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  1. Just say'in. Our gas is now $1.90 gall, which I think is about 38 p a liter - thanks fracking ! Fracking has made the US pretty much independent in oil and gas production. There have been multiple private and government investigations searching for adverse effects and none have been found. This is backed up by the fact that there is not one proven case of pollution or water table contamination recorded in the US. All opponents are merely political alarmists. Please consider this in your response, if any, I am a mechanical engineer (retired), with 50 years experience in petro chemical major project management ( now cowboy and rancher !), who has been personally involved in these studies. Don't let these penny ante activists idiots succeed.
  2. I was a regular customer there. Bought my final bike, BSA Shooting Star A7 there and promptly wrapped it around a concrete post on Slutchers Lane ! I wonder what they did with all the ghosts that lived in Warrington Infirmary when the knocked it down? Got to know them well for six months at that time. Frodsham's was just a few yards past Central Station as you headed out up Winwick St, right across from theVauxhall dealership. It didn't have a street window, you had to walk up an alleyway that ran from the street right into the store - a dark, dusty and miserable place.
  3. Watch this space Obs/Asp. This I an actual Jason Bourne situation. Unbelievable elite corruption, no way Epstein committed suicide. Lots of photos of Prince Andrew with underage girls, Bill Clinton took over 150 flights on Epstein's private jet, two Epstein guards just arrested for falsifying records. It's now become obvious that Epstein made all of his money from blackmail, funny how suicide gets everyone off the hook when he could have used that blackmail to prevent a conviction. Apparently, Prince Andrew is a possible pedophile! That should knock the Queen's Ascot hat askew !
  4. Normally I'd thank you Asp for a great idea, but I have already solved my own problem. I just go to the top shelf in the guest room closet and pick a present out of the unused ones that I've bought for her over the last forty years. I get to choose from about thirtynine !
  5. Can see why Asp. I drink my coffee black, but with sweetener. Was sat at a table in Constitution Sq in Athens. Waiter appeared from a tunnel which crossed under a six lane city street from one of the hotels lining the Sq. Ordered coffee and he disappeared back into the tunnel. Twenty minutes later he was back. When I asked where's the milk? He looked at me, said Ahh and disappeared back down the tunnel! ! Didn't bother to wait, enjoyed it and I've drunk it black ever since.
  6. Only do that Asp when I'm going for fasting blood work, that and black coffee is all you can have, ugh ! Sid, my father worked at Greenings as a maintenance fitter for years, maybe we're related !
  7. Sounds like your dad worked at a factory at sometime Sid. I remember well the white enamel 'brew cans', most of them almost black on the inside with tannin tar. Some guys cleaned them out with a mixture of lump soda and boiling water, others just left them, said it improved the taste! Also heard that there were many deaths amongst the war wounded, because the first thing the helpers did was 'giv em a cuppa a tea', even though they had stomach wounds.
  8. There's the answer to the questions I posed - Universities ! I'm a Philistine, so my answer would be to close all colleges except Engineering, Science, Business and Medical. Take Hollywood with them too. From experience, if you want to graduate with an engineering degree, you have no time for bullshit. ( it's not that bad Gary !).
  9. Who are these people? Why are they allowed to flourish? How come there's no movement against them by the intelligent people? Is there a law that only stupid people are allowed a voice? Just askin'.
  10. No joke Asp, not a pill, but a visit to the vets. We have a little she cat - she's 17 now, but when she was younger she had little razor claws, she was also easily panicked. I put the pet carrier on its end to lower her in, as I lowered her she turned loose in a frenzy and ripped my bare forearms to pieces. It was only later, as I was getting stitches in two of the gashes and bandaids on the rest, that I remembered the vets advice to lower her by holding the scuff of her neck. Apparently, that's how their mothers carry them and they just relax and hang passively downwards. Not the first time my long lost memory has screwed me !
  11. Ah well Sid, I guess it all evens out, I'm a Man United fan, so that's the cross I have to bear.
  12. Oh you poor guys! We've been married for forty years and our house is like a comedy club. Bec can entertain a room for hours, she's quick witted and does accents and imitations off the cuff. This is a true story, yesterday I found a leak in my water heater connector, so I bought a new stainless hose and prepared to go to the attic. Bec stopped me and said give me a minute, then picked up her phone and called our neighbor to warn them and apologize for the extreme cussing and bellowing that was just about to happen! True.
  13. Funny, though we have the occasional murder, we don't have a vandalism problem. Mindlessly setting fire to things and destroying property seems to be a major U.K. problem. Bad parenting is always a factor, but the overriding factor is that there are no consequences. I witnessed the beginnings of soccer hooliganism at Old Trafford, where visiting supporters decided to break the windows of houses lining the approach street. The cops, dozens of them, just stood and watched. When asked why, they said "As long as they are not killing anyone, we have been told to leave them alone." Once the idiots realized that, the flood gates opened. I'm an hardass and proud of it, I don't think the law should be watered down for teenagers. They seem to do the most vandalism and should be punished regardless of age. The tree huggers theories of compassion are always wrong and usually do more harm than good. A fire is a fire no matter the age of the arsonist. They may eventually learn to be good, but a good dose of what life can be like if they don't, wouldn't go amiss.
  14. This is totally true, I just thought that it was funny enough to bug y'all with. Tonight we were just settling down to our usual 1943 black and white movie, when I decided to throw a curve ball (baseball reference). Thinking I could compete with her (fool!), I said, just to be different, let's watch the porn version of 'Build your own home', without missing a beat she said " Well, at least there should be a lot of naked wood on that show!". I tell you, if you want to be entertained after forty years, marry you a Cajun. Love that woman. Of course, you have to understand, I've been drinkin' agin and things seem funnier. Sorry !
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