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  1. Stallard12

    Deal or No Deal ?

    Thanks Asp, hard to tell fact from fiction in a world where no lie gets punished. Pity Guy Fawlks failed, cos he could then have moved on to the BBC and MSNBC.
  2. Stallard12

    Deal or No Deal ?

    US political tv shows last night had a current news ribbon running on the bottom of the screen "British Government vote to run new election on Brexit". Is a new vote a done deal and if so, what does that portend for any future Parliamentry decision, would any vote on any future issue be subject to 'best two out of three' ?
  3. Stallard12

    Now - then

    Sorry folks, United had just lost to Arsenal and my mind was in a tortured state! I was trying to compare the non-stressed life of the 50''s, 60's and 70's (at least for me) to today's daily turmoil and asking for opinions. Apparently, I made the mistake of starting with a very cute line about us all being so old, that we must be funeral planning ! It must have been so cute that it overshadowed my original intention and made a life of it's own. Damn, this is not getting much better. Still, on that subject, my wife signed me up for cremation policy, it was listed at the funeral home as a Fire Sale and that's actually true !
  4. Stallard12

    Now - then

    Everybody on this forum has probably already invested in a burial plan (!), so I don't think I'm addressing the x generatiion or millenniums,, or whatever the ffffront door they are (here we go, another bitch from PJ, going to report me to the principle, what's new, just ignore him as usual), but how do you feel about life now. Surely it was better when most people were oppressed, but most of us were as as happy as all hell !,! Oops, PJ ' s blowing a fuse ( can't compute, can't compute). That was for his benefit lol. Seriuously, 329,000,00 folks in the US were as happpy as pigs in excrement (that's a real general usage word PJ,) 500,000 were PO'd and 500,000 didn't give an excrement (see previous qualification) when life was normal. Now, thanks to liberal nut cases and their 25 loud voices, 329,500,000are miserable and 500,000 still don't give a sh.. Are you more or less happy, or are you one of the 500,000 . Now PJ, don't give my buddy Dizzy a bad time, cos she's not alone, methinks that you are.
  5. Stallard12

    The thin end of the wedge

    Almost as bad as the Telegraph emailing residents of Ohio urging them to vote against Trump! The world is going mad - it's good to be old !
  6. Stallard12

    Champions League miracle.

    Watched them since I first stood on the terraces in 1948. Last night was one more page in their illustrious history and one more reason why they will always have an aura that City and Liverpool can only dream about.
  7. Stallard12

    Champions League miracle.

    I still can't believe it ! What a result in Paris. My first glass of whiskey was to settle my nerves against the upcoming disappointment, the rest of the bottle went in the celebration ! I think we have us a manager.
  8. Stallard12

    Can you qualify?

    I agree that there contribution deserves recognition, however my point was to demonstrate to British youngsters and prospective Britains what they should try to live up to. On that basis, maybe Hurricane should be shown in Poland too.
  9. Stallard12

    Can you qualify?

    Just watched 'The Battle of Britain' movie for the twentyth time (?). I do believe that this movie should be required viewing in every school and mandatory watching by every resident applicant, with the following question, could you and would you perform to this level if required? Methinks that there would be a multitude of objections, none of which would be associated with valor.
  10. Stallard12

    How many are left?

    Surprised we didn't meet in the kids pen Latchie, I was wearing a grey shirt and grey short pants - you musta seen me !
  11. Stallard12

    Which of you is a heart surgeon ?

    I'm now torn between two opinions Algy, at first I thought exactly like you and probably still do. However, now that mine has settled down at 124 / 60 all day long, I have definitely been feeling more sprightly I was beginning to think that I was getting old !!
  12. Stallard12

    Which of you is a heart surgeon ?

    Ok, everyone can stop worrying ! Seems like I'm going to be around to mess with y'all for a little longer ! Everything has settled down and my twice a day readings are now running consistently at around 125/65. I'll be damned, these guys might know what they're doing. Every American over 60 has two cars a set of golf clubs and a heart rate monitor - it's the law.
  13. Stallard12

    Which of you is a heart surgeon ?

    There you go, that's what I'm talking about! I was happy a has pig in **** at 140 to 150, had a full golf game followed by my aerobic exercise, no problem - that was about 3 weeks ago. After they messed with me, probably after they looked at your chart, I started a training ride and was immediately in trouble, headed for the house and struggled off my bike and wobbled into the house. Had to sit down for 15 mins before I got changed. After an hour I checked my blood pressure and it was 100 / 60. I don't think the chart is age related, cos a 100 is goin' t kill this ole boy !
  14. Stallard12

    Which of you is a heart surgeon ?

    That's the thing Sid, haven't been on the bike for two weeks, a walk around the grocery store has me dragging ass. Seems like I have to choose between feeling great with a 150 blood pressure then drop dead, or feeling like crap with a 120 and living forever in misery ! Only joking (I hope !), I'm sure the doc will sort it out at my next visit.
  15. Stallard12

    Which of you is a heart surgeon ?

    Years ago I was told that as you get older your arteries harden and your blood pressure goes up, if you stay below 200 don't worry. Then I was told that I had to keep it below 150 or it would damage my kidneys. My medication was increased to achieve this. Two weeks ago I was told by a heart specialist in a routine exam, that the new standard was in the mid 120's. He adjusted my medication and it started going down. The last two days it's been 101 / 55 and it's hard work to just get out of bed ! Three weeks ago I was in great shape ! Help !!