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  1. Stallard12

    TV ?

    Amazing thing, my wife who is Cajun American, laissez le bon temp roulette, absolutely loves the Great British Baking Show. I guess that reruns of the national sheepdog trials would really get her excited !
  2. Very good point. US citizens also had to be repatriated per the Constitution, but they were all subject to a two week isolation before being allowed to go home.
  3. President Trump suspended all flights out of the US and into the US in March, in fact flights into and out of China were banned in February, so you can't blame us !
  4. Lost all interest in this subject now. The draconian measures were taken to 'flatten the curve' of infections, which has now, in most places, been achieved, it was not to stand still until the virus is eradicated. Now it's just a political football, with decisions not being made not on evidence, but on the fear of ones opinions being damaged politically if wrong, or politically beneficial if the status quo is maintained. 'Death' is now being thrown around like 'rascist' with the result that both are unfortunately, becoming inconsequential. All of this disaster was initiated by the communist Chinese government covering their asses and the rest of the world trying to work out what to do about something that had never happened since the Bubonic Plague. The world now knows a lot more about the virus and can plan accordingly. However some people refuse to recognize the difference between now and day one and try to manipulate the 'statistics' to support their 'glass half empty' point of view. Time to climb out of the air raid shelter people and shake your fist at the enemy - it's been done before.
  5. Good to know Obs. ' Government lockdown' didn't imply that. However, especially for you Obs, cos I'm aware of your keen interest in such things. Watch carefully over the next few weeks for the real possibility that Obama could go to jail for a knowing conspiracy to derail the Trump presidency. I know that he won't for the same reason tha Hillary Clinton didn't, they are the privileged few., however most of his cabinet may , unless they are saved by the corrupt liberal media. Know it's a changed of subject, but who doesn't want one ! Dizzy can razz my ass for changing topics without executive approval. Apart from the fact that I should have been arriving in Heathrow on June 2nd and leaving on Eurostar to Basel for a Rhine Cruise on the 3rd, plus no Man U, I've had a pretty good pandemic, 18 holes of golf every day, pick up meals from the Pro Shop Grill and plenty of bourbon. We got a $1200.00 check from the government and gave it away in $50 tips to the the skeleton staff at the drive thru only joints, so my conscience is clear.
  6. You do realize that ' Government imposed lockdown ' is house arrest without due process ! Only a Socialist could be happy with that, seeing that history has proved that it is the only way Socialsm / Communism can operate. The US Constitution specifically states that ' No Citizen can be sentenced to arrest in any form without evidence of a crime." It also states that 'The rights guaranteed under the Constitution cannot be overruled by an emergency in any shape or form'. Now y'all are not governed by the US Constitution, but these dudes had their shit together and taking their views into consideration is just good sense.
  7. Texas is practically totally open for business, most small businesses including restaurant, barbers, hairdressers, etc and clubs, pubs and bars will be open this Thursday (golf courses never closed). They do have a plan Obs, you know the saying,a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, you should take note, all States have to have a stabalised plateau of infections for at least two weeks before they can start Plus several other criteria. Businesses have to maintain the social distancing with partitioning and operate at 25%capacity etc. Went to a doctors appointment today inHouston, 200 mile round trip and traffic was back to normal and Houston was bustling. If a there is an increase in infections they have teams standing by to jump on them and thousands of empty hospital beds if needed, but the prediction is that with the new awareness everything will go well. Ill give you a simple example: everything in life has a risk attached, even crossing a street. How many times have you sat in your car at a stop sign on a small road waiting to get out onto a busy highway. After a while you realize that, even though there is risk involved to you and others, there comes a time when you have to make that quick dash for that small break in cars or sit and rot on the vine. This is that time. We believe tha t Texans are adult enough to be able to handle the risk, maybe some others are not
  8. No Sid, just the opposite. Have a target plan to protect everyone over sixty and let most others keep everything rolling. Having physically fit 30 yr olds sat at home twiddling their thumbs is nonsense. However, in a nanny state, that situation may be systems normal!
  9. Exactly right Asp, you and I have got to be very careful, but not obsessively so. My esteemed rheumatologist told me that if I contracted the virus I wouldn't die because some existing drugs will prevent it, however it wouldn't be pleasant, but if I had diabetes or heart problems that may not be the case. That's my point, there is a small percentage of the population who need protection, but that's not a good enough reason to destroy the future of a 22 yr old, or Man United ! The US is opening up more and more each day and cases are going down, Texas with its great Republican leadership is forging forward - my wife got her first hairdo at the beauty shop yesterday, she loved it, but as usual I got in trouble when I asked, " Were they still closed?" With the stupid obsession with lockdown, millions of cancer patients are not being diagnosed and millions more are having to forgo their chemo treatments, but the know it all and the plain dumb don't think that deep. You are correct, it is mostly hindsight, although I have always stressed the damage to the economy, which incidentally affects liberals as much as conservatives, but with hindsight why do the idiots still insist on treating this like the Bubpnic plague which killed on sight.
  10. With data accumulated from the last few months, it can be seen that many basic mistakes were made and are still being made. Total lockdown is now unnecessary and is detrimental to the 90 % o f people who get little or no symptoms from the virus. It is a medical advantage to have these groups interact with the virus in order for the bodies to develop antibodies, a slight cold is all they would suffer and they would be immune if the virus resurfaces. Lockdown prevents this from happening and ensures that everyone stays vulnerable. The percentage of deaths in people under 60 is only in line with other common viruses. Nursing home residents and hospitalized aged with additional complications represent 87 % of the covid 19 deaths. Nothing should have been shutdown, everyone under sixty should have been allowed to continue to work and socialize observing basic distancing. All the restaurants and bars should have remained open and everyone ID' d just like you would do with underage people - no one over sixty allowed. The facts are that if 75,000 people under sixty attended a game at Old Trafford, it is highly unlikely that any of them would die and chances are that if they came away with cold symptoms their antibodies would form and after a few games the crowds would be free and clear. Deaths in young children in the US is .00001% of contracted cases. Due to the draconian response of "EVERYBODY" run for cover, the economies of every country in the world has been devasted. When in fact it should have been everybody over 60 run for cover, the rest of you take two aspirin and go to work next week. So now we have dead people and millions with no jobs and no money. All of the effort should have gone to protecting the sick and over sixty with a plan to protect elderly family members of workers. I'm pretty sure that would have been nowhere near as decimating and costly as what has happened. It's now all political, especially into US and the lawyers are standing by to leap in as soon as soon as a returning employee gets sick As Victor Maldrew often said God I wish I was dead
  11. What a wonderful idea! Tax all of the job providers out of existence ! Why do I bother? Is there no.one on the Forum, who can connect the dots without ego or political bias? This was titled "Last post" , very apt for a reason. Way to go Asp.
  12. There are lots, probably most, who are not going to like this, but I would point out that I am old and have a 99 yr old mother in law who I love, so I am not protecting any group for selfish reasons, I keep myself fit and think that I could beat the virus and think that I have a right to hold my opinions. The truth is that the world has been brought to its knees by a virus that kills, but what gets lost is that it does not kill everyone, most people who get the virus recover, the old and infirm may not. That is tragic, but lots of things in life are - we all die some day. Everyone has made an heroic effort to protect the ones most susceptible but there comes a point where it becomes too dangerous to pursue an all or nothing solution. We have reached the point where the industrial western civilization cannot continue to commit hari kari to save nursing homes and ailing octogenarians. There is the statement that will PO most people, but it's true. If you're a 30 yr old welder or a machinist, or a pipe fitter or laborer etc, you cannot work from home, you're flat on your ass with no paycheck a wife and four kids, should we let these families scrape for food to save someone on life support? Obviously I wish we could do both, but we can't and that's a fact. I am grateful that I don't have to make the decision, but someone does and I don't envy them. However, don't lose sight of the f act that if we do open up, not everyone is going to die, most people will go back to work and may or may not have to take a few days off with a fever, but the ones who may fall foul of it are me and my generation and I would rather see the future generations with a stable economic future than to lose everything for my sake.
  13. Just checking. I posted a fairly long response an hour ago and it's not here now. Hope not, but was I censored?
  14. I'll let you into a secret Obs, in the 1960's I was a leader in the AEU ( Amalgamated Engineering Union) and rubbed shoulders with the elite of the Labor Party, they were so dumb and void of ideas and with more allegiance to Moscow than Westminster, it was pathetic. I walked away from them, started my own business, employed Conservative principles and built a successful life. There is nothing good about Labor, their ideas are restrictive, they don't build they destroy and have no plan other than to spend successful people's money. Believe me, not one of them lives the idiotic spartan life the that they promote for Joe public. Conservatives, despite your accusations, give more to charity and support more safety net regulation than any labor section The Labor party and its policies have been a disaster since the end of the industrial revolution. It is said that anyone that hasn't realized this by the time they are thirty is seriously delusional. Outlaw taxation and a conservative would survive, labor supporters would wither on the vine. Having said all that, how're ya'll doin', great I hope.
  15. During the war my father was the engineering maintenance fitter at Flemings Tanerry, on Battersby Lane I think. He wasn't part of the regular fire crew, but everyone had to do one night a week fire watching on the plant roof. Nothing much ever happened, so dad used to wait until midnight then steal away on his bicycle to home in Woolston. Can't count the number of times he got to the front of the house and the warnings would sound ! He then had to break biking records getting back to Flemings before he was missed! Another interesting fact, many of the employees and their friends would bring any child suffering from asthma and hold them over the tanning pits as a cure. God knows if it worked.
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