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  1. Stallard12

    How many are left?

    Who is left who can claim to be among those who climbed the closed crossing gates on Widerspool Causeway, to be sure not to be late for kickoff at Wilderspool Stadium. Who waited until half time to be able to get into the 30,000 crowd at the Warrington v Wigan game thru the opened gate on Fletcher St. Who has seen the LNER train stop behind the Boys Pen (sexist?), to watch the game ? It used to be Smithy and me, but Smithy died a month ago, so it might now be just me.
  2. Stallard12


    No Alg, but I wish that I was, it's a beautiful and bucolic area. I was born at 81 Gig Lane Woolston on 22nd January 1939 , pretty close to you. It's my 80th birthday today. I spent many happy years there, leaning against the tiny den wall listening to 'Dick Barton, Special Agent, prior to that it was' Germany calling, Germany calling..........'. Thanks to my Cottage Homes father's acumen, we sold our mom and pop grocery on Pinewood Ave and in 1958, moved into a decrepit property in your most desirable area. Thankfully we were both physical engineers and we spent several years renovating, you know of which I speak, I think that you now live on the fields where Liz Richardson let me ride her pony.
  3. Stallard12


    Yea, that's why they're called Big Mouth Bass, average 6 to 8 lb. and rife ( means a sh**t load) in our local waters. One of the many things you don't know PJ.
  4. Stallard12


    I'd forgotten about fishing Algy, it must be the best aaah of all time. I used to live at the top end of Glebe Ave in Grappenhall, close to the hump back bridge to the village. Lots of nights I'd get home around 6 pm after a stressful day, grab my rod and basket and in five minutes I'd be fishing the Bridgewater, singing gently to myself. Funny tale, many years ago, on a U.K. trip, my buddy Smithy and myself took my US wife fishing on the upper reaches of the Dee. She was the only one of us who caught anything, a really small roach. Bearing in mind that any catch in Texas will feed three people, she made her catch, held it up on the line, turned to me and said, " I didn't know we were fishing for bait! ".
  5. Stallard12


    Congratulations Bill, nothing good about being an old fogey. I have the same blessing, I'll be 80 next Tuesday but I look about 30 !! Naw, make that 60, 65 ? Been a Lycra fiend ( racing cyclist) all of my life, it was wool when I started, and I still train every day on the road, plus 18 holes of golf. However I'm beginning to find that on all my construction projects around the house, the first piece of equipment on the job is a lawn chair - work for 15 mins and sit for 15 mins - a man's got to know his limitations !
  6. Stallard12


    Your not alone Bill, although I savor the relaxing evenings re my original post. My days are pretty frenetic, from exercise programs, home projects and visits into town, a 60 mile trip during which time I berate every slow driver who gets in my way ! My wife claims that I'm the most uptight retiree ever. I say that you have to maintain scheduling principles, retired or not.
  7. Stallard12


    Retirements great isn't it. Rain in Wales !! Forty years ago myself, my business partner and two clients, went to a fancy golf course in mid-Wales, Friday thru Sunday. The rain was horizontal when we left, even more horizontal at the golf course and it never stopped for three days, we actually managed to play three holes, then spent the rest of the time drying clothes ! Interesting thing happened though. We were staying at small hotel which was also the local bar. The first night we were sat in the bar drinking and at the end of the evening, a guy stood up and made a short statement in Welsh. At that time, a man on the next table leaned over and whispered "stand up". Everyone stood and the room burst into song, Land of my Fathers . The guy later told us that if we had just sat there, we wouldn't have gotten out alive ! Who'd a thunk?
  8. Stallard12

    Brexit again -

    I finally have a clearer understanding of the Brexit problems. Read a very long article on a US news webpage which detailed what it called 'the comedy of errors'. Hope y'all won't blame me for the comments, cos I know that I get huffy when foreigners insult the US. it was headed by the statement, 'The UK is being led by idiots!' This was expanded to explain that the elite ruling class in Parliament, had done nothing but lie and cheat since the Brexit vote happened. It listed as stupid that Cameron resigned on day one and left everything in shambles. Then the 'stupid' decision to sink Boris which opened the way for May, an anti- Brexit, to implement the exodus deal, which she has totally botched. They quote inside sources at the EU, who say that the intention is to make Britain stay or suffer years of vicious persecution and an exit deal is a pipe dream. It concluded that Britain can only leave the EU on a no deal basis, anything else was always impossible. This is the only way y'all have any hope of regaining your sovereignty. The article went on to say that they think you should do it and then get rid of all the 'idiots', which hurts me cos they all seem to be Conservatives. Is this a fair account?
  9. Stallard12


    It's about 5:30 pm, the glimmering landscape fading to the view (apologies to Thomas Gray), it's freezing cold outside, at least 40 degrees. Three cats snoozing by my side, one being Mrs Stallard12, Man United v Tottenham rerun on tv, heaven. My recliner has never been so comfortable and I wonder, have our combatant posters ever visited this heaven?
  10. Stallard12

    Brexit again -

    I guess that in all walks of life, the no1 question is, how do the millions of sane people overcome the six idiots who seem to dominate every issue?
  11. Stallard12

    Brexit again -

    Don't know if anyone will look this far down - what is this topic now, 10 pages ? Seems to me that the folks who voted 'for' Brexit thought that if they won, England would become England again, simple as that. But as usual, in politicians minds nothing is allowed to be simple . Now nobody seems to know what the hell they voted for and the arguments / discussions are just going around in circles, pretty much like every meeting in Brussels since day one. Pity y'all can't grab them by the neck and shake them !
  12. Stallard12


    Last year, we were stood in the passport line, coming in through Manchester airport, when airport staff rolled about 20 wheelchairs to the front of the line. The occupants all appeared to be middle eastern guys all in their mid twenties. No announcement was made, but my first guess was NHS.
  13. Stallard12

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    God bless us one and all. And to everyone a goodnight.
  14. Stallard12

    Violent attacks becoming common

    The 60's destroyed the fabric of society. I remember a time when you would probably go to jail if you used the F word in public (I'm old !). But one person got away with it and that opened the floodgates, now anything goes.
  15. Stallard12

    Violent attacks becoming common

    All due to a culture of liberal ideas that started with the soccer hooligans. There has always been individual violence, but once the hooligans realized that if they attacked in big enough numbers the police were powerless. Once the normally 'good kids' saw that authority could be easily challenged they were off and running. This was followed by the liberal PC ideas of hugging instead of caning and the whole justice system collapsed. My best lifelong friend, an uneducated man who died about a month ago, made a very philosophical statement, he said that the problem is, that you now have the original hooligans raising hooligans who are going on and raising more hooligans.