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  1. Birthday

    Thanks guys, hope we have a repeat next year.
  2. Birthday

    Well, 79 today and to date a wonderful life. No intention of shutting down just yet. As usual, out last night at a good ole Texas country dance, hat, boots and jeans polished for the occasion, wish I knew how to post pictures.. Just got back from a 20 mile bike training ride and feeling strong. Enough of that. I was born on the cusp between the Victorian and the modern age - Algy knows what I mean. I lived through WW2, watched the bombs drop on Risley and had a million laughs at the ARP training sessions in Woolston. Hard to believe that during my early years, the CO-OP did house deliveries with a horse and cart, the farmers were still ploughing with horses and took their produce to Warrington market with horses. Steam driven trucks still ran up and down Manchester Road with sparks and ash flying. Hard to comprehend. Now I'm writing this on an IPad, who would have thought.
  3. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year. Cold one in Texas. Temps down to 20 F overnight and mid-day highs of only 35 F. Going to stay that way for a week and then we will be back to playing golf in shorts !!
  4. Christmas

    Merry and blessed Christmas to everyone, special thanks to Dizzy and Gary for the great welcome that they gave to myself and Becky.
  5. 2nd marriage

    You are right Sid. I was was just looking at it from our universal designation, - a man and always wrong!
  6. 2nd marriage

    How can you possibly fail in a second marriage? Surely all you have to do is the exact opposite to that which you did in the first !! It has worked perfectly for me. Come on guys, work with me, I'm struggling, Gary pleaded with me to post more, what can I do? !!
  7. Post visit

    I'm sure that you would enjoy both of those things Gary. Fly Singapore Airlines and you would enjoy it even more.
  8. Post visit

    Very nice to meet you Sid, no one on here knows what a nice guy you are - hope I haven't ruined your persona!! Anytime you're passing Diz, call in and I'll cook you breakfast.
  9. Post visit

    Well folks we are back home in Texas. We had a great trip and the lunch with Gary and Dizzy, with a visit from Evil Sid, was a highlight. My first comment is that it is damn cold there, course you know that, but it seemed very cold this time, probably because the sun rarely appeared. People were great, had a front wheel flat close to Llangollen and a very nice young guy in his work truck, stopped and changed it for me. Great café / bakery on the main street in Llangollen, Winchit's or something like that, if I lived there, I would weigh three hundred pounds. Not so good was the traffic. Don't remember the lanes being so skinny and the parking with wheels on the sidewalk is a killer. Traffic circles are a problem too when you are not sure of your directions, everyone seems to turn them into race tracks. Becky was my navigator, but every time I looked at her for directions, she had her hands over her eyes!! Couldn't believe that I got lost so many times in my home town. Trying to get to the parking off Midland Way (that's new) and an unmapped island appeared and we ended up in Cockhedge shopping! I drove a 55' long tour bus all over the USA for eight years and never had a tighter experience than getting out of that parking lot !!! Must say though, my buddy, Smithy, who's my age, shocked the hell out of me when he told me that he had a hip replacement using local anesthetic !!!! Said that he wasn't too happy with having to listen to the whine of the saw as it cut his leg off !!!! One last thing, if you ever get the chance to fly Singapore Airlines take it. Their coach is just like business class with smaller seats, they feed you every two hours and wine with lunch and dinner. All in all a good final trip, thanks Gary and Dizzy. To quote the great man: It's so nice to go travelling, but it's so much nicer to come home.
  10. Visit

    Just opened up the IPad, down to my last 12 percent cos I don't have a converter for the charger. So nice to see everybody's comments. We had a great time, although, as Dizzy said, not too sure about the photo ! Who is that person in the corner? I didn't think I was that old. Both Bec and I thank everyone especially Dizzy and Gary, they were great and Dizzy, you're a doll. Got to say I don't know how y'all drive over here, it drove me crazy and I used to drive a 55' tour bus all over the States, couldn't even drive a mule through some of these skinny lanes. Off back to Texas on Saturday morning if the snow doesn't get us. Walking to the hotel this afternoon I said to Bec, "That sky looks like snow" and sure enough, it was on the news later. Apparently, that's one British sense that I haven't lost.
  11. Hurricane Ophelia

    Hi Diz, Been Doing the PM thing, but no response.
  12. Nostalgia

    Great Algy, but to me, it just seems good when you're drunk ! Little late, but what the hell. la Grange Texas. About an hour and a half from us, go through it on US71 every time we go to Austin. Home of the late Chicken Ranch, famous whorehouse. Basis of the movie, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Sorry, just noticed the Georgia reference, but it's a good story anyway. Y'all are welcome. What was I saying about being drunk?
  13. Brexit

    Good news. Right after the Brexit exit, my minuscule social security pension from the UK dropped almost 20 percent due to the exchange rate. Right now it is almost back to norm, something good must be happening, good news for the UK and for me.
  14. Nostalgia

    Very nice Gary, thank you. I used to have a black Z28. Also spent lots of time watching the B29s landing at Burtonwood at the end of the war. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, didn't know your post was there. Got to go now, wife has to take the stitches out of my legs - skin cancer biopsies, like catching a cold if you live here.
  15. Visit

    Hi Dizz, Maybe I got you a free meal out of Gary!!! Sounds great Dizzy, I said that I wouldn't make any definite arrangements just yet, but things get complicated, so I will make a prediction now. We will be in Warrington on Tuesday 5th December for the whole day. However, I have already committed to meeting an old friend in the morning, we went to Woolston C of E school (the little one-room school on Woolston Green) and haven't seen each other since our final year when we were both 11. We re-met online thro the Forum. Becky also wants to go to Warrington market, she loves to see the 'flounder' with spots (plaice to you), apart from that, we are y'alls from about 1:00 pm to whenever. Do you think you could plan something involving afternoon tea and the town hall visit for us? We would be eternally grateful. I would say that you will enjoy meeting my wife more than me, she is Cajun and has never ever met a stranger.