had to survive to be the base from which to defeat Germany and. told Churchill so, but he had to protect himself from the anti war lobby led by Charles Lindbergh. Pearl Harbor gave FDR the tool to overcome that opposition. America could have just fought Japan, there was no need at that time for them to take on Germany too, regardless of any paper war declaration, but they did. The End , cos a man convinced against his will is n'eer convinced at all.
  13. Sprechen sie Deutsch ? Without the US, for whatever reason, your answer would have been yes.
  14. I bet that thought was right at the front of the minds of all of those eighteen and twenty year olds Obs, as they died 4000 miles from home and twenty miles from England.
  15. How did Indian food make it to first place ahead of bacon and fish and chips - mystery to me.
  16. Ambassadors, politicians, Trump has made them all redundant and they don't like it. He has proved that a business man with a strong personality gets things done. No point in anyone trying to insult him he doesnt care. With the absolutely lunatic left ranting and raving idiocy, I thank God every day for Trump. 3 to 3.5% recurring GDP, every one who wants a job has a job, including all minorities, there are 10 million jobs still available, wages across the board have risen dramatically, taxes are lower than ever, interest rates are low and there is no inflation, there are no more Isis beheading videos etc, etc. Don't tell me we would be better off with a stuffed shirt like Clement Attlee, or George Brown, or Tony Blair - real trailblazers. Maybe the special relationship has something to do with the white crosses in Normandy.
  17. Stallard12


    Been a very happy Texan for fifty years now, but there is one thing that I still miss - a bacon butty ! In the fifties, there was Duva bread, doughy, white and tasty, you could have made dentures from the teeth imprint left on every bite. This plus a half pound of bacon with the fat hanging over the edge was to die for, literally ! In the days of factory canteens, my 10:00 am break at the British Aluminum was two hand cut thick slices of bread, slathered with butter, layered with thick cut bacon, topped with a fried egg and cut diagonally, the egg yoke running down the sides. Yum yum, gimme the HP sauce ! On the other hand, there's a lot to be said for two fat Cumberland sausages, split and loaded onto bread. Then, of course, there's tomato sausage ......... Which is y'alls favorite, they must be healthy, I'm still here.
  18. You got it! Screeeeeech, scraaaaaaanch, scruuuuuuutch, Oops, bum note there Paddy. Sorry.
  19. Maybe I could seranade you Dizz - which do you prefer the scale of C or D ?
  20. I think the human race is pretty great and the world is in better shape than ever ( except for liberal socialists!). All this whining about how evil and destructive we are, no mention of the great developments since the Victorian age. The air and water quality is better than it's ever been, essential services and they are essential to a civilized world, have been engineered to almost perfection. Developments in agriculture enable food to be grown in previously barren places. Still they moan ! A week after it was announced that global warming (as it was then) was about to kill us all, New York City got buried in six feet of snow ! Some people will only be happy when we are back in caves, which will only happen when gullible politicians force it on us. Surprised we are discussing this, isn't the world scheduled to end in 2000? Oops, my mistake, I think that's been moved up till next week.
  21. Me too. The only instrument left in the Beaumont school orchestra was a violin. I wanted a saxophone so I could join the Glenn Miller band ! After two months of screeching scales, my parents forcibly removed me and the instrument from the house. Maybe without their intervention, I may have been the subject of this video!
  22. Bravo Asp, as an engineering (scientist) I couldn't put it better.
  23. Well put Asp. However, the thing always conveniently overlooked is that without the participation of India, Pakistan and China any discussion becomes irrelevant. The peoples of these countries are just beginning to feel the benefits which we have enjoyed for years, jet travel, automobiles, large houses, do you think that they are going to cut back on those things now ? Of course it's all irrelevant, cos climate changes are natural and cyclic, but of course, you can't redistribute wealth with that principle.
  24. Oh, that's sad. It used to be a proud moment for me when I walked in my uniform - 13th Warrington Scout Group, St Elfin's Own.
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