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  1. I lived through the whole war in Woolston, but I don't remember any concrete defenses of any kind. I do remember the farce of air raid shelters both during and after the war. Approx fifty feet by thirty feet, nine inch brick walls with a concrete slab roof. Pitch black, no lighting of any kind and only ever used as convenient bath rooms - watch where you put your feet in the dark. Although I bet they were a godsend to the Yanks and the local women !
  2. Y'all need to understand, Trump is on a par with all the great industrialists and business greats of the past, like Vanderbilt, Carnegie and such. All of them had various peccadillos, but they all got the job done. Y'all should finally realize that politicians cannot run countries, a guy who was a dentist last week, or has slept his way through fifty years in Congress, like Biden, ain't going to hack it in economics or foreign policy today. Trump is running America like a successful business and it shows, he's a 'doer' not a wilting piece of crap like Obama. Take my word for it, Trump
  3. Built a mega real estate empire. made a billion dollars twice. was elected President of the most powerful country in the world. despite carrying left wing idiots on his back he took the country to levels socially and economically never before achieved. is patriotic. has never taken a penny in salary. Has the most transparent administration ever. In spite of Democratic criminal activity, will serve his second term after November. If he is an 'idiot', maybe we all should look in the mirror and reassess ourselves and Neville Chamberlaine, Harold Wilson, Ter
  4. Forget it Asp, its like arguing with a fencepost, one with woodworm at that. He's killing the forum, that's why I've checked out, but couldn't resist backing you.
  5. My ex neighbor, a wonderful old lady in her eighties, has been beset with medical problems for about a year. She underwent several operations and months of therapy and finally entered a nursing / therapy home. Due to covid19, she has not had her family at her side through the whole of this ordeal. last week, the home personnel told the family that if she didn't see them soon she was going to die - she had given up. They contacted Greg Abbot, the Govener of Texas and he granted them access, one at a time, to stay with her. Presently she is improving daily. Of course the bunkerhea
  6. I was right all along, this is just a virulent flu. Everyone is back to work, restaurants are open, casinos are open, life is practically normal. Covid19 is barely mentioned in the news. We had five new cases last week in our county, they were all in their thirties and didn't even know they had it. There were also three deaths, all in nursing homes, all in their nineties, all with multiple health problems and all would probably not have survived the olde thyme flu. However, take the qualifying info out and panickers like Obs would be locking you down ! It's no big deal, follow a cou
  7. There's a lot of hyperbole around political statements, but this one I can justify. Democrats are evil from top to bottom. Trump has announced that a vaccine will be available within a few weeks. Fizer and several other companies have invested billions of dollars ( please don't say, it's because of profits ! That's not the point) into a speedy vaccine and they have been successful. Unbelievable but what do Harris and Biden do ? They tell the American people not to take the vaccine, Kamala Harris said on tv that she will never take it cos Trump has probably poisoned it ! They are wi
  8. Obs, get out of US comments, you're just making a fool of yourself. Apparently you read US 101 and now think your an expert. You now accuse the lowest of American southern workers, who have always been conservative, of being anti black Abraham Lincoln who effectively freed the slaves, was a Republican, the Republican Party sponsored and voted in all of the Civil Rights laws, every Democrat voted against them. Check Nashville and every country singer, they are all staunch conservatives. Better start learning what's happening on your street, rather than challenge a real life American on
  9. Asp, California, sent out has several million voters, but the State Democratic Party sent out 20 Billion early voting ballots, lots to dead people, illegal immigrants and pets. Reports are that they blowing around the streets and some people are collecting them and have hundreds clasped in their hands ! The US postal service is a joke, they take three weeks to get a package from New York to Texas, Fed Ex does it in three days, They have already said that they can't handle it and the Democrats are saying that they are just trying to help Trump !
  10. That's ok Sid, I read the book when I was a teenager. My post was a little tongue in cheek, just to stir the pot and that question was my joke punchline.
  11. Do you know what a redneck is Obs ? A redneck is a southern farm worker who toils all day in the fields under a blazing sun and ends up with a.bright red sunburned neck, hence the name. They are country and proud of it, so the 'know it alls' mock them. Way to go, you have just sneered at the hardest working people in the land ! Highlights your ignorance of the US. This 'both sides do it is total bull** , only the loony left and the Democrats riot and kill. Police killed a guy two days ago, when they were called to domestic disturbance involving a black guy who was wanted for sexua
  12. Honesty. With no apologies to anyone ! The startling fact of life is that, throughout history, labor and its supporters, Democrats and their supporters, have been wrong on every single issue, they voted against Churchill for Gods sake ! There is no doubt, if you have any intellect and balls ( which eliminates Obs,), you are a conservative, if you are wandering in the wilderness, puzzled, you are a Laborite or Democrat. Just found a new book by Dale Carnegie, called how to win friends and influence people, anyone heard of it ?
  13. I'm glad I wasn't in the same trench with you in ww11 Obs ! Get a grip !
  14. Pray, pray, that communism/socialism, mob rule fails in November. Donald Trump is in the top three Presidents that the US has ever had and the dipshit Obama is next to last - and I have met him ! I have desparately hoped for all of my life that a true businessman, not a politician would show how a country should be run and he has done it. He doesn't care about polls, he only wants results and result that mean jobs and security. Obama pissed around for four years, while ISIS chopped off heads every night on tv. Trump ended that in nine months! And produced the greatest economy in US hist
  15. This is purely to give anyone with questions a, real life account of the effect of covid19. Our cousins families have just gone thru the covid19 experience. The two families live in two adjacent homes. The mom and dad, Sandy and Tommy, both in their late 70's tested positive for the virus and their son, daughter in law and great grandson also tested positive. Tommy and Sandy, who are normal older people, who don't exercise, but have no medical problems other than the usual cholesterol and blood pressure problems called their experience a " a pain in the ass". They had flu system
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