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  1. Stallard12

    Things are turning nasty

    Welcome to my world !
  2. Stallard12

    Which side are you on

    Good one Sid, almost missed that. You're right, I was mocking the dumb, elitist snobs. Do we know any of those ?
  3. Stallard12

    Which side are you on

    Just been reading about the great Manchester wine disaster. Made me think of other examples of elitist stupidity. In my opinion, after looking at old master paintings, Picasso and Lowry etc have got to be a hoax. Am I wrong? Maybe I'm just a Philistine.
  4. Stallard12

    Doris Day

    Sad day, I think that every man on the planet was in love with her at some time in their life. Veterans tell me that Doris singing Sentimental Journey, was always played over the PA system as they boarded the transport ships to England in 1942.
  5. Stallard12

    Champions league

    Kinda like the golfer watching the funeral pass the course ...... I'm sure you can fill in the rest.
  6. Stallard12

    Climate emergency

    If there is a problem, I guarantee, it won't be fixed by the government!
  7. Stallard12

    The curse of Twitter

    And there, I thought that I was the only one using that tactic ! How long do you think it will take for his brilliant mind to realize that he's only talking to himself?
  8. Stallard12

    Champions league

    Hope I don't PO too many people, but for a die hard United fan since 1948, this should be hard to say, but it's not. The scenes today after Liverpools fantastic win, with the crowd singing, were some of the best emotional moments in sport. Great !
  9. Stallard12

    Examining the entrails -

    I think that the illegal witch hunt against Trump and the efforts of the British MP's regarding Brexit, conclusively proves that all politicians should join the lawyers on the first rocket ship to Mars. Good riddance, they're giving the sane people of the world a daily case of heartburn.
  10. Stallard12

    The stupidity pandemic -

    We just had panic in the streets, it rained almost every day this Spring in SE Texas, or so it seemed. Every climate change nutcase in the US headed south to worship the proof of global warming (or whatever). Then they announced that we had had 18" less rainfall over the period than had ever been recorded. They all climbed into their cars and left. Good, we have enough home grown idiots without imports. Watching Gunfight at OK Corral. Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas seem an awful lot more charismatic than Gwyneth Paltrow !
  11. Stallard12

    Trumps visit

    I'm glad he's in. Biden is a perpetual loser, I guess there will be a 'Best of Joe's gaffs' tape out pretty soon - it'll be a long one. He's run for Prez three times and lost, he voted For the unpopular Iraq war, then he voted Against the surge that won it, he was VP in the most corrupt administration ever, with the worst economy and international security record ever. I'm sure Trump will be too nice to point these things out though! Even Obama isn't endorsing him !
  12. Stallard12

    Trumps visit

    Just two mins away from the Manchester derby and a thought occurred to me concerning the honesty of the press these days. If you can believe the media, United will be signing fifty new players this summer, everyone from Messi to Neymar ! Not that they don't need'em, but it's all lies, just like their political commentary. Obviously, the job of a reporter has become a role in a makebelieve sitcom, not a responsible occupation.
  13. Stallard12

    Trumps visit

    Glad to help Asp. That's exactly why I posted it Obs, I wasn't bragging I just felt like someone should tell it like it is before the idiots turn out and start making intelligent comments like breaking windows and burning cars. I'm already expecting an inane response from you know who !
  14. Stallard12

    Trumps visit

    We have the lowest unemployment (2%) and the highest GDP since the 1940's, the Isis Caliphate has been destroyed, talks are ongoing with North Korea, new businesses are opening at record rates, consumer confidence is also at a record high. The battle against illegal aliens is being fought with both hands behind our back, because Democrats refuse to cooperate by building a wall and changing the stupid laws that allow millions to pour in. The press is a total joke, an unabashed arm of the Democratic Party, the pictures they showed of children being held in cages at the border, were in fact taken during the Obama administration. The Meuller Report dispelled the collusion hoax and on obstruction of justice, the report found that Trump did have a meeting with his aides to discuss firing Meuller, but they decided not to do it. Now, grasping at straws, the Democrat idiots are clamoring for impeachment ! Apparently, in their twisted minds, thinking about something but not doing it, is now a high crime and misdemeanor ! I just heard that Trump will be in the U.K. in June, so I thought that I would give you an overview of the true situation before you see y'alls idiots out demonstrating. He is a good man, doing a fantastic job running the country and this is why he cannot be allowed to continue and lies, cheating and subterfuge are all in the press and Democratic playbook. You may not like his personality or his demeanor, but he's getting the job done and career politicians don't like that - remember Sir Jeffery ....... in Yes Minister ? In two and a half years I have not heard one Democrat make any policy statement, they have nothing, they know they can't compete on economy and security, so it's hate Trump twenty four hours a day.
  15. Stallard12

    Gordon Gandy

    Do y'all think that Warrington realizes what a treasure they have in Gordon Gandy ? He and I have exchanged information on several occasions and I'm forever in awe of his passion. I just came across his 'Timeline' for Warrington and it educated me from line one, which caused me to proffer this acclaim.