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  1. It is not my intention to insult anyone, but at times my frustrations with 'heads in sand' boils over. Confused, you are obviously an intelligent person, but you need to put the books back on the shelf and start considering crap outside the box, I fell asleep reading your posts on why Warrington had more cases......".. Obs, get off the 'politicians want to open the economy for political reasons' crap. For once, when your own personal fortune runs out, you may take the predicament of those who have been unemployed for months and more importantly, the family business owners who are never coming back, more seriously. This is not the plague! People over sixty are in danger if they don't wear support hose. People over sixty are in danger of driving the wrong way on the highway. People over sixty are in danger from Alzheimer's and dementia. We don't go into meltdown over that, so why over this ?
  2. This covid19 bull crap has got to stop ! People cowering in basements, sans qualifications, wringing their hands and denying reality. Don't forget, this epoch is being organized and run by the government - how often have they gotten it right ? This bug is likely to hang around for years, what are you going to do, put a bar in your basement and wait for death by natural causes ? You may as well just get a snotty nose and be done with it ! Testing is increasing daily and if you test a 100 people and 10 are positive that's 10%, if you test 500 and 50 are positive, that's 10%, nothing's changed, but the media will go into meltdown and Obs will have twins! If 75,000 fans filled Old Trafford, maybe a hundred would test positive, but eighty would have tested positive if they hadn't gone and highly unlikely anyone would die. In fact, there is more probability that more will die in car wrecks to and from the game. Be real, how many people do you personally know who have died from the bug? The fact is that 99% of deaths all had life threatening pre existing conditions and if you are one of those people, go into isolation, but do not expect the rest of the world to commit hari kari over an inconvenient ailment. To highlight the bullcorn, you can shop all day at the DYI store or supermarket with 200 people, or go on a BLM march with a thousand others and be perfectly safe, but a half dozen people in restaurant or a bar is a death sentence. That should tell you all you need to know about this emergency. The experts change their minds every twenty four hours, they have no more idea how to deal with this than you have, so they cover their bewilderment by going overboard. It's an aggressive virulent flu and nobody's enjoys getting the flu, but the truth is although more people will catch it, at the end of the day the final result is about the same.
  3. I was being facetious Sid, to indicate that ads didn't bother me.
  4. Stallard12


    I was a teenager when my tale took place, Sid, as a 'nipper' she didn't need much help with one egg and 1/4 lb joint per week ! She still made it stretch for three people tho. For the first time, today I managed to get my oven roasted potatoes just like moms, creamy inside and light and dark brown crisp and chewy outside. That's what brought back the memories.
  5. Stallard12


    My wife keeps me well fed, but even she agrees with me, my mother was something else ! As a teenager she was a helper in the weaving shed at Cockhedge Mill and she always appreciated that she escaped from it, but never lost the work ethic. She had to be the worlds best cook. Every day she produced three cooked meals, plus Cheshire cheese and onion sandwiches for supper. In line with the times, my father, myself and my sister would just sit, forks at the ready, watching the clock and waiting for the door to open - we had no interest in how the sausage was made ! All of this was achieved on a small gas oven that only had two working burners and a kitchen with about three sq feet of work space. On Christmas Day, she was in the kitchen at eight o'clock and still there when my sister woke up at eleven, just as me and my dad were leaving for the pub. At one o'clock, with the table already layed out, by mom, with cutlery, condiments and Christmas crackers, we would sit down to a feast of turkey, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, mash, cabbage and sprouts, followed by apple pie and custard. All this from two burners ! At two o'clock, she would collect the pots, carry them to kitchen, wash up and start on the sandwiches for tea while we contentedly dozed in the armchairs. I guess we should have helped, but she looked so happy, we didn't want to spoil it for her ! Ouch, that damned Cajun wife of mine just read over my shoulder and slapped me - I guess asking for apple pie would be wrong right now !
  6. Pretty much all social comment techno platforms and search engines are anti right socialist promoters. If a known conservative webpage is accessed on google, it will usually appear on page two, underneath all of the known virtue signal companies.
  7. At least it keeps the universities in business, plenty of defectors needed !
  8. As my buddy said, " I'm going to be sensible, but I sure as hell ain't going to be terrorized by it."
  9. Make snide smartass remarks and you get assasinated. I have been tested. I developed a bad cold, snot, sore throats and sneezing. After three days I called for and got a test appointment. I was swabbed at a local hospital and told that it would be four days before a result. In the meantime I was I was told to go home, stay isolated and they gave me a prescription for antibiotics, which I was to start immediately. I called my doctor and told him what had happened and he confirmed that I should begin the antibiotics right away. So, unless you have far supererior medical qualifications, I would guess that you are wrong. The test turned out negative, it really was a cold.
  10. Idiot ! The antibiotics help to protect you from other sources and help your immune system. You really are a condescending, self important prig and you don't even know it. That's sad.
  11. US statics. : 70% of all deaths have occurred in aged nursing homes or aged care / retirement homes. 100% of all deaths have all had pre existing serious medical conditions such as heart, lung, kidneys, diabetes etc. In fact, it is widely thought that some of the deaths were from those problems, but it is easier for the authorities to tag it covid19 . From my doctor : in his practice and those of his friends, the results from covid19 are : In normally healthy patients up to 50 the range is, sniffles up to a heavy cold. In patients over 50 the range is slight flu up to heavy flu that results in a couple of days in bed and a course of antibiotics. Headlines reporting 'cases' are close to fake news, they should be reporting deaths, giving age and circumstances. If they report covid19 cases, the should also report gout, measles, mumps and back pain cases ! At the 'case' stage, covid19 is no more news worthy than those.
  12. My favorite trick was to climb to the top of baled hay in the hay barn, squeezing thru the inside, using the connecting air flow gaps . Now, if I'm in a small room, it better have two exits or I start shaking! Alternatively, climb 25' vertical up the outside using footholds and fistful of hay. Once fell about 30' from the top of a tree, hitting branches on the way down, dropped the last clear 8' and landed in a stream. Arrived home sopping wet and mom never even asked why ! Now I'm like Sid with heights, my stomach does flips when I see anyone on tv who is close to a cliff edge. The do gooders have taken all the fun out of life, it's probably why the teens now all seem to get there excitement from anti social stuff. As usual, all liberal 'good ideas' seem to end up the same way.
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