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  1. You're right Obs, it's a terrible world, but I think I've found the answer. I live out in the country about an hours drive to the closest town. If I play my golf every day, drink a few cocktails with the guys and have steak lunch in the grill, take a nap in the afternoon, never watch the news, never read a paper and only read the jokes on the forum, I wouldn't worry about a thing. Maybe all the stress about the state of the world is self imposed.
  2. Just joshin' you Gary. I should have mentioned in my post that I had heard that it had closed. My point was that, considering the condescension and disdain we received, I thought it was no wonder. I also knew that it used to be Algy's local, I wondered what he thought. However, from what you say, there may be other factors.
  3. A couple of years ago I read a story on this site, about a great, entrpeneurial couple who were taking over various establishments around town, including the Ram's Head in Grappenhall. About a year ago, my wife and I paid a lunchtime visit to Grappenhall village at about one forty five pm and because the Ram used to be my local, we decided to eat there. We parked, entered the Ram's Head and enquired about lunch and were told, " We close at 2:00 , sorry." We asked about alternatives and the stylish employee said, down his nose, " You could try the Parr Arms". In my day, the Ram was the middle class pub and the Parr Arms was the pits. However, we did dine at the Parr Arms and it was great, wonderful staff, atmosphere and food - had a great grated cheese and chutney bun. What happened? Gary, you better research your front page personnel before you endorse them. Take it from here Algy.
  4. The world should watch November 2020 very carefully. A political party, the leaders of the intelligence services and the media have and continue to collude in a coup to overthrow a legitimately elected President. Trump's record is written in stone and the election will prove whether the ordinary public have the will to oppose them. If not, democracy will be officially dead. The same applies to Brexit.
  5. You can thank the US Democrats for this problem as Obs said. It's diabolical over here, just because the popular Trump beat darling Hillary, the left has lost its mind. For three years they have literally fabricated one ridiculous scandal after another, all of it blatant lies. They know that they can't beat him at the voting booth, so they are spending millions of dollars and paralyzingly government, just to be able to say that he was impeached by the House in their 2020 ads, even though that means nothing. The Dems have taken no part in any government business since Trump was elected. The problem is that it has destroyed the political process, now every President elected, regardless of party, will be impeached on some lie or another starting at day one. Unfortunately, the tactic seems to have found its way across the Pond.
  6. In the sixties, travel clubs using charter flights, was the way to go for cheap travel. We had my 16 year old son booked for a trip to the States to visit my sister, his aunt. After six months of anticipation, he was due to fly out of Manchester at ten am the next day. At ten o'clock that night I got a phone call from the local organizer saying that the company had gone belly up and it was all shut down. I had to go wake my son and tell him that he wasn't going. It was one of the most miserable things I've had to do and I know how these folks must feel. The disappointment of the people who were suppose to leave is as great as the disappointment of those trying to get home.
  7. Stallard12


    Already had the check written Sid, then I decided that the commute was too far.
  8. Stallard12


    Just browsing the property market as you do. Came across a listing for Deansgreen Hall, Crouchley Lane, Lymm. It's a fantastic place, only asking 6,000,000 for it, it'll knock your soxs off. Does anyone knows who owns it ? Must be a soccer player.
  9. I hope they are successful Obs, I'm not a sensationalist and I can't believe it, (. because I'm not Matt Dameon), but apparently the deep state exists. Harry Palmer would be in his element.
  10. These catastrophic predictions have occurred countless times in my lifetime and non have come true. I'm still waiting for the ice age predicted in the fifties and for the planes that didn't fall out of the sky at the turn of the century and for New York to be under 20 feet of water as predicted by Al Gore etc etc. They tell me that the glaciers are melting and when I say oh? I can see them, they're still there. They say, ah, but they have shrunk a sixteenth of an inch over the last fifty years ! All these were the products of supposedly scientific minds. It doesn't help the case, that pretty much all politicians and activists promoting this are nut cases and morons (that's a given). They have no expertise in this matter, they just swallow whatever garbage they hear on the news. Plus, all of the 'scientists' are making a hell of a living off what is a natural weather pattern. Over the past sixty years while I have been in Texas, we have had two hurricanes some years, one hurricane some years and sometimes non. The weather fluxuates naturally. It would be comical if it wasn't for the fact that the so called solutions will destroy countries economies and China and India will be happily polluting away regardless.
  11. A word of warning, so that it won't catch you by suprise. From what I have learned over the last two and a half years, if y'all finally get out of Europe, don't think it's over. Be prepared, the losers will embark on a campaign of destruction of anyone associated with a successful Brexit. I can tell from the familiar underhand methods of the remoaners, that they will be very sore losers and they will continue to plot a reversal until it happens.
  12. Very funny Asp ! Can't believe it came from the Washington Post tho, an ultra liberal, grey faced ass wipe.
  13. Guy Faulks, where are you when needed, if only to end this unending circular topic !
  14. Stallard12


    Ugh uh, could this be the end !! I swear within the last two weeks, scrolling down a current topic, I plainly came across a reply by Cleo ! In fact, I think it happened on a couple of topics. Ever since I've been wondering why no one else had commented on it ! Aliens must have invaded my IPad. If I'm mad it's not bothering me - I shot a 78 on the golf course this morning and I've got the score card to prove it !! La la la la la
  15. Stallard12


    Just a quickie, am I showing my age, or did we have some posts from Cleo a couple of weeks ago. Strange, seeing as a couple of years ago, we were practically holding a memorial for her ! Been waiting for some posts to come up commenting on it, but it hasn't happened, so I thought I'd just ask.
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