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  1. Stallard12


    PJ, your ignorance is showing - too much BBC maybe? You really would make a fine Democrat, no real ideas or productive policies, all you have are, childish personal attacks. Do you realize that in all of the discussions on this forum, you have never once advanced one grain of factual argument, it's all venom driven drivel. Counselling? Off on a short vacation folks, leave in an hour and it's colder'n a gold diggers ass in Montana - 45 degrees but they have heat in the casino, so I'll leave PJ to y'all.
  2. Stallard12


    I did not criticize the House PJ, I cast an aspersion on Congress. Plus Trump did not 'lose' the House, it went to the Democrats as it usually does in mid-term elections. In Presedential elections, the imbalance created by huge, highly populated cities and States like California and New York, which are predominantly Democrat havens and the less populated States like Montana and Wyoming etc, which are predominantly Republican, is corrected by the Electoral College, so that every State's viewpoint is represented. The fact that California may send a hundred Representatives to congress and Montana may only have two, is considered to be unfair and non-representative, so every State is awarded a certain number of electoral votes and those votes determine the winner. There is no Electoral College in the mid-terms, so the big urban vote swamps everything else. In the case of the Senate, every State gets two Senators, hence 100 Senators in the Senate, so in a fair fight, the Republicans win. Here endeth the first lesson 😊
  3. Stallard12


    I finally learned what is basically wrong with political systems, at least in the US. Was watching a house renovating program on tv when they introduced a Representative who was a electrician before being elected to the House. He was there to help out for a few hours. The host asked him if there were any other electricians in the House, he said "No, there are a couple of welders, a few housewives and some business men and three hundred lawyers !! There are 435 members of the House and three hundred are lawyers. No wonder we are getting screwed by Congress.😀😕
  4. Stallard12

    Beaumont school

    As the photo says, it's Beamont not Beaumont, not being pedantic Mimo, it just jumps out to me, cos I was at the Beamont senior school from 1955 to 1958 have lived in Beaumont, Texas from 1970 until now, so I have foot in both spellings.
  5. Stallard12

    The Caravan -

    So am I, thanks PJ.
  6. Stallard12

    The Caravan -

    Well done Confused ! You get it - did you see any of the Kavanaugh hearings. The left, helped by the media, unashamedly destroyed a fine man's family with lies, false witness and fabrications and never blushed once ! Fact: 93% of the members of the mainstream media vote Democrat in every election ( I bet the 7% is Fox News !), so it's not hard to connect the dots. When it was announced that Trump had beaten Clinton, there were several female news anchors who couldn't make the announcement without breaking down in tears - it was embarrassing to watch. That was the start of the 'anything goes' war against Trump, lie, cheat, invent etc., just ruin him by any means. But he's alive and well and kicking media butt. God knows why, but it is tradition for the party in power to lose some seats in the mid-term election (next Tuesday), if that happens, and the Democrats win back the House, watch out ! The left has said that they are going to open impeachment proceedings against Trump, but won't say for what crime, just for pis..... them off I guess. Who would want to be President if you achieve the highest GD P ever, cut taxes, get to zero unemployment, there are a million and a half full time jobs still available, wipe out Isis, broker peace with North Korea and still get impeached ! You can have Obama, darling of the media, who thought that he could defeat Isis with a cracking good speech and then closed hundreds of factories with new regulations. Or you can have Mr uncouth Trump who brings you wealth, opportunity and peace. You makes your choice.
  7. Stallard12

    The Caravan -

    It makes no difference who's in the caravan or their reasons, it is an illegal enterprise intent on violating the laws of a country, its an invasion. There is a legal procedure for immigration and that is the way to do it. How fair is it to the thousands of people who have legally applied and are waiting patiently, to let these yahoos in. Entry into any country is a privilege, not a right. Most of the caravan is made up of young, single guys including MS 13 gang members, who should be working to improve their own countries, rather than trying to force their way into the US. These caravans start because they hear, from Democrat reps, that if they just say that they want asylum, they will be let in. They are not told that they only get to detention until their claims are investigated, only about 10% ever get accepted. Thank God PJ is not our President ! We have a real man who doesn't take crap from any one. 5000 Troops and the Texas National Guard are on their way to the border as we speak. Trump has said that they will not get in and I wouldn't bet against him.
  8. Stallard12


    I'll be damned! I scoured Urban dictionary and found everything but food. Maybe, because it's English, they don't put it in the US version.
  9. Stallard12


    I think I finally defeated the internet. When I was young and dinosaurs roamed the earth and German bombers flew overhead, during school holidays, I used to work most of the Woolston farms. At 10:00 am and 3:00 pm every day, the farmers wife used to bring tea and sandwiches for the workers, usually a thick slice of bread with jam. It was called ' Baggin', don't know why but that's what it was called. After three hours of back breaking work "Here's Baggin' was a welcome sound. Looked all over the internet but cannot find any reference to it. Where's Harry when you need him to endorse it?
  10. Stallard12

    Old age

    Started yesterday Algy. My GP made me go to a nephrologist cos I had some protein in my urine. She sent me for two separate cat scans and found out that what I had known for years was correct ! So I had missed four rounds of golf and four days of training rides on my bike. When she started saying "Next month I'll take a look at.........". I told her no, I'm through with tests, no more specialist that's it, I am fit and enjoy life, the fact that things are starting to drop off is just natural (like global warming), if I come back it will be in an ambulance. She agreed with me, wished me luck and said call if you need me. Two more to go.
  11. Stallard12

    Climate Change ?

    Asperity is correct. The facts, that is the facts facts, not the emotional facts do not support the fanatics claims. No environmentalist will ever have a rational discussion, if you question them, instead of responding with credible evidence they just resort to insults (like PJs cartoon). Polar bears are not dying, oceans are not significantly rising and New York City is not under 20' of water as predicted by Al Gore. Most so called scientists, receive millions of dollars in annual grants, do you think they are going to cut their own throats by telling the truth. What happened to the ice age promised in the fifties? When New York was covered in six feet of snow, they quickly changed the name from global warming to climate change. It's a farce.
  12. Stallard12

    Time out -

    The reason they do it in the States is so that kids catch school buses in the light each morning. I always understood that in the U.K. It was to benefit farmers - don't know how. Everybody here hates it too.
  13. Stallard12

    Old age

    Whistle me the tune and I'll tell you if I like it.
  14. Stallard12

    Old age

    I'm sure you'll do just fine Sid. Here, if you see your family doctor and he says " Uhmm, I wonder what that is, I don't think it's serious, but I'd better have you see Dr .......... Then Dr ...... says I don't think it's anything, but we had better do a catscan. The the catscan doctor says Dr ....... ........ should really be the one to read this. Before you know it, there's nothing wrong with you, but you are seeing six doctors and sitting in their offices Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week, in fact you have to plan your vacations around these appointments AND THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU Except old age. That's what I have decided to change, I'm going to learn to say no.
  15. Stallard12

    Old age

    I'll be 80 in January - Algy knows what I'm talking about. However, I feel as fit as I have ever done, I'm out on my road bike most days, play eighteen holes of golf everyday pretty much year round, jitterbug for four hours at a country dance every Saturday night and yet I can't get away from doctors offices ! One decides that I haven't had a piss test for a long time, so he sends me for one. Then he sees it and says "I'm suspicious about something, you'd better see a kidney specialist and I think you need to take these pills for your thyroid (made me feel like crap and I just dumped them in the toilet.). The naphrologist (!) sends me for a catscan and extra blood work. She asks me if I drink, I said "like a fish, I call Jim Beam, Jimmy." I've been drinking whiskey and coke for a hundred years, she tells me - no coke, only 7 up. She also makes me an appointment with a heart specialist ! me who can't raise my heart rate or heartbreat when I'm climbing 1 in 4 hill ! Well, I just mixed me a huge whiskey and COKE and that may explain this posting !. Let me get another.one real quick. I see the Naph.... kidney doctor next Monday and she'll be staring down both barrels cos I've had enough ! No more blood work, no more scans, no more biopsies etc etc. That's it. As I said, I'm almost 80 years old, a world record in my Victorian age family, again, Algy will understand that. I pretty sure I can make 85 on cruise control and I'll take that. So no more doctors, I'm going to spend my time on cruises, casinos and disreputable women (that's my wife ). Have I made the right decision?