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  1. It's a pain in the ass ain't it ? Forgive the pun. Sounds like hip replacement time Geoff. The injections give some relief, but only for about six weeks and they too have their own degenerative problems. If you are down to bone on bone, the only remedy is replacement - sez I who is scared to death of it! I will be passing thru Heathrow this Spring and because of the long immigration time, for the first time in my life, because of my hips, Im going to have to use the wheelchair service.
  2. Don't know about that Bill. We have probably the greatest concentration of refining facilities in the world and most of them have plans in place to double the number of barrels per facility in the near future. Talking to management, they say that they do not foresee a drop in production in the next hundred years. Good news to the thousands of employees.
  3. A thought just struck me, the last time we were in the U.K. we stayed in Altrincham and that still felt a little like the old Warrington. Maybe I should have just said that at the beginning! However, on the traffic front, I don't think that you can ever solve that problem - too many people / cars, too little real estate. I happen to be one of the people y'all just luvvvv, a lifelong Lycra warrior. Because the sixty degree freezing weather drives me inside, I use one of my bikes on a resistance machine. To break the boredom, I watch videos of guys doing various well known climbs while I'm riding. Just yesterday I watched a climb of the Horseshoe Pass out of Llangothlen, I was amazed, there was a constant stream of passing cars and motorcycles the whole ride. When we climbed it there wasn't another soul around and there was dead silence, the experience has been destroyed.
  4. As I said Asp, just flowery language, cos I was having difficulty putting my feelings into words. Maybe I'm wrong, I believe it happened once before, don't want to make a habit of it. I just know that the town center, with the traffic circle, flower beds and Montague Burtons felt like home. Buses scraping sides on Sankey Street, walking up Horsemarket in the drizzle and waiting at the bus stop seemed better when it wasn't pedestrian only. Maybe Im just getting old, I was 81 this week, still playing sport and traveling the world, but maybe nostalgia is becoming more intense.
  5. In the fifties I always thought that Warrington was much more of a complete, homely, family town than places like Leigh, St Helens, Widnes and every town in Yorkshire. Maybe it was the accents or maybe the level of grime or the color of their buses. Thing is, from what I have seen, all of the Lancashire towns have suddenly got character and Yorkshire has the prettiest villages, while Warrington turned into East Germany ! Please don't be mad, I'm just using Obs ' flowery speech'. My opinion is that it is all the fault of Warrington being designated a New Town. What do y'all think? Would you rather it had slid into rustic, or is economic benefit worth the result ?
  6. Think it became a DIY place about the time I left.
  7. Stallard12


    Congratulations to my old buddy Mike Nicholas on his MBE. I last saw Mike in 1974, he had started a one car taxi service on the side. Over a beer I asked him if he could take me and my family to Bank Quay station on our first leg of our emigration trip to Texas. He arrived thirty minutes late in a beat up small car. We were stood hopping from foot to foot on the sidewalk with two kids and four large suitcases. He opened the trunk and it was packed full of oily junk and two bald tires ! He apologized in his soft Welsh accent and drove off, my neighbor thankfully filled the breach. I'm pretty sure that he didn't get his MBE for business !
  8. Merry Christmas and a great 2020 to y'all. Looks like shorts and t shirt again today !
  9. Stallard12


    That's good Dizz, glad to hear it.
  10. Stallard12


    Maybe the dwindling support of churches in the U.K. creates a problem. We still have very active churches and they really help with the problem, both in supply and in being able to identify the needy. As usual, I have to say, the Salvation Army leads the way.
  11. Y'alls situation could be entirely different, but this is how it works here. Left wing / anarchist billionaires like George Soros, fund all of the protests. The professional protesters ( layabouts and druggies) are shipped in on buses, which are parked at remote locations. They are paid in cash by the billionaires employees, $100 each for around 2000 protesters. These people are then used as the sugar to attract the simple minded flys. Numerous documentaries have exposed this structured business.
  12. True Asp, strange waiting for five minutes before you can celebrate a goal ! Apparently not all the idiots are in politics !
  13. Watch out, before you know it you'll have a (fake) impeachment on your hands ! Seems to be the way to go if you lose. I want to thank the U.K. for the recent vote - it's got all of our nutcases scrambling for cover.
  14. Just say'in. Our gas is now $1.90 gall, which I think is about 38 p a liter - thanks fracking ! Fracking has made the US pretty much independent in oil and gas production. There have been multiple private and government investigations searching for adverse effects and none have been found. This is backed up by the fact that there is not one proven case of pollution or water table contamination recorded in the US. All opponents are merely political alarmists. Please consider this in your response, if any, I am a mechanical engineer (retired), with 50 years experience in petro chemical major project management ( now cowboy and rancher !), who has been personally involved in these studies. Don't let these penny ante activists idiots succeed.
  15. I was a regular customer there. Bought my final bike, BSA Shooting Star A7 there and promptly wrapped it around a concrete post on Slutchers Lane ! I wonder what they did with all the ghosts that lived in Warrington Infirmary when the knocked it down? Got to know them well for six months at that time. Frodsham's was just a few yards past Central Station as you headed out up Winwick St, right across from theVauxhall dealership. It didn't have a street window, you had to walk up an alleyway that ran from the street right into the store - a dark, dusty and miserable place.
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